Friday, January 21, 2011


This whole week seem like a crazy week to me. Perhaps I'm already on the 'burnt out' phase and I'm slowly losing it. I can't seem to finish my work in time which frustrates me and more than ever, I am stressed because my practical exam is next week!

I'm not even half prepared. I doubt myself in the knowledge I know and on top of that, I feel like I don't know much. I know it is something which we all experience. Heck, I've even experienced this before but why can't I handle it better now? It could be because of the environment, the topics to study or just an inner self-conflict thing going on. One thing is for sure, I'm not giving up just yet although I'm about to. :/

On the contrary, as I've been homesick, my friend took me out for dinner yesterday. I think it was nice of him seeing that I'm so lazy to even step out of the house to get food for myself. :) Another friend of mine cooked something from home and I really really miss homecooked food. I've never taken my mum's cooking for granted. But, it's been awhile since she last cooked when I'm back home.

CONCENTRATE! (omg, my laundry is only halfway done, so many clothes to iron... :( and I guess at some point, I knew I'd come to situations like these. That is after all a student's life.)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I didn't go back home last weekend. Instead, I stayed back in Seremban where I spent most of my time alone at home. It was alright at first. I enjoyed the peace, the silence (because my neighbour moved and her dogs went with her as well)... until evening comes. That is when I start hearing weird sounds.

I know that I don't have a neighbour on my right. But, somehow, I keep hearing door closing and the creaks as if someone is downstairs or beside the wall. If it was from the neighbour on the left, then, it must be really loud because my housemate's room keeps my room separated from the neighbour on the left.

Yes, I did freaked out. Who wouldn't be? The last time I was home alone, there was a blackout for a few hours and I did not have a torchlight with me. Back then, my cellphone battery was also dying. Now, I keep everything charged :) There is a torchlight with me now. And, there is a hammer at home. That means if anyone comes without telling me who he/she is, the first thing I'll do is hit them, then only turn on the lights to see who it is. Safety first! :P

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Purple Roses

A friend of mine was curious about the rose I made for another friend. So, I thought my friend how to make them.

Petals cut out, stretched and tips rolled. I think we made 32 of those. 16 petals for each rose and then we glued it onto a green stick which I bought from a florist shop. It's a bit difficult to explain how the process is. Jien thought me how to do this 2 years back. I've only done 4 so far. The purple rose was my fifth.

*pretty* :)

Apparently, every colour has a different meaning. You could google to know more about it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Handmade Card 6

What do you do when you have very little/no time to plan a card design?
I would:
1) Find a friend to help me
2) Incorporate the essentials of a birthday card
.......i) Front cover
.......ii) The wish 'Happy Birthday'
.......iii) Message corner

And, that was what I did. If you've read a previous post about my creations, I mentioned that what I did last year was a mix and match of previous designs.

I honestly feel that it was not the best effort but I tried making it presentable. In total, there are 4 pages.

Page 1: Front cover

Page 2: Birthday wish

Page 3: Friend's contribution :)

Page 4: Message section and a rose with a lace to give it a 'feminine touch' ^^

Everything put together...

and binded...

It turns out to be some sort of like a calender. The idea is that it is up to my friend to display which page she feels like seeing for the day etc.

I was telling my friends that this picture looks emo because it seems like a story whereby the guy leaves a girl with a memory of a flower and no messages. But then again, it'd be weird because if he was going to leave the girl, why bother getting a rose or a card with design, right?

*imagination* :)

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Everytime I find myself in the same situation, I'd think bout what my mum would say or have said to me:

1. "Let Ko finish his work. Don't disturb him..."
2. "Cry for what? Don't be silly... :) There's no point crying..."
3. "Just let it be. It's not your fault."
4. "Studies are more important than boys."

Of late, there has been many things crossing my mind. They don't retain, not even the academic stuff. I'm tired of thinking. I'm tired of listening. And, I know that if I stopped thinking and listening, then, I'm going to start losing out on things bit by bit. I refuse to believe that I'm heading towards the "burning out" phase even before the battle starts.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Door sign

I did not have a lot of time to do handmade stuff last year mainly because I had a major exam to concentrate in which was EOS 5 and after moving Seremban, there was even less time to explore and experiment making new things.

After looking back at what my latest creation was in the list, I realised that it was a book cover. O.O And I thought, goodness, that was nearly a year ago! No wonder my skills got so rusty. Even when it came to using a penknife, I have tremors. It seems that the intricate movements or skills if I may call it are no longer there. Or maybe, it was because I was making stuff after playing badminton on the day before. Hence, muscle fatigue.

Perhaps the other reason was because I haven't felt inspired for awhile. So, I haven't got any fresh ideas to challenge myself with. Anyway, I did make a door sign for a friend. Once in awhile, I like giving surprises. :) It's not just for special occassions, but I sometimes do it upon requests or when I feel like it. Ideas and colour combinations from previous creations are mixed and matched.
I believe the size is nearly half of an A4 paper. It's simply just a 2 papers on top of another. The only thing that I found challenging was to approximate the size and spacing; and, to stitch using as little time possible. In my past creations, I would take up to a few days to prepare and finish it.

My friend was telling me that I could be selling this already. Well, maybe... but I thought differently because why would people buy when they can also make it themselves? Even now, there are door signs made out of wood etc. Maybe in future, it'd be different. I used to make wallet cards, but now, I see that they can be bought. Yet, I still like personalized items. :)

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy New Year everyone!

2010 was not particularly an interesting year for me as it was filled with exam stress which I could not handle and a change in lifestyle. Although 2011 will be filled with more exams and challenges, I know that I'll make the best of 2011.

As I looked back on my resolutions in 2010, I knew that I did not fulfill most of them mainly because they've been forgotten along the way. Hence, for this year, I tried making more reasonable and simple ones.

I found hope and love towards the end and I sure do hope that things would either maintain or be brought to a higher level in terms of friendship. Surely, there were many unforeseen occurences as well downfalls. That's what a new year is for, don't you think so?

A new year to me denotes a new beginning, a new start and a reason for me to think about everything that happened in the past year which I would want to improve on. I hope it'll be a good year ahead for every one. :)