Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflection 2009

Every year, I make a reflection of the things I've done and achieved over the year. I think today is a suitable day for me to do so. I believe that after writing them all, I will be able to move on. It isn't exactly a superstition but it is something that I do so that I don't feel like I've wasted my life/year.

--> Started Semester 3 in January when I was an eager student, ready to face the exams. Didn't do so well in my first In-Course-Assessment but in the second, I improved a bit. Learnt about OSCE, passed EOS and subsequently started Sem 4 and passed my exams. I realised that in the second half of the year, I slacked a lot. Guess it's time to pick up the pace again in Sem 5.

--> I had 2 major hair cuts! It became short, then, shorter. A change of image was something I needed and glad I had. :) It was much easier to maintain and nice to fling when dancing. haha.

--> Thanks to a few friends, I found myself taking pictures of people, events and friends. I'm not a pro and I take pictures for fun. I get content easily with a clear picture regardless of the ISO, f value and shutter speed.

--> I appreciate music and art more than I ever did thanks to IMU Art Festival, Acoustic Night and Literature. I still love instrumental a lot more!

--> I fostered new friendship, maintained some and unfortunately, lose some. It is important to know who you're investing time and effort in because some might just take it for granted. Of course, you would want to hang out with people who appreciate your presence too, right?

--> I learnt to take things as they come, hence, not so stressed out. But, still a bit paranoid and anxious. Emo-ing is still one of my hobbies. hehe.

--> I became more active in blogging and changed my template twice. I finally got the hang of nuffnang. I've even got a Twitter account of which I will learn to be more active in updating. People hardly follow me, so I hardly twit. haha. For my blog, I even started something called 'Short Notes' for random bursts of ideas, updates etc.

I've learnt a lot this year. To let go of negative feelings/thoughts and to move on. To be more patient but I don't think I've been patient enough. To trust myself in making decisions and to be more confident although at times, I do run away from situations if possible. I learnt that anything is possible so long your heart wants it because [I know, it's common] when there is a will, you will find the way. I managed to reduce the amount of swear words by a LOT. :)

This year, I didn't raise awareness about anything. Hopefully, I would find something to do next year and do some charity work. It's been awhile... Besides this, it's time to finalize my resolutions and write a new profile. A simpler one this time I suppose. I am pretty sure that I want to make 2010 one of the best years I'll ever have!


It's the 31st and a new year is coming!!! I'm not going anywhere to celebrate. Are you? My friends have been asking and I just tell them that I'm not and they give me a surprised reaction. *weird*

I've been watching Ratatouille a lot and I quote Gusteau...

"If you focus on what you left behind, you'll never be able to see what lies ahead..."

Perhaps, this would be one of my motto for next year and I find it applicable to any situation you're in. I personally feel that it's always good to want to improve oneself, hence, seeking the opportunities to do things that one has never done before. Trying new things would be one of my resolutions. :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Everything ended.'

She said, "You're taking up this part. Learn it well because you're capable." The lady then walked away and I was there trying to figure out what it was that I needed to learn. It was the last scene of the story. I was supposed to wake this person up and then waltz with him... *weird* A friend said, "This success of this play depends on you."

But then, the setting changed. I was in the ocean with a boy and a girl who supposedly are my siblings. We were running away due to the oppression of poor people. Besides, there wouldn't be a future for us girls because we aren't allowed to study, let alone pursuing our dreams in theatre. That was when I realised that we were in the Middle East. I said that I needed to get back. I needed to carry out my role in the last scene before I could leave.

Despite the strong waves, I managed to pull myself out of the water. Dripping wet, I walked towards this big room with so many people in there. Crap. I haven't practiced my part. But then, as I walked towards the crowd of people, there were tears and cries. Someone passed away. She wasn't healthy to begin with but her illness took her life. I cried. She was a close friend. I was in no position to practice that day but the director said I had to. "There are many people out there. If you don't play your part, this play will not be complete," he said.

I ignored him. I find myself running away from the choices I've made. Perhaps I shouldn't have went back? But after thinking it through which was I suppose a few days later, I realised that I was a bit too late when I was running and running with all my might without even feeling tired. I ran as fast as I could but when I heard the cue for me to go in, I was still a distance away. *yeah, everything was on loud speaker* By the time I reached the stage, I could see looks of disappointmen. Everything has ended.



The part which I remember most about the dream is the running part. This is because I realised that every running and thinking I do in my dream occurs in bullet time. Looks like my subconscious is partly in Selectives mood. I went back to sleep after that and had a dream about zombies. =.=

Sunday, December 27, 2009

10 things I'm looking forward to in 2010

The new year is coming in 5 days! (today included) 2010 is the year I've been waiting for. It is the year which will bring about major changes in my life. Besides the short holiday, below are the list of things that I'm waiting for:
  1. My brother's wedding! hahaha...
  2. Going to Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) for Rotations: This is a compulsory thing which happens in 2 semesters, only if you get KKB as your first visit, then your second visit will be to Gombak. It's 4D 3N stay.
  3. My next 3 weeks of holiday which seems to be the only holiday I'll be getting before Semester 5 starts.
  4. Travelling!! Yeap, I have this in mind... before Semester 5 and hoping to plan another with my friends after Semester 5.
  5. My last semester in IMU. Semester 5 is the last hurdle before my friends and I get transferred to a Partner Medical School or Seremban. I'm looking forward to meeting my new housemates. :)
  6. There is no more IMU Cup for me, but there still is one more Orientation, the LAST orientation group for me to be an orientation officer. I've OOed since Semester 2 and I would like to OO a group for the last time.
  7. DANCES... Yeap, but all will be finished by the time Orientation ends. I hope it does not take up too much of my time though. :)
  8. Prom? Perhaps this is exciting too...? I'm never good with crowds. I feel weird, I get weird out...
  9. Taking a LOT more pictures with my friends before we all move on to Phase 2 of our studies be it if they're still going to be in Malaysia with me or not. All for MEMORIES! [You've read that, so, no running away from my camera and I :) ]
  10. Turning 21? I will be of legal age to do more stuff... but it's not like I would. :P
Exams definitely do not fall under the category above.

And with this, I shall begin a new tag which hasn't been done for quite awhile. I hereby tag Ashvini, Joanne, Jene, BeN'Z and Joyce C. Once you're done, let me know so then, I'll know what's up on your side! :)

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas!
Boxing Day is tomorrow and I'm coming back from Penang then! I've got a wedding dinner to attend later today. I can't wait to be back in KL tomorrow! I hope that I will have time to meet up with a few of my friends before my GP Posting starts in January. Well, I also do hope that my friends would have time to spare for me.

Now that I think about it, I have to find the time to go look for houses in Seremban as well... Some say it may be too early, some say that it's the perfect timing. I guess, I'll have to see how things go first. Oh well, enjoy the holidays first while you still can! :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Book: Rage Therapy

Nope, I did not buy this book. I borrowed it from Jene. She reads a lot of novels and I'm trying to spend a bit of my time on this when I have nothing to do. I've been stuck on page 21 for awhile and finally, some progress. :)

I hope I'll finish reading this book soon. It's not very nice to be hanging on to a book for so long, you know what I mean?

Accompanying this book is a bookmark which I got during the Christmas celebration in Uni.
I totally adore the bookmark and appreciate the effort the students have put in. They come in several colours. I got a green one. I have a feeling that next year, I'll have more green, red and orange in my life. :)

It is Christmas eve! What are your plans? This year seem different in many ways for me. Soon, 2009 is coming to an end.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Handmade: Wallet Card #3

update: i thought i made 2 so far.. but it was actually 3...

I made something very simple. It was for a random gift exchange. It is another wallet card and what's different about it is that the words are horizontal this time.

..The front..
..The back..

Well, this card broke my record of time required to make a wallet card! :) I took less than 1 hour to get the whole thing done. This is a Christmas theme and it's all because of the ribbon with snowflakes. I think I have a few more ideas in my mind but it seems as if I don't have the time to get it done.

"May God Bless You Always..."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I was quite happy that I finally finished my report writing and reflection. In fact, I've passed it up. I shared it with a friend. Then, she told me that I got the names wrong. And, when I thought about it, yeah, I did have the names mixed up. Now, it's too late to do anything because I've handed my assignment in already. What was I thinking? No idea...

Note to self: Write essays when your mind is most alert. I know I didn't but I tried my best. I've gotten my Summatives 4 results as well. It was better than expected thanks to Him.

I'm back in my hometown for now... It's the land of cheap and good food, Bukit Mertajam. I will be here for the next couple of days. I haven't got a clue of what my day is going to be like. It's probably going to be a lot of sleeping. But, I'll see I guess. It's good to finally get proper rest. I just hope that it won't be too warm for me. >.<

"A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine. Dog didn't care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his."

-Marley and Me-

Behind the Scenes

Jene wrote a more detailed story than me. =) I was unable to get my hands on clear pictures during the candle dance.

Anyway, here are the behind the scenes... in classes, off classes and during preparations.

This was the last day of our lecture. We had to pick a character and write about the different coloured hats. Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Black and one more which I don't remember. All these different coloured hats have different meaning of which Joanne wrote them down and saved the whole group because we weren't listening exactly. Some represents the good things the character did, the things which brought downfall, the facts we know about the character etc.

I was obviously taking pictures after and before brainstorming. So, I wasn't exactly listening. Guilty I am.
These boys weren't gaming at least.. :P

And then, I discovered something!
Yes, reflection! Sandip = poser :P

Somehow, if you still remember, I mentioned about our meeting times at 10am till 5pm.
I believe this was the first day. Reza practicing his lines.

Then, there was the dying scene.
Ashwin tried to show how it's done but in the end, Jocasta was on the table instead of the floor.

..Teck Han.. ^^ I like this picture!

I did also mention that a few of us went to Ashwin's place to do some recordings for the song. It was on a Sunday. Too bad they couldn't be used because the quality was really bad. In the end, we had one of our batchmates, Jade, to sing for us. There goes the 27 recordings but it was funny...

I didn't expect myself to sing but I did it anyway just for fun. I look constipated when I try to hit really high notes. haha. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I look retarded but still fun ^^
..Me, Nirmal and Jene..
..Lois, Joyce and Teck Han..

Back to uni with 2 days before the play...
..Reza's shadow.. I just thought that it was interesting. I had him to hold still for awhile. :)

During the break time...

..Me and Jene!!..

..The boys gaming..
..Me, Cheryl, Siti.. Just chilling while we still can.
..Naufal.. What was he looking at? Hmm...

..Zac, Afiq and Me.. Listening to some music and singing to some songs ^^

And, this last picture concludes the end of this post and the last update about the play. :) Too much of it makes it boring. If you have any questions about this play, feel free to ask and leave it in the "comments". If I know the answer, I'll definitely tell you about it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Movie: Avatar

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

I watched Avatar last week with Arthur, Lydia, Michael and BeN'Z. By the time we got the tickets, only the first row was available. So, yes, we sat at the very first row and looked up for 2 1/2 hours. I did get a stiff neck after that but the movie was still awesome. The graphics, sound, plot etc were good. I did find some parts a little draggy and some parts a little short but there is a smooth flow in the story line.
Honestly, I thought that this would be one lame movie until I checked out the trailer. Plus, I've always believed that movies that are more than 2 hours are good movies but not necessarily true all the time.
..Jake Sully and his twin brother's avatar..
Looks cool, doesn't it? They did concentrate on the details...
Colonel Quaritch and his so-called armour + weapons. He is the main antagonist.
The air transport in the setting. Trudy was one of the pilots.
Neytiri, a princess of the Na'vi tribe.
..I think this is Norm in his Avatar..

Here's Neytiri again but not in a "gonna attack you anytime" mode.
Jakesulli in search of his ikran.

Jakesulli: How do I know if he chooses me?
Neytiri: It will try to kill you...

[The conversation was something like that but you get the idea.] :)

One of the main point made by the Na'vis is the fact that for everything you do, there must be connection and there is always a flow in energy. The ends of their pleats sometimes creeps me out. But, it is true that without a connection, you can't proceed. I've learnt that giving a chance to try new things and making a connection can make a difference you never knew you could.

You could check out more about this movie here [Wiki source]. Apparently, Leona Lewis sang a song 'I See You' in this movie as well. I finally get why both Neytiri and Jake would always say 'I see you' to each other. =.=

I'd give this movie a 9/10. :) I will definitely want to watch it again, but maybe not seating in the first few rows from the screen.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oedipus the King Play (Part 2)

In my previous post, I wrote something more serious about the play. Now, I'm going to show you the fun and posers! :P

Sandip and Kyan. They weren't really listening to the briefing... hehe...
Nirmal and her candle! Yes, candle for candle dance and entrance. The song we used was 'Conquest of Paradise'. You could have it checked out on youtube if you'd like. :) Nice song and addictive too. I edited the song, so it was shorter.
That's me and Afiq's hardwork on the props. That was the house of King Oedipus. Cool right? But I just don't know why the third pillar seems taller than the other. Previously, it looked fine or proportional. Perhaps I wasn't that observant before that.
..Joanne, Me, June and Angeline..

That was the only time June was in her costume because before that, she was in shorts and sweater.
..Me and Jene..

My partner in writing the paired essay and helping me with dance choreography. She came up with the ballet part. :) She's awesome.
..Sandip and Farhan..

I always believe that when a boy gets his hand on a sword, he will somehow give a pose as such.

..Teck Han with Teresias's snake staff..

..Vernie and Fatin..

Vernie was listening to Ashwin's briefing and Fatin with the spray. :) I guess I took it at the right time eh!
..Akmal and Navin..

What goes around comes around... This was what happened after the whole chorus walked around the library with our hoods up and Navin asking the way to Azkaban. Hilarious really. In the library, the boys then dragged Ashwin (director) from his seat. It was fun. We had everyone's attention in promoting the play. Tarunan blew my cover after he said, "Hey Esther!" out loud. Well, Navin's cover was blown as well. Haha. Good times.

Look out for 'Behind the scenes'!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oedipus the King Play (Part 1)

Let me introduce you to the whole group of students who played a role in making the play! I've learnt a lot during the last 3 weeks. I learnt to be patient, to challenge myself and to be a team player. When there is more than 30 students, it is essential to figure out how one can be of help without obstructing the work of others. One thing which I was unable to achieve was punctuality. I was always late but despite that fact, I was one of the earliest ones to arrive.
It's a big group!
Ashwin (director) and Ms Sheba (advisor)

We even had booklets of our casts! ^^ I thought it was cool that we managed to make so many things. I really hope that I'll be able to get a copy of the recording soon.
Timothy and Jae Ric. They were in charge of the lights. I was kind of worried because the back of one of the lights cracked. So, did the glass but not shattered. That was because the light overheated.. :S
Joanne and Zac! She sang and played her composed song on the keyboard. He played the electric guitar and acted as King of Elis who cursed King Laius.
Sandip (King Laius) and Angeline (Oracle). They both did an awesome job. They were very "into" their character. :)
Backstage crew helping the sphinx with her props, make up etc.
Reza as King Oedipus and Alex as Creon, the brother-in-law and the messenger. He played two roles.
Leon, Me, Lydia and Arthur. That's half of Slide Out. :)
The Chorus members :)