Sunday, November 30, 2008


As you can see from my title, I'm getting bored but I'm not complaining about the boredom. I totally love the fact that I still have nothing to do and nothing to worry about for now. :) My internet connection is still pms-ing. I think I'm going to have writer's block soon. :S Well, I've been to MidValley yesterday and 1 Utama today. I'll be going to Sunway Pyramid tomorrow.

I've finally watched Iron Man and The Mummy- Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Call me slow, but hey, I didn't have the time then but I have the time now. I've also been filling up my days with Season 5 of House and Grey's Anatomy. Yes, I still do follow the series. I'm still awaiting Season 2 of Private Practice and Season 3 Heroes Episode 11! I'm waiting to watch Pulse and Pulse 2. I have 3 more episodes of Season 2 Supernatural to watch. I haven't watch The Dark Knight. Yeap, I haven't.

Have you been keeping in touch with your friends? I think I talk to the same people nearly everyday. I started asking myself...What if I stopped messaging them to ask about how their days have been? What if I just finally decided to disappear for awhile? Would there be a difference? Well, I asked Chia Sin about that and she told me that she wouldn't worry about it because if I'm updating my blog, it means I'm okay. haha. Well, how about those who don't read my blog? Would it matter? Still, it is a question that you can ask yourself... Would you know that something had happened to you friend? *touchwood touchwood*

Still, I wonder how everyone is doing. I called Ben the other day and was asking what he was up to. The usuals.

Me: It's good to know that you're still here and not disappeared.
Ben: I wanted to...
Me: Then, why not?
Ben: Oh, cos my mum don't let.
Me: *laughing hysterically on the phone*
Ben: Hey... Don't give me that laugh.. >.<
Me: ^^

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sales. Fitting rooms. Patience.

I came across an article. I Wanna Hold Your Hand. It's interesting sometimes, how something that is small to you may be something that is big to another person.

Anyway, I went to MidValley today and as most of you guys have noticed, the Sales has started. Up to 70% discount in most of the outlets, you'll see a river of people in shoe stores (nope, it hasn't reached an ocean). Want to know what I saw? I saw two men standing outside the shoe store and conversing in Cantonese. One of them were saying something like 'Look at all these women in one shoe store. Oh my goodness.' I was thinking, 'What do you expect? Shoes. Discounts. *knock knock*' I guess there were many people who were in a good mood for shopping.

I went to Metrojaya. I was looking for a pair of black pants which suits me nicely. I thought I found it and went to the fitting room. I saw a queue of people. Oh well, I'll just wait then. I was bored as well and so I looked at the clothes that this lady hanged over the door. Let's say 2 tops- A and B. Then, 2 pants- C and D. This was how she tried her clothes.

1. Own top + C
2. Own top + D
3. A + Own bottom
4. B + Own bottom
5. A + C
6. B + C
7. A + D
8. B + D

Then, I thought, *yay!* she has finished all the combinations that she could possibly think off. She's coming out now... I can have the fitting room now. ^^ But, nooo.... she was still in there rethinking and retrying her combinations. =.= I can't say 'Women... =.=' because I am one myself. So, what the heck? I went to another fitting room.

In front of me was a Malay girl with her mother. She only had 1 garment in her hand. So, I figured, she won't take long. My mum was waiting with me. Behind me, was another Malay lady. We stood there for a pretty long time as well. Long enough for us to (gossip) talk about the other ladies inside. :P Imagine this. 3 ladies commenting, laughing, and trying on each other's clothes. I found it inconsiderate because the queue was getting longer and they were practically hogging the fitting room.

I was still the 2nd in line. After another girl came out from the 2nd fitting room (well, there was only 2), I was the 1st in line. By the time I got out and the Malay lady behind me went in, the ladies were still in the fitting room. Still laughing. Still doing their own thing. I know it's not wrong if people just want to enjoy themselves... splurge on some items but is there ever a line that has to be drawn? I was just thinking about it. Is there anything that we could do such as knocking and telling them politely that there are a lot more people outside who are waiting to try their garments?

So, I guess during a Sale, you've just got to be more patient in everything including finding car parks and driving on the road. Patience truly is a virtue. I'll be going to 1 Utama tomorrow. I have no idea what I should expect but I hope it's not more waiting outside fitting rooms.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Freaky coincidence?

Have you ever dreamt about something which bothers you? What if you woke up and see the frontpage which seemed familiar?

Last night, I couldn't sleep well. I remember tossing and turning. I remember that I nearly fell off the bed. I even wondered when I woke up had there been an earthquake or something. But then, I went back to sleep and dreamt. It was not a very nice dream. I dreamt that I was attending a function and I was in this hotel. I dreamt that I was going to go back to my room but then, it was weird as I seemed to be stopping at nearly every floor.

There were people coming in and out of the elevator in their suits and badges. I didn't notice anything at first but as the elevator door opens, I'd see more people. More crowds and more blood. I thought it was a little weird at first. So, I decided to step out of the elevator and see what was going on. I was not horrified to see so many dead bodies. I don't know why. Was there a mass murder? Well, I have no idea but it did seem like it... I remember that I was even wearing formal clothes. For what purpose? I have no idea.

I got ready and drove my mum and aunt to the hospital. I messaged my friend and told him about the weird dream I had. Well, that's what I usually do anyway. Tell a friend or two about the weird dreams I have and then, try to forget about it. While waiting for them to get their check ups done, my aunt gave bought me the Star newspaper so that I wouldn't be bored. Something on the newspaper caught my attention. I wondered why would there be a big picture with dark backgrounds? Did something happen to the economy or something? I read the headlines 'Terror in Mumbai- At least 125 massacred, 300 hurt in attack by militants'.

The first thing that was in my head was 'What is going on in this world?' Hold on a second... A hotel... death... dead bodies? o.O Freaky coincidence because I thought I had a dream about something like this yesterday night.

Well, if it wasn't freaky for you, it was definitely freaky for me. Dreams are so complicated.

I do want to learn more about it one day... How do they come about and why? How is it that people can remember their dreams and that they can be coloured while some are in black and white? Is there a limit to how many dreams a person can dream and is there a way to prevent dreams from occuring? I guess these are questions which I'll answer if I have nothing to do during my free time... :]

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


You're probably wondering where I've been. Why haven't I been updating?

Well, I will be very soon. I've been caught up with matters of my own and also have been watching some movies, and series but I wouldn't want to be writing movie reviews all the time, right? Perhaps, you could say that I'm waiting for something amazing to happen. Perhaps, you could say that I'm waiting for the right mood to settle in to write another blog post. Perhaps, I'm just waiting for the right thing to happen at the right time.

I don't know what I'm waiting for. But, I know I'm waiting for something. I'm just waiting... As weird as it may sound, but I guess that's it.

I will be updating this really soon. :]

Friday, November 21, 2008


I was out with my mum this morning. I drove to different places, side parked... Today's my second day driving without my mum telling me where to go and how to do it. It won't be long before I start driving alone to uni etc. *bangga* :D

So, today, I did go to uni to borrow a couple of books and I met up with Thomas, JJ and Ric. Then, we headed to MidValley to watch 'Quarantine', a horror zombie movie. :S A few years ago, I would never step into the cinema to watch a movie of this kind. Somehow, I decided to try again this year. Well, considering its genre, its a pretty good movie with continuous action that doesn't leave you wondering about what's coming next. I know that the guys were pretty cool about it. Some scenes were funny, some scenes were stupid, most of them were scary for me. Honestly, I did thought about leaving the cinema but before I knew it, it ended.

On one side, I'd hear laughter, on the other, a calm person just eating popcorn. And the person next to him? He'll be enjoying the shocking scenes, thrill and effects. As for me, I was fidgeting as usual. Yes, there were a couple of screams *looks away*, not a lot on adrenaline but a lot of shortness of breath. What's scary? It is the look that these people have, their eyes, teeth and behaviour. It is how one person spreads the infection to another. Another thing that is scary is the violence. I don't handle violence well. So, yeah, I was moving A LOT. And, I covered my eyes A LOT. But someone kept pushing my hands away so that I'll watch the whole movie.

What is this movie about? It's about a virus which infects all the residents in the building. It starts with one. Then, it spreads to another. Slowly, everyone is either infected, or dies in gruesome ways. There are many types of people of different age, nationality, jobs. If you decide to watch it, go with a group of friends and not just a couple.

This movie affected me a lot in how I think and see things. It has brought me to a few realisations, knowing more about what I fear and accepting the fact that some things are true while some aren't. You may say 'It's just a movie...' but it's not as simple as that because behind every movie, there is a message. This one doesn't say much about zombies but it tells of love... for a friend, a family member- daughter, father, dog... This one tells about life and death. For a medical student like me, it reminded me a lot about work: bronchitis, CDC, viruses and standard protocol for emergency treatment.

While we were on our way to MidValley, we talked about what we would want to specialize in. I said it's most probably going to be Paediatrics, Surgery or Psychiatry. During the movie, I was more terrified than ever to think about how I would handle myself had I been in the shoes of those researchers or doctors. But, what the heck... When the time comes, it'll come and hopefully, I'll know what to do then. So, after the movie, we went back to uni. I helped out in drawing and cutting snowflakes with this super cool gadget of which I do not know the name but it cuts polysterene. :)

Today was a sh*tty day for after the movie until a couple of minutes ago. (Mind you, I think I took quite a while before knowing what I want to write. It's 1.54am now.) I told Arthur that I couldn't think of happy things because all in my mind was morbid, death, blood, weird teeth/fangs, scary eyes. If I think about happy cartoon cows in the meadow eating grass, its probably because they're awaiting their death and just having their last meal before they end up suffering. If I think about stuffed animals, it'll be walking teddies with knife in their hand or one eye popped out. I guess you get my point but that was then.

Right now, I'm feeling a whole lot better and I can imagine the rainbows appearing and the dark clouds which caused all the lightning went away. There comes the sun shining tonight, in my mind... :) And yeah, I don't feel crappy right now. I hope I'll a good sleep and I will continue watching the movies remaining in my laptop. The next time I watch a horror movie? Well, I'll definitely have to think twice, take beta-blockers or something. hehe. I guess I'll be okay. It's all in your mind and it depends on how you want to take it. As for me, I'm really tired now and I don't want to think about anything. My eyes hurt and they're tired. ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

6 Things About 6 Things

For those who chat with me online, you'd probably notice how my msn is pms-ing. Ignatius calls it the acute multiple broadband disconnections. Oh well, life's been good. I like staying at home, managing the laptop while lying on the bed. :) But I also like window shopping, walking the whole day and looking at things. I have so many things to write. Bear with me, if you would. :)

This time, Joon Heng tagged me. 6 things about 6 things.

[1] 6 things I'm passionate about

i. Dancing

I've been dancing since I was young- ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading. It was just recently that I learnt breakdancing and I'm not improving at that. I do however have interest for latin dances and I want to try Tango. Dancing is enjoyable when someone comes up with the steps and all you have to do is just learn it and present it at your best. Choreographing is the hard part but dancing becomes more enjoyable when you can choreograph to your satisfaction, style and teach others. If I have a chance, I would really like to try contemporary as well... I may not be able to finish what I've started and may not reach the high levels but to me, it doesn't really bug me because I love dancing! Every dance is a challenge; the flow and coordination to other moves and to the music; every detail and strength of each move. I'm starting sound like a nerd.. =.=

ii. Korean Dramas/Movies/Music

I love the dramas and the music. It all started with Winter Sonata and Autumn In My Heart. Those two are classics. Then, there was Full House which made its big hit. My personal favourite would be Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. Of course there are long series such as Jewel In The Palace which had 3 volumes and Hwang Jini (which is related to Korean culture in traditional dance and music) As for movies, I have so many favourites! Love, So Divine, My Sassy Girl, Virgin Snow (which has both Japanese and Korean elements as well as art) and many more... Umm, as for music, I love Se7en, TVXQ, Epik High (I'm yet to get hold of their full albums), Big Bang and a few more. :) Original Soundtracks, yes, I have them and I like most of them as well. I'm not a Korean wannabe or anything but it is something that I like to listen or watch. I'm not a weirdo. I bet you have your own interest as well, right?

iii. Art

When I have the mood, I'll design and make things. I've been designing cheerleading uniforms since I was in Form 4. I love making cards, bookmarks, wallet cards etc. I like experimenting and using different materials to make things. I'm a noob in most things because I hardly get inspiration to do well. The truth is, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a fashion designer but when I grew up, I found my way to Science and since I didn't want to lose the artistic part, I resort to making stuff. I'm not good with painting or drawing. I'm never good with colour pencils or crayons. I used to wonder why I'm the weird one in school but I guess I find passion in other fields of art. If you put me in an art gallery, I don't think I'll move from that building. When Kor Woi and Natasha showed me this art shop in Gardens, I spent hours over there. Like what JJ would put it, 'It's heaven for Esther'.

iv. Blogging

My friends who don't blog would think that I'm a blogging freak. But I'm proud to be a blogger. Because it's not easy being one. I believe that the biggest responsibility of a blogger would be maintaining his/her blog and that is a problem for most bloggers because they think that it is time consuming. It's true. Statistics has shown it before. I wrote an essay for my English assignment last year on blogging. Until today, I'm still very happy and to an extent proud of it because I've placed hell lot of effort in it. That assignment led me to meeting my favourite Malaysian author, Lydia Teh as well as other successful authors. I think... like every blogger, we love blogging for a few reasons. This blog used to be a place where I'd pen down memories; my happiness and unhappiness; my boredom. It used to be a place where I'll leave all my complains. Then, came the serious blogging of using proper English and practicing to write and express. Still, I'm not one of the best writers but I'm glad I've gotten to this stage of being able to write what I think. Few years ago, I'd write about looking back and reading what I've written. Few years later (now), I've seen what I've written and boy oh boy was my English horrible and I don't remember half of what I've posted before.

v. Movies

Especially those related to students/teenagers. If there's a movie about talent, I'd be there! For example, ice-skating- Ice Princess; music- Raise Your Voice; cheerleading- Bring It On, Bring It On Again, Bring It On- All or Nothing, Bring It On- In It To Win It etc. I think you get the idea. Yes, I like movies with effects (be it magical or not) such as Harry Potter, Mr. Magorium Wonder Emporium, Night At The Museum. If there are animations or Pixar movies, I'll be there too! Meet the Robinsons, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille etc. I'm looking forward to watch Igor! :D

vi. Sports/Games

Ice-skating! Darts, chess, pool (well, I have the interest but still a noob XD) I'm hoping to try rock climbing one day. I'm planning to go ice-skating a couple more times before uni starts again. :)

[2] 6 books I read recently

i. I'm Not Sick, Just A Bit Unwell- Life with Neurofibromatosis

ii. Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less (one of my favourites)

iii. A Long Way Gone

That's it. I haven't been into reading really. But there are 3 novels awaiting me :) which I would soon add to the list.

- The Last Empress
- The Other Side Of The Story
- Mayada, Daughter of Iraq

[3] 6 songs/albums I can listen to over and over again

I'm probably going to list more than 6 songs but I will list the 6 artist to those different songs.

i. Secondhand Serenade: Fall For You, Vulnerable, Your Call and many more...

ii. Scouting For Girls: She's So Lovely, Heartbeat, The Airplane Song and many more...

iii. The Script: The Man Who Can't Be Moved

iv. Switchfoot: Let Your Love Be Strong, Yesterdays

v. Selena Gormez: Tell Me Something I Don't Know

vi. Se7en: I Know, Passion

[4] 6 things I have learnt this past year

i. Anything can happen. No matter how impossible/mismatched things are, there is always a possibility of it happening; of it becoming a successful thing; of it becoming the best thing that has ever happened to you.

ii. Somethings are worth fighting for. If you knew me last year, I would say, don't fight for things. But as you can see, I've changed my mind. If you want something and you know you must get it, fight for it. For example, the Astro remote control in the student lounge if you want to watch something other than sports or the air-conditioner remote control if you want the room temperature to not be so cold nor too warm. ( ",) If you don't succeed the first time, try try again. :P

iii. When you're enthusiastic/passionate about something, you can make the people around you feel enthusiastic/passionate as well.

iv. Exam period is an emo period, but with the right company, you can de-emonize the atmosphere and make learning fun instead of studying just to pass exams. I remember EATing Cocaine. Haha, not the real cocaine anyway. It was just a way to remember the indirect adrenergic agonist which are Ephedrine, Amphetamine, Tyramine, Cocaine.

v. Walking in heels is not easy but do-able. I needed the courage to walk around in uni in heels and stand back up, pretending like nothing happened after a couple of falls. Imagine hip hop in heels. I'm so proud of Bombshe11. :)

vi. The university is a scary place when there are no students. I remember going to uni with Chia Sin and JJ during the Raya Holidays and it was really scary, especially the PBL rooms because the guards would switch off the lights everytime we switch it on. Hence, the 'hallway' is extremely dark although its just afternoon.

[5] 6 valuable things I own

Actually, I don't own any. They were all lent to me by God. Imagine when we leave this place, we don't bring them along with us. Everything that God gave me is valuable and I mean EVERYTHING. So, 6 valuable things that I hold close to me...

i. My memories with my family: as a child and a sister.

ii. My memories with my friends- with close friends, best friends, normal friends and someone. :)

iii. My memories and experiences as a teenager, student and a friend.

iv. My gadgets: laptop- where all my pictures, music, movies, series are... ;cellphone- after my previous cell died on me, I'm appreciating the one I have now. I'm just waiting to get the other fixed because all my contacts are in there. :S ;iPod- must have in uni because when there's nothing to do, I listen to music while studying.

v. Everything related to knowledge: My books, notes, brother's notes...

vi. My cow. :)

[6] 6 bloggers I tag

i. Joanne
ii. Faye
iii. Lilian
iv. Kar Men
v. Sin Yee
vi. Jasmine

Finally, I've finished writing. I have no idea how long I took to write this. I'm a slow writer. The time now is 8.14pm. So, compare it to the time when I started writing this. o.O I guess I didn't know what to write, and I think too much.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

'The Accidental Husband'

It was a movie that was recommended to me by Jae Ric. Released this year, it is a romantic comedy. It is about a lady who has done many research in human relationships and she has her own radio show. While she gives advice to other women about their relationships, the last one made her life more interesting. Why so?

Well, she caused two people to not get married and somehow, she was married virtually, as a payback by the fireman (who was dumped). This lady was about to get married herself and found out that she has been married to someone she doesn't know. The plot builds up as she travels to find the fireman and get him to sign the divorce papers (if I'm not wrong). Since she was a famous person herself, other people thought that the fireman was her fiance when it wasn't true.

There are a few funny moments as well and what I like most about this movie is that the Indian culture is blended into it as well. The fireman also acted as Danny in Grey's Anatomy. The patient who Izzie liked. Soon, the lady began to realise that the person who she actually likes is not who she thought it was. Just like most romantic comedies, there will be conflict between the two individuals. They argue. They realise something. They make up. Finally, happily ever after.

Still, it is a nice movie. Something nicer than 'Serendipity'. Jae Ric and I agree on this one. A line from the movie which sticks in my mind though is 'You can't find something when you don't know what you're looking for.' It's interesting how she talks about relationships. She was always so confident until asked by a listener 'What if you're wrong?'

That's about it I guess about this movie. I sure do left a lot of details because it's nicer to find out for yourself. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

'Children of Huang Shi'

Everyone seem to have something to do- a trip to go for, a function to attend, a meet up, movies or dramas to watch. As for me, I've been reading blogs, sleeping, dreaming, thinking about what to blog about and watching movies. I'm bored with online chatting because there's nothing to talk about. :l

The last movie which I watched was 'Children of Huang Shi'. It a story about a reporter's life during the war. The setting was in China. It was when the Japanese invaded China. This reporter was nearly killed in Nanjing but was saved by the Chinese. His friend who went to Nanjing with him was killed and he could not get home to get married. His new friend (the guy who saved him) and the doctor suggested that he goes to Huang Shi which was located further north from where they were as he would be safer there.

In Huang Shi, the reporter meets a group of children. He thought the building was a school. Little did he know, it was actually an orphanage. It was later, that he was told that it's an orphanage. Every children had their own story and traumatic experience. As the doctor visits him and the children once again, she pursuaded him to stay and care for the children- to show them warmth; to teach them to care for others and show that they are not alone. It was over time that the children opened up to him. The reporter, himself, also learned Mandarin.

However, it wasn't safe after the Japanese invasion reaches nearer to Huang Shi. The reporter decided that it was safer for the children in a place, across the mountains and Yellow River. I believe this is still part of the Exposition of the plot. The journey was over 3 months and the children travelled for more than 300 miles. As they reached a city, they were aided by the minister who provided transport for another 200 miles of travel.

In the beginning, I thought that the story was a gruesome one due to the killing. But then, it became a touching one as the reporter was patient in helping to improve the children's lives. There were also some moments which were sad to see the children see their parents dying in front of them or as they lose a friend.

It's a nice movie to watch. I wouldn't mind watching it again. I'll give it a 4 out of 5. :) But one thing's for sure, it's not a theme that I normally watch- war stories.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is part of an email which Lydia sent to me and I find it really meaningful. Most of you might have came across it but I still want to share it. :)

What would you do if every time you fell in love with someone you had to say good-bye?
What would you do if every time you wanted someone they would never be there?

What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of sadness?
What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt?
What would you do if you loved someone more than anything else and you could never have them?

Some people live and some people die.

But I want to tell you I love you and you are a true friend...

That I will always be here for you when and if you need me...
If I died tomorrow, you would be in my heart forever.

Would I be in yours?
You might be best friends one year, pretty good friends the next year, don't talk that often the next year, and don't want to talk at all the year after that.
So, I just wanted to say, even if I never talk to you again in my life, you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.

I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you.
Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting results...

I told myself to stay up all night and not sleep. As I started to freak out, I called and talked to Ben on the phone; and Chia Sin, online. I wondered. There were many 'What ifs...' I'm sure the thought was also lingering on the minds of many of my other batchmates. Who wouldn't be nervous to know their results? Who wouldn't be scared or excited?

Since I couldn't sleep and since some people slept as early as 9.30 pm, I decided to watch 'The Red Violin'. It's a movie. A story about a violin which was falls into hands of different talented people of different age and nationality. Each, telling a different story with conflicts and suspense of their own. There was a child with a weak heart, a music composer who is a sex addict, a communist who had to throw her dreams away, and how it ended in the auction in the present time. By the time I finished the movie, I was really exhausted and just slept soundly. No weird dreams. No bad dreams.

I woke up at 9am. Results was released at 10am. As I reached the uni, I saw many of my batchmates. Some with happy expressions, some with stoning looks. I waited for Chia Sin and we headed to MPH. Our batchmates told us to not freak out if we see two pieces because one of the is the PBL remarks where as the other is the result slip. My heart was beating fast but I still managed to keep calm. As I approached the door, and see three staffs sitting with results in boxes in their hands, I don't feel my heart beating fast anymore. My mind blanked out. I feel the calmness. I don't feel my heart beating. Just a heartless feeling.

As I told the lady my student ID and signed the paper, I took my results and stood near Wei Chin. I wasn't really trembling but I was really scared. I was careful as I tore the paper slowly. What comes, comes... I thought that since it was just one slip, it SHOULD be a pass. I opened the slip. And there is was, so many grades. I just had to find and look at the 'Overall'. It was a B. I passed. I was relieved. There has been a lot of contributing factors to why I didn't put in a lot of effort. My mum told me that I've taken a big risk and it's true. However, this is a risk that I wouldn't want to take again.

Everyone in the group that I hang out with passed. Most of the friends that I know, passed too... :) After getting the results, I played pool in the student lounge just to realise how lousy I am. Well, there were small chats here and there as well. I ended up napping in the student lounge before heading to MidValley with JJ, Jae Ric, Chia Sin and Paige. We were going to watch 'Quarantine' but then, the movies were at 12midnight! We changed our plans to Madagascar 2 but there were no seats for the time that we wanted. So, we ended up bowling.

I do not like bowling. But after the last time, thanks to Jae Ric who taught me how to bowl, I don't dislike it that much but I must say, it is a sport that hurts. :S I remember an embarrassing moment though. As I swung the bowling ball behind, it slipped off my fingers and started rolling behind instead. I was like 'Oh, crap.' >.< JJ stopped the ball and the next few words that he said was 'What the heck?!' Jae Ric didn't say much. :D So, every time I swung the ball, I had to be careful to not let history repeat itself.

It was two good days of fun- days spent with friends before they head back to their hometown. It will be quite a long time before we see each other again. Jan 5th will be when we're starting our third semester. We're officially Sem 3 students now (as long as we pay our fees by 22nd December). This is when the real thing begins. Be it whether you're a student who did A Levels, SAM, STPM or Foundation, we're all equal. The past 2 semesters weren't easy but seeing that most of my friends who did SAM survived, the advice given were quite true. You've just got to work harder because you didn't study that much.

So, Happy Holidays! I'll miss you guys definitely... I hope that we'll meet up someday along the holidays. 7 weeks! Cherish it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Sunway Pyramid

Well, I went ice-skating with JJ and Chia Sin. :) Jae Ric went karaoke-ing with Jade, Leon and Rudy and we bumped into Reza, Shu Yi, Mei Han and a couple others. Excited I was as I stepped into the rink. It was difficult as first. I felt as if there was something wrong with my right skate but after a while, I got used to it. Skating was quite fun actually. On the ice, you don't think about results. On the ice, it was just about enjoying the cold wind in your face as you skate faster and faster. Sometimes, you have to be careful to not bump into people.

There were a lot of kids that day and there was a small boy who fell in front of me. As he fell, his hands were stretched out, with fingers just right in front of me. I screamed alright because I didn't know how I could avoid it since I didn't know how to stop. I only know how to slow down. Thank goodness, (I have no idea where my reflexes came from) I managed to avoid his fingers by a few inches and skated side ways. I nearly lost balance myself.

I also met up with my friend from high school and we talked for about half an hour. :) It was a good feeling being able to meet up with her. There's just far too many memories between the two of us. Silly things we did and the fights we had. The boys. The drama. The likes and dislikes. What can I say? We keep each other updated. ;)

Anyway, I got back to skating after that and the ice wasn't as dry as it was before. There was more water. But, it was okay. When you have friends to do the same thing as you, you'll find that it's more enjoyable for sure.





After that, I had cheese baked rice. It was recommended to me by Chia Sin and it's turned out to be nice. Then, we went for a movie GP 506. It's a Korean movie. We thought it'd be a scary zombie movie but there wasn't a lot of action. The infected people were scary though. The make up I mean. I feel so grossed out seeing how violent they are. There were a lot of flashbacks and it makes the movie confusing sometimes. Since there were so many flashbacks, I nearly dozed off.

Note to self: Bring a jacket along for the next movie.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just another...



weird encounter...



I'm not emo. :)
I'm just bored...

Monday, November 10, 2008

The pseudo-crisis

[Long post ahead...]

Well, I was facing quarter-life crisis. While I just turned 19 more than a month ago, I was thinking long and hard what I'm going to do before I enter adulthood. I was in a dilemma of not knowing what I want. I believe that friends who are 20 and above are pre-adults and they definitely make more sense. They have more experience in life just by a year but one year can make a lot of difference. But before I enter that stage, I still want to have fun and need not worry about the responsibilities that I would need to bear in future.

Nevertheless, when you start hanging out with people who are older than you, you'll tend to think and act more maturely. But, that isn't always. Sometimes, those who are older than you can be more kiddy than you are for the fun of it. Anyway, as I've set my goals and know what I want, I was looking forward to a great year. While I'm at legal age to do some things, I won't... But one thing that I felt relieve about was whenever I go to the movies, and look at the 18+ Sign, I'll be thinking 'Hey, I'm 19. I can watch that movie!'. As bimbotic as it may sound, it has never really occured to me that I could have done that last year.

Maybe because I've been going out more often in Semester 2 as compared to Semester 1. When I was turning 18, I've decided that I would study hard in IMU and be a cheerleader. I remember spending my holidays designing the cheerleading uniforms, finding for cheerleading mixes and even got to know a couple of seniors so that I can turn to them whenever I have questions. :) Who would have thought that so many other things would take place? Such as the Dance Competition, HIV/AIDS Conference, Butterfly Project, Fund Raising for other events, Darts, Track n Field...

Therefore, next year, will be another amazing year. My motto, no matter what is 'Make An Impact... because you CAN.' I wonder what's up next year. I would love to try hiking and continue to breakdance. I hope I can perfect something new. But before all that, I want to gain strength and stamina. Who doesn't? I want to continue to raise awareness, if I can... on anything, I guess. There's nothing in particular yet. I want to tutor, if I have the time and if I can manage myself well as well. I want to improve myself in any way I can and be a friend/listener. Most importantly, I want to pass all my exams. :) And that my friends would too... It would be great to have the same company when I go to Seremban.

Well, these guys surprised me with Doughnuts. It was really difficult to blow all 19 candles. Some weren't just candles, they're spark-like. And I've got the glass chess set. Speaking about chess, Benedict, if you're reading this, you still OWE me a game! I'm WAITING!!!
From left: JJ, Me, Lydia, Arthur in the PBL room. JJ and I were studying. Lydia and Arthur had class that very morning. I remember that JJ was sleeping most of the time! while I found it difficult to concentrate. Summatives was then, in 10 days? I was writing messages for a couple of people.
3 people, brought together by the same determination to study in one university. Who would have thought that we'd still stick together since orientation until now. It's true that you'll usually hang out with your Ori-mates more than the others. Strange, because I don't re-call Lydia telling me about Spasms in Sem2 like how she would sit beside me and talk about the spasms because of information overload in a day. Nilesh Kumar's lectures were big loads. EVERYTHING IS STILL IMPORTANT!

That's me on Sunday. The night before, I was chatting with JJ until the wee hours of the morning. I believe I was complaining a lot (what I usually do and forget about what I complaint about) and was sort of arguing online as well. I read somewhere that Creative Arguing is good ... when two people care about each other =.= So, is creative arguing good or not? But as I quote my friend 'For PEACE sake...' and say what I normally say, 'Just give in...'

'Gu' means 'cow' in Hokkien. =.= I know you're probably wondering why it's there on the cake, instead of my name. Lets just say it's something between my brother and I. [I'm so gonna have the person to write 'Fish' on his cake. >.<]

Just yesterday, Arthur created his Facebook account and Lydia tagged me in a lot of orientation pictures. It makes me think and miss all those times. Orientation was fun. The skits. The dances. The activities. I even injured myself then. It was mild though. Lucky me. :D People kept telling us, Group 11, that we were lucky to have them as our OOs. We probably don't know how great they were but we know that with them, we had a great time.

I don't remember who proposed that we should dance in heels. >.< My first time dancing hip hop, and first time, in heels! It was also my first time choreographing and dancing with a partner. Lydia's socks probably did the trick and helped us gained marks for Dresscode. :D Aaahh! How I miss orientation! Do you know which one is my feet? I believe Lydia's feet is beside mine and opposite of hers is Sharon. Which one is Lilian, Mae Yue, Tham and Sharlini?

This was the picture taken a couple of days ago during our pseudo-baseball and pseudo-softball game. From left: CS, Ben, Ric, JJ, Jo and Me.

Last picture for the day would be us in dresses. :D And I quote Chia Sin 'I didn't know that we could be so crazy to do these things.' Well, I didn't either. I totally adore that dress! I saw another dress in Robinsons today. It was white with black and purple flowers. I totally ADORE it but they don't have my size. What's left was XXLs. :( I should check regularly if they have new stocks. I soooo love their dresses. Last year, I wanted to get the dress which was also white but had yellow, light blue and dark blue prints. I guess, I love prints a lot because they look bright and cheerful to me (depending on the colour as well, of course).

Christmas is near. I hope new stocks are coming in soon. I hope that there will be another Sale soon. :) Who's going shopping? Let me know! I've walked the whole of MidValley today, including Gardens and I couldn't find something that I like. No shoes nor clothes. I bumped into Kor Woi, Natasha, Zia and Ashwini... :) They brought me to a shop. A place where you can find ALL types of ART stuff. :D I spent more than an hour there. It was like heaven for me. I ended up buying a few materials. :D

I can't wait for this Wednesday. Not only will I be out doing a couple of stuff, I'll be meeting my best friend from high school, Asha! I hope that all goes well and that I'll be able to meet her...

Saturday, November 08, 2008


I went back to Bkt. Mertajam yesterday. I came back to KL today. How was it?

I stayed at home the whole day since there was nothing to do. According to Arthur, I violated 2 laws of travelling:

1. Bring your laptop wherever you go especially if you have unwatched movies etc.
2. Bring your cellphone charger even though it is just for one day that you are away.

...and those two laws did I violate.

Seriously, I thought that I wouldn't need my charger as I had 3 bars full but I didn't foresee myself on the phone in times of boredom, talking to Arthur, Jeremy, Chia Sin and Benedict. I was going to bug Lydia but I had to conserve my remaining battery for something (or rather, someone...).

On the other hand, I'm glad that the tv at home receives reception for 8tv because that night, I was watching Ghost Whisperer! I also watched 'Haunted Office' with my dad. I didn't know what got into me then, but somehow, I sort of regretted after awhile because I don't like watching horrors. For the record, I didn't sleep by myself in the room that is furthest away on the other end of the house. :) Go figure.

I had a good dinner. Curry crab and otak-otak. Nope, it's not brains. I hope I'll have a good sleep too.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

=.=lll !!!

...8 more days [excluding today]...

I saw Jae Ric, Jeremy and Chia Sin. I saw Navin and a couple of other familiar faces. We were walking towards a room. In one hand, I was carrying my big black file with all of my Semester 2 notes in it. My other hand was holding my stationeries. I wondered, "Where are we all going?"

I tried to recall what happened earlier. Oh right... We just sat for all three papers, SAQ, OBA and OSPE. But, what on earth am I doing in this room?

I looked around and saw my batchmates looking through their notes as if they were doing last minute studying. I asked Navin, "Why are you studying? Isn't EOS over?" And he told me, "No, you must be dreaming. There's one more paper to sit for. It is an additional paper to boost your marks for EOS just in case you fail."

Oh my gosh! I had no idea. I don't recall being told that there will be 4 papers. So, I opened my file and I started studying. There it was, the Immunology lecture on MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex). Just like the others, I was also self-absorbed in reading and doing last minute cramming. It's not like I don't know anything about MHC but I guess its good to have reinforcements. As I read to myself, "There are 3 Classes of MHCs. MHC I binds to CD8+ while MHC II bings to CD4+..." I looked up and I saw my friends already left.

I was the only one left in the room, trying to study while my friends have probably gone for the paper or something. I walked around and see fire on some buildings and some students being captured by weird-looking creatures. Some students were lashed while some students tried to escape but were killed. Somehow I found my ability to fly but the ability doesn't come just like that. I had to imagine and let go. It is a complex process.

And so, I flew and hid myself behind a couple of buildings. I saw Jae Ric who was at a canteen. It seemed that the university has taken hostage of students who refused to sit for the additional paper. I asked him where the others were. He told me that Jeremy, Chia Sin and Joanne has escaped successfully. The Dental Students did not have to sit for this additional paper. Well, fair enough since they have Dental Science papers to sit for. I thought its good because at least my Dental friends wouldn't be tortured.

There's not a lot of time to waste. The fire was spreading rapidly and the university still would not let the students go. The only way to go is to fly. Since I couldn't see other students in the thick smoke, I tried to save Jae Ric from the evil place. I tried to fly but I couldn't. I pushed harder from the ground but I still could not fly. Its like when I panic, I couldn't do anything.

I tried to calm down and found myself floating. I thought of happy memories and I found myself going up and up, higher and higher... Saving Jae Ric and joining the others who were hiding in the woods. But then after that, I blacked out.

When I came to my conscience again, I could feel the wind in my face and the comfort of where I'm lying. Ah... how nice is this place. If only I don't need to go back to uni anymore and just stay here. I opened my eyes. I'm in my room.

Shoot! Did I miss a paper? What paper was it? Oh crap, oh crap...! I think I didn't sit for a paper. But that can't be right. Someone would have told me if I didn't attend to it.

What a dream. =.=lll

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Over. :)

Exams are over.

Thanks for the encouraging messages.
Thanks for being there when I couldn't hold myself together.
Thanks for reminding me to tie the knot and never let go.

I woke up at 1.45pm today and checked my phone to see 9 miscalls and 2 smses.

So, today, I went to 1 Utama. I played pseudo-baseball and pseudo-sofball because the balls weren't real. They were made of rubber. I was there with Jae Ric, Jeremy, Joanne, Chia Sin and Benedict. I wanted to go rock climbing at first but then, I found out that you've got to get the right shoes and pants. Plus, if you haven't rock climbed before, you have to hire an instructor which doesn't come cheap. So, there goes the plans.

I hope that next week, I can go ice-skating, attempt bowling again and watch another movie before Friday. o.O I'm not looking forward to Friday or should I say, I'm not looking forward to collecting 2 slips of papers? :(

10 days of probably mentally torturing wait of suspense with mixed feelings.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Good Luck!

Since it's 1.43am, and it is a Sunday, officially. I just want to wish everyone Good Luck in EOS or if your exams are coming soon. For IMU students of MEDT 108, it is a stressful period but hey, our seniors got through it... We will too. I hope I would but anything can happen.

For those who know me well, you know how much I haven't covered and it's time to work some magic and hopefully cover as many as I can. I'm still in my first round and I know many would find it hard to believe (after receiving so many sarcastic comments) but hey, I just want to pass. Who doesn't? So, why the competition?

The past few weeks has been somehow like an electrocardiogram. There are some times when my mood goes up and down and is stable again. I believe its called mood swing. For the past few weeks, I've been studying with Chia Sin, Jeremy and Jae Ric. I've got to understand my friends better, foster new friendship and came to realise, 'Hey, he's actually someone nice to talk to after all' or 'She has an interesting personality'. That sort of thing.

Today will be the last day for Jeremy, Chia Sin and I to study until late before the finals. I think after the paper on Monday, we would be cramming for OSPE which is on the next day. :) Once again, happy studying (although happy + studying don't exactly go together) and good luck... I will update my blog more often after EOS (gosh, I can't believe I abandoned it... :( )...