Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Many who have gone through the gynae posting would have a countdown of their own. 2 more weeks! 1 more week! 3 more days! Last day! Most of the time, it is because they are glad it is over as they won't need to stay in the ward from 8am to 5pm (which is after awhile, nothing, really) and we students would say that we won't be targets waiting for the bullet to hit us.

It's not too bad once you are in the situation. What the lecturers do, they do it for our own good. One side of me is thankful because the lecturers do come to the ward at random times because they would end up teaching us although it was not scheduled on our timetable. But it is also because they come at random times that keeps me up on my toes which is a good thing because that means everyone would have covered the whole ward but also, there would be the constant heightened anxiety.

As for me, my countdown is to finishing another cycle, another SAQ paper, another long case and not needing to face certain people for a long long time to come.

Yesterday, the new grouping for Sem 10 was released and within 2 hours, more than half of the original groupmates I was supposed to have swapped to different groups already. Well, I ended up changing as well. Everyone wants to be in the best group and by best I mean the order of the posting. The reason why it was favourable was because seniors told us that there would be more free time in Pediatrics compared to other postings which was why many wanted to finish with that posting. It would also mean there would be more time to study/finish portfolios etc. That, I chose to be my 3rd which means I end with Internal Medicine of which I didn't think it would be so bad.

Some say that whatever you choose, it is okay, as long as it is not Surgery or O&G. Anyway, I dreaded at the fact that I had to start with O&G in the new sem (hopefully, after I pass Sem 9) because after this experience, I don't quite enjoy it. You are supposed to love what you do so that you have an aim, a motivation, a reason to keep yourself out of bed and doing something for your patients. Someone told me that if you don't have that "calling", then medicine isn't really the thing for you.

And, until now, I still doubt if this is what I want. It seems like most of my friends already know what they want to do... Surgery, Obs & Gyn, Peds... And, I'm still wondering where I'd end up. I was told that by now, I should already know where I want to go. But I was also told that even if I want to go to a certain field, I can't because there may be lack of staff in certain departments or that my interest would die off as it is crushed by the unfriendly environment of the working place.

On a random note, today's a public holiday and I'm glad it is. =)


jene said...

Ello!! =)

Wsheng said...

Really doesnt matter what posting you start with or end with :)

I don't have a 'calling' too, so don't worry about it.

Hope everything goes well with EOS9