Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dental Visit

It was not just a dental visit. It was an appointment to extract my wisdom tooth. I had it done in Sitiawan. Now, many would have wondered why I travelled all the way. It's simple. My sis-in-law knows the dentist and it's cheaper compared to the price the KL dentists are charging.

I never quite liked the sound produced by the gadgets especially the high-pitched drilling sound.
..Me before the whole process begin..

Oh, and the picture was also me before I spotted these...

Holy cow! That is one big injection O.O Okay, the needle looks long and the syringe is huge, that's why it looks scary. I had a feeling that it will hurt a lot. Well, the removal of wisdom tooth was a surgical procedure. So, I would have easily guessed that in the syringe was probably one of the local anaesthesia. I just couldn't figure out which one. The list of drugs crossed my mind. Procaine... Chloroprocaine... Lignocaine... Prilocaine... Bupivacaine... Tetracaine... *nerd alert* It was not just one syringe of local anaes but through out the procedure, more were given.

Anyway, this was what happened. The dentist gave me topical anaesthesia. So then, the injection wouldn't be too painful. Well, it worked for me. Only certain parts wasn't numb yet.

Since I was playing (or tasting) it, my tongue got numb. Sensory for left sided maxillary was lost. hehe. My brother and sis-in-law thought I was given laughing gas because it was fun. It's not everyday when you have your senses lost and given back. It helps me appreciate what I feel. Perhaps if I didn't study about these, I would be worried sick because I was feeling numb for more than 5 hours.
The doctor turned out to be very nice. He did struggle with the tooth because it was horizontally impacting the tooth in front. I did feel pain but not at the tooth area. It was at the cheek bone area because of the pressure asserted. For awhile, my jaw got tired and I couldn't close it. Dislocation? Haha. I could also almost see the sweat coming out from the pores as he pulled really hard to get the tooth out. >.< It was scary but at the same time I felt pretty relaxed. The others who saw the procedure (as I was told) were cringing.

It has been 5 days since the extraction and I can basically eat anything. Right after the procedure, I had cendol. So, no food restriction for me. ^^ It wasn't exactly fun because I couldn't taste cake properly =.= On the next day, I realised that the edge of my lips were quite dry and the skin cracked. I didn't know because I was feeling numb then. At the moment, I still can't eat hamburgers because I can't open my mouth wide. My jaw is still recovering. :P

It is also the last day of me + antibiotics. :) Goodbye spiromycin and metronidazole!!! Argh, I hate medicine. (heh, contradicting... I know...)

All in all, I have 3 wisdom teeth left. I'm not wisdomless. It's a minor thing. I only believe that if I lose 2 or more wisdom tooth would it then be a major thing. =)

Friday, June 25, 2010


I'm going to see the dentist tomorrow. :S I'm going to have 2 of my wisdom teeth taken out. eekz. Well, I'm sure for some, you've gone through the process and for some, you've got no problems with them at all. If only it didn't grow horizontally. >.<

I went to Seremban yesterday too to have a look at the house which I'm going to be staying at for the next 2 years. Well, I'll be writing in a separate post then. I'm leaving for Sitiawan soon... where there's no internet at the place where I'm staying (that's what I was told). I'll only be back on Sunday.

I can't wait to be back! ^^

Video: Taylor Swift Medley

Ever since Taylor Swift's songs became a hit on the radio, we've heard of the instrumental version of Love Story meets Viva La Vida. There were also many covers of her songs. But, the one which caught my attention was a medley. Previously, I've mentioned a youtuber, Kurt. Well, this next video is also one of his work.

Just for the record, there is only one girl. The video was filmed ("spliced") in a way that there's three of the same person in the video. And, that is what makes this video more interesting.

Once you've checked it out, tell me if it's awesome or what?! I truly admire the idea and creativity which comes with the passion. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Water Moments

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I mention 'water moments'? For most of the nuffnangers, it would be the Sony TX5 camera. Putting that aside, I've asked not only myself but my friends too about what they thought about it. Some told me it's the rain; the time you shower; the time you take a leak; perhaps, the moment you got splashed at the usual seaside, swimming pool or waterfall?

I've been giving it so much thought for the past few weeks and I could only truly focus after exams were over and getting my exams results. My thoughts strayed from sweat to tears to looking at the world through a glass of water .

Anyway, I'd love to think that there's something more than what I've mentioned. Writing this has given me the opportunity to get creative, abstract and have fun! (although it could take up quite some time but it I feel it is rewarding in a way - the sense of accomplishment.)

About a month and a half ago, I came back drenched from head to toe as I walked towards the hilltop carpark at my university. It was raining very heavily and although my friend and I shared an umbrella, it did not stop me from looking as if I've jumped into the swimming pool and came out. The rain was my water moment.

Since I can't wait for the rain to come to take a picture, and neither can I really take a picture in a downpour, I decided to make rain myself as inspired by my brother and my friend. HERE IT IS, the picture of MY WATER MOMENTS (or moment)...

I absolutely love it when it rains, but not when my things get wet and I can't do anything about it. And yes, it is my habit of using books as a cover while protecting my notes. Now, a few other reasons why I chose to portray rain is because it helps me get a good sleep. A good sleep for an alert mind the next day... or it could just be a good sleep for sleeping in the next day and skipping morning lectures.

Another reason is because from rain, *as bimbotic as I may sound* that's how pretty rainbows are formed in the sky! :) And my mum used to tell me when I was about 7 years old, that if you cross under a rainbow, it will bring you luck. Ooh, if you're a follower of Korean dramas (well, I am), the most romantic scenes usually happen under the rain. ^^

Now, if I were to have a camera like a Sony TX5 of which I would mention a few amazing features later, perhaps I would finally have a chance to take pictures with me in the water. I'd be able to continue developing the passion for photography no matter what the weather is. I could imagine myself in the middle of the streets or a park... where everyone else is taking cover, I would conveniently take out the Sony TX5 and snap pictures. It is not every day that you get rain at an unexpected time and place. :) Oh, and instead of something like this,

Mum and I (South Africa, 2005)

I could possibly be swimming in the ocean one day! Not with the sharks that is... although it would be pretty exhilarating. But, I would have to get over the fear of going underwater first. ^^ (Swimming in a pool is a different story)

You've seen me mentioning the Sony TX5 camera a few times. What's so special about it? A-ha! Let me tell you (of course with a bit of guide from here.) *click the picture for a larger view*

1. As you may have already guessed, it is water-proof!

It can last up to 1 hour underwater and as deep as 3 metres. I can only last about 20 seconds underwater and I won't go any deeper than 2 metres. heh.

2. It is temperature-proof as it can withstand temperatures to as low as -10 degrees Celcius.
At 8 degrees, I'm already shivering, let alone 0 degrees or -10! Anyway, it would definitely come in handy if I happen to travel overseas and pick up skiing or snowboarding. Actually, even taking pictures of snow can be fun in a way I guess.

3. The Sony TX5 is also dust-proof.

This is just my way of illustrating it. Dust can come in different forms like in the desert or in the attic.

4. I guess this is also an important feature. The camera is shock-proof which means that although you may drop it at a height of 1.5metres which happens to be the average height of us taking a picture, it would still be functioning.
Can you imagine what might happen if a person falls from a height of 1.5metres? Maybe something, maybe nothing. Well, even better if it doesn't happen, right? 2 years ago, my camera "died" because I dropped it from a height less than 1 metre and since then, I've been using my brother's camera.

5. There is also a feature called the Handheld Twilight.

Basically, it sort of means that you wouldn't have to feel stressed when using the camera to capture pictures in places with low/poor lightings. You can still get a clean, sharp picture with reduced "noise" without a tripod. It is also because there is this anti-blur motion mode. How awesome is that? You would not need to worry although your hands shake when taking a picture. Let the camera do the work for you. :)

How does it happen? Well, the camera would capture 6 of the same image in a fraction of a second and then combine it all to form one final picture. Of course, the camera comes with built-in:

• “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor
BIONZ Image Processor
• 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens

...all to make a better picture.

Moving on, you can take a panaromic picture without effort. No more taking a few pictures and using a software to stitch it up. All you have to do is give it a (slow?) swing vertically or horizontally and the camera automatically stitches the picture for you.

So, from something like this...
Angle 1 + Angle 2

you'd get a natural looking-panaromic picture...

I believe the one more feature which I haven't mentioned of which I do not have illustrations for is that the camera can take up to 10 shots/frames in 1 second if you decide to take a fast moving action such as kicking a ball, diving, swinging a baseball bat etc.

So, the camera comes in 5 different colours of which if you've noticed in my pictures. But, it's okay if you haven't. There's green, black, red, pink and silver.

From left: Red, Green, Silver, Pink, Black

I know you may think that the colours aren't as expected. You've got to see it for yourself. Don't forget to check out the specifications too.

This post was written as an entry for a Nuffnang competition. Wish me luck for this is my first time taking the initiative to participate in one. :)

Trailer: The Human Centipede

I was supposed to travel to Seremban today to have a look at the house but at about 9am, I received a call from my friend who said that the seniors who are staying at the house has an extra class until 7pm. So, do we proceed as planned and wait until 7pm instead of 5pm or should we reschedule? After a few hours, we finally managed to reschedule it to a Thursday. It is going to be the only day where I'm available until many (about 2) weeks later. =(

I had a nightmare last night where I was part of this movie trailer which I tried to run away from. Now, some of you might be wondering or thinking 'Nah, it shouldn't be you. If anyone's going to be in a movie, it should be me!' That's where you're wrong because trust me, you DO NOT at all want to be part of this one.

It's called The Human Centipede. Introduced by my junior who tagged me in Facebook, I somehow ended up watching it despite the many comments which strongly suggested that I should not at all have loaded it. I did anyway because I was just so darn curious. I gathered the courage and mental strength to keep reminding myself that no matter how bad it is, it's just a movie. It was fine until the last few scenes which made me feel disgusted because it is just inhumane. So, if you do plan to load this video, well, it's at your own risk and whatever happens after that has got nothing to do with me. :P

So, did you load it? Or do you plan to come back in a few days time to this video to watch it just like how I did it? hehe. Freakkyyyy.. I just don't have the guts to watch movies like these. At least, vampires and supernatural is still alright. Well, if you've watched it, it's crazy, right?

Video: "Nothing Left Unsaid"

"What's your plans for this holidays?" That is one question which I would have the answer copied and pasted on every chatbox if I could but I don't do that. Another common question is "What have you done?" My answer would always remain the same and that is spending time with family. Otherwise, no big plans. In fact, I've scratched all plans I had with my friends due to personal reasons.

I've been hitting the next button during the day and night on Youtube ever since I discovered the videos by this youtuber, Kurt Hugo Schneider who I find very talented and make very good videos. If I could, I would post up every video of his but I'm not going to do that. Only selected ones which I find amusing and amazing will be up here. If you love music, you should definitely check out his vids of him and his friend, Sam Tsui (who by the way is auditioning for Glee! I really hope he gets in because he's really good ^^)

Now, putting that aside... Here's the very first video which I discovered. It is still one of my favourites. Maybe it's the way it was filmed, the quality and the sound effects. Partly, it is also because the acting is just so natural with humour instilled.

I find that the strategy used in the discussion would come in very very handy especially in 'PBL's (Problem-Based Learning). I don't know about you but I feel like I can connect to this video although graduation is still very far away. How far? Say umm... in 2 1/2 years + time? But, there will be a convocation in August.

By the way, Sam Tsui sang the song in the credits. I believe it's an original song but I could be wrong.


Before exams, I had a list of things which I wanted to do. I had a list of commitments which I wanted to make. Blogging was one of it. To update each and every day, but I didn't. While some of my friends have been blogging and posting multiple posts per day *coughJenecough*, I only had one which I felt had to go up on the blog. The day after my exams ended which was a Friday was by far, the best day I had since my holidays started that is.

Interesting posts coming up soon... So, do come back and check out what I've been up to. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Post-exam Day 1

(I've included some visual aid to help you understand better because I'm sure some would get confused with just words.)

I met up with a friend who has been studying overseas. We went to 1 Utama and had Japanese food. :) I have been craving for some cold soba since Thursday and I finally had some. *content* I think yesterday was one day where I had so many meals.

Because... after lunch, it was New York Cheesecake from Secret Recipe. It always looked plain to me but I've always wondered if there's more to it than just a cheesecake and now I can see, it's not JUST a cheesecake. It's one which is rich in flavour although I feel that the one from Beryl's has more flavour and tastes much better.

Later that evening, we had banana fritters with Vanilla ice cream from Waffle World. I was already full by then.

At home, my mum gave us both a cup of longan drink which well, stuffed me until 3am in the morning when I started feeling hungry again and was craving for some lasagna... =/ With all these cravings, I'm starting to enjoy life more. And no, I'm not pregnant.