Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Since this is the 44th post, and the number 4 is related to death, I decided to write something related to that. Anyway, I had a TBL earlier and someone was presenting a case. I don't know if I heard incorrectly but I ended up laughing a lot when I thought about how a mix up in English can hmm.., give a different meaning.

There is one part in presenting the case where we have to mention about the family history. Normally, I would say "So-and-so passed away due to unknown reason" or in a different scenario, "So-and-so passed away and the reason, well, there was none given." I never quite fancy the word 'die', so I would usally use 'passed away' instead. Today I thought I heard someone said:

'So-and-so died for no reason'


It sounds offensive in a way but still, it is still funny how things, words, and sentences changes when one is nervous. Even 'Can you please push against my hand?' can become 'Can you resist me?' in a corny way.

The past two weeks have been corny. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

*Magic* :)

One thing about the hospital which I don't really like is how the people just talk through the face mask. I can hardly hear what they say and it is as though they mumble. Most of the time, I would have to double check by repeating what they have said. Anyway, there was one time in the ward when I saw a houseman putting an ice pack on the tray. I wondered what it was for... So, I asked him and I thought I heard this...
Honestly, that was what I heard and that was what I perceived his sentence to be. MAGIC =.= At first, I was a little frustrated because I was thinking why on earth would he treat me like a kid. "Magic?" I asked the second time and I was ignored. I asked what the ice pack was for again and he turned to his colleague and spoke to her. I got so frustrated and finally asked again and he told me that it was actually for ABG (Arterial Blood Gas) blood sample. The blood is cooled so that it wouldn't clot before it's put in the machine.

For the rest of the 1/2 hour, I was wondering about how people around me react to me. As I was "reflecting" about it, my housemate told me...
Yeah, I was more mad at him after that. He didn't understand it at first but after telling him what happened, he just can't stop mentioning the MAGIC word - Magic. When I go like "Eh, how did you do that?", instead of getting an explanation, I get "Ooh, it's MAGIC! ^^"

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


With so many changes in timetable for this week, I think we need to de-stress a little... So, here's a lame medical joke/question...

*Let's think about it for awhile... :) *



Monday, October 04, 2010

M.I. ?

Making lame jokes hasn't been a part of my life entirely. But, I believe that it is lame jokes which makes people smile and laugh. It is rare that you hear a cool joke which makes you laugh. This time, it was not exactly a joke but rather, a question that was very well phrased. :) My brother gave me the idea as he was talking about Myocardial Infarction that day. Medical students would know that it's M.I. for short.

So, this was what happened...

Try reading the sentence out loud. It'll sound like 'Am I affecting your heart? True or Fales?'

There were many responses. Many said it was lame. Many did not want to answer. Those who said no, well... I told them that they're wrong because it really does affect the heart. :) There was a few who said Yes without realising what it meant. Oh wells... :)

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mini-CEX 2

Mini-CEX is a formative assessment. Mini-CEX 1 is based on history taking whereas Mini-CEX 2 is based on physical examination. My Mini-CEX 1 was rescheduled and will be held tomorrow morning. This means I had my Mini-CEX 2 earlier and that was last Monday. It was the first assessment. I was not exactly nervous but I was unsure about a lot of things. Okay, maybe 5% + 50% nervous. I guess it was mainly because I did not prepare for MSK OSCE and CNS came out instead.

When things are right and I go wrong, I get mixed up unintentionally... :/

My friend said that I shouldn't be a surgeon then because when I get nervous, I'll end up cutting the wrong thing. =.= I wouldn't say it's entirely true because we are all nervous when it comes to doing things for the first time. By the time I do graduate, I would have at least that amount of confidence to not mix things up. I can make mistakes now, learn and remember it for life.

Last Monday, I was on the patient's left side because his bed was situated next to the wall. It was not an excuse definitely to get things mixed up. But, my point was proven when my friend who gave me the remark got mixed up with his Left and Right :P

Anyway, I thought things would end really badly mainly due to the "anatomy" above. When I commented about rigidity, I said that the person had 'Hypotonia with rigidity'. One thing which many should know is that I'm the last person to know stuff. If there's a group of students who answered correctly and one who doesnt, that one person would most likely be me.

I thought I might end up being scolded because I saw the VARIOUS expressions in my friends who took the exam before me. I was sweating a lot, smiling in a weird way and trying to not say silly things since I'm so prone to that. There were 5 of us. I went 5th. But, in a way, I learnt many things...

When I was first asked about whether there's a hard ice cream, I was thinking 'Yeah... those with ice as the outer layer. That's so hard that you can't straight away bite it. There are also those which have been kept in the freezer for so long that if you use a plastic spoon to scoop it, the spoon might just break. If there are chocolate chips in the ice cream, it's probably as hard as stone...'

But common sense comes in, we know that the IDEAL ice cream is semi-soft on a cone.