Tuesday, June 30, 2009

*Fingers Crossed*

End Of Semester Exam for Semester 3: Day 2

Finally, my written paper is over. Today's OSPE was worse compared to yesterday's papers. It was past 9am when I sat at my station and looked through the booklet. It was definitely different as compared to the Semester 2 OSPE. At the station where I was, I just froze because I did not know how to answer it. As I moved to the other stations, the questions got tougher especially the Respi System.

2 hours flew really fast. I did not know how answer a great deal of questions but I know that I have done my best. I know that I am not good in anatomy and a bit of pathology as well as physiology, but I did what I could. I am sure that many people did what they could as well. So, it all depends on the examiners.

Just like Joanne, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I'll pass EOS 3. As for tomorrow's OSCE, I have not started revising and I will soon. I'm just a little reluctant to do so when I am already feeling tired and sleepy. After exams, Joanne and I were playing games on Facebook and Miniclips. We had ice cream! It has been a while since I last had a chocolate one. I think I will be craving for a little more after exams...

Well, wish me luck for tomorrow's OSCE, I'll be in need of that. To you guys who are worried about OSCE, well, our future lies in our hands tomorrow. =)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Just like header of my blog

End Of Semester Exam for Semester 3: Day 1

Today was the long awaited day for Sem 3 students to leap the final hurdle before going to Sem 4. At 9.30am, OBA (One Best Answer) was already waiting to get to students and just eat up their confidence. It was tough. And like what I told most of my friends...

"OBA has taken and trapped my heart, made vertical slits to make me bleed and made it jump bungy jump down the highest mountain. Unfortunately, my heart never made it back up because as my heart thought that it would be safe to bungy jump, it did not realise that there were no ropes attached. I just sat there lifeless for the rest of the hour."

By the time I completed the first three pages, I saw on my answer paper that I could answer the odd numbered questions but not the even numbered ones.

No. Thoughts
1. 'Hey, this is not bad...'
2. 'Okay, I don't know this. I'll skip it first.'
3. 'Mm... Yeah, I know the answer to this.'
4. 'Err, I have no idea.'
5. 'Whee... so fun.'
6. 'Ehto.... hmm, what's the answer?'
7. 'Lalala, there should be more questions like this.'
8. 'Yay, there are more questions like that no. 7'
9. 'Uh-oh.. maybe I shouldn't have said that too fast.'

Occasionally, that would switch. When I reached the Respi section, I could answer nothing. ZILCH! My head was blank. I could not longer feel my heart beating. So, I decided to skip the whole of Respi and proceed to the Hemato section where she found comfort and love from RBCs etc. GIT was as nice as Hemato as well but probably a little more cheeky.

When I walked out the door, I had a huge smile on my face which indicates that it was a horrible paper. It is a strange reaction but I was just telling a few friends that I'm sure I had at least 31 correct because I only knew how to answer that much correctly.

Before stepping into the hall yet once again for another 2 more components, I had this gloomy feeling clouding over me. With Sandip sitting beside me and Chia Sin sitting diagonally on the right behind me, I felt a little stressed. The Extended Matching Questions were do-able although I did not know how to answer my Respi section at all AGAIN! Hemato and GIT were okay.

The last component which was Multiple Essay Questions was straightforward. It was simple. The questions were short and sweet. The marks allocated were fair as well. The only problem with that for me was that I know the big picture and the ideas that are present in the picture. But, I do not quite know the details of the ideas.

I remember seeing my friends writing so neatly on their papers while my hands were shaking because I did not have enough time to complete the questions. I wondered how my friends could stay so calm and answer while I had to make up stories and new theories because it was definitely better to write something than to leave it blank.

I was relieved that the day is over and tomorrow is the last thing that I'm worried about- OSPE. How do I feel now?

...just like the header of my blog. Trapped. Drowning. In need of air and help but asking for none. ...because that's just me. I don't ask.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Night At The Museum - IMU Version

In my university, there is a section in the library known as the Medical Museum. It is where students can learn with the models available to prepare for their exams. Students are required to identify parts of the models etc. For example...

..the duodenum, pancreas and spleen..

..and the larynx..

Last Friday was supposedly the last day that the Museum would be open and for a couple of minutes, the lights went off!

The feeling I had was like I was in a movie. You know, the ones where robots come to live and all? Everything was blue-ish. It was pretty and also a little creepy to be with the models. There were skeleton models behind my friends and I.

Sandip suddenly had this muscular arm which reminded me of a bionic one. :P And... he chooses his alliance in his quest to save the museum!

The person he chose was...

I don't think it was a fair game with 2 vs. 1 to take down Jae Ric. But, before they could do anything...

The lights came back on again and all of us got back to studying for our exams (which would be tomorrow).

Well, it was just a short story that I made up to destress some of my friends and myself. Everyone has their own ways. For example, my friend, BeN'Z, made a video about Accents. I thought it was interesting.

How your life is depends on how you live it. For the past few days, I had fun. And, I'm looking forward to Semester 4 (I hope my friends and I will pass) so that my friends and I could do more things, take more pictures... all for memories before all of us split and fly to different countries or stay in Malaysia.

Batchmates, good luck and all the best for tomorrow! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm sure you haven't seen a cake like this!

It was Jae Ric's 21st and because there wasn't enough time to prepare anything, and instead of keeping things simple, I thought of 'nerdifying' his cake. It was a random idea, but I don't think it was that bad but of course, there could be a lot more improvements in this idea.

So, I started off with making the little flags and writing notes on the paper. After awhile, a friend asked me if I would instead write interesting medical facts and I thought, why not? I'm sure that many people are already stressed over the upcoming exams in one day, why give a stress cake, right?

So, my friend and I googled for the facts. I am not sure if they are true. I do not think that they are true. But, true or not, it does not matter because they did lighten up some people.

On the following morning, Jeremy, Chia Sin and I went to Secret Recipe to get him a cake. We got him the Yogurt Cheesecake. :D The other cake shop was nowhere to be found, so, we resorted to this one.

So, I was finishing the las few bits of the flag- adding toothpicks by using the sticky tape. JJ was doing some final touches for the flags.


So, back in uni... We arranged the flags and the candles.

What do you think? I'm sure you've seen the cake before, but how about it like this?

Murresh, the cake holder :P

What the boys had in mind... of course, JR did not know that this happened then and he will now.

Finally, the birthday boy with his knife. Note to self, in cutting cakes, never leave it up to the boys. Girls should initiatively cut it and distribute the cake. Really... :)


I thought it was you who I heard on the radio when I switched stations. It sounded so much like you. But, I guess I was wrong.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick update

Today's the day when I am going to bring my brother's Canon G10 to uni. Well, today happens to be Jae Ric's birthday too! But, what a timing with EOS in 2 days (excluding today). Well, to Jae Ric...


I really hope that I would be able to finish the notes that I'm supposed to finish today. Ooh, and today's the last day for the Medical Museum to be open. Should I be worried that I'm going on the very last day itself? I guess I should in some ways. But otherwise, I'm hoping that the questions that come out would be straight forward and what we've been trying to cram in for the past month would be questioned. So long now... I can't wait for it to end! =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Childhood memories

Looking out the window, I see a child who is unaware of the adult responsibilities there will be. The safest place I would think about back then is home. I missed my childhood and if I can turn back time, I don't think I would knowingly have done anything better for my future.

I would never forget the time when I explored the garden and curiousity about bougainvillea led me to rashes over my wrists and elbows. Or perhaps when my brother cleans the tortoise cage, one of them tried to run away and I had to scream to my brother to catch it because I was too afraid to do so.

My brother would never let me forget this one because he keeps on teasing me about it. He would tell me how credit cards work which is... You can buy anything with a credit card. Then, my eyes would light up and a sparkle can be seen. Well, that's according to him. I don't remember being in that state of delightness.

I even thought that one day, I would be a fashion designer and if not, an artist. I would draw designs of clothes on exercise books. I remember having three books but they went missing one day. I knew that I tried making ballet shoes out of paper. I did not know then that it would not exactly last but the drive to do things despite what the adults told me, I wish I still had a bit of them in me.

I'm still considering if I should take part in cheerleading. I would really love to but my parents do not approve it this time. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's your decision

It's always nice to be with a group of friends who accept you for what you are.

No matter how fast you fly, or how you look, it's still nice to be with them. But, just because one person changes, it does not mean you should start avoiding them. They might change for the better and why put small things like this as a mark of when to start avoiding?

In the end, you might just end up like this.

but, you've got my attention

Perhaps you think that you've been like this all the time and you may think that it's the best for you. Who knows if they could be in the sky flying, and waiting for you to join them? Well, whatever you decide on, don't forget that you DID have friends and they WILL still be there IF you ever want someone to talk to.

At least, I'm sure that if someone changes for the better, I would not leave the friendship behind. Have you given much thought lately about what your friendship is based on? Eg. Studies, girl stuff, guys talk, relationships or nothing specific? I've made my analysis and I've made a point that for a friendship to work out, it takes two parties (or more) and not just one.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Discipline *concentrate*

You want to know what I lack? It's discipline unless I really want to do that thing or achieve something. I can go on talking for a long time with friends just to catch up with their lives or to bond with them. As a result, an hour or two will just fly by. I know that some of my friends would say that I'm actually quite disciplined. For that, I would say that I probably used to be.


Gosh, I'm won't be starting at a rest station for OSPE. Well, previously, I started at one. And for OSCE, gosh, I can't believe I'm in the last group for the 1st session. T.T That means I have to be there at 8am for the briefing and wait till 11 something (I think) for my OSCE which ends at 12 something noon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

To-do List after EOS 3

What can I say? Only a week more to go before the end of semester exam. It was not until lately when I finally thought about what I would like to do after exams. Since there will be 1 month of holiday and 20 days of Electives. *sobs, holidays are so short*

It was not just me who thought about doing the Electives alone or leaving the other person to do it alone. My friend too. So then, it was sort of a promise made to doing our best so that we'd do our Electives together. I have a feeling that he'll do better than fine. Me, on the other hand, perhaps, it would be this time that I'm grateful that I pass regardless of what grade.

To-do List:


Gosh, I want to watch this series with 60 + episodes. I know that my parents have been watching it and I haven't exactly been following. So, I DEFINITELY WANT A FOLLOW UP.

2. DotA

Leon will be passing the files to me. It is about time that I learn to play with AI and get my first kill since I ALWAYS get owned first. I know, I'm a NOOB. I'm still working on it. Maybe I should ask Lilian for help. :P

3. Blog stuff

Either a new layout or a new header. That's only if I have time...

4. OUTINGS / Trips

Movies, window shopping, food, ice-skating and attending events with family or friends. I would really like to go to KLPac (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre), MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) or The Actor's Studio.

5. Cooking!

I suppose this is the only time when I am free to actually learn how to cook. I want to learn how to make a few dishes, soup and desserts.

6. Taking more photographs...

Of friends and places. Learning about the theory: ISO, exposure, shutter speed etc.

7. Making more wallet cards

I figured that I might not be able to make birthday cards because the cards I make are based on the receivers personality. Wallet cards allow me to express freely. Maybe this time, I might be able to sell them. hmm...

8. Learn another piano piece

I have a few short pieces that are somewhat simple. Aeris' Theme, Bella's Lullaby etc

9. Study?

Okay, maybe not in the first month but for my Electives, I feel obliged to it. This does not mean I am a nerd. Would you want to follow a doctor around and not know how to answer or do anything?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

PBLs (Sem 3)

Sometimes, when I asked if my friends could be my sps (Simulated Patients), they would tell me that they have PBLs. That makes me miss PBLs of how we would meet up and just talk. I remember that during the Hemato System, I refused to talk after the first 2 PBLs. I did not like the Faci at all but after he left, I did not think he was that bad.

Back Row: Ee Wei, Me, Lilian, Azra, Dr Kalesh, Rebecca, Benedict
Front Row: Wai Kit, Joo Hor, Teck Han

I remember that on the last day when my group and I had tea with him, he asked my group members why I was so quiet. I expected my group members to say 'I don't know' but instead, I remember Lilian saying 'She's quite talkative' and Joo Hor saying 'She's actually noisy'. Rebecca, Ee Wei and the others would just agree with them. Then, he'd look at me and gave me a puzzled look.

After Hemato was Gastrointestinal System where the new faci was Dr Subra. He is an encyclopedia. Teck Han and I braced ourselves after hearing stories from other groups. We beared in mind a few key points about Greece. ^^ He would tell us A LOT of things, but we like him too because he finishes within the given time frame. Sometimes, 2 PBLs can last for 1 1/2 hours.

From left,

Back row: Wai Kit, Benedict, Dr. Subra, Teck Han, Rebecca and Joo Hor
Front row: Ee Wei, Me and Azra

Missing: Lilian

It was a wonderful 2 Sems of PBL except for Wai Kit (3 sems). It was easy to cooperate with everyone after 1/2 year because we knew what everyone is good in explaining, who the quiet ones are and how to go forth when stuck. There is always Azra [my amoxicillin aka stalker] who would give directions (in the beginning) and soon after for every PBL, we would know what to do already. Then, there was Benedict who would make things easy to understand by explaining in simpler terms. Wai Kit is the one who's awesome with biochemistry and anatomy. Teck Han's the awesome one with Physiology and giving other information too.

Ee Wei, who always sits on my left gives out extra information to top up the ones that we've already have. Lilian, who always sits on my right would be the one trying to find the chance to speak. Otherwise, we would be making unoticeable small chats. :) Rebecca is the quiet one but she is knowledgable and would correct us if something is not right. She is hardworking too and in CSU practice sessions, I would be the one envy with all the notes she has jot down. hehe. Lastly, Joo Hor, quiet too (but not so when out of PBL) who would use mainly Papa Patho. I guess that is also because we had to use only books and not internet sources then.

Who would have thought that I would have made good friends with them in the end? I am going to miss this group of friends. I really do hope that a few of us would somehow end up in the same group again for PBL. After all, in this group, only 3 or 4 people are going to Partner Medical Schools which means there will be a chance that we might be in the same group again in Seremban.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wallet Card #2

Bikash, my Nepalian friend is leaving Malaysia tomorrow and I thought of making something for him. I did not have enough time to plan a card, neither did I have enough materials. So, I made him a Wallet Card instead. A simple one this time.

The first part was deciding what the line should be. I could not decide and in the end, I sticked to one which is... 'You're a GREAT friend!' Picking out the colours.

Bob helped me *smiles*

This is the end product of it. There is nothing much to elaborate on how to make a wallet card because all you have to do is stick a few pieces of paper together to make it hard enough and decorate it!

Keeping it simple.

The sewing was not that good because I did not plan it in detail. Of course, it could have been better but I think the real challenge is improvising and making it look better. The colour combination turned out to be what I wanted. :D

A closer look at the attraction of the card.

This is the back of the card. The velvet-y carpet-ish paper that you see is from Moof. I pasted it on top of a red coloured paper. Perhaps, I should have made the sides a little thicker but I think it looks fine this way.

A few more pictures with Bob...

Ooh yeah, the envelope! A simple envelope would do. I'm still trying to come up with different designs of envelope. I guess I'll give it more thought during the holidays.

Yes, the envelope is a little too big for the card but that is only because I wrote a letter as well.

Picture of the day:

Just like what I told Teck Jian... Bob is photogenic :P

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My pseudo-twin

Some say that we look alike. Some people have asked us if we were twins. Otherwise, some asked if we were sisters.

Chia Sin and I started hanging out since Sem 2. Back then, we hardly spoke to each other although we would go out as a group for lunch or dinner. I never thought that in the end, we would be really good friends and we would have girl talks etc. It was probably our closeness and because we like to tease each other in front of other people that we were asked if we were related.

I do not think that we look alike. It is probably the eyes or the height or something else. Who has asked us before? The Soya Bean uncle, the Indian aunty who sells food beside the Fried Rice stall, the nurses in Out-Patient Department in Gombak Hospital and the ladies in the library cafe.

This was a picture taken earlier this year. Now that I've short hair, I still don't know why people still think that we are twins. hehe. But Chia Sin and I like to deceive people sometimes by saying that we're sisters (not twins) and telling them the truth later. XD


On something unrelated which I just MUST post, I agree with you, Jene... that ballerinas are perfectionists. :D I'm so glad to have that talk with you in uni.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Together, Learning for Health

Exams, as we all know are just around the corner. Not only are the Sem 3s busy, but the Sem 1s too. It would be their first time sitting for a paper in this university and many have been working hard to score well. In fact, many of those who I know have a focused aim to work for but not me. Looking at them, I just had to reflect on how I have been preparing for my studies. It's not going as well as I expected.

Sometimes, these friends are inspirational and motivational. They have the drive to never give up and just continue doing what they are doing. Sometimes, they would ask me questions... questions which I sometimes do not know the answer. Sometimes, they would tell me about how interesting some topics can be... topics that I would not bother to find out more about.

A few weeks ago, they were organizing an event to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS. That was when I got to know a few more people from my sports house and a lot more others who have been studying in the library.

Tej, Tay and Me

It was not long after that when I had to go for my postings in Gombak. In my group of friends, we talked about things I would never thought we would talk about. They are a fun group with a lot of energy (from Kor Woi), rationality (Dennis) and humour (Chia Sin). Too bad, for the next semester, we would most probably be splitted up again for the KKB posting.

They are those who are also hardworking, smart and unique in their own ways. I find most of my batchmates admirable for they can maintain a balance in academics and doing what they love. Some of them can even find the time to watch movies when every one else is stressing about exams. At the end of the day, everyone does pretty well.

Taken at the Museum Orang Asli on the first day of posting.

So, I ask myself what is the reason for me to study? To do well in exams? To impress my parents? To get into a good partner medical school? (Well, I'm going to Seremban, so I don't really need that.) To overcome my previous standards? (Well, no matter how hard I tried, I still can't get higher than what I've set.)

Believe it or not, as I type this very post, I believe He has gave me a reason to study. The answer was in front of me every single day. I just did not bother looking up. I did not bother looking at the pictures I have taken before but I suppose this is why I should...

Together, Learning for Health

[Pictures from Tay and Chia Sin]

Monday, June 15, 2009

From my brother =)

If there's something I'm crazy about, it's the colours of these socks! I <3 my brother for getting them for me. They are knee high and I'm yet to develop the courage to wear shorts or skirt with it. I googled these socks because I wanted to look at how people matched their clothes with these and turns out that they wear the socks with high heels. Some also wear them with shoes (sports shoes and non-sports shoes type).

I'm still asking around. For me, I would just throw in long pants with it and sport shoes. NO one will see it but I would know! =) But I think it would also be great to try new things.Book and bookmarks!
Closer look at the bookmarks. Can you guess which one is mine? All of them are adorable. But, only one is mine ;) I'll show you which one mine is later.
The book. It would be my second time reading a book by Jeffrey Archer. This book is a collection of short stories of people he had met when in prison. The interesting part is that the names used in all the stories are real except for one. So, there is a little bit of guessing game in there too.

I will be reading this after my exams, and after Twilight- Breaking Dawn.
Back to the bookmarks. Well, the cow is mine where as the other is my brother's. =)
Cards! Well, my brother's idea is that if you put them all on the wall arranged in different ways, then it will look nice. I like his idea but I do not think that I would do it because I might end up damaging the card or/and the wall.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wallet Card #1

A wallet card is a card which is approximately the size of the identification card and is meant to be kept in the wallet/purse. I got this idea when my mum bought me a wallet card when we were in Durban. She bought different things for my dad, my brother and me. Well, she asked me what I wanted and so, I thought I'd like something that I could carry with me wherever I go and keep thoughts of my mum close to me.

Last year, I made a wallet card for a friend. It was my first time making it and I have never made another one since. The advantage of it is that this card can substitute a birthday card. It saves a lot of time especially when you already know how you would like to design the card.

The poem above is the exact poem on the original card that I have. I find the words meaningful and it conveys every good intention I have for the person. Joy, luck etc every day and every year... So, you've got to get creative with punchers and colours because to keep it in the wallet, it would be easier to be taken care compared to something with beads and things popping out to give a 3D effect.

Behind the card, you could write a long message or a simple short message like mine! I'm still looking for opportunities to make these because I need time to plan and buy as well as some savings because some things are a little price-y.

If you have any suggestions of what I should try making, do let me know because I'm always up for new challenges. I'm still trying to figure out how to make this pop-up card in my mind. ;)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


It has been a crazy week and I can never have enough of Twilight. I have watched the movie for more than 5 times now and I am reading the third book now. It is coming to an end soon. I doubt that I'll touch the 4th book until my exams are over. It is really distracting because I am always in suspense. Thanks to Chia Sin, I know the ending, so, I'm not that eager to finish the whole book in one night.

I was reading Elvyna's blog the other day and I came to find out about Twilight- New Moon which would be released only at the end of this year. So, I went to check out more about this new movie and came across this video which showed who the new actors and actresses are. I think it's going to be a hit when it comes out mainly because many teenage girls (like me) would be head over heels for a new character.

Twilight- New Moon Trailer

The New Casts

I'm looking forward to see Quil!!! ^^

Friday, June 12, 2009


My first time dining at Paddington House of Pancakes with my brother and his wife was last Saturday after Star Trek. There were so many selections to choose from.

This one was called Banana and Bacon.
My favourite: Treasure Box.
This one is named after a city... Tokyo.

Did I like my meal? Well, I thought that the food were okay. It was not that great to me probably because I did not order the right one. But then again, everyone has different preferences. I do not have a lot of complains about food. I love food! I love Japanese food despite learning about the parasites present in raw fish and meat through parasitology lectures.

Would I go back to PHOH? Well, I doubt I would. I think I would rather go for Japanese food but as a whole, my curiosity was satisfied. For a VERY LONG WHILE, I've wondered how the food tastes like but now I know. I'd like to try something new soon where food is reasonably priced, healthy and prefered by many.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Patient-Doctor Communication

Well, I know some of my friends have no idea about how to write a reflection for the Gombak Rotations. I told them that it is simple. All you have to do is write what you did, how you felt, what was challenging and what was simple to you. *Long essay coming up* So, I wrote mine and I'd like to share this experience of mine with Orang Asli. Some might have heard what happened to my group during this rotation but every experience I had made me a better person. It made me realise that there is so much more that I need to improve on. Hopefully, in future, I would be able to do better and that you (medical students) would already have a plan if you ever face this situation.

The topic: Patient-Doctor Communication

For the history taking, I felt a great difficulty in communicating with the patient mainly because of the language barrier. At the beginning, I assumed, just as how my colleagues had that the patient that I was clerking speaks only Malay. Initially, he did not respond to our questions after we introduced ourselves. I was not sure if he did not want us. I went to the nurse’s counter to have a look at the chart but without realising it, I was looking at the wrong one. I was able to speak as fluently as I could, hence I did not have difficulties in conversing with him in Malay.

I confirmed with him if he was so-and-so and all he did was nodded. For every question which I asked, he gave me either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and occasionally, he would gesture and say a few words such as ‘doctor’, ‘Ambulance’ and ‘hospital’. I thought he had difficulties in speaking; therefore I gave him a few options in my question. For example, when I asked him where he was feeling pain, I pointed at both his legs and he would choose one. And to find out which part of that lower limb was painful, I asked him to choose as I pointed to my own leg.

I tried to take a thorough history but it seems that for the same question which I repeated, I kept on getting different answers. It was a little de-motivating for me because both the patient and I are not helping each other in making the process easier. There were some questions which I was eager to ask but seeing that he looks restless, I was rather reluctant to do so. The situation which he presented was different from the history which has previously been taken by the doctors.

Later, my friend returned with another chart with a similar condition. It was then when I realised that I could have been wrong. I made it a point to ask him about his name. All of a sudden, he replied to me in broken English telling me his real name. For a while, I was taken aback because I realised that I should not have assumed that all aborigines speak Malay only. I then thought that I would need to retake the history just to confirm the information which I have gotten from him. Once again, I faced the same problem of him staring blankly away from me. I leaned a little closer and called him to get his attention. The patience that I had to make the history taking a good one was still bearable. But, the thought of what I could have done wrong kept lingering in my mind.

I paused for a little while until he suddenly said that he does not have good hearing for the past one year. So, he would like me to speak a little louder and closer to him. Just when I thought communication was not that bad, we came to a point where there were misconception in the meaning of certain words especially times. When I tried to ask how many times he has been admitted to the hospital, he in return, told me about the time he was admitted to the hospital.

Although I was able to get the information that I wanted for the history of presenting illness, I was not able to do so for the other components such as the Social History and Past Medical History. As terrible as I could sound, I was tired from asking certain questions over and over again. I wondered if it was also because of his age and that he is unable to converse or speak clearly. It was very rare for him to make a sentence and elaborate on it.

As for the Physical Examination, my friends and I could not do much because we did not know the examination procedures for the Musculoskeletal System. But, he did give us the permission to have a look at his leg and he pointed out to us about the area which was painful. Looking at his leg, I wish I could have asked him more about but I hesitated thinking that I might not get the answer I want after the previous attempts. I also noticed that he does not have a left thumb. Before I could ask about it, he tried to tell me that he had that condition when he was born by pointing to himself and making crying baby sounds.

In the end, I felt like I could have done much more. I am sure that it is not that he does not want to give me the information but the language barrier. I never thought that this day would come but it did and it has been an experience. It has taught me to rephrase my words, use different means of communication such as gesturing a sentence etc so that the other person would understand. It is not easy yet, I learnt that I should not give up because you would never know, sometimes, you might just discover something new which could lead to another finding.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The past few nights have been disturbing for me especially when I get my car in the basement. There are guards there but I still feel uneasy. For the two nights, I was a little spooked because half of the lights in the basement were switched off. So, when I walk to my car, I felt as if there's something there waiting to get me.

On the first night when I drove my car out and head home, I felt as if someone was following me. That paranoia was nearly enough to land me into an another car accident but thank goodness, I did not get into one. I've been reckless lately, I don't know why. Probably my focus is not at the correct place for now. After I parked my car and turned off the engine, I thought I heard someone walked behind the car and when I turned, there wasn't anyone there. Suddenly, I would hear dogs barking.

As I let my mind wander off AGAIN, I thought about people who might be waiting to get me. There has been a few cases near the neighbourhood where some people were robbed. So, I was trying to take precautions. I really hate the feeling of insecurity. But, what can I do? The only way of calming myself was to leave everything and if something were to happen, then, I'll just accept it.

On the second night, I was looking for a parking space but I could not find any. As I make rounds, I had to stop because I saw two cats in the middle of the road. One black with white paws on top of one white cat doing their "thing". They wouldn't run away even when the car was near, so I had to honk. 'What goes around comes around' and so today when I was driving home, there was this Merc which was turning into my lane but neither one of us would go first. We either drove together and then stopped together. Being unsure about who should go, I stopped. I knew that I should go but there was not enough space in front. When I stopped, the taxi behind me honked.

I'm so annoyed by everything. As I said, it's insecurity. It is not about being indecisive but rather something else. I am one lucky person today to be alive and breathing because as I rushed for CSU practice, I was also nearly in another 2 accidents. I was rushing. I should leave 1 hour earlier next time instead of 1/2 hour earlier although getting to uni is just 20minutes. You're probably wondering why I rushed for practice. Well, that is because there was a lecturer waiting and the last time my friend turned up late, she was restricted from entering the room.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

When I heard about Star Trek...

I told myself that I would never watch that show because I would not understand what would be going on and the corny uniforms. I remember watching the series as a kid once in awhile because my brother would watch it and I hated it. I disliked how the casts looked. Some were scary, some did not make sense while some were just plain weird. [I was a kid, I didn't know better that it was fiction. I thought they were real, okay....]

When the movie was released, my friends booked the tickets and even asked me to join them but I refused their offer. The next day, they told me that I've missed one of the best movies of the year. They kept on pestering me to watch it and finally, when it is nearly a month since the date of release, I finally watched it with my brother and his wife.

The movie was exciting all the way. Every single minute. Every scene. Every character. To me, the actor is important. So, when I watched this movie, I saw MANY familiar faces. That is probably one of the reasons why my attention was focused well. It was exhilirating and what people say... that this movie is also meant for non-Star Trek fans is true as there humour was incorporated as well. If you ask me about which character I would like to be, I really can't decide.

The Vulcan who is knowledgable about absolutely everything and only base his reasoning on logic? Or the Captain who takes chances/risks, able to work smart at any given situation and would sacrifice for his crew members? Perhaps, the talented lady who can speak many alien languages and perform outstandingly academically? How about the doctor who not only knows his medical stuff but also never leaves a friend behind? And the other crew ship member who is good in Physics and can beam people from anywhere they are no matter whether they are moving or not? So, who's your favourite character and why?

I would definitely want to watch this movie again. I like the effects and it seems so real. I like how the ship was designed and oh yeah, I did not think the uniforms were that corny after awhile. I think it was pretty cool to have an academy which trains people to serve for the Federation. Okay, I guess you can say that I'm crazy about it now... crazy enough that I want to get my hands on Star Trek, the series, maybe after my exams. =)

p/s: Chris Pine who acted as Jim T. Kirk is so cooooool! I still don't know why they call him James. hmm...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Handmade Card #3

I've made another card for another friend. Every card has got it's own challenges. This one was by far one of the most challenging ones because I did not plan exactly plan ahead for it such as the colour, type of paper and what to do or how to decorate it. I think there are too many colours, but seeing it as a whole, I think it's still acceptable. Mixing and matching the COLOURS was my BIGGEST OBSTACLE. Note to self: Plan!

Unlike Jeremy's, which was a flip open, this one is a three page card of which, each page has got it's own element from three different papers. Tip: The 2nd page (middle) should not be thick as it would be a little difficult to open and fold it completely.

Doing this gave me a lot of self satisfaction. It was not easy to master the technique of using the penknife to me. I'm yet to discover what other things a penknife could do. After measuring and outlining each of them, I started to cut them. Tip: Be careful to not cut the the top and the bottom part of the alphabets which are attached to the rest of the paper.

After doing that, paste it on top of another paper and there you have it! Remember, it shouldn't be harder than the first page.

Add a little bit of colour in it so that it wouldn't look so plain. As you can see, I chose yellow and blue mainly because the whole care is yellow and blue so that it would not seem girlish.

How I make my card interesting is by using the spongy materials and whatever else that I can find at home such as thread and beads.

This is the end product of it. Now, I'm going to show you a little bit more about each part of the card.

This is the front page as you can see. I do not know what that sewing is called, but I thought it looks nice. By the way, I UHU glued the pages, and then, sew it so that it would not move around too much. I do not know if it would but it was for securing it. Adding beads to some of the 'flowers' but not all, gives a nice effect. Once again, my best friend, the UHU glue made seemed trustworthy to keep the beads adhered for a long time.

Moving on to the inside...

I honestly had no idea what to do with the white page. In the end, I just drew something similar to what was on Elvyna's water bottle. Simple random drawings.

A close up on the name. The first time when I used thread as part of my work was with Jeremy's card. I thought incorporating beads this time would be nice too and yet, another experiment was done and gave me a satisfying result.

Okay, now, moving on to the final pages.

As you can see, after getting people to sign it and fill up the spaces, it looks pretty good. I especially love Elvyna's cool-looking rabbit. =) She makes everything pretty with rainbows and colours!

I was just wondering if adding a grid would be nice because then, it would seem more organized. But, this way seems classic.

So, that's for the card. How about the envelope? I was discussing about that with Chee Leong and we both came to a conclusion to not use paper for it. This idea just came to me yesterday night. It's a simple cover for the card. Once again, I did not think that the colours match (and there are so many colours already... that I don't know if it's a good thing) but this was one of the only materials that I've got

Use two wrapping paper, one on top of the other and fold it. Then, sew along the open sides. Trim the remaining part of the sides after sewing it so that it would look and feel neat. Next, carefully turn the bag inside out! Tip: The surface on the inside should be smooth so that whatever that you keep in there would not get tangled up or scratch it.

Then, fold the top part and make the design of your choice. I thought of adding the stitches to secure it. Not too many because I do not want it to look overdone. So, I hope that this would inspire you to make something of your own. I realised that this bag I made can also put hard disks and if you add a ribbon to it, you could make it like a pouch to keep stationeries, bangles, watches etc.