Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun CSU :D

I'm annoyed because while I tried to sync my iPod, I forgot to tick the box 'manually manage songs' and I deleted all my songs from my iPod.

CSU was FUN! I had Dr. Saw (I think that's her name). She was strict with us but she made it enjoyable. Even when we don't give the right answers, she'd tell us the homework and remind us constantly. I managed to do light and deep palpation today. It wasn't perfect, but it was okay. I also manage to do a renal punch. That was fun. Call me weird but I thought that it'd be more complicated than it seems. I've heard stories that in one of the previous semesters, all but one student failed because he punched too hard and caused pain to the SP. :S

After washing our hands, we were standing in one row. Then the doctor asked each and every one of us to give a point/answer to her question.

Dr: What do you look for in the patient's hand?

*OKAY, I know this! I'll say leuconychia or koilonychia ^^* But since I was the 5th person to answer... The previous four have mentioned what I could think of. It did not happen just once but a couple of times. Wai Kit and Arthur are lucky because they are the first two who gets to answer.

Other funny things happened when it comes to explaning the procedure. When a person is lost for words, then the next thing said would be 'This examination involves some touching and feeling. It will require you to expose yourself.' The doctor stopped us there and then. I guess it was because we did not know how to put it in a proper way. I would never say that because I feel awkward and shy. Yeap, shy. So, the proper way is by saying 'This procedure would require you to lift up your shirt/remove your gown (the white shirt with ribbons in front that SPs wear).'

There was also the time when the lecturer told us which parts have got marks. Being the smart one, I just had to pretend like I'm serious *which was really obvious* and say 'Are my hands warm enough for you?' Next thing I knew, the lecturer sais 'Aahh!! That gives you 0.5 marks!' I just stoned. lol. I knew it carried marks. Then, she asked me what expression would the patient give if he is in pain? I said, 'Discomfort' but the actual word was 'GRIMACE'. Arthur was making funny faces at me when I looked at him with a straight face because the lecturer was looking at me. Hilarious it was. Now the word is stuck in my head. hehe.

Other than that, it's been quite a day of stoning. My eyes are just tired all the time and dry. Lectures were okay too. There was only one lecture because the other lecturer did not turn up. Did I sleep today in class? Hehe. Well, I KO-ed for a while during the video which was shown. It was 42 minutes. Luckily, Joshua nudged me. ^^

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A-cute abdomen

Last Thursday, I had PBL 1 for Week 3 and the title of the PBL was 'Acute Abdomen'. After reading Part 1, my group members and I came up with many ideas- polyps, cancer etc. Dr. Subra gave us Part 2 and 3 but we still could not figure out what the condition was called until Azra said 'I know! Acute abdomen!' Next thing we knew, Dr. Subra said 'YES! She's right!'

We stared at her and started laughing. It did not cross our minds that acute abdomen would be the condition and I thought she just read off the title. =.= But, I couldn't help but think how it can be said is funny.

Me: Teck Han! Teck Han...! A cuteeee abdomen ^^
TH : Err.. Lame..
Me: But it IS a CUTE abdomen. hehe.
TH: swt =.=ll

Gosh, I've spent my weekends by sleeping, listening to music, blogging, window shopping, with my family and none with my books. I like doing this. But, this is not good. CSU is in the evening tomorrow. Wish me luck so that I don't get someone strict and scary. I heard from a friend that Htin Aung is BACK. T.T Whatever it is, I hope I can just chill and keep moving forward. XD

'You're My Sunshine'

Apparently, when I put the title of this post in my msn as my personal message, a friend of mine told me to be careful in case I get sun burn from him. =.= I told him that I won't because he's not my sunshine. hehe.

Does this pillow look familiar to you? Well, most probably it is to my batchmates because I was carrying something similar to this. Since then, I totally loved the pillow and I couldn't find it anywhere. My friend told my mum that he got it from Aussino. Lilian told me that she saw it in Damansara. I went to every Aussino outlet but never to Damansara.

Last Friday, I spent half of my day with my mum. I was supposed to search for high heels but as we took the escalator and reached the atrium, there was an promotion by Living Quarters. And, MY MUM SAW THE PILLOW!!! There were a few other colours too such as blue, pink, brown and green but the yellow stood out the most. Plus, I love the words as well. The animals on every pillow differs as well. Cows, hippos, lions etc. I like the cow and the giraffe but the cow came in light green. So, I chose this one instead.

Mum got me a few files for my notes. (Yes Jene, FINALLY!!!) Files are getting more expensive these days. The last time I bought one, it was RM6 and now, that same file is RM8.50. =( She got me 4 files at once in case the prices keep on increasing, then, it's not going to be worth it. I like the file because of it's quality and size. Plus, if I get water on the file, nothing's going to happen to it compared to a paper file. So, I got 2 light purple (my favourite) and 2 dark blue. I've already have 2 black, 1 silver and 1 green. The green one was of the same size but the quality wasn't very good.

So, yay!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Handmade Card #2

This is the second card I made this year. By then, I was already out of ideas. One tip while making cards is to know what the person likes. This friend of mine loves Sonic the Hedgehog and because of that, I decided to bring myself to another level of making handmade cards. This time, I tried a pop-up card. I searched online on how to make pop-up cards and I learnt the easiest way. The pop-up looks simple but measuring it accurately so that both sides show equal space was tough for me.

This is the front of the card. I thought that if I did something more, then, it would seem a little too much. My brother told me to not over-do things because I have the tendency of trying to fit all the good ideas into one. Yeap, it looks a little simple to me. One thing was for sure, I would never want to choose light yellow as my base because matching is difficult. I remember a friend telling me that if I used too many colours, then it's as if I have no idea what I was doing.

I love sewing!!! One day, I would like to try using buttons, ribbons and laces on cards. But, I've still got to figure out how I'm going to cover the costs of making these. :S I had fun doing this part because never did I imagined myself sewing so straight. It was tedious to measure every space and making marks for every 'X' but it is SATISFYING. =) =) =)

Okay, moving on the the inside of the card...
It looks like this! I used the carpet/cloth-like material for the mountains (dark green) and sponges for the sun and the mountains (light green). I'm not exactly a creative person when it comes to mountains. So, I opened my Picture Folder, and searched for one of the scenery I took when I was in South Africa. As for the clouds, I used normal coloured paper with different layers of white sponge wrapper.

Do you know the thing you use to wrap fragile things? One is called a bubble wrap and there is one more which looks like sponge. It can be used to wrap the TV to prevent scratches etc. But anyway, I bought one metre and I used up probably 20 x 20 cm since last year till now.

This is the side view. Get what I mean by pop-up? I'm yet to discover how the more complicated ones work. I shall one day!

Like everything else, there is a bookmark. =) But for his bookmark, I did not use any spongey material. I used purely paper only. It was a challenge to make ideas into reality.

This is how it looks like. Although, I think the capital letter 'E' would have been better because my small letter 'e' looks like my 'c'. =.= How to make this? It's simple.

First, you have to measure and cut strips (1 colour would do) of same width using a pen knife. Be careful while doing this. I think it is 0.5 for this one. I don't really remember. Then, get another paper (base) and make slits in between. The slits should be of equal spacing each and would be 0.5 as well. Then, the strips of paper are alternately weaved through the slits.

It would result in this. It reminded me of chess. When I was doing this, I thought back about my primary school where my art teacher was teaching the class and I always had a 'C' for art. Perhaps it is those 'C's which makes me want to improve myself in doing what I want and what I can do.

After that, I carefully cut out the alphabets using the pen-knife. =) I made two of it because I used the wrong colour combination. Maroon suits this much better than light purple.

And when I was done, I thought, 'Hey, this looks a little plain.' So, what I did and what you could do is add creativity to it. I cut the additional space above and below the name and sticked it on another paper or which I sticked that layer on top of another.

The above method was for bookmark attempt #2 because #1 didn't turn out as nice as I thought it would be. So, what is #1?

It is also similar to the idea in #2 which is weaving but just a different method.

As usual, cut strips of paper and slits. But, before all that, plan the number of boxes you are going to use.

Get what I mean?
This is the end result. And it took me quite a while before figuring out what was not right about this. I should have used 2 lines instead of 1 for every line. I would take up more space, but I suppose that thicker looks nicer. I'm not very sure about that but it still is an idea. =)

Handmade Card #1

This is a card I made for Jeremy. I enjoyed making it as it was my first time sewing and using ribbons. I bought most of my materials from Moof (in MPH MidValley). It is a two-in-one card which means it comes with a bookmark. I like making bookmarks for people. I don't know why. But, I'm not making anymore for now. I feel so drained of ideas.

So, this is how the card looks like from the front.

This is how the bookmark and card look like after separated.

This is the inside of the card.

Believe it or not, this is actually fun to do. Changing the colours. I saw this design once in an art magazine. ^^

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tomorrow morning, I've got PBL 2 for Week 3 and I have not started anything. Instead, I'm blogging and listening to some music. I'm pretty exhausted although I did not do much. I want to sleep but when I do, I get nightmares. I'm so glad that there aren't any classes this Friday. I have not decide about whether I want to go to the library to study for the whole day or not since I've been sleeping in lectures since last week. :S I should but at the same time, I'm reluctant to do so. This is not good. I should stretch my time so that I can revise for the other systems as well.

Then, there's house meeting in the evening at 7.30pm. I know I should go to see what is going to happen but the other part of me tells me that I should concentrate in studies and just forget about it.Cheerleading WILL be an event to be competed among Houses. =( I have not decided if I want to take part in cheerleading because EOS 3 is my top priority and who knows if I would be able to juggle my things well then. I don't handle stress well and I don't want unnecessary stress.

Initially, I thought of going for MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) this Saturday but I don't think I can make it because of some personal reasons. I wish I could go after Summatives or something because I'd really like to give it a go. Heard from Kyan that there is a book fair going on in KLCC and they sell medical books at low prices. I wish I could go for that too but I can't. =(

Anyway, it's time for me to do my PBL now before it gets too late. If I was a hypochondriac, I'd suspect that I'm anemic but I'm not. =)

IMU Ball Dance (Part 2)

This is our 'family' picture but it is not a complete one.

That Sunday, my parents drove Mei Xin, Kyan and I to JW Mariott Putrajaya just before noon. The place is huge and nice. It gives a peaceful and calm feeling. When we reached the hall, I thought it was nice. In my opininon, the decorations were nice but flimsy. The mic stand which was supposed to be used in the dance was unstable and could not stand properly. The present box and the arch were a little unstable too but lucky thing, it did not break apart or anything. Joo Hor and Chee Leong were there to help in the decorations, setting of stage and taking things down afterwards.

I did not like the waiting. It was tiring. The delay and everything else made me more worn out. It's been 3 days since IMU Ball and I'm still sleeping in classes. Everything is tiring for me. Friends who I bump into who saw me dance said it was nice and sexy. Some of them told me that they saw the mistakes I made. hehe ^^ But, I guess, as a whole, it was still nice. I wonder how it looks like in video.

I'm still collecting pictures and I've just started with Ying Xin. Soon, I'll be getting the others from Wei Chin and Mei Xin. Hang on till then =)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

IMU Ball Dance (Part 1)

The dance performance is finally over. I'm glad but at the same time, I'm a little disappointed because I did not expect to forget the moves or lose the beat but I did. I don't make mistakes during practices but during the real thing, I did. Still, I'm sure everyone else's dance covered mine up. *Sigh*

The tango was my best dance. My dance partner was very cooperative and helped me most of the time. =) I'll update more after I get the pictures since I'll be more free and there are no more practices to go for. It's time to go back to nerding.

CSU at 8am and embryology lectures after that. T.T

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it's not okay.

sometimes, i feel like i'm heartless when things occur. it's not like i purposely did it or wanted things to happen.

it's something that i can't forget. it's something that i'll never forget. it's something that might change something about my life. because... it IS something. something that i'll never be able to replace.

because it happened to me which makes it matters. i can't say it's my fault because i don't think it is but i can't say that it's not my fault because i could have done something about it. but what has happened, has happened and... i guess, i'm back to square one.

i'm truly sorry. and of all time for this to happen.. it just had to be after i've watched 'Marley and Me'.

to you who have been trying to call me, i'm sorry but now's just not the time for me to talk about this. i don't want to hear words of how you'd think it's my fault because i've got the feeling that you'd tell me. i don't know how i'm going to face this. some say that it's okay and that i shouldn't think about it but those are just words to make me feel better. but deep down..., we all know that it's not okay.

Monday, April 13, 2009

just the sound...of rain...

there are so many dark clouds today. here... there... and they never went away. not even after the rain..

to me, they are like worries, thoughts, feelings and emotions that i hold on close to myself. today seemed a little dull. was it because of the fight? was it even a fight? but those words that was said... was it blurted by accident? was it really meant for me to reflect and think about?

you said that 'there's no point in doing it.' yet, you told me 'don't worry.' until the very end, you told me the same thing but got it done. tell me, 'i'm sensitive' but i wouldn't bother. because, i had the right to know what was going on and you could have been straight forward. you might not think it's a big deal but to me, it is... to a certain extent.

if it wasn't because of that, perhaps it could be that i like the quietness surrounding me. i like just having my thoughts and music to listen to.

but on top of that, i think it must have been the sound of the rain which made me thought so much today.

Friday, April 10, 2009

ICA 1 Results

I remember the time when I was in secondary school and it took awhile for the teachers to mark our papers. Usually, we get back our papers after two weeks or so. It was a heart-pounding time as the teacher calls out our name in random order or sometimes, in an order of who scored the highest to the lowest. :S Then, when I was in college, the lecturer returned the paper in 1 week. But, I definitely love college more than high school. Sometimes, I would cry thinking it is the end of the world when I get a really really low B, but sometimes, I feel really annoyed with students fighting for a few extra marks.

I don't think what they do is wrong because after all, it is how they are but the way they do it is annoying. Pestering teachers and friends who are in need of 1 mark to pass just to get a few marks to get a higher grade of A. I don't know about you guys but to me, priority should be given to the others first, shouldn't it?

Anyway, I've collected my ICA results yesterday and I'm glad that I passed. Regardless of what grade it is. It's not as good as you think it is and it's not as bad as you think it is either. Okay, well, it is not that bad. Disappointed? Yeah, a little because of the OSPE question. I think I could have scored better but, let bygones be bygones. Now, as I've told many of my friends, if we don't fall once, we wouldn't know how to get up.

If we keep on falling hard, then, something is not right. For now, I'm going to stay with my own pace and I'm glad that I actually sticked to going to the library for the past 4 weeks. Somehow, I've grown fond of that place and the people I see. =) So, keep on working hard. If the previous method did not work, try something different. As I've learnt from someone, 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.'

Sunday, April 05, 2009

'Fast and Furious 4' outing


I totally prefer movies about cars compared to movies about war, terrorists blablabla... It was a Thursday afternoon and a random but rash decision made by 3 people. On that very same day, Prof. Thani delivered his last lecture about lymphoma. Where is he going? Well, I heard that he's going to Taylor's because Taylor's is going to offer Medicine and they need people. So, one of our best lecturers have been taken away.

Anyway, after the presentation of gifts and performances, I brought my car down from the hill to between Vista B and C. Yes, I definitely took a long time. I was scared and I don't drive fast. Oh, it was also my first time doing side parking without anyone looking out for me. Benedict kept saying that I was slow but hey, I'll take all the time that I want if I want no accidents. >.< So, the time was 4.35pm. He gave me a lift and drove off. I trust his driving and I trust Him. After he passed the toll...

Me: Hey, just to ask you a stupid question... Aren't we supposed to go to MidValley?
Ben: No, it's in Sunway.
Me: You're sure right?
Ben: Err, I guess so...

He made a phone call and enquired where the place is and it turned out to be in MidValley. So, the time then was 4.45pm and he drove all the way to MidValley. It wasn't jammed. We reached before 5pm and by the time we got there, JJ and Chia Sin were still queing up to get the tickets. The movie started already when we went in (obviously) but overall, it was still nice. SO COOL!!!! Some people found it inspiring *dangerous*. I like the cars. I like the driving. Unfortunately, my driving is nowhere near theirs. And yes, there are pretty girls in there too just in case you want to know.


I know I'm pushy sometimes. I know I'm not nice sometimes. I know that I'm annoying sometimes. I am aware of all that. Don't ask me why I do it. I just do whether it is subconsciously or knowingly. If you understand me, you'll know why.

I need a haircut. But, I've got no time because when I come home, the shop's closed already and when I go to uni, it's not even opened. =.=

I probably look funny when I walk because my leg, my back and my neck hurts.

New earphones!

I've got new earphones!!! Yay!!!

This is probably my 4th earphones. The first one I had which was by Apple had a defect which makes this weird crackling noise but I couldn't change it then because I stayed in Ipoh and there were no shops in Ipoh which I could go to to send in for a repair/exchange since it was still under warranty.

So, I bought my 2nd pair of earphones in Ipoh. It lasted for a year plus until I went to college. =) It's lifespan is the longest so far because I used it for more than a year. I did not use my iPod for nearly a year because I had no time to get another pair until October last year. Jeremy helped me in finding one by Creative. A few months ago, only the left side was working while there was no sound from the right side. I couldn't go back to the shop to change it because the shop has moved. Remember the time where there used to be an IT section in MidValley? Now, most of the shops have moved and some remained on the 2nd floor.

Yesterday, my whole family went out together *rare occasion indeed* and my brother helped me find another pair of earphones which is by SoniGear. He subsidized RM15. ^^ I definitely hope that this one would last for a really long time. I really do.

Mood Swings

I've been annoyed, emotional, easily agitated, stressed, happy, sad etc.

I'm annoyed because I found out that a file of notes which I lent to a friend of mine last semester came back totally disorganized at 1.30am. I only found out when I realised that the notes which I needed was missing. When looking for it again, I realised that it's not missing, but rather, rearranged to the back of the file. For your information, I label all my lecture notes and notes of my own. I was obviously mad. Wouldn't you when you see your notes rearranged from:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 .... 79 to

1-5, 70-76, 12, 13, 14, 50-54, 20, 23, 29, 22, 40, 41, 42, 16 17 etc ?

So, I spent 1 whole hour rearranging them to make sure that none of them went missing and what did I know? I couldn't find 2 other lectures. I have no idea what happened to them. Either it went missing somehow or it was misplaced. Just this one incident was good enough to spoil my mood for the whole day. At that very point, I was ready to blast anyone who agitates me.

That evening, I had dance practice as well. It was our second or third attempt to meet the guys for the dance for IMU Ball. They were late and wasted an hour of my time because they didn't know that they had to do Tango and some of them were reluctant to dance. After I was assigned to my partner, he introduced himself, 'Hi, call me ET.' I think you can pretty much guess my reaction after that. I asked him again, 'What's your real name?' And he said, 'Just call me ET.' I won't put too much details about this conversation. But, basically, I was annoyed over a lot of things.

The good thing is though that he finished learning the dance, and he practices when I ask him to. I still hope that he would initiate the practice sometimes rather than sitting at the corner and do nothing. Yesterday was the second practice and he came late. Well, it's better than him not coming at all, right? We don't really bond although I've tried. I think I've scared him away already, but I don't really care now. I know that I've got issues whenever I work with people who aren't serious. And, I've definitely got issues with people who participate in things and not know how important it may be to another person. The Ball is in 2 weeks and for now, I can say that we're making progress. I guess I'll have to wait till next week to see if he's put in personality, character, feelings etc into this dance.

Some people tell me to not be hard on him. Some people tell me not to take things out on other people. If you can't stand me, then, that's just too bad. It doesn't look good on my side, but for now, I couldn't care less.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I had my Mock OSCE yesterday. I woke up late and I received a text message from a dear friend wishing me all the best and reminding me not to panic.

It was okay. It was good. Despite getting 5/10 for one of the physical examination stations, and despite the fact that 7/10 is the passing mark, it was good. I did not have the time to auscultate but I'm sure that with a few more practices, I would be able to do what I need to do in 5 minutes. I believe I can because I know someone who did it. If he can, why can't I?

Would you believe me if I told you that just by taking one step back and observing, you could discover passion, determination and motivation? Well, I did and I saw all these in one person. Someone who I discover things about day by day. Things I never knew, things I never thought I'd understand, things which makes him an optimist and me, a pessimist; why he can chillax while I panic.

Because of this one other person as well that I realise that everyone sets different priorities. I began to wonder what mine is about. It's been awhile since I last thought about it as a whole picture. Some put studies first, some put God first while some... put meaningful people in their lives as priority. I'm yet to decide what mine is but I think I have an idea.


Been emo. Still emo. But I'm trying...

The past 3 weeks have been hectic for me. I'm pretty sure that some of my friends have noticed some changes or my absence. No doubt that this course is becoming more stressful after ICA (In-Course-Assessment) 1. Many asked me why. Why am I stressing myself? Why am I paranoid over small little things? Why can't I just relax? Why do I keep on saying that I want to study?

It's simple actually. I'm afraid that I won't be able to catch up with my work. I'm trying something different from what I used to back in Sem 2. But no matter how much I've been reading, I will never be able to make use of what I've learnt. It takes confidence, passion and enthusiasm to learn something, to teach someone and to carry out a role. I guess I did not realise this until last night that perhaps I'm still doing things the wrong way. I'm not running out of time for the ICA but I am running out of time to meet my expectations. I'm starting with something simple since I can't really do BIG things yet.

Probably in all three aspects: mentally, emotionally and physically, I'm tired and impressed. I'm tired of reading. I'm tired of writing and listening. I'm tired of continuing this journey pass the Hematology System. I don't believe in taking breaks because when I do, I lose the momentum to finish what I have started. I may be behind now. I may not know what you know now. But, I will know it soon. I might just know it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or the days after that.

I need perspective.

8 1/2 hours of sleep did me good. =)