Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I had that awkward moment today. The one where someone remembers you but you don't seem to be able to recall who he is or where you've seen him. It was not long after when I realized, it was the ortho specialist. He has been an inspiring figure in my learning process, along with 2 other obstetricians. The one thing they all have in common is that they do not scold me even though I'm clearly inadequate in knowledge and skills. They would teach my friends and I patiently.

I don't know about the others but I become more motivated when I'm pulled into the learning process when I least expect it. I feel thankful that I have met doctors like him during this period of time in Batu Pahat. Orthopedics, gynecology, certain topics in surgery and internal medicine are not my strongest "subjects". So, the feeling was like entering a battlefield without any armor. Despite having that feeling, I struggled through the morning orthopedic clinic, trying to examine patients, coming up with the diagnosis, identifying the obvious fractures until I was suddenly called by the specialist to examine a patient in front of him... out of the blue.

I guess I was lucky in some sense. It was a spot diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis which usually comes out in exams but I just froze when it came to examination of the hands. My commentaries were here and there. It was a total mess. There was also another patient with bilateral frozen shoulders. There it was, another classical presentation, something that came out in my last exam. Once again, it wasn't just the shoulders that were "frozen", I was too. So, there's that. Despite all that, I learnt. I call it "Ortho revisited". I wasn't at my best today but I very much do hope I still have the time to improve.

Sometimes, I wish I did not have portfolios to attend to so that I can solely focus on studying and applying what I have learnt but somehow, I still find it difficult to manage my time. Obs & gyn posting finished in a breeze. I have learnt much but there is much that I haven't learnt too.

Oh yeah, I met a patient who is 102 years old! He was chatty though. =) And, I thought it was pretty cool to meet someone who has lived more than a 100 years.

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