Thursday, August 25, 2011


I found a dance school for my non-medical attachment. Looks like I'm going to pick up Street Jazz and Hip Hop. I've never gone for dance classes for those styles. So, it's going to be a new experience for me and I'm looking forward to it. I'm starting in September, which means I still have some free time on my hands.

Lately, I've been working on some origami of making little books with 8 pages in it. More about this later. I'm also looking forward to catching up with some of my friends. :) 1 week of holidays has passed and I have managed to wrap a book, fold swans for fun and take care of my neice. I think starting from tomorrow onwards (or rather today), things are going to be different. I sense that there'll be a change in the things I do and I have a good feeling about it.

It feels good to let go of certain things, of the past and bitterness. It feels nice to have finally made peace. The path you want to walk depends on how you want it to be. That's the message I think the universe tried to convey to me.

Monday, August 22, 2011


The Hand That Will Save Lives
This is not about learning surgical instruments. It's a picture I intended to take but probably would have been better at a different angle. But, the time and place did not permit me to do so. I like this picture still, if you see it the way I do. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let the holidays begin...

So, after the many weeks of posting after posting to weeks of studying to days of exams to this morning, we had a pretty comforting news that there were no candidates for borderline OSCE. It was 4 hours of waiting with no source of entertainment but anxiously seeing who comes through the doors and what news they brought. Yes, I made it through another hurdle despite whatever my grades would be. :) And, that is all that matters.

Family and friends have been telling me that grades don't matter once you've graduated as long as you pass.

I'm going to have 2 1/2 months of holidays of which one month consist of a non-medical attachment and one month of medical attachment. Well, usually, both would end up like holidays to me. :) I'll probably be posting more about the silly things that happened during exams. My list of things to do will not vary drastically. It includes:

a) trying a new cake or cupcake recipe
b) dancing
c) learning new songs on the piano
d) photography
e) catching movies
f) shopping and spending time with my family
g) read novels while listening to songs
h) cards, handmade stuff
i) taking care of my neice :)
j) try new food at new places

Well, that's all for now.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


In less than 48 hours, I'm going to take one of the most important exams ever, EOS 7. Am I prepared? Not exactly. I suppose that is the feeling that most of us get. We can never finish studying. We can't predict what questions would be asked.

We can pass if we know what we know. Probably, it's easy to pass but not that easy to get a distinction. I'm not aiming that high because I don't think I'm filled with adequate knowledge to get me there. But, I am aiming that high so that I would land a good pass, not a borderline one. Why so? Because borderline pass students would be required to go for Viva and that worries me.

In some ways, I think about it optimistically like how there's only 15 questions in SAQ and 12 OSPE questions. 7 postings to study and yeah, anything can be asked. Internal medicine, surgery, family medicine, psychiatry, obstetrics, orthopedics and pediatrics. I can't fit everything. So, pray for me... pray for my friends that everyone would pass. :)

As for OSCE, there's 8 short stations and 8 long stations. The marks are stand alone, so it is a MUST to pass OSCE. On the bright side, it's only SAQ on Monday and OSPE on Wednesday. OSCEs are on the following Monday and Tuesday. We'd know our results on Wednesday. If I pass, I get to go home. :) There is no resit for exams like this. So, we either pass or we don't and no one would want to be left behind.

A lecturer of mine said something that was somewhat inspiring. We've already got 40% (assuming every EOP, MCQ, case write-ups were As), then we'd only have another 10% to collect out of the 60%. But, reality is that I'd probably have 20% and have got another 30% to collect. It seems possible because it's all figures. Aaah... exams are inevitable. Somehow that day would eventually come and it's tomorrow.

I miss home :( I want to go back after exams with a smile so that I'd enjoy the 2 months of 'break' there'd be.