Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nursing Week Day 2- Fun and enjoyable

...mainly because we were going to the beach!

I woke up late again that day. Jer called to wake me up on both days at 5am. I love the trip to HPD. The journey was longer = sleep longer in the bus. It was about 1 1/2 hours. Jer couldn't sleep in the bus but I had a good nap. :D
Upon arriving, as usual, we were waiting for the briefing. There wasn't time for me to take pics in HTJ but somehow, I could find time to do so in HPD. We were divided into 4 groups of which each group will go to one department- Maternity, Male Multidisciplinary, Female Multidisciplinary, Paediatrics.
After Day 1, my leg hurts. Now that Day 2 came, I think I really should get flat shoes. 1 inch heel isn't right for me. Day 2 was more relaxing because it wasn't that hot and it wasn't stuffy either. Most of the staff members were nice and informative. The seniors who were there were nice too.
Although it is a much smaller hospital, it is patient-friendly. That's what I think and that's how I felt. In the paed ward, there was a doctor who was on rounds. [I think it was Dr. Cheah.] He allowed us to follow him. The seniors presented their cases and he made comments here and there. I realized that I could miss out on so much in history taking of a patient. I've got a lot more to learn and be observant about.
I had fun learning more in PD and I've got to give HTJ another chance. Perhaps the hospital and I doesn't have a connection on the first impression and I do, with this hospital. Probably the graffiti or the environment.
The nurses let us off early for lunch since we have talked to the patients and done what we wanted to do. So, our next stop was the beach. It was a 15 minute walk under the hot sun with occasional breeze.

Although it was hot and there were a lot of red ants at some spots, it was really great because to take a step back and not think about studies or exams or work but rather cherish what's in front of you... is incredible.
Picture: The Group

When it wasn't so sunny and bright anymore, we went closer to the sea...
Took more pictures...

Attempt 1 .emo. : but Amanda wasn't emo.
Attempt 2 .emo. : Amanda tried really hard. But what can I say? She's a jovial girl. :)

We went back to the hospital before it was too late and before it rained. I saw two lightnings at the sea. O.O I went back to the Paediatric ward to enquire about a few more things which I forgotten to do at HTJ which the enquiry about the procedures. I even got to talk to one more patient's family.

The little boy who just turned one was active. He grabbed my stethoscope and my ID and nearly put it in his mouth. He stood up, fell and leaned on me. What next? He bit me. =.= I stoned. It was an awkward situation to say, "Excuse me, pak cik, mak cik... Anak mak cik, err.. gigit saya. Boleh tak mak cik bawa dia ke tepi kerana saya takut nanti dia jatuh kalau saya tak tangkap betul-betul." (Your kid bit me. Could you bring him to the side because I'm afraid that he would fall if I don't hold him properly.)

Overall, it was a good experience.

The bus ride back was comfortable too. :) I had adequate rest before cheer practice that day. More pictures in Facebook.

Nursing Week Day 1- An unpleasant experience

Nursing week was interesting. Really. I was in the Paediatric ward for both days in Hospital Tunku Jaafar (HTJ) and Hospital Port Dickson (PD). Honestly, I don't quite like HTJ. It's hot and stuffy but my brother said that I would have to learn to get used to it when I go there for the clinical phase. One of the aims for Nursing Week is to be aware of Nurses' job, their responsibilities and how they play a big role in this field.

We were given a few things to find out about which is related to their jobs such as passing of report, update of nursing care plpan and observing a few procedures. Other than that, we were supposed to assist nurses in carrying out nursing plans and recording patient's vital signs.

Upon arriving at HTJ, we were briefed and assigned to a nurse. Joo Hor, Rebeca and I were in the same group. Our nurse brought us all over the hospital, showing us the different departments and the ward which I was assigned to- 8A. It turned out to be a Paediatric Isolation ward. The nurses were occupied with their work. Asking a question would sort of be like interrupting their work but some of the nurses were nice to listen and help us answer a few queries.

Honestly, I was quite lost because despite trying to follow the objectives, there wasn't much that we could do. The information that they gave were too brief in some aspects and when asked about the procedures, they told us that everything has been done in the morning. [That's it. No elaboration or whatsoever.] And they got back to doing their own thing. I felt pretty uncomfortable, really. It was as if I was a moving lamp post that can talk. So, I decided in the end to converse with the patients' parents for patients who were below 3 years of age and practised history taking.

It was not easy. It strucked me because I felt like I've forgotten most of my Malay and found difficulty in conversing with them. Because we were in isolation ward as well that all the answers we had were the same in terms of symptoms, illness etc. Before going for lunch, Joo Hor, Rebeca and I stopped by the other Paeds ward- Orthopedic and Surgical. When we came back from lunch as told by the nurses to observe the passing of report, we met new nurses from the second shift. They were not friendly to us. Not only were they reluctant to answer a few questions of mine but they gave those stares which gives the ultra-cold vibe.

The nurse who was in charge of us three was no where to be found and the nurses in the previous shift were more glad than ever to go back. I was annoyed. I dropped by the hospital library because I was looking for a book for my brother. I heard that it was there and so, I wanted to have a look at it because I thought at least, I would have an idea of it when I looked for it at other places.

Me: Hi, I'm looking for a book.
Him: Pergi cari sendiri. (Go find it yourself.)
Me: I know. Can you check for my in the system if this library has it?
Him: Pergilah cari sendiri. Kat belakang itu semua kan ada banyak buku? Ada kat sana. (Go find it yourself lah. Aren't there many books at the back there? It's somewhere there.)
Me: *wtf. there are hundreds of books and you want me to find one book by myself. you crazy or something? i ask you go find one book without giving you the code and see.* Can't you at least CHECK in the system to give me the CODE?
Him: Baiklah. Nanti I bagi. (Fine, I'll give it later.)

-A few minutese later-

Him: Kodnya WO. (The code is WO.)

[If I'm not wrong, but I'm sure that he gave me 2 alphabets.]

Me: WO? What is the number after that?
Him: Pergilah cari kat WO. Buku itu ada di sana. (Go find at WO section. The book is there.)
Me: Okay. *WTF WTF WTF*

So, I went to the section and as I expected, there were a few shelves with books starting with 'WO' and there were a LOT of books. I searched a couple of times but because I didn't know how the book looks like, nor the number following the code, I just gave up finding it. First time there and I thought about how the future would be like when I go there. *shrugs*

Leaving the nurses and librarian issues aside, I thought it was cool being able to observe procedures in other wards. So, I asked a senior about.

Me: Excuse me, but may I know what is this procedure called?
Him: (He said something like...) Piural tab.
Me: I'm sorry, can you repeat?
Him: "Piural tab"...
Me: Piural? *Looks at Joo Hor* Piural? What's that? Sounds like 'plural'.
Him: Don't you know what piural is? What kind of students are you?
Joo Hor: Pleural issit?
Me: Oh oh... pleural. I know what pleural is.
Him: That's what I said! 'Piural tab'. What sem are you all in? Sem 6?
Me: Pleural tap. Right. We're in Sem 2. Which Sem are you in?
Him: Ceh, don't need to know all these lah. Know for what? Go play lah... I just graduated.

I don't know about you but I was quite annoyed with him too. Just because we're first year medical students doesn't mean we can't know things. Even a first year dental student can save a person's life. Read my friend's blog and you would be amazed. She is able to act calmly and put into practice of what she have learnt. Okay, enough of those ramblings. I found out that if you waited for the elevator to go up to the 8th floor, you might as well use the stairs and climb up all the way.

I told my brother about this experience and he said that I'll love district hospitals more which is true. Seri Manjung Hospital in Sitiawan has a nice working environment with nice staff members. Next would be the experience in Port Dickson Hospital.

(Pictures in the next post.)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

thursday and friday...

thursday (25th september):

- followed gf to kamal's bookstore. he had things to do. so did i.
- his driving is okay. scary sometimes but safe most of the time.
- his sense of directions is pretty okay. we did make a few wrong turnings (actually he did but that's only because he listened to me sometimes which he could have chosen not to. hehe.)
- the supposedly 15 minutes drive turned out to be 30 minutes.

.gf eating french toast while driving.
.gf managed to change lane because the person behind him was also eating while driving.

- the drive back was also long. i directed the way! we didn't get lost. we nearly were though.
- i had car sickness. not because of gf's driving but the journey. :(
- dozed off during lectures.
- after lectures, we watched heroes! season 3 eps 1 and 2. we = me, lydia, arthur, jae ric, mimi, gf...
- we switched off the lights and watched in pbl room. people walked pass. a few friends dropped by claiming they heard noises from a "supposedly empty" pbl room.
- heroes was interesting in a couple of ways. the lines seemed weird. so many shocking things.
- at the suspense of the second episode, the laptop turned off. i forgotten to turn on the power after plugging in mimi's laptop charger.
- *smacks head*
.lydia.arthur. :) behind.jae ric in front. [heimlich maneuver]
.gf making gay = normal. ric.

friday (26th september):

- lilan saved me in pbl. 1 hour 5 minutes passed and we were only in the 2nd learning issue.
- i was group leader. gf had a plan and brainwashed azra to follow the plan.
- plan: make me talk. =.=
- i had my chance to make him talk but then again, he always talk.
.me.lilian.thank you for saving me!.
.pbl love.
.happy holidays!. me love taking pics. :) still learning to camwhore.

Food Fair (Part 2)

The last day of the food fair was last Wednesday. I gave Faye RM8 coupon to spend on and I spent another RM5 + RM1(from TJ). There weren't anymore Cheesecake nor jelly because it was a little too late already and so, I got another 2 Herbal eggs and lok lok.
What's challenging was to peel the eggs in class without getting my hands dirty and I actually peeled the hard boil eggs with a spoon. *bangga*

The spaghetti was good, so was the onion rings. The bread thingy was a little tasteless, the person should have added more salt in it. But, it is a healthy meal. [All that I got to taste because someone bought so many food to try but wasn't able to finish them all. hehe.] I learnt to play Russian chess from TJ and I had been playing English chess. TJ said that English chess takes too long the time and hence, he came up with the 3 second per move rule. If he loses, then he would have to take a picture with me. I guess you know who won the game...

A picture with TJ! That's my first seeing him in that outfit. Sometimes, potraying a different image is refreshing and fun.

Not to forget Chong Bing... I hoped you guys managed to reach the target amount of how much you guys wanted to raise. It's fun to support friends you know who are involved. :)
I think I can hear him say that the picture looks nice because he's in it... Hehe...

So much for the food fair review on the third day. I didn't manage to take a lot of pictures mainly because I was occupied with other things. That day itself, I tried to study and ended up on the 4th floor. I did cover up on Virology and I found him dozing off while trying to recall some facts.

I guess for most of us, it was a tiring day and to think about how late we sleep because we were occupied with probably beneficial things, that's just life.
Gaming at night is a BIG no for me right now. I haven't been gaming since the start of Foundation 2. No DotA for me but I will resume after EOS. Grr...

I didn't manage to fill you guys in on how Nursing Week was. Perhaps I would in time to come or maybe not. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Food Fair (Part 1)

As most of you would have noticed, there has been a food fair in the atrium for the past two days and tomorrow is the last day! Conducted by the Sem 5 students, it is for their Malaysian Studies. If you haven't bought anything yet, now's the time!

Most of the food are nice. So far, I've tried the herbal egg (from Natasha), potato salad (from Arthur, Lydia and Sabrina), cookie (from Ching), konyaku jelly (me likey... from CB), lok lok and a bit of Sarawak Laksa (just the soup from GW). People give me food. XD

I heard that the Cendol's and cheesecake's good. Oh well, I'm going to treat Faye tomorrow. I wonder if I need to get extra coupons to buy more food. Oh no, I'm going to put on weight! [No Esther, don't think about food!] Anyway, I'm just going to help promote my friend's corner. Go try food from every stall though if you can... Share with your friends!

So, today's highlight... Chong Bing's corner, together with Wen Chung and Chen Yi (I think that's her name).

Once upon a time, there were three really good friends. Whenever something happens, you'd see the three of them or maybe sometimes 2 + 1. ;) They came with a mission...
The 3 pseudo musketeers- Me, Lydia and Arthur.

They were ready to take on the challenge of the Lok Lok.

Selected Weapon: (Lydia's) One stick of 5 yellow thingy with crabstick in the middle aka oborutsuki [according to Chong Bing], (Arthur's) 4 crab and prawn balls, (Esther's) elongated-looking fishball with brown thingy in the middle.

Selected opponent: Tom yam or Chicken Soup? They figured that Tom yam would be a stronger opponent. >.<
They came...
They ate...
They conquered...

The mission was completed.

If you ever wonder where the stall is, it's at the ATM machine.
Just look out for this guy, Chong Bing but of course, he won't be dressed in this liao.

Okay, now time for some random pictures. :)
This is my buddy, Paul who helped me a lot in Sem 1. We played "leftover" chess today. It was a loooong game.
Faye! She finally wore a dress and she looks pretty in it! I suggested that she should wear dresses or skirts more often. That's why I'm treating her tomorrow. :D
Me and Reza... hehehe... *grins*
Me and Kor Woi!

Okay, no more pics... Will take more tomorrow since it's the last day of the food fair.

Chong Bing, see, I'm so good! I'm not evil... Right? I'm HELPING to promote. :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

IMU Cup (Part 3)

As most of you would already know, we got 3rd place! Wooh-ooh... For most of us, it would be our first time joining cheerleading and for most of us, it is also our first time that hard work paid off with a medal. :)

What happens after that is taking pictures until 12.30 am. :D So, here are a few people who I've mentioned in my blog before. My seniors, and my friends who helped me a lot in Sem 1. They too, are cheerleaders. :) Congrats to Stallions!

Me and Ghi Waie...
Me and Joon Heng...
Me and Ru Fah...
Teck Jian and I...

Not to forget one more person... She is one of the most outgoing girl that I've met from Sem 4 and is fun to be with. (She kidnapped my purple socks.hehe.I'm going to get them back soon. Nah, actually I lent it to her. XD)
Me and Denise...

Then, I saw Nicole! Nicole came all the way from Singapore! *Hugs* I missed you Nicole! I'm so glad you came!!!
Me and Nicole...

As for Darts...
Joanne and I! We're happy. First time in Darts too, and wa-lah...!
Haha, kiddy me with Jeremy!

Me happy. Me sound retarded. Me weird.

Oh well, now that everything is over now, there goes the uniform into the cupboard and pom poms aside. Oh wait, I didn't bring back my pom poms. I wonder where they went. It's back to nerding and blogging about Nursing Week next, I suppose. :)

Here I am at home blogging when I was supposed to go to Uni an hour ago. XD I'm slacking. Gosh... hehe...