Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SNSD: Run [MV]

I'm so addicted to this video. It's not just the song but the dance as well.

I know that there has been a lot of negative comments of how people think that SNSD lacks originality because this was Kesha's song. But, last I heard, the original version in English was leaked on the internet and it wasn't released. Then, it was bought and sang in Korean by SNSD. It doesn't bother me about who sings what. It's music. Enjoy it, don't mock it.

I've also heard that the dance moves in this video is weird/funny and stuff like that but I don't really care either. The moves are easy to learn. It just doesn't have a lot of energy in it compared to 'Into the New World'.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to being BUSY

Yesterday, one of my lecturers cancelled his class and we only had one out of two lectures. Today, my only lecture for the day got cancelled. It would be nice had they told us in advanced so that we don't have to wake up so early just to go to uni and learn about the fact.

I'm having dance practices again. It's for the 'Save the Earth' campaign which would be held next Monday, 29th March. We're recycling some dances but no more MJ Smooth Criminal. I've had enough of that. >.< It's SNSD all the way, baby! For some of us, it's learning the whole dance from scratch. For the others, it's learning 1 new dance. I'm learning one new dance in one week. I haven't exactly got the right feel about the dance yet, but I hope I will get it soon.

In 2 days, we've managed to practice 70% of the dance. Only 30% left to be completed tomorrow. On the other hand, studies haven't been too good for me. I think the missing ingredient now is will power. With will power, I believe a person can study continuously. Passion can substitute will power too. (Lame-ness: You're lacking passion? Here... Have some passion fruit drink. ^^)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I haven't been doing much lately besides sleeping. So, besides attempting to study, I've been taking pictures. I'm not exactly an enthusiast but I like taking pictures. Every little step counts in making something look creative, no? I tried... :)

"He has a vision. To be great. To be excellent. He is determined."

Where do you see yourself in years to come? It's something we ponder upon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I wouldn't use the word cam-whoring. Cam-addicting sounds better although a little weird. Besides rehearsing for the batch video, Roshnee and I managed to find the time to pose and destress for awhile. Zac was our photographer who I kind of made him take the pictures. It was definitely fun and I'm still working my way around the poses.

Next Friday, it would be my turn to get my picture taken for the convocation magazine. I still haven't decided on what to wear or where to get the picture taken... in the library, atrium, basketball court?

I deleted quite a lot of pictures because some of the pictures were blurr or has a weird camera angle. But, these were what we could come up with.

..This was alright..
..I think I should have looked at the camera..
..If only the background was a plain colour..
..My fringes look weird here =/..
..I took this and I totally like it. Candid shot :) ..

I need to find more time to do fun stuff like this! :D

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So, the first week of Musculoskeletal System is coming to an end. It has been a crazy week for me. Besides dozing off in morning class a couple of times, I feel as if there are so many things to settle like the reports, ECA forms, Narratives (more forms to fill) etc. I still have to find 4 more people to join my table in IMU Ball and settle "money" issues.

Recently, my batch had this award nomination for the convocation magazine and someone nominated me as most sensitive. =.= I guess I'll have to see the results in a couple of days. So many notes to study, so little time. The worst part is, there's no motivation to study.


I just want to self-destruct. :(

Dance Practices

The first dance performance was last Friday. The next dance performance is on 15th March. I don't think the girls would be dancing tango again. The lights were switched off during our performance for reasons unknown. Hence, the recordings were dark and faces nor colours could be seen. But, putting that aside, our dance practices have been fun.
..Reversed roles..
..Tutting? Posing? I don't know. Maybe, the building process of a robot!..
..It has been crazy!..
..It has been real. Hahaha..
..It has been fun..
..Me and Chiew Ying, my dance partner..

The tango and womanizer dances were my strengths. The MJ dance was my weak point. I did what I could to improve. I managed to get my dance recorded, and I compared it to the original one. It was pretty cool to me..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Handmade: Wallet Cards #4

If you've been following up, I did mention before that I would be mass producing some sort of creations. I also did mention that I gave something to my group. They were wallet cards which can be made into a bookmark or put together with their Student ID card. Group 11 was known as $mi11ion$ which means that they are rich in soul and spirit. I could only come up with something simple as there were 20 cards which I had to finish all together and I may need to do a few more for the OOs to remember if I have the time.

..View 1..

In case you were wondering, the letter 'S' was drawn individually and then cut. It really trained my right hand to control the scissors. I had the right equipments for the flowers, butterflies and the grass!
..View 2: Front and back..

I wrote the same thing on all 20 cards to be fair. Occasionally, there were some glitches but the meaning is still the same. :)

..View 3..

I made it a bit more personal by writing their names in front. You know, they somehow looked like bank notes to me after awhile. Hehe.

I hope this inspired you today. Have a great day ahead! :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

My Kindergarten Class

It was last Thursday when my group were preparing for their final skit. I knew that most of them were tired by then and can't wait to get it over and done with. It is true that they may not have that much enthusiasm in joining orientation but they are really cool and funny. They give their best no matter what and no one pulled out from orientation. They sticked together until the very end and they were independent all the while in preparing except for dancing. So, I thought of making something for them to remember.

You'll have to find out in the next post if you want to know what I made for them but I am sure that some of you would have been able to guess. :) They didn't get that much of ragging. Neither were they made to do stuff like swimming on the atrium floor etc in the university itself. So, I had my own agenda. I was not mean. hehehe... :D

First, I made them sit in rows just like how they would in kindergarten. This is the class picture. Then, I called out their names, one by one to give them something and every time I do, they would need to pose for me.
..Ming Wai was the first. :) He likes to bully me alot. But, I also bully him in return. He's always full of ideas and good with his words. haha..
..Next was Shun Wei, the group leader aka Boss..

Some of the girls were shy but at least, they didn't run from me and that was all that matters.
..Timothy, the IMGG (solo act) aka GG. He's really funny on stage and really nice off stage. I totally love it when he plays the violin..
..Celine. Somehow, she reminds me of a sailor..
..Chee Kin. He brings life to the group act..
..Zi Xuan..
..Thi Da Win from Myanmar..
..Yuan Ning aka Betty..
..Chew Hsia..
..Eric aka Hulk..

So, by the time I gave the cards and took the pictures. I thought that it was a little boring. I had 3 cards left and thought, hey, why not call these 3 people out. It was an on-the-spot idea. They were "punished". :P
..Melissa, Chun Tean and Penny..

I gave them each a question and if I couldn't come up with one, the other "kids" would ask me something about me of which it would be directed towards them.

1. What is my blog URL? You would know it if you know my full name and the year I was born in.

So, they took turns in guessing my full name and I've got a few funny names but in the end, Chun Tean got it right. I believe, Shun Wei knew my blog add. :)

One of the members asked me this and I asked the girls.

2. Do I have a boyfriend?

Melissa answered a little faster than Penny, hence, the only one standing was Penny.

3. Who was my good friend who I introduced to them twice?

Yeap, she sure did had that 'I know who but I can't remember his name' look. Yet, she got it in the end with the help of the others. :)

Later that day, Manlo made spaghetti for the group. He continued Wennie and Raymond's tradition. Wennie and Raymond were my OOs and they made spaghetti for us too. :) That was when I spotted one missing kid. He had class. But, I made him pose any way.
..Swee Chiang..
..Me and Joanne. She came up to the 4th floor when I was halfway giving out my cards. It was nice to have her there. :) ..
..A collage. I wish I had Picasso or something because I used Paint for this and it was not easy. But, still fun ^^..

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Super Seniors

You've heard of Super Juniors. Now, its time for you to know of the Super Seniors! If you're not a student from IMU, Super Seniors refer to students who are in Sem 5 and above (and 4 too I think).

In case you didn't catch us performing last Friday, you might not want to miss out tomorrow! The Super Seniors will be performing tomorrow to promote IMU's Dance Club in conjunction with the Recruitment Drive.

Time: 12.30pm
Venue: Atrium
Batchmates and friends, do come and support us...! :) *I hope it'll be good.*

Community Health Visits

Community Health weeks are also over. The duration was 2 weeks. Some seniors warned me that I would be really busy during this time and frankly, I did feel the tension but not as much as I expected it to be. So what is this really about? The whole batch was divided into 6 groups. I ended up in Group 5. In my group, we were further divided into 3 groups - Organization, Household Survey and Research.

The Organization group had to find out everything about the assigned Community Clinic which was in Pedas. The Household Survey went house to house to get their surveys done. The sample size was 250. As for Research (my group), we came up with a research topic and further divided ourselves to get people to fill up our questionnaires. In other words, we did a survey too. Out of the 9 people, 3 lucky people were allowed to stay in the hospital to do their survey. I was one of the not so lucky ones. The other 6 of us went out to the community hall and houses to ask people.

I was paired up with Randika and because the only language which the residents spoke was Malay, it was definitely a challenge for me to ask questions in a fluent and structured sentences. So, less talk about it because it wasn't exactly fun. More pictures!

Klinik Kesihatan Pedas. Okay, I don't have a picture of the clinic itself because it wasn't all that interesting. It is a one storey building with plants etc. I remember that on the first day, we ended up in a different community clinic. We reached KK Pedas a little later than expected.
It was really really hot. There are no clouds. I enjoyed the sun despite getting tanned.
..Me, Anushya and Ashvini at a shop to get a drink..
..Me and Gajan, my fellow research groupmate..
..Me and Wei Chin..
..Angeline. Wherever she goes, the camera follows :) ..
..Ee Wei. Somehow, I like this shot although some people told me that it's not that nice..
..Me and Benedict..
..The group at the back.hehe. We waited for the bus to stop to pay the toll just to get this picture..

We talked a lot in the bus for the first 15 minutes or so. After that, most of us slept. The journey took more than an hour.

Then, we had group discussions on the following week. It took quite a while because every one had their own opinions and there were some things which we couldn't agree on during that time. So, we had to discuss the "stuff" thoroughly.

..Benedict took the lead in the discussion..
..Joshua copying down the points which were discussed..
..Gajan and Randika at the back..

So, what do I think about this? I honestly had no idea. I was mad at some point of time because I thought that it was seriously a waste of my time. There were things which weren't handled diplomatically which in the end raised more issues. It was definitely true when my professors said that the students were not committed and unprofessional. But, I think that if everyone was actually enthusiastic about this, it might just be an enjoyable thing. To me, I was not able to find a reason to be enthusiastic. I did what I had to do and tried my best not to give others a hard time. Yet, I find others giving me a hard time instead. Oh well, it is over now... =)