Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It has been a long day today and it also feels like a long week because so many things have been going on for me for the past few days. It was one thing after another and it still is. CSU, PBL, IMS, Hospital visit. On some days, I just have to sacrifice sleeping to finish the workload. On some days, I do not have a chance to study. This week is testing my limits in various ways.

It is amazing how power nap works. 15 minutes of it kept me going for the whole day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oral Health Week

It was Oral Health week again! The last one which I attended was done by my dental friends from DT1/08. Now, the newer batches are doing it. I did not think that I would attend it but I changed my mind since I had to meet up with Lydia anyway.
Plus, when I went to uni early that morning, I saw this! I thought it was kind of cool. The mouth and the uvula hanging from the 'Keluar' sign. This should be taken from the outside. So then, the uvula is behind the teeth but it was a little too dark.
In the center of the atrium they had decorations too. Although it is not much, but it was interesting. Three teeth and the first one has got a different expression. Just like the picture above, it is a good and healthy tooth, well taken care of.
On the other side, it shows a damaged tooth.

Not only were there booths about informations but each of these booths have games for participants to play. Anyone could participate in it as long as they register and get the form from the counter. After completing every booth (of which they would get a chop on the form), they would receive a goody bag. :)

It was not as simple as how it previously was, but neither was it that difficult. I just think that the questions asked were not my field. I do not know oral pathology or anything. The answers I give is either based on common sense or luck. hehe.

Fish for bottle caps! The number of bottle caps you're able to attract with a magnet that is the "bait" would be the number of questions you get to answer. I think you just need to get one right. I managed to get 3... :)

At every booth, there will be a few dental students explaining what that station is all about. Some is about nutrition, pathology, aesthetics etc.

Why do I say so? I just like how the light focus on the tooth only. Anyway, among all the booths, I could not win this one. Reason was because I had to throw at least one sweet into any of those holes. I was given 3. Only then, would I be able to answer a question. But since I was not able to do so, I moved on...
I was at the oral pathology station where I listened to oral cancer and congenital malformations of the oral cavity. But, I did not hear about the pathology. Anyway, I went... and played the game. Lucky Lydia was with me. I would not have done it without her. Why do I say so?
The game takes skills and knowledge. I was given a question and I had to throw the darts to hit the right answer. Firstly, I did not know the answer. Secondly, it was challenging cos I have not thrown any darts since IMU Cup and back then, they keep on flying side ways. This time, I was lucky... "Top left," someone whispered. The first dart threw was on the left alright but released a little too late. It ended up on bottom left. Alright, making a few adjustments.... aim higher, release just a little earlier..... and ta-da.. it ACTUALLY hit top left.

Well, even if I did not know the answer, I would still have played based on luck. 3 tries, 7 answers. I would eventually hit something...

Hence, I chose a central incisor. :)
Bowling game

Roll the ball and the pin it hits first would be the question you would have to answer. Each pin has a number attached. During my turn, I had a pink pin in front of me and I was wondering why the pink one had to be there. It was like out of no where. But, I managed to answer that one question anyway. It is even more stressful when there is a time limit like 5 seconds.

The nutrition station which gives out bookmarks! Each colour corresponds to the bookmark you would get at the end of the game. It also corresponds to a specific set of envelope with different pictures in it. I would have gone for the red one but for some reason, I chose orange. haha. I had to tell them which picture belongs to which part of the food pyramid. This one was challenging too. lol.

Arthuritis :) He showed me the proper technique of brushing the teeth. :D
Me and Lydia. I wonder if I'd still bump into her after this. :( The dental students in my year are sitting for their finals soon and would be transferring out of the country.
Lastly, me and KJ!

He is my SP (simulated patient) and it is just so rare for me to see him without his camera or take a picture without him holding on to a camera. hehe.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I NEED Space

Every now and then, I face this problem.

I need… space
(This is it, this is it)
-Britney : Overprotected-

I do not get an external either because:
  • I miss the PC fair
  • my $$$ was used on other things which seem more important at given time
  • I believe I would be able to clear up the data after transferring them to a cd but I can't
There are many reasons why... I need more space:
  • Pictures
  • Videos

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Another Thought

I once believed that a post with many words is a good one as opposed to a post with a couple of pictures. But, people still prefer pictures over words because it's easier to see than to read. While blogging is just one excuse for me to not study, I came to think about exams. Yeap, just one of those pre-exam blues. I was chatting with a friend much much earlier and obviously the main topic of our conversation was related to studies.

It got me thinking about how I would do and preparation and all. How confident would I be by then to pass the exams? I probably may be able to build the confidence for the practical (OSCE) but I don't know about the theory. Someone told me that the period from now until the time I sit for the exam is like a marathon, not a sprint. I told him that I never do well in marathons. Not only does it take a lot of willpower and mental energy, it physically wears you out as well when you don't get enough sleep after staying up all night.

In the end, some resort to unhealthy habits like smoking or unhealthy thoughts like giving up or just wanting to hurt oneself so badly. For some, it's just shutting oneself from the outside world and building barriers or walls to refrain people from disturbing your flow of thoughts and momentum of efforts. But, taking a step back... and I'd start thinking, is this all really necessary? I nearly ended up in one of those roads before. Probably days, weeks or even years ago.

Why are we so influenced by our friends or the fact that there is very little time left? Even one month can seem like years to some people. I guess what I am trying to say is that many things are relative and is based on what we have experienced, believed and what we were taught. One on hand, I have a friend who is freaked out over exams, who is stressed all the time and is afraid of what might happen. But the good thing is, this friend of mine is consistent, smart, disciplined and many more and that is only because the fear of not doing well. On the other hand which is a complete opposite, there is the relaxed dude who takes things as it comes. This person is calm at all times and knows how to balance the time well between work and play. Sometimes, it may be a little bit of too much play but at the end of the day, this person does just as well as the others.

I guess one scale which measures how much a person has studied is the amount of notes the person has covered or the number of times he has gone through it. It is not a very accurate scale but it works for most people. But, it comes down to the quality of the studying time. I think we have heard it many times before that a person can go through a pile of notes just once and score really well compared to someone who has to go through things a few times just to pass. Finally, I think I am going to throw away this scale because I find that it does not matter to me anymore. As long as I know what I am doing and know what I think I need to know, I'm fine.

Many people like to assume things. I guess it is only in our nature. I dislike it when people assume that I have completed something when I mention that I haven't. I also dislike it when people go all out and deny that they have not touched ANYTHING when you see in the library the whole day. I would say that it is true to the fact that being in the library does not necessarily means that you have read something because believe it or not, students (like me) do end up in the library talking or facebooking. It sometimes turn out to be a good spot to loiter around while waiting for the next class or something.

I am one person who gets frustrated over competitions. As only some may know, I still believe that in exams, it's not about pulling someone down or going on top of someone else in results but rather, working together so that everyone passes. So, if you ask me to teach, I will try my best to do so. I have been lucky to encounter people (who are mostly seniors) to teach me although I do not depend on them a lot. There is just you and your notes. No tuition teachers to make the link in between. What do I think about the upcoming exams? Hmm, I was stressed out to a point where I did have a breakdown. But, now, I am just slowly working my way back into the game.

Believe it or not, I do have a lot more to go. I have touched 1/8 of a system out of the 4 systems in Sem 3. I have touched 2 out of the 3 systems in sem 4. Yes, I do know that some people have even more than me to cover. I do not have a superb memory. I am not an A student, not even a B+. I read through my notes as many times as I can so that I will remember at least 20% of it but it doesn't exactly work. How my mind works is unknown to me and probably to many of us. I believe that my subconscious knows more than me which is why you should never change the first answer you choose when you take a guess in exams. So what?

I guess I am just trying to make a point that I am also an ordinary student who hasn't done something extraordinary and never will in studies. Reality-wise. Yeap, there will always be dreams and aspirations but I will go as far as I CAN go. And if people ask me, I will just tell them what's true to me so that they would know that they are not the only one going through the same thing instead of the 'why must I tell you?' and 'please mind your own business'. It can be quite demotivating sometimes but sharing really helps a person to cope emotionally and mentally, for girls mostly because boys do not exactly have an emotional problem. :)

I tell myself that it is alright to not be outstanding. To be one of those top scorers is like a bonus which comes with the studying? Another reason why is also because I have always felt that people around me have expectations and sometimes it makes me have expectations. One lesson I have learnt by far is that when you can't meet your expectations, it makes you disappointed although you have given it a go. Actually, everything goes both ways. Everything that happens can either bring about a positive or a negative effect. It used to make me strive more and work harder but at some point, I stopped doing so and it turned the other way.

Am I okay with it? I guess I am since I have made peace with it. When the need arises, I suppose things would change from there for the better of the situation. Will I make a good doctor? Once again, it's subjective but I do hope so. I think it is a bit too early to think about that. Passing my exams to get into the clinical years is more important at the moment. 6 weeks and a couple more days!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

So Typical of Me

So here's how things are supposed to be like.

Wake up early and shower to feel refreshed. Then, hit the books. Read at least 1 lecture note per hour for the next 12 hours. If necessary, lunch break and toilet breaks; this should not take more than 1/2 hour. No napping or surfing the net. Just pure hardcore-ness in nerding.

But, in the last 4 hours...

I have been going to the kitchen and back to my room with different snacks in my hands each time.

Number of notes which I've completed? O. Yeap, zilch.
Number of times I've refreshed Facebook? Probably 3 times per hour.
Number of times I opened my email? 2.
Number of blogs I have surfed? 5.

I need to just sit and read. How hard could that be? Really tough. >.<

No more eye infection. ^^ But, it's still a bit swollen because when I look down, I do not see a symmetrical amount of space on both sides...

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I has mild eye infection..
*sniff* ooh and runny nose..

But, it's the weekend!! ^^

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Male Vs Female Brain

Now that I'm studying the nervous system, it's mostly about the brain, spinal cord and nerves. I had an interesting lecture just yesterday. I do agree that humour is definitely a component which should be included in lectures because it's student-friendly, it captures attention and it's a break/refreshment after the "intense" delivery of knowledge.

Anyway, what happened was that my lecturer showed these... which I thought was pretty cool.

..The Male Brain..

It is funny.. seering that the attention span and the listening particle is so small and it seems so true. What's smaller is the domestic skill particle which is almost not visible. Haha. Yeap, see the footnote. It is a natural ability. Hence, the ladies end up attending to the child in the middle of the night.

..The Female Brain..

As for the girls, I would admit that I do think about shoes sometimes. Headache laa... is just a n excuse which is not applicable to me. One quite funny one which my lecturer mentioned was the ability to smell/detect shiny things and diamond. Hahaha.

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I lost my cool today. But even if I did, I did NOT fully lash out my anger at anyone. Instead, I went home early to sleep because I knew I couldn't concentrate in studying in the university already.

I totally hate it when everyone bugs me over the same thing over and over again. I told them that if they want it so much, go get things done by themselves. Don't just depend on me because I have to manage the same thing all the time. But excuses would just come up somewhere. I'm not being sexist here but the guy friends I have... I've never seen them do the work when it's a group thingy. I can't disclose more information to what situation I'm referring to. (Only some people know)

But, it's not just that which bothers me. It's the fact that people think they could get away with 'Joking only la...' or 'Chill chill chill...' as a means to stop talking about that particular subject or not wanting to upset me. If they don't want to upset me, then they shouldn't have talked to me or asked me again in the beginning. I'm trying my best all the time. Things don't always go as planned. Things don't go the way I want either but heck, I'm accepting it although I dislike it.

Then, when they say that they'll take charge and fulfill the responsibility instead, it gives me second thoughts. What if they can't do it? It's not exactly self-voluntary because I had to mention the problem. I guess I'll just have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it's just their style of doing things or their style of talking. But, after awhile, you'd know whether 'Chill la...' is truly what your friends mean or just saying it because its used a lot these days.

I Don't Think I Screwed Up Somewhere

Do you remember the time when you're in class and suddenly your teacher calls your name? That would be the time when your heart starts racing and you'd think about what you've done wrong. Next thing you know, you only have one reaction --> "I'm gonna die." well not literally, but it kind of means that you think you're IN trouble.

Do you also remember the time when you get so frustrated (or something else) with what's been going on that you just have to let it out somewhere... anger, fear, joy... on your blog, twitter, facebook, text message? And you knew that only your friends would read it and somehow talk you through to forget about something...

Well, it happened to me.

We're supposed to download our own lecture notes and print it out. What happened was that I was unable to obtain a soft copy of the notes. So, I freaked. Facebook..

Yeap, my friends surely did comment. Well, who would have thought that your own lecturer who happened to be on your facebook to have read it as well? My lecturer, a doctor and the Dean... He did not comment under my status. I only knew after checking my email this morning and saw that I've got an email from him with a link to download the lecture notes.

Yeah, I was in shock. Haha. So, I managed to download my notes just in time for class. When I was in class, those who saw my FB said 'OH MY GOSH, you're sooo in trouble...' while some gave me different responses like 'I SAW YOUR FB.. O.o O.O o.O'

After lectures, my name was called and I thought I was going to be in trouble. But, nah, thing's are cool. My lecturer just asked if I managed to get my notes. That's all. :) Is there a lesson to learn? Think twice before posting anything up in FB? FB is for all- both young and older? I don't think I did anything wrong. At least, I am careful to not defame anyone, including the university. I've read too many articles and stories about how bloggers get sued and loses their job by blogging. Somehow, just when I think and reason out that I did not do anything wrong, it somehow feels like I did.

On a different note, today was the second time my batch has been deemed unprofessional and not professional as someone created a fake email using the batch rep's name and identity. An email containing complains about teaching methods etc was sent to one of the lecturer (who is a doctor). On top of that, the number of students who turned up for the course evaluation was 10% of the whole batch. Well, I had MMS and they said that students who have MMS during that time (due to the clash) would have to go for MMS. So, I guess, this does not exactly concern me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cream Soup For The Stressed Soul?

...I would like to....
...get a one way ticket...
Go to a place away from studying, notes, pictures of pathology/diseases, medical jargons, people, lives in danger...

Hospital visit was alright. I saw a case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The lady had most of the signs that were mentioned in the lecture notes. Diseases are scary. I don't know if it ever freaks medical students or doctors because to students, it may just be the coolest thing that they've ever seen and it ain't cool.

These days, I've been thinking (again) if I'm cut out for this job. I wish I knew how it was going to be like before I entered IMU. Actually, even if I did know how it was going to be, I also wish I knew that I was too young to make a decision. Making a decision at 19 years old to determine how your life is going to be like, well, I wish I knew more and what my other options could have been.

Today, I learnt that the human brain starts degenerating when a person hits 21 years old. So, why is turning 21 so exciting when the brain neurons starts to degenerate although synapses/connections/wiring still continues in the brain? Ironic. I don't know how things are going to be like in this system (Nervous System). I admit that having nerves do make me a nervous person. I know nothing about the brain besides the stuff we learnt in high school and that's all I know.

The brain is such an alien topic to me. The brain looks and seems complicated. Well, maybe it IS, that's why... The brain development from the fetus onwards, man, it's not what I expected. What scares me more is the time limit. The amount of time left until exams. I can't help but ponder about the 'what ifs' when I know I'm supposed to concentrate. Well, everyone is working hard, feeling scared, feeling stressed and I know that I'm not one of those special people who don't have to work hard or doesn't feel scared/stressed. What's wrong with me? God knows. I don't know.
I'd like some pineapple. Sweet and a little sour ones because everytime I want to eat a piece of chocolate, I'd think about all the fats and guilt. Or ice cream, cupcake, nasi lemak, etc. I'm becoming paranoid. Maybe it's the wisdom tooth which wouldn't stop growing. Milo makes me even more sleepy. Coffee might end up as an alternative but I've been avoiding it for as long as I can. It's calling me... I know it is... In the end, I might just be a coffee addict. *dopamine-migraine-advantages-disadvantages-studies-health drink*
Perhaps all I need is just soup. Nothing more, nothing less. Just that simple. Cream soup for the stressed soul.
I really hope that tomorrow will be a day where things go smoothly. No random people running on the road and turning back in the middle of the lane for me to freak out for I nearly would have fun the person down. No stoopid cars parking illegally on the roadside because it would not only make the road more congested but I would nearly have hit some other car because there was just not enough space. No more demotivating lecturers and those that are so stern that they would just lock the students out of the lecture theatre for being 10 minutes late, not that I've been late to those lectures, but I've been late for some lectures.

Monday, April 12, 2010


PBL..hmm, I had the first one for CNS and I was going to explode inside.

It/There was:
  1. stressful
  2. tension
  3. no connection
  4. horrible
  5. quiet
  6. unpleasant
  7. ridiculous at some point

I hate it. I truly do. I have no choice but to endure it for the next 6 weeks. If the brainstorming was this bad, the discussion is going to be worse. What a way to start a new system. Stoopid Nervous System.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

IMU Ball 2010


That was the theme of the IMU Ball for this year. Held in The Royale Chulan, KL, there were 60 tables which accommodated students from the various coursed, mainly Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing.

The open space for ball attendees to watch some fire performances, take pictures, chill out etc before the dinner in the hall.
I do not recall there being actual gambling but there were decorations which was Las Vegas-ish.
At the registration counter, there was this globe thingy which I thought was cool. :)
*Emo Pic*

I didn't exactly take a lot of pictures and half of my pics turned out blurr without the flash and over exposed with the flash. So, it was somehow or rather kind of disappointing. But, I did manage to take a few good shots. :)
..Vee Shin..
..Jun How - one of the prom king nominees..

..Ee Wei..
..Me and Lydia *picture from Lydia because mine turned out blur*..
..Benedict and I. My good friend..
..Me and Sook Cheng.We're both Canon users..
..Me and Leon. We breakdanced together..
..Mei Xin and I. We danced together..
..Me and Ee Wei. Decorations were alright..

Group pics! Well, some pictures were taken by my friends. I think you'd know which ones because of the better contrast.
..We're all going to Seremban together!!..
..The girls..
..Me and the guys..
..The girls and Morgan..

Friday, April 09, 2010


I feel like slowly, I'm slowly forgetting to blog. Is that even possible? Why not?

The only reason, which is the same as the previous reason, is because I'm busy. I'm still busy and there isn't anything interesting that's going on. I have nothing to document here. Today marks the last day of the Musculoskeletal system which means I am already halfway through my 5th semester. Finals are coming in 8weeks (I know, I didn't have to remind some readers who happen to be my batchmates).

The IMU Ball is tomorrow. In other words, prom. I took 2 months to look for a dress and 1 month to find shoes which I like which matches my dress. Hopefully, I'll be able to upload those pictures. I think that balls are just fancy dinners where every one would dress up in a fancy way. Girls would spend a lot more as compared to guys and we'll just end up taking pictures for 4 hours.

I'm not going with a date. Many people are going with a group of friends but I would say that my table is special because from the way I see it, it's individuals who don't exactly have a clique coming together. At least, that is how it is for the 6 of us. The remaining students are from other semesters who do not have a table to sit at. It was just so happen that I needed to fill up my space. So, everything is cool.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

CSU: She's DAMN Good

There is this a session in my university to practice our Clinical Skills. It is divided into two components- physical examination and history taking. It was history taking yesterday. Usually, one group of 10 students would get two simulated patients. Simulated patients (SP) are normal individuals with a script and they pretend to have a problem. Yesterday's session was like a mock exam. We were supposed to work in pairs but since there was an odd number of students in my stream, I flied solo.

All together, there were 4 History taking stations, 4 Q&A stations and 4 rest stations, 5 minutes each. I was the last to finish. Everything went well until my last rest station and last history taking station. Two of my friends opposite me told me that I'll meet Master G (or Gee or Jee...). I was like 'What's that?' He said that the next SP is going to slaughter me alive and screw me up in the station. Then the other 6 of my friends were laughing over it. Some said that I'll remember Master G forever and they went on giggling. Some said that I have to mentally prepare myself because she's a bit..... *out of her mind*

My friends also warned me to NOT SHAKE HANDS, otherwise, the SP would find another excuse to 'cut-throat' me. O.O *gulp* Can you imagine how I was feeling? It's like doomsday... I thought that I would have to deal with a mentally-ill patient who would strangle me if I shook her hands and IF I do, I'd get a super long lecture.

So, the long buzzer went off. I knocked on the door. The two students who came out had smiles of relieve on them. I turned to the SP and she said 'Vanakum' to me. By the way, I knew her and she's Chinese but she was all dressed up in a nice saree with gold coloured lacy trims. She even wore a hairband which matched her clothings. For the first time, she was playing a different personality. Previously, she acted as an agitated/depressed lady. Being stunned, I just put my hands, bowed to her and said Vanakum.

I sat down and asked her about her personal details. Yeap, she sure did have the accent and she was so soft-spoken. She shook her head as she talked to me. So, I asked her, 'Where are you from?' and she said, 'Sri Lanka.' *I was trying to be as serious as possible* I continued to ask her about why she was there to see the doctor, and then Master G's name came up.

Asked about the chief complain: 'Master G ah.... bring me... pain here... *points to knee*'
Asked about what might have caused it: 'I clean Master G house... kneel and scrubbing floor...'
Asked about the character of the pain: 'Master G say... if doctor ask.. say ah... pain dull, throbbing'
Asked about the relieveing factor: 'Aaah... dol... pan...' (I seriously thought it was dolpan, a type of medication which I've never heard of before. =.= but I managed to get that it was Panadol)

Even though I did managed to communicate with her, but one of the most valuable lesson which I learnt was to Observe, Identify and Address. I guess I was a little shocked and I was just staring at her (making eye contact) that I did not notice her rubbing her leg the whole time. But, it's weird how I captured the details of what she was wearing, like her earrings, hair band and her saree. Gosh... Besides that, ask open ended questions. Some SPs just want to make things more difficult by asking us to give examples. She also told me that once you know the occupation of the person, you'd know which level of language to use. In her case, she was acting as a housemaid. Hence, I should use the most simplest form of English. This was addressed because her role would not have understood what 'surgery' means.

As I walked back to the briefing room, everyone was just talking about her and asked me if I survived it. And, I did. One of them said that I was lucky to survive this ordeal. Many others said that my two friends were just trying to psych me out by exaggerating on her mental state. =.= hehe.. But, she's DAMN GOOD... For the first time, I really respect her for what she does. It's actually pretty helpful. But then again, with so many practices in listening with a slang from lectures, I actually understood what she was saying. The slang was not mild but not that heavy either.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

'Just Another' Dance Crew

I performed this dance today together with Mei Xin, Wei Chin, Pei Wen and Huei Wen. We took 1 week to practice. For some of us, it was learning the whole routine in 1 week, while for some, it was either learning the first half or the second half. I learnt the second half.

For those who missed the performance, well, this is a video recorded from my camera. It was a little tough to find the right camera angle. I think Pei Wen would be uploading hers soon. The video recorded had a better camera, I believe.

I had a great time today and I suppose now you know why I've been so busy. By the way, for those of you who didn't know what was going on, we were performing in conjunction with the 'Go Green' Campaign.

I need to get back to writing my report now. =/ I hope you enjoyed the video! :) [It takes awhile to load because of the size.]