Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Independance Day!

Sometimes, I feel a little old to be blogging about Independance Day. The reason is because every year, I would somehow be writing about it. I remember that back in primary and secondary school, there will be an essay I would have to write in conjunction with Independance Day.

Anyway, this is a video which some of you might have seen before. It was my brother who showed this video to me a few weeks back and I really like it. I think the rapping part is pretty unique.


On something unrelated, there are a few things to look forward to this week. It will be another busy week for me but I'm really hoping that I can squeeze time to watch the movie 'Up'. It seems like everyone has watched it already. Another movie that I want to watch is 'Orphan'.

On this coming Thursday, I will be playing volleyball for my house. It was a last minute decision and I don't think they have enough players. Well, if they do have enough players, then, I wouldn't mind being the one cheering. =) On Thursday as well, I have to hand in my Electives Report which I haven't started. To my batchmates, don't forget to hand in before the deadline!

On this coming Friday, the results for the Diagnostic English Test will be out. No idea why the whole batch had to sit for it when IMU already required us to sit for 2 or more different English exams before entering. If I don't make it, I would have to go for Academic Writing English classes every Monday. :S *touchwood* Well, I'm hoping not.

After not exercising for the past 3 days and munching occasionally on Famous Amos' Chocolate Chip cookies, I have definitely put on some weight. Yeap, that fast! So, it's back to dancing and breaking tomorrow onwards until dance competition on the 8th.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzles!

I remember that when I was a kid, I had a few sets. Big ones and small ones. Of course only the big ones were completed and I left the small ones to my brother. I got frustrated easily as I couldn't sit for such a long time to complete it. Soon, it was kept away in the storeroom or somewhere else (I hope not.) I am sure you guys would have played with it before and we all know that it definitely takes patience.

Just a week ago, I wanted to play jigsaw puzzles so badly but I couldn't buy them because then, I would not have a place to hang them, so, I resorted to the internet. Yes, indeed it is true that many things can be found online! So, all I did was typed in 'online jigsaw puzzles' and a list of websites with them appeared. Well, one of those which I liked was Crazy4Jigsaws where you could play as a guest or sign up and play to accumulate points. I don't see a need to apply for Premium membership for myself. There is one more which I prefer because I get a bigger view but I don't remember what it is already.

There are many categories of jigsaw puzzles. Yesterday night, I did one which is colourful and I found it to be pretty. You could choose the type of puzzle cut and I chose the 192 piece classic. There are some websites which allows you to rotate your puzzles, but in this case, you don't have to rotate them. So, to me, it is much easier than to guess which angle would be the accurate one. I would take quite a long time to finish a puzzle then.

So, this is the beginning of the game when the puzzles have been randomly placed.

This is after 1 hour 5 minutes. That was how much time I spent and I suppose, I was on my way to completing it.
Wa-lah! Actually, the puzzle appears like a puzzle first before changing to a picture. I just didn't know that and was unable to take a screenshot picture of the buttons. It was so pretty. Here, let me show you a different example.

I solved a 48 Piece Classic Crayon puzzle in 4 miuntes and 53 seconds. So, that's how it looks like before turning into a picture as seen on the left.

Just like chess, jigsaw puzzles are beneficial to children and I suppose to adults as well. It helps me in building up patience, tolerance, will to continue, pass time and gives me the personal time to not only think about the puzzle but also problems I'm facing. You could read the reasons why this is a beneficial game in this article over here.

So, have fun in solving jigsaw puzzles! =) Some may think it's a waste of time, I think otherwise as long as you know how much time you can spend in it. Otherwise, just pause the game and come back a few hours later or something. *winks*

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Alright, so, it's the weekends of the first week after uni started. How has it been so far? I think many of us would think it is awesome because there is a lot of free time. However, there are those who think that the lecture time is horrible. I, for one think that it is the best time because it is the only time when I do not usually sleep unless I am really tired. :P

I have been exercising this whole week and when I say exercise, I mean, dancing because I do not exactly do direct exercises. Indirectly, dancing has been helping me to keep fit. I do know that by the end of the week, my muscles are aching. When there is a will, there is a way. I'm hoping that I'll be able to learn another freeze in a week. Impossible? Well, I have one more week to go and I am definitely hoping that it'll work. Otherwise, I've just got to find something else to do.

As for orientation, I am once again, an Orientation Officer for Group 6- VIkings and VIxens. They are enthusiastic and awesome because for yesterday's Indoor Treasure Hunt, 19/21 people turned up! That is excluding the OOs. ^^ I tried taking pictures, some turned out well, some didn't. I would definitely post them up here as soon as I can.

I will be going to Klang today till Monday. Last I heard from my brother was that I'm a heavy internet user because I exceeded his 20GB Wimax plan usage the last time I went there. So, internet may be a little slow but still available.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mails, postcards etc

I love receiving mails from friends even if it's an email or a facebook message. I'd like to hear from them as long as they're not stalkers. ^^ I suppose it is a high school habit where my friends and I would exchange short notes or letters over the years. In the end, there will be a lot of messages (which I still keep) for memories.

I received a mail from a friend who is currently overseas. I think it's a cool stamp. I used to love collecting stamps until I find that the stamps that I've been collecting are those from Malaysia only. Since then, I stopped. Now, I no longer remove the stamps, I leave them on the envelopes because in the end, I will still keep the envelope.

He went for a holiday around Europe and sent me a postcard. Well, he sent postcards to other people too, not just me. (Don't get the wrong idea, okay?) Friends like these are thoughtful.

As most of you all would have known, the picture in the postcard shows an aurora. I read about it from one of my brother's encyclopedia when I was a kid. I've always wanted to see one. I even talked to my friends about it back in primary school but they told me that I was simply imagining things. I know someone will say that I'm a nerd since I was a kid but hey, I was just looking at pictures and only read what I like. I was not that enthusiastic to remember or read everything. hehe. =)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Handmade Card #4

Just yesterday, I finished making another card. This time, a belated one. Why so? Well, I've been delaying it for the past 2 months or so due to the wrong timing as I had exams to sit for. On top of that, the holidays made it impossible for me to pass it to my friend, so, when there is no sense of urgency, I procrastinate.

For those who have followed my blog before about my creations, then you would know that I have a habit of making cards according to personality. So, this friend of mine, one thing that I feel differs him from my other friends is the fact that he likes baseball. Before this, I wanted to make one with a lot of balloons but from what I've realised this time, card making is definitely about improvising to make something look better.

Alright, cutting down the words... Moving on to a few pictures...
Sometimes, making a card is like fixing a puzzle with fewer pieces; thus, less complicated. However, you would need to know what type of puzzle it is going to be.
I've been using a lot of "warm" colours such as brown and yellow. Sometimes, simplicity is good just like sticking stars to a white background. Well, since my friend's a guy, you can't expect me to stick pink flowers, right? Besides, I think stars have a significant meaning too like reach for the stars and never give up your dream. Well, that's what I think anyway.

Okay, this is the inside of the card. I've added two strips of ribbon. You could also see the baseball. I wrote my message beside the baseball where the lines are. Of course, the message is for my friend and I to know. :)

Just in case you were wondering, I used the Jokerman font from Microsoft word and as usual, I used my coloured pens toe make it look bright and nice. ^^

In the end, this is the card which comes with a removable bookmark. It has been quite awhile since I thought about how I'm going to combine a bookmark with a card and this is another idea I thought about.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dermoid Cyst

It is a teratoma. In case you do not know what this is, it simply means a benign growth which may contain bone, hair, teeth, sebaceous glands etc. If you want to know more, read this. To see other pictures or what my friend has to say about it, click here.

I saw this during my Electives and it was my first time looking at this. Last time, I would just hear about it but then, I was actually looking at it. For a student like me, I was no doubt excited and fascinated. As the surgeon removed the dermoid cyst and placed it on the tray. My friend and I stared at it, wondering what could be in there. As my friend was hoping that it would a teeth, I was stoned, not knowing what I should expect. Why? Because the only line in my mind was 'No way, this can't possible have SOMETHING in there...' But it was possible alright.

This is the picture of the dermoid cyst after the doctor made an incision and the thick yellow fluid flowed out of the capsule. Because it was left in the tray before it was transferred into the container, the yellow fluid became semi solid ("hardened" but not exactly hard). Doesn't it look like mango pudding? :P

Now, to reveal to you what was inside the dermoid cyst... [If you're eating or drinking, you might want to put them away for awhile.]

Ta-da! Hair. A lot of hair and sebaceous material. Up till today, looking back at this picture still gives me the creeps a little.

Well, another thing I managed to do was feel a uterus with multiple fibroids. The ovaries sure was something that I did not expect as well. It was a rubbery feeling. I expected it to be more fragile.

Here's a picture of it. The Fallopian tube can be seen as well.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

French Toast

I remember that during Electives, Nirmal had this for breakfast. I just didn't knew what it was called till then. My mum made this for me since I was a kid. Just a couple of days ago, she made some. Somehow, I decided that I would want to try to fry it on my own.

Usually, I would know what needs to be done, but I have never really done it. So, I have the theory, but not the practical. Of course, it was a simple thing to do. It didn't turn out to be that bad...

Hey, the colour isn't that bad, right? :D

I showed my parents the first 4 pieces of bread which I fried and they laughed because one of them was burnt. But, the ones that are not burnt can pass the test I suppose. Everything went well...

... until I didn't add enough oil for the last 2 pieces of bread. =.= There was a lot of smoke in the kitchen. I guess, I was really focused on turning the bread and making sure that it wouldn't get burnt that I did not realise that the oil dried up. =( In total, there were 2 pieces of burnt bread. *sigh*

My mum said that I'm not allowed to fry anymore things from now on without her supervision. It took me awhile to get used to the bread flipping and heat. Usually, I don't go near the stove because of the heat.

Friday, August 21, 2009

End of Electives!

Electives are finally over! I came home and slept at 5pm until someone called me at 9 something. Otherwise, I would have slept through the night.

How was my last day? Well, to me, I was already sick of surgery. After awhile, I couldn't focus for a long time. This morning, I was feeling really tired and I thought that I would be able to handle the day but I guess I was wrong. Feeling tired to me, is a dangerous thing because I realised that I can knock out as in sleep while standing, sitting or doing anything else.

I ended up going back to the Radiology department because I love the environment there. Sure, you may think it's just looking at scans but today, I found something more than just looking at scans. Scans are like puzzles. It gives me clue about what's out of the ordinary. Last time, I would feel that it's just looking at many pictures and spot the differences. Well, it still is partially true to me but I felt that a person who likes this job would like puzzles and is patient as well.

Now that I've been to the A & E (2 years ago), Surgery and Radiology department, I am keen to see how other departments are. I would very much like to go to Pediatric Department one day. Okay, so 3 more days before classes start. I feel like there are many things that I have to do. I really do hope that by then, I can adjust to a new time and keep up with my stamina. I've got to eat less carbs and more protein.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nightmares n Naps

I got to know that the doctor I'm tagged to will be going for a holiday this Friday which means, I have one day of holiday! *grins*

2 posts ago, I wrote about what happened in the Operation Room when I dozed off. Today, I was feeling a little bit of the Monday Blues. Considering the fact that for the past week, it 6 out of 7 dreams I had were nightmares, my rest was definitely insufficient. The only one day when I actually had a good sleep was Friday night. So, this morning, I thought that I would be able to handle the tiredness but I was wrong.

It was 8.30am and I was pretty alert. But towards the end of the surgery, I started yawning a lot, dozing off a little. So the questions are...

1. Did I fall this time? Nope. Instead, I was knocked by the surgical tray on top of the trolley (you get the idea) but of course it was at the end of the operation.

2. What's that?
It's the trolley where they put the surgical instruments on top of it.

3.Why is it important that it happened after the operation?
It's because bacteria that may have contaminated the surgical but they will not be in need of those anymore.

Right now, I'm depending on naps to get sufficient rest. Once again, I haven't been able to answer simple and straight forward questions that the doctors asked. Am I disappointed? Well, yeah, a little frustrated because it's like 'What is 72 divided by 9?' We all know it's 8 but it takes time to process. I chose division compared to addition or subtraction because it is tougher.

Countdown: 3 more days. =)

You're not alone

I'm getting lazier by the week to write. Whenever I want to write something, my laptop isn't in front of me. But, when my laptop is sitting a few inches away from me, I've got nothing to write about.

Sounds familiar? Of course... to many bloggers I know of and many more out there.

This week will be my final week in Pantai Medical Center. Only 5 more days to survive. It was something that I really looked forward to. It was something that I really want to get over as soon as I can. Quite a few things happened lately, some nice ones and some not so nice ones. And with all these, I love being home and chatting with a friend after midnight. It keeps me reminded that I am not alone.

Strange, isn't it...? When we think that we are the only ones facing a particular situation? Well, I suppose in most things, there are other people who have done it before or some things have happened to them before. Just talk to a close friend and you'd be surprised with many things that you have in common with them. Well, I was surprised. =)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Behind the Scenes

Finally it's the end of the week again and my blog is becoming inactive. I'll be attending Electives for one more week and Sem 4 will start! Wheeee....

Okay, well, the beginning of this week was awesome because there were no surgeries to watch but procedures and ward rounds to attend to. When I watched to many surgeries, I reached the point where I'm glad that there are no surgeries to go for. It is definitely scary but not from a surgeon's point of view. Sure, there will always be a fear about the complications but from a patient's point of view, I'm scared. You could say that I've been looking at 'Behind The Scenes'. I've seen how some doctors are when they're at work and what possible mistakes could happen. I've seen how they do the dressing and suturing of the beginning and ending of the surgeries.

Today, I was extremely tired that in the Operation Theatre, while I was watching the doctor from afar, I actually dozed off. I was standing during that time, so, yeah, I DEFINITELY lost balance a lot of times. There was once when I nearly fell on my friend. There was once when I nearly fell on the floor but considering that I'm a quiet person in what I do, I did not make any noise. That's how 'professional' I was. :S I suppose I would miss Electives some day. But, I definitely learnt a lot and I definitely appreciate a lot more things now!

For example:
  1. FOOD!
  3. HEAT - yeap, because the Operation Room was sooooo COLD that my friend's fingers were cyanosed (blue). other times, I'll be shivering a lot and hoping that the surgery will end really soon.
  4. SLEEP - I haven't been having ample sleep these few weeks. The only time I get enough sleep is during the weekends which is why I love the weekends!
I just got to know that the timetable for Sem 4 is out. Same goes for the PBL Groupings. On the bright side, I'm in the same group with a few close friends of mine. *grins*

Monday, August 10, 2009


1. Weekends have been GREAT! I had a lot of sleep. =) I wish I could have more but I'm feeling much better as compared to last week. I'll see if the effects work because last week, I've been really sleepy the whole day in the OT especially. Well, I would still be in the same department which is Surgery.

2. I've been quite addicted to Japanese Dramas especially Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before/Over Flower) and Detective Conan. I've been listening to a lot of Amateur Transplant as well. I like a few songs of theirs such as Anaesthetist Hymn, Eternal Clerking, Dorsal Horn Concerto and Finals Countdown. There are many other songs as well but I feel that the contents are not that suitable for minors. hehe. You can definitely check them out on Youtube.

3. When I look back at my to-do list, I realised that I've been a little lazy to do some things such as cooking, learning photography, making wallet cards and study. Well, there's always time to do these, don't you think? With Sem 4 starting in 2 weeks, I'm somewhat excited because then, ME2/09s are coming. I'm excited to find out who my new PBLmates are and who will be in my group for the visit to KKB.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Handmade: Roses

Did you know that roses of different colours have different meanings? Well, it was something that I got to know.

RED is for LOVE



Well, it was my sister-in-law's birthday and I thought of helping my brother add some handmade stuff to his treasure box of gifts.

I helped him made the card too!! I didn't exactly take a picture of the card because it's just cutting one strip of paper into two and sticking them together. Why is it so simple? Well, it's because of the design of the paper itself.

Anyway, back to the roses, it was Jien who taught me how to make them. He made it for his girlfriend and he taught a few of my other batchmates to make it for their girlfriends during Valentine's Day. I thought it was simple but boy, oh boy was I wrong.

The bigger the flower, the prettier it looks but the bigger it is, more petals are required. There is an order to how to stick the petals. After 16 petals or so, I just stick the petals based on my intuition. I believe that no two handmade can be exactly the same, so I improvised. Oooh, it's made out of crepe paper by the way. =)
I thought that I'd be able to make six but in the end, I just made 3 + 1. The 1 was the first attempt. The difficult part for me was to make sure that the petals are pasted at the same height because as it gets bigger, I tend to stick it lower than it originally was. I suppose the trick to that is to cut out larger 2nd group of petals. So then, it doesn't just look like a rose from the top but also from the side.

The best part about these roses is that it lasts forever as long as you take good care of it and by that, I mean, keep it away from water and squishing it accidentally.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Electives (Part 2)

Well, this week is coming to an end soon and I really am looking forward to the weekends. This week, I've watched about 11 surgeries and a lot of imaging techniques. I've met a few new people every day and they have different ways in approaching things. Some people inspire me to develop passion for the things I do while some reminds me of the difficult challenges I'll be facing which I wouldn't like.

A few days ago, I was standing and watching in a surgery. The nurse who stood opposite of me was holding the suction in her hand and she wasn't feeling well. So while I was watching the surgery with full concentration, I suddenly felt that something was coming towards me. I looked up and the suction was just a few inches away from me.

That was a little shocking for me. hehe.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Movie: Obsessed

I can be wrong about so many things when it comes to movies. Yeap, I have one bad habit of watching a movie without knowing the summary or brief storyline. I do not watch trailers unless it is a Pixar movie or someone asks me to check it out. One of the last movies that I watched at the cinema was ‘Obsessed’. I thought it was PG13 but it turned out to be PL18. I thought that it was just another romantic comedy but it wasn’t. It was more like a thriller, but not horror.
Have you ever felt like you’ve been stalked to the maximum or stalk someone? Well, this movie is mainly about a stalker (actress: Ali Larter) and it gives me a little bit of goosebumps because of the music. This lady also acted in Heroes. I believe she plays the role of the triplets in this series as in 1 person acting three different roles. The first had multiple personalities while the second could freeze people. I am not sure about the third but it seemed to me that at the end of Season 3, she appeared again as an antagonist. I could be wrong though.
Beyonce Knowles acts as Derek Charles' (character's name) wife

Back to the movie, this lady it persistent and delusional! The psychopath NEVER gives up! I think it is a good movie. Well, I thought that the movie would end when her sister brings her back to a state far away but I was wrong. There was a lot of suspense, conflict and as what a friend would say, disturbing ideas. I would not tell you how the development of the ending is but I would tell you that it was unexpected to me. There is one other character that I didn’t quite like and that would be Detective Reese. Being a detective, it seemed as if she is unaware about her surroundings until the very end of the movie. I felt a little annoyed about it. Otherwise, everything else is good.
Ali Larter

I remember some scenes make me speechless (not a good thing) especially when she seduces the man with the change in the tone of her voice, her eyes, biting lips etc. I also remember telling my friend, "OMG, she's gonna rape him. She's crazy!" But, did that really happen? It's for you to find out. Definitely, this is one disturbing movie.

Electives (Part 1)

It has been just 2 days and I have been extremely tired. I was able to watch quite a number (not too little but not a lot either) of procedures and surgeries in a day. I'll update this more later as I have a few funny stories to tell. =)


So, on the first day, I was feeling really sleepy. It took me 2 days to adjust to a better and proper time because before that I would usually sleep at 4am. Yeap. On the first day, I saw many procedures done which I thought was cool and interesting. The doctor I'm tagged to (Dr K) asked Ben, Nirmal and I a lot of questions as well and I don't usually answer them because I either don't remember or I'd really have no idea.

Dr: Do you speak English?
Me: Yeah. *wondering why he asked me that when we're already conversing in English*
Dr: Ask him to bend his knees to his chest.
Me: Err. Okay

*walks to patient and speaks in Malay. Unsure of why the dr asked me to repeat what he did when he spoke to the patient in Malay already*

Dr: Aiyohhh, the patient is Chinese. Why are you speaking in Malay?
Me: Owh.. err, isn't he Malay?
Dr: Okay, nevermind.

Well, sounds confusing? Apparently, the others heard the question as 'Do you speak his language?' That was totally embarassing and that is something that could happen when your mind is tired.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Piano: 21 Guns [Greenday]

I think that this is really good. A friend showed it to me and asked me to try out but until now, I have not been able to play it yet. Hopefully, one day... just one fine day, I may finish playing this song. Many of you all know that I don't really play the piano although I have a piano at home. What's more is that I select simple pieces to play. This one ain't simple although it looks simple.

The original song is by Greenday-21 Guns. If I'm not mistaken, it was also played in Transformers.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. =)

Woo-hooh... Electives are starting tomorrow. I can't wait. I still haven't figure out the way to go there yet. I'm depending on my dad on that. :D Batchmates, have fun at your electives and let's share stories when classes resume!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Movie: Race To Witch Mountain

When I heard the title, I thought it was a horror movie but I was once again wrong. In fact, this is a Disney Movie. I asked a friend if he has heard of it before and he told me that it is about two witches. And so I thought, “Why not give it a try? After all, since I haven’t been watching Astro for a looong time, I’ve been missing out on many movies and shows involving magic.”
But the truth is, this movie isn’t the magical type. It is more action based and the two kids are aliens who looks like humans. *duh* This movie may be more suitable for kids to early teenagers. It is one of those movies which involves a lot of firework-like-explosions which did not seem realistic to me. In fact, it reminds me of Power Rangers fighting evil when they are attacked by the bad guys. You know... the firework-like-thingy?
So, this movie is about two children who goes to earth to search for something and try to finish their parents’ unfinished task. They escape from the bad guys and meet a cab driver who drives them to the desired destination. The cab driver somehow finds that something is not right and in the end, helps these children.
This scene reminds me of Heroes Season 3.

I think that the aliens (or children) acted a little too robotic. Are they supposed to act like that? The boy can change the molecular density of objects while the girl can move objects with her mind and read other people’s minds. I am a little disappointed because I did expect more than these. If it was supposed to involve witches, then, I would have expected some spells and potions. But considering that this one involves aliens, it is not that interesting after all. I would rate this one as 5/10.