Friday, July 30, 2010

"Hamburger" Cupcakes

Plan: To make cupcakes with strawberry jam as the filling in the center.

..Strawberries and jam in a tin..

Well, the idea was there but I don't think I managed to do what I had in mind. I ended up creating a layer of jam in the middle. Hence, turning it into "hamburger" cupcakes. I did not realise this until I tried one. I thought the jam would somehow stick or turn into something else. I guess it didn't. heh. :D

..Somehow, I keep on thinking about ice cream every time I look at the picture..

..It was a recipe for 20 cupcakes which ended up becoming enough for only 12. >.< ..

..You could see the layers over here. I added raisins just to decorate it and I wanted to know where they would end up after baking it..

..Mixture in the oven and this is the part where I went "OhMyGosh, my cupcakes are MUTATING! O.O "..

Well, some of them didn't out to be so nice but hey, it's not about looks. It's the inside that counts. ^^ They turned out to be larger than the normal cupcakes but weren't exactly muffin-size. So, I guess it was alright.

As you can see, some of them are like aliens. Are you looking at the same cupcake as me? Alright, let me show you the one that I looked at all the time.

..This one!..

..The normal looking one :) ..

Did the plan work in the end? Nope.
Did I have a back up plan? Nope.
What did I learn from this? Take risks and learn while you still can in anything you do especially when it doesn't involve lives and when you know it won't harm anyone.

Before I forget (again)...

It has been 5 years and nearly 1 month. Yes, I do count the years. ^^

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Day I Watched Eclipse...

... was the day I had a really good dinner. No arguments about that. I watched Eclipse with Lydia and Pam was supposed to join us but she had stuff to attend to. Well, I think pretty much everyone had read something about Eclipse, so, I'm not going to talk about it over here.

..Lydia's main meal which was Tempura Udon..

..I ordered cold soba..

..which came with deep fried chicken and salad.. well as the "soup" for dipping..

Some of my friends and family members know that this is my favourite meal out of the others. :) Ever since I tried it, I would order the same thing every time I go to Zanmai.

Besides that, we ordered sushi...! Okay, not a lot of sushi because we had our own budget too...
..mushrooms! We ordered because it was cheap and also because it was good. and the other which I can't remember what it is or called, i like that too..

..raw scallop and salmon..

It was my first time trying the raw scallop. I didn't have a good impression about at first since it looked pink and pink reminds me of the colour red which reminds me of blood. In other words, pink reminded me of meat with blood not washed completely.

..soft shell crab sushi..

I didn't think I'd like this too because I thought it's ridiculous to eat the shell although many say it is edible. If shells are edible, why do people generally not eat prawn shells?

..Ooh, salmon and mayonnaise with wasabi-ed roe..

That's about the food we had that evening. Ooh, after that, we shared an Oreo Cheesecake from Secret Recipe. Even so, I felt like I could continue to eat more.

..Me and the wonderful dinner :) ..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I think it was the best news I've got since the past 4 weeks. I won the Sony TX-5 Camera. If you don't know what I am talking about, read about it here.

It was just yesterday when I went back to the website to see if the results are out and I thought that I wouldn't stand a chance... seeing there were more than 300 entries (I believe).

Just a little more than an hour ago, I found out that the results for the competition. It started out with an email from It is the first time I took part in something which is Nuffnang-related and this helped boost the number of visitors on my blog.

I just want to say thanks for the congratulatory messages, comments etc. :) I'm not that expressive about my thoughts and feelings at the present moment. heh. But, I'm glad and grateful. Finally, Sony's going to meet Canon and join the family.

All together, 3 cameras are going to be given away. The other two people are Hui Ying and theeggyolks.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's going to be 2 weeks since I started working. Today, I felt like slacking a lot. Hence, I did not bother doing any Overtime but when I was about to leave at 5.30pm, a group of students came in to enquire about the forms submitted. Hence, I stayed back for half an hour and helped out. I met my senior's younger brother.

Anyway, while trying to work fast today, I accidentally cut my finger with the metal part of the folder. :(
"We've got a bleeder..."

It sure stings when there's water in contact with the wound. I would not have gone through the second week without Muna to disturb and the dates she brought. :)
Last Monday, Alex and Lois joined and worked part time too. So, it was not so boring. At times, we talk about things which don't make sense or simply random things.



..Boxes of FILES..

Monday, July 12, 2010


I did not realise that I'm blogging even less compared to before exams. The resolutions made always turn out to be a challenge. Well, today's the Registration for the Health Sciences courses in IMU. I will be helping out. It's going to be an exciting day for over 300 students as they embark on their journey.

It means more work for me too. Jene, if you're reading this, I sometimes envy you because when I read your blog, you mention about how free you are.... >.< hehehe...

On Saturday, I finally satisfied my stomach with a good big bowl of fish paste noodles at WinSoon. On Sunday, I went to Bukit Bintang with my mum since I couldn't get the tickets for Twilight: Eclipse. I had Kebab for lunch and a good meal of spicy dry pan mee with soup aside. Although it's not mum's cooking, but these are food which I enjoy. :)

Cheese Cupcakes Which Happened!

The first time I made cheese cupcakes was last November and I did not like it. I suppose the main reason was because it tasted weird with the sour cream as the topping. This time, I decided to skip the topping and increase the amount of ingredients so that I can fill the cupcake paper more. :) Ooh and I finally got an electrical mixer. So, I had a chance to try it out!
Well, it rose on its own at first but when it cooled down, it "sinked". Hence, the cracks. I made 21! And after the first day, there's only 10 left in the fridge. heh. ^^

It doesn't look attractive in any way unless decorations are made. It's just yellow-er than a lemon cupcake.
So, I took another shot without the cupcake holder. It's not all that pretty but the texture turned out the way I wanted it. Not too crumbly compared to the last time.

..Cut a small piece out..

..Took a bite on the other side..

Am I making you hungry now? :D Anyway. in case you were wondering, I didn't use digestive biscuits as the base. I used Oreo instead. I bought the ready made crushed Oreos. So after mixing it with butter and baking it, it appears black.

What's next? Hopefully, cakes... :)

Friday, July 09, 2010


It has been one long tiring week. I'm really glad that it's coming to an end soon. Work has been alright. I've been doing filing and making calls. So far, it's manageable. I haven't got the time to paint and draw cartoons these days. Heck, I'm not spending enough time with my family either. I have no time to learn how to cook or even pick up some Mandarin.

Things have been so-so. Even if it's pretty bad, it's still so-so. Recently, there has been some problems with the house in Seremban. One person pulled out, leaving my friend and I in extremely difficult position and unecessary stress as the deposit had been made and the contract had been signed. Yeah, I'm not happy about that. I'm disappointed with things and people. Yet, I can't do anything about it.

"A person can never be really sorry about because when he says nothing and do nothing, it shows already that that person isn't really affected. So why the pretenses? Again, never trust, because... until you're really sure, you can be betrayed at any time, be told the things you want to hear and be given excuses. I was sure and I was wrong. I should have been really absolutely freaking sure. That usually don't happen." This was something I posted up on my facebook.

I believe some of my friends would have understood why I feel betrayed over and over again. Lines like take care, let's hang out some day, we should totally have an outing, how're you?, i'm sorry to say this, chill man etc have become so common that that they're most of the time said to comfort the other person or make the conversation less dry. *sigh* It's just rocky now. The moment will pass and all these would not matter to me any more. It would make me feel stronger, be more mature and realise that sometimes in life, friends would use you to their advantage.

Some things are done out of kindness but its also because of that which makes a person an easy target. But one thing's for sure, once it has happened, it leaves a deep mark. Yeah, it sounds cliche. I'm a pretty easy going person but, when sh*t happens. I just can't be bothered by how immature and spoilt people can be not that I'm not. In fact, at times, I wonder if I'm insecure myself or some people may just tell me that I think too much or just too sensitive. Too emo.

Well, I came to conclude that if I'm an emotional person all the time, it means that I have nothing to hide from my friends. It's true that usually people would prefer a happy human being over the emo one but hey, it's easier to pretend to be happy than to be emo. That's what I think for now.

Friendship is always an issue. Perhaps you've heard it countless times... It is easier to make 10 than to keep 10. I usually go solo most of the time too but depending on the situation, I suppose things change. But the point is, at this age, who would have thought that keeping friendships would be a challenge? It would be when we were in primary school and when we hit high school, it's relationships. Then as we proceed, it's studies to handle... early mid-life crisis?

It's just for the next few years anyway. Because when work starts, I know I won't be looking back to think about this. I'll make new friends by then and find better ones. new and improved. :) If there's anything you picked up from my side of the story, well, I hope it helps you come to realisations or give you reminders or just... something. *ok, no emo post in the coming one. I need to start working on the cartoons ^^*

Monday, July 05, 2010


I went to Mid Valley 5 times in a week, not because I like it but it has got easy access. I went with my mum on Tuesday to check out what's new because I haven't spend time with her for a long while. Then on Wednesday, I met up with my primary schoolmate, Kar Men who is back in US for now. On Thursday, I spent time with my mum again. On Saturday, I spent time with Pamela and Eng Kian. We watched 9 Temples: Death Ghost. Finally on Sunday, my family met up with my brother and his wife for dinner. So, 5 times!

Anyway, when I was out with Pam and Eng Kian, we were sort of craving for soup and Pam suggested espresSOUP.

I had creamy pumpkin with bread. Yes it was edible, and with my skills, the soup barely spilt on the tray although according to the leaflet, the tray was designed to contain the soup while you cut the bread. I guess I just don't like things to spill. Plus, it's a bit more messy too.

I felt that it was alright but a little sweet because I had a little too much of it. For the other types, it should be fine. They come in sets too. I'd like to give it another try. =)

..Me and my soup..
..Pam and her minestrone soup..
..Eng Kian and his mushroom soup..

I just started working in IMU, at the Students Services Department. I hope things would work out fine and at least, a month and a half there or something? Ohh, it was my first day today and I had work to do that I didn't have time to go on Facebook.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Think Pink...!

Seriously... Think about it for awhile. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Girly, babies, curtains, jambu?

Anyway, my friend told me the other day that the house he found in Seremban is pink in colour. During that time, he was looking for housemates and I checked it out with my parents. Before that, he kept on saying that the house is pink and he didn't like it. I thought, hey, why not? Pink is an okay colour. :)

I thought it'd be something like this where the houses on the row were same in colour and there's just one pink house out of nowhere. Well, I was wrong. Turns out... it was the living room and the room I chose which was purplish pink in colour.

Anyway, putting that aside, it's just going to be for 2 years. I just have to survive 2 years and it can pass really fast if I focus on other things. The house is a double-storey terrace which fits only one car in the compound. The housing area is very near to Tesco. In fact, the new Tesco which is being built now is right next to it. We're still looking for another person to join the house since there are 4 rooms and 3 of us.

Right now, I'm thinking about how to make the place more home-y to me. But I reach a point where I feel tired and instead of thinking/planning, I might as well... just accept things which happens or crosses my mind/life. There are other things which I feel are more important at the moment. There are thoughts which needs to be resolved and feelings to be handled wisely (though missing a wisdom tooth and in reaallllyyy painful toothless ache). :(

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Turtles Here and There!

My brother and I went to a turtle sanctuary in Segari. We had nothing to do on a Sunday and we were in still in Sitiawan. So, we decided to go check the place out. It did smell funky. It must have been the water. No entrance fee was required and though it was written on a board that the place is closed from 12.30pm to 2pm, it was still opened to visitors. There were information about sea creatures and fossils I think. But, live turtles were still the main attraction. :)

There were these little guys who are incredibly adorable. Active and making a lot of sounds in the water with the splashing; they are more fun to watch compared to the larger ones.

They get on top of one another. I guess they just don't like being in the water too much.
This lil' fella is just emo. I guess both my brother and I were amazed (? if that's the word) that they can simply rest their flippers on their shells when they don't feel like using it.

We spotted tortoises too. But, they were stoning most of the time. I'm serious....

From the moment I checked out the other turtles till I reached this one, he (or could be a she) did not make a move. It just stayed like that... in that position, on that rock.

It was so still that my brother could take a close-up picture. Okay, I do not know what it was thinking but it sure was thinking deeply.

There were the bigger turtles in a bigger man-made "pond".

Do you see my shadow trying to grab it's flipper? Well, I did give it a shot since I couldn't get close to it. ^^

..A "couple" of turtles. heh. :D ..

..Me and turtles. They were obviously not responsive to my presence. So, I went somewhere else..
..The turtles on the other side of the "pond"..
..Big turtle..
..Grumpy turtle (front) and sleepy turtle (behind)..

I guess that was pretty much it. My brother and I took a walk on the beach which looks pretty much the same at every seaside.
But, I liked the tone in the seawater. Green, light blue, dark blue... It's much nicer in actual sight than in picture.

On the way back, I spotted this! Do you see what I see?
Someone told me that it's a bunny, some told me it's just a fluffy cloud. But, I see a HEART. :)