Friday, July 31, 2009

Dinner at Daorae

Last week, my brother brought my whole family to some place in Subang for Korean BBQ food. The name of the restaurant is Daorae.
The things were very neatly arranged. And the tea... it's rice tea I think, if not wheat because it really had the after-taste of wheat. What do I mean by after-taste? I just means that although it may not taste like wheat or smell like wheat but after drinking it, I could feel the aroma or it.

These are the side dishes. They would keep on coming, meaning they would refill it for you. So, taste everything and decide on what you like and what you don't like. Then, ask for more if you want.

It is a BBQ Restaurant, so there's of course meat. What I don't like about BBQ is the fact that I am not sure about whether the food is cooked enough or sometimes, it gets burnt a bit. What I liked about Daorae is that the staff there looks after the BBQed meat for us and then, cuts it into smaller pieces. So then, it is not so much of a hassle for the customers.

Plus, they would always change the metal thing that holds the meat so that while it is still hot, any excess can be easily scraped off.

My two favourite side dishes were the pumpkin because it was sweet and the radish kimchi. Well, the cabbage kimchi was not that bad but I liked the radish one more because it is crunchier. =) I don't think that it is a strange thing.

There were two other dishes that we had which was the spicy ricecakes and some meat with MORE kimchi. Dinner was good and the environment was nice too. The staff were friendly. Some might find it a little pricey but I think it was okay. But then again, it all depends on what meat and what dish you order.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movie: Space Buddies

Unlike 'Hotel For Dogs', the dogs in this movie talk! Space Buddies is a story about 5 dogs who belong to 5 different kids with different personalities. They sneaked out to follow these kids for a class trip about space exploration.

Somehow, the curiousity of one pup leads to all pups being boarded and launched into space. As usual, there are many obstacles and conflicts. What made the movie interesting to me was the obstacles that they had to go through and who would have thought that Gravity, the ferret would help them along the way.

As mentioned, all 5 puppies have different personalities and that makes the movie interesting as well. You would probably wonder why I said 5 when there are 6 puppies in the picture above. Well, the one in orange is a puppy they bumped into along one of their trip.

The lines were somewhat predictable... Same goes for the ending. However, I think if I watch this after a really long time, I might like it. Perhaps I've been watching too many "doggie" shows. That's why I can compare them all together.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A good deal

Some people asked me what I did during my holidays and I told them that shopping is one of the things that I did. I did a lot of window shopping. But also some serious shopping where I could actually buy clothes and think that it is reasonably priced. The shop still profits from selling clothes at this price.
Where did I buy them from? I mentioned it before here. I will be going back to Penang again this Friday and I will most probably be going to Sunway Carnival Mall again. After that, on Monday, Electives will start...

Gosh, I could hardly sleep yesterday. I'm a little tired. So, surprisingly, I'm up early today. It's probably the earliest time I'm up this holidays.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Art Stuff at Whimsical Articles

I was at Bangsar Village I the other day and I came across this shop. Well, if you don't know me, when I see a shop that seels arts stuff, I would stay there for as long as I can admiring the pretty colours and designs around me. I would to the extent, drool in my mind at least, while I stare and appreciate everything around me.
Oooh, this is the name of the shop. Whimsical Article

This is the third shop that I've been to and I absolutely love the things there. Most of the papers are imported from US. The other two shops are in MidValley (Moof) and Gardens (the art shop which is on the same floor as Borders).

I love this the most! All the pretty colours and designs and flowers... You've got to understand why I'm not exactly myself entirely when I'm in the shop. So, there are many types of designs of different colours with different texture. Some feels spongy and smooth, some are like embossed while some feels just the same but look exceptionally different.

Here is another one. I like this one too! Well, if I don't, then I wouldn't get it, right? Have you ever felt like you've just got to get something but you don't feel like using it? But then, it would be a waste, and what's the point of keeping it? I feel like that a lot of times. This piece of paper gives me an antique feeling. It looks like a wallpaper. Well, I wouldn't mind if this is my wall paper. There are many elements to it with different proportions and that is why it is unique.

There were many papers with stripes with many different colours and designs. Among all the designs, I finally picked this one out. This one stands out the most to me. I love this one best. I'm not sure if you can see the minute details but they are there and I think the person who created this is awesome as well. This is absolutely lovely...because the colours are not too strong and not too soft. It's just nice and suitable for everyone. It's bright and the details make this piece of paper interesting.

Well, two of the pieces of papers are double sided. This is how it looks like at the back. Until now, I'm not sure about how to use them yet. I'll figure it out somehow. I totally love the green.

..All three papers..
I soooo could not resist the ribbons. I've been searching for ribbons like these. There are many more ribbons in the shop but I only got 2 for myself. I used to have one red one but that one somehow got lost. :/

I am someone who splurge on these things, if not, it would be dresses but for now, I find it difficult to find dresses that I like because I'm fussy. Well, I get things that I like, not because others like it.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Warning: If you're eating, you might want to put your food away.

I was watching one of the episodes from Supernatural Season 3: Burn, Witch Burn. There was a scene where this witch tried to kill this other guy by casting a spell so that he would eat this dinner.

This is a screenshot. [Explains why it's not clear]

Well, I felt really grossed out.There were maggots, worms and flies on top of the chicken drumsticks. bluek. Well, the guy didn't die because the Winchester brothers got to him in time but he was choking on his food. So, how did it work? Well, the guy was eating a burger and so after the spell, his meat patty had those worms etc. He did not even realised it. (It is just a show.)

Do you feel grossed out?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's been a Supernatural holiday for me

I was at my brother's place for a couple of days and I'm glad to be home. While over there, I occupied myself with Supernatural. Some tell me that they do not like horror, that's why they don't watch it. Well, I'm not watching it because of the horror but after awhile, I just sort of got used to what the brothers do. Yeah, I'm scared definitely but not all the episodes are scary. What I realised is that the Season 1 is way more terrifying than Season 3. I'm yet to watch Season 4 and 5 yet. If you are into zombies, witches and stuff like that, then this is the one for you. But of course, the main characters are the protagonists where as the others that they are fighting against are the antagonist.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Movie: Ghost of Girlfriends Past

I’ve just watched Ghost Of Girlfriends Past. Yay! Another thing scratched off my ‘to-do-list’. Ghost Of Girlfriends Past (GOGP) as most of you know is about a man, Connor Mead who breaks a lot of women’s hearts after getting his heart broken by his first love. He is visited by three ghosts: the past, present and future. He is one troublemaker and acts like a jerk to hide his feelings.

..Like I said, a troublemaker..

This is one good movie compared to the other romantic comedies that I have watched. However, I think that the trailer gave too many details. Otherwise, I think it would be nice to have pleasant surprises and humour. One other romantic comedies that I watched and liked was Bride Wars. Anyway, back to GOGP, we all know that in the end, he will be a changed man and a happier ending. :)

I would give this movie an 8/10. I deducted 2 because the storyline was somewhat predictable. I think that scenes between the timeline of every visit could be longer to tell more about each character such as each of the ghosts.

Connor Mead (Matthew McConaughey) with the Ghost of Girlfriends Future

I totally like the ending and the things he does for the people around him. A friend told me that girls digg guitarists with style. Well, I told him that it is possibly true. I also know friends who digg photographers. This crossed my mind because I feel that photography is one of the essences in this movie. It helps bond relationships.

Have you ever wondered why when it come to relationships + movies, the guy is always the player? Why not Ghost of Boyfriend's Past?

There is a lot to learn about photography and I haven’t even started yet. Plus, holidays are coming to an end soon in a week. I wish it would be a little longer. :(

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another ice-skating outing

Every year, I would go ice skating at least once. And that one time is usually during the holidays. Last year, I went twice.

A couple of days ago, I went ice-skating with Arthur, Lydia and Ben. Since we went in the morning, there weren't a lot of people and the ice was dry. But, there were a few chunks of ice on the rink. Two of them even decided to have a snowball fight. (You could probably guess who would do that.)

It was quite tiring after awhile. And maintaining the balance was difficult for me. I always had to bear in mind to keep my weight on the toes instead of the heels. Nevertheless, it was fun. Whenever I going for such activities, I would prepare myself mentally in expecting some injuries because you'd never know what might happen.

Last year when I got injured, I was asked to stay away from volleyball and practicing breakdancing. Looks like this year is the same. =(

Monday, July 20, 2009

Piano: Dreamy Child

I was chatting with a friend until 4am. I have been nocturnal these days. Yesterday, I somehow stumbled upon a file which has been kept for a long time in my folders. I like Joe Hisaishi's composition a lot. So, I thought of picking out something simple. I learnt piano until I was 7. After that, I was on my own in learning. Of course, I always had my brother to teach me. I would play whatever pieces he plays because then, I would have heard of it before.

This is the video. I try to follow her speed since I have no idea whatsoever about how the tempo should be. :S

It is a short and simple piece. Below are the music sheets. I believe that despite it being a simple piece, it is also a beautiful song. Some may say that beautiful songs are usually complicated pieces. Well, I disagree with that because it's depends on different individuals. Simple or not, it's music... and music is wonderful. =)

Whee... I've got Beethoven's Symphonies No. 1 to 9. I haven't exactly got the time to listen to it yet because I still prefer Mozart's Violin Concertos over the others. (",)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie: Hotel For Dogs

It is a slow Sunday, just like how a friend said it. I've watched 'What Happens In Vegas' and I don't really like it. I have also watched 'Hotel For Dogs' and I think the movie is okay. Because it is a show more suitable for kids, I like it. =) This is not one of the best shows I've seen but watching this better than not having anything to watch over the holidays. At least, the dogs aren't talking one like 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'.
This movie shows the life of two orphans who are mistreated by their foster parents (of which, one of them is Grey's Anatomy's Izzie Stevens) and they have a dog named Friday. Friday has a unique sense of smell especially when it comes to FOOD! The children try very hard to cover up the mess that Friday makes.
This dude on the right in the picture above helps this children to find a new foster family. He also discovers the dogs. The kid in the middle builds things which I find kind of cool. Reason being because I wouldn't have thought about it. The girl on the left is the elder sister [obvious fact] who takes care of the dogs and subsequently likes this other guy. There are many more characters in this story. I just selected a couple of pictures to show you the basic idea of this movie.
This is Friday! He is soooo adorable! But one thing I don't get is why the dogs in the movie have a funny way of running. What do I mean? I mean when they run forward, their body is deviating to the left. hmm...
This is RRR-ROMEO. He is cute too!
This is one example of the inventions made to toilet train the dogs.
I believe these dogs are the very first few dogs in the hotel. The family slowly grew to 10s and 20 of them (or more!).

Overall, I would give this movie a 7/10. I'm still looking for the soundtrack. If anyone has found it, do let me know where to get it.

Chia Sin, if you're reading this, I just want to remind you that you haven't done my dare yet! Which dog would you like to pat? *evil grin*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Running low on disk space

I was running out of disc space. I spent one whole day clearing things up.

My external hard disk is also full. A friend suggested that I get another external that has a lot more space. I think I just have to burn more cds.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Movie: 17 Again

The first thing I did this morning was watching the movie 17 Again. I have been waiting to watch this movie for quite some time and finally I did. Well, this would not be the a movie that I would want to watch at the Cinema. But, that does not mean that this movie isn't a good one. It's just that I would prefer to watch thriller because of the sound system.

I know a few friends who did not want to watch it because it is Zac Efron. Regardless of who acts in this movie, so long as he can act it out well, I would still watch it. Since I have watched the trailer, I already knew what was going to happen and I had the idea of how it was going to end.
Some scenes were definitely interesting, awkward and funny. Is this movie creative? I would say so. Which high school principle knows how to speak elf? Which friend would fight you with swords, shields and lightsabers?

No doubt, this person got to know his family in a way that he has never imagined. He got to know what he has been missing out when he blames his wife for his failures. How Zac Efron has portrayed the character was eye catching. For instance, when he does the tricks with the basketball and explaining the three reasons why Stan (his daughter's boyfriend) is a bully.

It was definitely weird when a girl who doesn't know that her "friend" is actually her dad wants to be more than just friends.

As for the ending, it could have been much better than to leave suspense about the children. One thing about the movie that I've learned is that sometimes we may forget the happiness that we once had when we loved doing something. So, when feeling unhappy, just take a step back and rethink about what the reason which drove you to do that thing was. Don't let other people influence your decisions. So long as you're happy with it, your friends would support you.

The reason why I'm saying this is because a friend of mine has been thinking about something for sometime and I think that the reason why he is making this rash decision is not enough. He has a lot more potential and I understand he values friendship a lot. But, would it be worth it? :S

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Short Update

This is one slow week. But then again, it depends on how I spent my week. I was home for the past few days. I was sick with different symptoms each day for a duration of a day or less. After 4 days, I am no longer sick! Wheee... Harry Potter is officially released today. I heard that some of my friends will be watching it and some friends have already watched it (in UK). As for me, I think I would wait until Monday. Hopefully by then, I would be able to get some tickets.

Later today, I would be visiting my brother who is staying in Klang. It would be my first time there. I do not really like the place at where my brother is staying simply because there are a lot of cars, and the roads are narrow to fit so many cars. If you think driving in KL is scary, I would say that scary is when driving in Penang. That would be at the top of the list, followed by Klang, then, KL. If you ask me, I still don't have the guts to drive to Sunway Pyramid by myself. :(

Oh well, it is going to be one whole day in Klang.



I guess trip to Klang has been cancelled and I'm back at home, doing the same ol' thing. So much for fun and adventure. =.=

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Many people ask me how the holidays are and what I have been doing. Well, just yesterday, I went window shopping with Lydia. We checked out 4 boutiques at Jalan Kuchai Lama because I was extremely curious to know how the clothes there looked like. As expected, they all have very different styles.

The four boutiques are M.O.W.E, Her Resources, Aurora and [Name forgotten]. In the end, I just bought a top from M.O.W.E. I like some of the clothes at Aurora but they do not fit me. The clothes there mostly fit those who usually wear XS-M. >.< As for the other two boutiques, well, I do not like the design of the clothes and the materials used.

Moving on...

Back in Penang, I bought more clothes and [definitely] shoes. Since Chia Sin came along, shopping was much easier. The two of us were stuck in a shoe shop for an hour plus. In that hour, the shop managed to sell 7 pairs of shoes. *grins* Let's just say that I finally have the guts to get flats and found an inch high pairs of heels. It is a pain to walk in 3 inches especially when I have to climb up and down the stairs in IMU and at the car park. Apparently, Chia Sin and I wear the same size for shoes, tops and pants! She is the first person who I know of that shares the same sizes as me. :D

Yet, I think the best deal that I've got is from the Esprit Outlet at Sunway Carnival Mall. Since the items were all marked down in price, a top which originally priced at RM159.90 was sold for RM49.90. So, I ended up getting 3 tops and 1 sports pants. However, they do not sell dresses there. I heard there is another Esprit Outlet in Putrajaya. Perhaps, I will check it out soon. At least, I do not have to travel all the way back to Bukit Mertajam to see if there is anything I would like to get.

[No pictures this time.]

Monday, July 13, 2009

Movie: Drag Me To Hell

I can't exactly place the title without 'Movie:' because it sounds wrong and I don't want that to happen to me.

Some said that it is a stupid movie. Some said that it is a boring movie. Some said that it is a funny movie. Some said that it is a good movie.

Well, for someone who does not think that much about this show, stupid + boring + funny + good does not sum up to be a horror movie.

The feeling I had when I watched it was is like stepping into the car but heading towards a different destination and it is too late. So, I sat through the whole movie. Yes, I was scared. Of course, the guys would say that it's nothing but to me, it was scary. I would not have mind it if I was watching on the laptop because then, whatever that suddenly appears is "smaller" than you. However, when watching it in the cinema, the characters are "bigger" and the sound is "much louder" especially when it comes to the scary parts.

Well, if it was not larger and louder, it would not be called a cinema, right? Chia Sin and I... Well, it was definitely difficult for us both to sit through the movie. Probably after 10 minutes, I screamed and definitely slouched so that my view would be reduced by 50%. Peeking through the slits formed by fingers through out the whole movie was the best way for me to watch it. Not because of the handkerchief but the music and what came after that. Look, all of us has an instinct of knowing what is going to happen next. It is also only natural that we release our fear. Not to mention all the built up stress inside (when it was one day before getting our exam results).

This is the trailer.

Overall, I thought it was a good movie too. The effects seemed quite real to me. It is nearly as good as Quarantine because of the props and eeky stuff that used. Some may not agree of course, but I think it is. The ending was as expected. I would not mind watching it again, but not in the cinema. I was paranoid when there was a scene which takes place in the car park and I had to take my car and drive back alone that day.

Did I mention that Geoh Soon who sat 1 seat away from me reached his hand out and held my left shoulder while Chia Sin did that with my right shoulder? I immediately screamed after that. The whole row was laughing. So were the people behind us. They also laughed when Ben pretended to scream at the wrong time when nothing happened. Anyway, get it checked out and let me know. =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


JJ, JR, CS and Ben went archery a couple of times before and I did not get the chance to join them. So, when I went to Sunway Pyramid last Friday, I checked out the area. There was a guy who gave a coupon for 3 free arrows.

I decided that if I enjoyed archery, then, I would play that for the day.
The platform to stand on. Stranfely, I would stand more towards the left.

I was watching this other guy who also tried 3 arrows. It did not seem difficult.
But when I did it, I lacked the ability to hold the bow still. Jer said that I'm supposed to aim and then, release the arrow instead of holding it up for a long time. Perhaps I'm just used to playing it like darts. The only difference is that for darts, it's WAY smaller and lighter. *obvious fact*

In the end, I followed Jae Ric and Ben for bowling. Bowling for 2 days in a row is not really a good idea. Ben was good in it. As for me, I'm still learning and trying to improve. Although it is just playing for fun, but fun sets in when I am satisfied with how I've bowled and how I can maintain the strength needed. =)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It was THE day to collect our exam results. I was watching Korean Drama the whole night until 4.30am and I got up at 1pm. Why? Because then, I would only need to wait for 2 hours until the release of EOS 3 results. I know it is somewhat silly to think about it that way but it works for me.

Anyway, skip the obvious details of going to AAD and opening the slip... I passed. Not with flying colours but, I passed and that is all that matters to most people.

Me and my envelope!

The envelope has a certificate that my batchmates and I are Basic Life Support Providers which is valid until 2010, evaluation of PBL Process and of course, the result slip. =)

We Passed!

It was definitely a good day to bring the camera to uni to capture smiles! [A couple more pictures]

..Jae Ric..

Finally, I'm heading to Sem 4 and will be proceeding to Sem 5. As some would say, Sem 4 is a 'honeymoon' semester as there will not be any exams for 3 months but to me, it is not one semester that I should slack in. There will be a lot of temptations to participate in many activities since IMU Cup would be during that time and orientation for the ME2/09s.

I am yet to accomplish anything on my to-do list but I won't be wasting anymore time. By Monday, I'm hoping to get things going and done because now, I'm only left with 3 weeks of holidays! There are so many things that I wish to do. Why only 3 weeks? Well, by early August, I will be starting my Electives. *excited* :D It will be my longest hospital attachment ever. I really do hope that all goes well.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Movie: Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

While I was in Bukit Mertajam, Chia Sin called me and asked me an unexpected question, "Esther, if you're going back on Wednesday, can I follow you? If I can, then, I'm coming to Penang tomorrow!"

Well, the day after when she came, we went to Jusco and that was when we catched a movie: Transformers 2! She watched it again. It was really tempting because in that town, there was no one lining up to watch the movie. The cinema only screened 3 movies of which Ice Age 3 was one of them. I checked out the seatings for Transformers just to find out that the last 3 rows were occupied (not full, but there were people there). It didn't matter because the center seats were available. Since it was a weekday and both of us brought our student cards, we bought the tickets for just RM6.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk if you haven't watch.

Now, about the movie... I think it is good for most parts. I liked the part when Sam (the main character) drops the remaining part of the cube and every electronic item in the kitchen became evil robots. It is terrorising but how the little guys (robots) looked like, move and what they do was creative and cute in a way. I also liked the part when Sam could finish a thick book in less than a minute! I was telling my friend that if I could pick a book and do the same thing, it would be Robbins: Pathology.

I thought that the girl at the campus was really slutty when she first approached Sam. Later, when I got to know that she's actually a robot in disguise, I was uttering first degree disgust. Why? It is the tongue! Eww... In contrast, there was a scene where a young decepticon which tried to steal the cube and Mikaela (Sam's girlfriend) caught it. That young decepticon is adorable especially when he found out that he could switch sides to support the Autobots!

Another scene which I liked was with Jetfire in it. I liked how he fought and despite being old, he still had a few tricks or two in him. He sacrificed himself for Optimus so that Optimus could fight against The Fallen. In my opinion, the most meaningful line then was, '..take my parts.' In a minute, Optimus transforms into a better equipped robot etc.

Well, I don't want to give too many spoilers for those who are yet to watch it. As a whole, I would rate it 8/10. Some parts were too long and it just lost my attention.

Last day of EOS 3

End Of Semester Exam for Semester 3: Day 4

I remembered walking into Dr Achike's station when most of us thought it was Dr Nilesh who would be there. Yeap, I panicked alright and I was pretty stressed. The second day was generally more stressful because of the lecturers there, not because of the questions. The questions only contribute a small amount. Who would have thought the rectal model would be questioned. Everyone said that there are only 3 models and 4 groups, so it would not be tested.

Turns out that they were wrong and it was a good thing that I memorised some of the facts. I was definitely nervous because unlike the other physical examinations, this was one which I have never practiced without anyone's help. But, it turned out quite well. The SPs for History Taking were cooperative and of course it would have helped if the old lady spoke a little faster because I had so many things which I wanted to ask! I have no empathy sometimes. tsk tsk.

I went back to Penang after exams but definitely after taking more pictures in the atrium! I was supposed to come back on Sunday but I ended up coming back on Wednesday instead. Over the week when I had no internet, I discovered a few things about Paint: the pictures can be inverted to make it look like a mirror image, the arrangements can be changed as well. So, from 4 separate pictures, I cropped them and made this...

There is definitely a lot of pictures to be posted up here but I'll be taking some time. I don't like to travel. It's tiring, really. Now that EOS 3 is over and results coming out in 2 days (well, actually it would be 1 day now), it is my only day to go out with friends and hopefully, all goes well on Friday. *still keeping my fingers crossed*

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


End Of Semester Exam for Semester 3: Day 3

Today was the first day of OSCE. It was better than I expected for the Physical Examination stations. However, I did not do so well for the Behavioural Science History Taking station simply because I did not feel anything that was wrong with the lady. The situation did not seem real. She says that she has been having fever for the past 3 days and yet, she can talk fast and look bored as if she wants to get it over with. I heard from my friend that there were rashes but I did not notice any. Plus, it was my second station. So, all the more reason why I was nervous.

Overall, i had a good day in OSCE. Mock OSCE was way harder when compared to this one. If all goes well tomorrow, it would be safe for me to say that I probably might pass my OSCE.

EOS 3 is coming to an end tomorrow! I can't wait. I actually have things to do until Sunday and won't be able to watch movies with friends although I'd really love to. They're probably going to go without me. >.< Grr.. Now, I have to find someone to go watch Transformers 2 with me.