Friday, January 29, 2010

KKB Waterfall Trip (Part 3)

I guess by now, some of you may feel tired of me writing about KKB. Well, this is the last part of it. These are just sceneries from my posting.

KKB is a beautiful place. Too bad, it did not cross my mind to take pictures of the hospital buildings and the town. The hospital is just one storey though. The pictures below is mainly the waterfall.

..A lot of big trees in this town..

..One of my favourite pictures..
..I only discovered this on the second day..
..Totally love seeing the water, hearing the gushing, breathing the fresh air..
..Many big rocks..
..So, where does the water flow to?..
.. That's the last bit of the flow which I've got..
..This is where it ends..

Water recollects here and people do some fishing here too. Don't know about the smoke but this is a beautiful place. I'm pretty sure there are many nice sceneries in Malaysia but I just never had the chance to explore.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Perhaps for some of you, it is convenient to bring out the laptop to a place and chill while surf the net. For me, today's my first time. I'm currently in Bukit Mertajam. It is also my first time making the effort to bring my lappy out. I haven't been doing much besides watching downloaded dance vids. I feel like I've got lots of things to attend to after I get back and I can't wait...! Dancing especially :) Holidays are awesome!!

Oooh, and to my fellow readers, I will drop by your blogs as soon as I get back to KL! Thanks for visiting and leaving a mark :)

Bro's Wedding Lunch

It has been quite awhile now since my only brother got married and I've got a sister-in-law. :) There was a dinner in Sitiawan and then luncheon in KL. The lunch was right before I went to KKB. I didn't have time to write about it until today because I'm back to having holidays as Rotations are OVER! :) I didn't take that many pictures either because I was busy with preparations and there was already a photographer...

..Flower Arrangements..

..Ornaments to be hanged in the car..


..Decorations done by my neighbour..

..Stargazers (Lilies). I love the scent..

..Wine bottles..

I had a group of friends to attend the lunch. I think it wouldn't be appropriate of me to take pictures of food and people. Hence, I just sticked to taking pics with my friends! We made the loudest cheer. Well, what can I say? We're IMU-ians. It's something we would have developed from orientation. hehe.

..Ashvini, Joanne, Sandip, Kyan, Lydia..

..Arthur + Benedict..

..Lydia + Arthur. Still a cute couple :P..

..Me + Ashvini. Looks like I'm sitting but actually I'm not. haha..

..Sandip (looking formal) + Kyan..

..Benedict + I..

..Group picture!..

I find my dress a little long. I'm wondering if I should get it altered. No charges though. The tailor did tell me that a longer dress makes a person look more mature but slimmer and decent. A shorter dress makes a person look younger but fatter. For now, I guess I'm going to leave it.

The girls came in dresses. :) It was a good day. But you know, since that day, the guards at my condo couldn't stop asking me when my turn to get married is and why they haven't seen my boyfriend. =.= Well, studies come first. Getting through my final exam in phase 1 to get to Seremban clinical school is more important, don't you think?

Monday, January 25, 2010

KKB Waterfall Trip (Part 2)


I packed extra clothes just in case I get wet. I know my friends didn't and they just got in the car. =/ This time, more people went to the waterfall. 4 cars all together! I wanted to pack some snacks but I changed my mind after seeing a monkey on the first day. =.=

I followed Kor Woi's car there.
We were waiting for the others to come because Kor Woi's the only one who knew the way there.
..It's not that I'm stalking her :P but nevertheless I like this picture. hehe..
..Akmal and his DSLR. I can't wait to see the pics he took..
..Yoke Hong and Hung Yew trying to cross the water with Afiq standing on the other side..

Well, while some went back already and some were near the rocks, Amanda W, Reza, Amanda K and I decided to go to a place which is safer to put our legs in. There were water spiders which freaked me out and nearly lost a slipper. It was floating away and it didn't cross my mind until Reza and Amanda were saying, "Esther! Slipper! Your slipper!" hehe ^^
..(Using the tripod) I like this picture too!..
..This was an accidental one but I like the effects. I set the shutter speed to be 1 second and moved it. Looks like they beamed from somewhere! OOOoooohhhh..
..Reza on the bridge..
..Amanda Wee and I..
..I like this picture too because of the sky..
..Thamarai (left) and Asha (right)..
..some of my friends..
..Sandip (POSER!) and I..
..The only girls left after Kor Woi drove the others back to the hostel..

..Group picture!..
..(Using the tripod) Another group picture!..

I followed Daniel's car after that. All of us went for dinner before heading back to the hostel. At least, there was proper dinner that night. One of the tripod screws got loose and now it keeps on falling off. =/

Just so you do not get the wrong idea, we were there for our hospital attachment of which we did meet patients and did our work. We only have spontaeous trips as such during our free time which is after 4pm.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Here's a random question which popped up in my mind. I've been asking a couple of friends about it and some said yes while some said no.

"Do you think Milo is fattening if you drink it every night?"

On something else, pool can be an addictive game. I finally managed to do something which I didn't think was possible for me. For some, it may be easy. For me, it was a challenge since the very first time I played it. If you're wondering what that could be... it's breaking a rack. Of course, I had help from friends like Benedict, Morgan and Jonathan. Practice makes perfect. :) Perhaps the holidays I'm having will cure my addiction for games and internet. It should be a good thing, right?

Friday, January 22, 2010


Dance practices started last Friday. There was one last Monday and yesterday. We're dancing for Finale Night Orientation but until now, it's not exactly perfect yet because to some the dances are new. To me, I take dancing seriously because all this time, it's probably the only thing that I won't mess up. But still, I keep on making mistakes especially in turning and losing my balance. It is ok if I'm wearing flat shoes but heels make it difficult. At the moment, my feet hurt a lot. If there's anything I learnt, I shouldn't be walking in heels all day and dancing in them at night. :/

At times, I feel inspired. At times, I don't. I haven't been doing anything productive since my rotations started on the 11th of Jan. Now that I'm back to having holidays, I really do hope that something good would result from all the free time.

Bleh. Random thoughts. -.- I've been a little worked up and paranoid as usual. =/

Thursday, January 21, 2010

KKB Waterfall Trip (Part 1)

In case you didn't know, Kuala Kubu Bharu is the opposite of KL. It is surrounded by greenery every where I went. At night, it is dark and scary because there isn't a lot of street lights. The roads looks empty and it doesn't give a good feeling. It was as if something is out there and it can grab you any second. O.o Anyway, the sky was dark enough too for my friend, Sandip, to show me the Orion.


It was raining that day and after that, Amanda W received a call with a spontaneous decision to visit the waterfall. We were hesitant because it looked like it was going to rain again. But, truth be told, it was indeed the best time to visit the waterfall because after the rain, the air was really cooling.

So, our very first road trip to look for the waterfall had only 5 people (me included). The search took a bit of time because the people we met to ask for directions kept telling us to go straight and occasionally take a few turns.

There were animals on the road. There are a lot of cats in KKB which really freaks me out because I am no cat lover.

- Eh, it's a dog!
- No, it's a cat!
- Wait... It's a GOAT?!

..It's not something I'd see everyday. Goats by the side of the road or crossing the road..

We met a group of people who were filming for an advertisement. I thought it was pretty cool to actually see those caravans, tents etc. The other group of people who directed us to the waterfall were the kids staying at the village near the waterfall. If I'm not mistaken, they're the orang asli but more modernized as compared to those I've met in Gombak. One of the kids were holding a parang (big knife) because he was chopping something with 2 other kids. We all felt a bit awkward because who lets their children hold knives, right? Yet, I suppose it's a normal thing.

Picture time! I brought my tripod there!
..Amanda Wee and Kor Woi camwhoring with Amanda's camera using my tripod..

..Camwhore: Amanda Wee, Me and Kor Woi..
..Me, Amanda Khoo and Kor Woi..

The pictures below were mostly taken using the tripod unless stated otherwise. :)
..Me, Soon Lee, Amanda W, Kor Woi..

..On bridge from left: Amanda W, Me, Amanda K. On stone from left: Kor Woi, Soon Lee..
..Clockwise: Amanda W, Kor Woi, Soon Lee, Me, Amanda K..
..Camwhore skills:Amanda W, Amanda K, Me, Soon Lee, Kor Woi..
..Our last picture: the whole group + car.. ^^

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Presents - to receive or not?

Yesterday, a friend gave me something. It was not my birthday. It was her token of gratitude and I appreciate it. I did not do something great. To her, it may be something important. All I did was lending my semester 4 notes. If it was me, I would have made something too like a card or something. But, at some point, I wondered if it was a bit too much.
..Nice ribbon..
..Nice box too..
..Inside, a REALLY nice shawl too..
..Closer look: you'd see the design and the tone..

Then, came the question... What would you do if your patients give you gifts (chocolates, cards, holiday etc) in future? Would you take it or would you reject it? It is out of the patient's own will and took the effort to prepare something for you but... it was also your duty to care for the patient, hence, you shouldn't accept gifts, right? So, what should a person do? Apparently, another friend of mine, Arthur, got this question as one of his interview questions.

I'm not sure about other professions. I would suppose that it's acceptable if a businessman accepts gifts from his business partners/clients. But, what about those in the medical field? I may be wrong, but do enlighten me if you were to be in this position.