Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

There was a Merdeka Celebration in IMU and students were encouraged to wear traditional outfits but since I don't have a cheongsam, I wore baju kurung instead. :)
I was wondering if I should really write about what Independence mean to me. I think somehow or rather, everyone would have nearly the same opinion of generally, not being colonized. And perhaps that is the last thing that I want to write to bore people. But then again, I'm proud to be a Malaysian in a way. Looking at the political situation, I wonder why there is so much turbulence.

Oh well, looking on the bright side, I think Malaysia's special because it's multiracial, making this country rich in culture and food.

:) Have a nice day peeps!

Friday, August 29, 2008

ME2/08- Treasure Hunt, First Aid & Signature Hunt

Treasure Hunt is tonight but I could not make it because it is too late. Hopefully by not going for this event, I'd be able to go for Finale Night. Yesterday night, I was making a couple of phone calls to ask if we should bring a couple of things. In the end, I came up with a list which was similar to what my OO used to do for Bombshe11.
  1. Mineral water (3 bottles)
  2. 100 Plus (3 bottles)
  3. Toothpaste- in case Wasabi is used [My OO used to warn us to prepare for the rainy days]
  4. Toilet Rolls (1 only, because someone forgotten to bring the other 2)
  5. Umbrella (2 big, 2 small)
  6. Torchlight (Initially 3, but now there's a lot more....)
Yeap, that's the list. I totally forgotten about dinner for them. I should have planned about getting bread or something. I hope no one gets gastric or anything though. Tonight, it's going to rain but I hope the group will still have fun and do their best in cheering for each other. I totally love this group because everyone gets together pretty well. They are also very open minded and can just talk, joke, everything! I don't know about the other groups but having Daniel, Precilia, Visvesh (cool name), Zun Han and Ching Sen, I think this group is doing a good job already. Jeremy and Daniel just like to rub in the fact that I broke their flag was not a big deal. Well, accidents happen when you protect the flag mah... Sorry ah... heheh...

Today was also the last day for the first aid training. I didn't do much of the talking. I think I did better when talking to them in smaller groups. I don't know how Jade does it but yeah, I hope they learnt something out of it and that they will remember what was taught. Manlo keep on coming to bug us... Haha, because he knows a couple of them from the PBL group that I was assigned to. While Jade explained about the transportation- full curl, I showed them how to move. Boy oh boy, was it hard! I DID NOT expect it to be that hard to drag the hind leg because after doing it two times, my muscle cramp!!! I acted like nothing happened and just walked out. Wahh, it was so freaking painful! I salute Sandip and Dhina for being able to do so.

During Signature Hunt, Izzat made the one girl sit on the trolley with a guy pushing and the whole group forming a line at the back. They had to sing 'Row, row, row your boat' nursery rhyme into the cafeteria and buy Teh Ais bungkus for him. He gave them the money, of course. And we did! It was awkward, but heck, I think we would be remembered as the group who had the guts to do that and actually did it! Then, we also sang the Mr. Bean song and danced to it.

I didn't have PBL today, so, I had time to accompany them. I heard that it's Telematch for them tomorrow but I can't go because I have to go for Cheerleading practice and then, count the First Aid stocks for Dhina. At the atrium, Jeremy Joseph and Sandip were "bullying" me and Cheah Sin by tickling us. Once again, I screamed, and *looks down* was told to keep quiet because they were making announcements. All because of Jeremy lah... I am so embarrassed this time. I will pay back one day.... *Makes look* >.<

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More info about Orientation

There are 12 orientation groups if I'm not mistaken. I believe the groups that gained the attention of others were Group 3 and 4 because of their name. Group 3 called themselves the Threesome while Group 4 called themselves Fourplay. Not only that, there's also group 6 I believe who called themselves Sexless 69. =.= It reminds me a lot about Tenties from my orientation.

What's more is that there are about 2-3 groups who have the same tune of cheer. Therefore, the style of cheering is also similar. What can I say? Back then, Bombshe11 was one of the groups that had really good cheers thanks to Mae Yue... : ) who is currently studying in NUS... : ( But yeah, which group will follow the footsteps of Bombshe11? Gan's group [OOs- Reza, Ashwin, Tham], Tension isn't that bad either. They're pretty enthusiastic too, like my group. XD

No more POTW for them but they've got something called The Act which can be about anything. The problem is, how can we not get QCed? That's something for them to worry about. Today's going to be the mass dance practice for them. I won't be attending. I have AIR to worry about!

ME2/08- Icebreakers

I'm losing my voice. I think most of us are...

Today was the dry and wet Icebreakers for ME2/08. I'm not sure about them, but I had fun. :) They did a very good job. Group Se7en, Swoosh.... did an excellent job in icebreakers and I'm so proud of them.

I can now say that I'm a certified flag bearer because I defended the group flag! from Ickes, Hung Yew, Jing Guo, Vinodhan and Izzat! *bangga* But at the same time, part of the flag sort of like broke. I hope that it will last though. I need to be more gentle with it. I was very clean at first during the wet icebreakers until I reached the second last station. That was when the flour started coming onto me and Cheah Sin loved hugging me. Sandip and Jeremy loved getting my arms and face dirty. I only managed to avoid to a certain extent.

I am a sensitive person. So, when someone shoots water at me, I'd scream. When they rub something on me, I'd scream. Well, if I know that they were going to do so, I would be less jumpy but when it's shocking, I believe it's natural to scream. Still, it was sooo embarassing sometimes. In fact, it makes me lose my voice even more! We lost in a couple of cheer fights at the stations. I was a little worried but in the last cheer fight, we won!!! That makes us, Group 7, the winners of Icebreakers! :) When you have Jien, Kyan, Sandip and Jeremy as part of the OO, anything is possible. Zun Han always trick me into high five-ing him and I always fall for it. What do I mean trick? Well, his hands were all slimed!

I cheered a lot for my group. It makes me sound like an SS OO but who cares? If no one cheers for them, then, they wouldn't feel motivated right? :D Then, Jeremy rubbed this pink stuff on my elbow and I started itching. I don't think I was allergic to it but there must have been something in that pink thing that irritated my skin. At the end of the day, I was more dirty since so many wet people hugged me! From Icebreakers, I got to know Mandip (at least that's how it's pronounced). It was like a very random thing.

So many embarassing things happened, but I will not talk about it here. I guess Jeremy will know best since he is always at the right scene at the right time. I must figure out a way to brainwash him so that he won't remember all the embarassing stuff. >.< Now's the time when my legs are killing me! Tomorrow, students are advised to wear traditional clothes in conjunction with the Merdeka celebration.

I need sleep now. I'm so sleep deprived. And I need to study! Argh...Tomorrow, I'll be teaching First Aid. Trainers, good luck! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Blues

I was chatting with a couple of people yesterday including Arthur and Jeremy. I didn't know why they did not reply me. I assume that they fell asleep and so did I. I just threw myself on the bed and had a shut eye not realising that I didn't set the alarm. But, I woke up just now from a dream which shocked me and I thought that it would be 6 already but it was only 3 something. I wanted to continue writing about yesterday but didn't manage to do so because I was too emo over my phone but life goes on, and that's what Dhina always say.

Well, it was a long day... Yesterday was a loooong day. I had Practical Parasitology and we were supposed to observe the parasites. Then, explain the morphology of each. They told us that it would be better if we could draw out the shapes etc. So, I drew them all. It was interesting in the beginning, but towards the end, you just get sooo SICK of drawing. I drew 38 parasites. Everyone will too. On top of that, the time that was given to the students for every parasite is only 3 minutes. So, it was like speed-drawing classes, only, it was worse.

After that, I went to meet the orientation groupmates. I'm OO-ing for group 7 whose name is Swoosh. They are doing a pretty good job so far. The group leader is Priscilla. They've come up with a short and long cheer. I hope that they'll come up with more though, so that it'll be easier to cheerfight just like how Bombshe11 used to do. But then again, they have already fulfilled the requirements. Tonight will be the wet icebreakers. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with them because I had to rush for Latin Dance class.

When I bought my lunch, I didn't realise that in 10 minutes, I would have to dance and I can't dance with a full stomach. So, lunch was kept for later. I thought I could eat between 1pm - 1.30pm. But, I was sooo wrong. So, I had lunch at 2.20pm. (Lectures ended early!) Lectures were okay. As usual... Not a lot to comment on. It's just the sitting that I hate. When you have booked a seat or when your friends book seats for you, it means that you DO NOT give away the seats to other people.

What annoyed me was the fact that although I've booked the seats, some smart people manage to give them away and those people who sat there were just smart enough to not understand those were taken. So, who was at fault, really? If I was the one at fault, then, when I go to the Auditorium, I might as well just sit wherever I like be it whether the place have been reserved or not. But, I don't do that, because somehow, there's something called courtesy and respecting other people. So what if they might have booked the whole row in the middle column, you don't simply tell them that 'You can sit here' knowing that it's been taken, right?

There are reasons why some people book seats and that's because they WANT the best view on the screen. Seriously, who would want to sit at the sides? I wouldn't. I totally hate it because I can't see depending on the colour of the lecture slides. But, who would care?

I guess I was pretty much embarassed after lectures yesterday because I screamed in front of the whole batch! Why? Because Jeremy Joseph tickled me. Do not tickle me when I'm talking! But of course, if I see it coming, I wouldn't scream. And if I know that it could happen, just that, I don't know when, I still wouldn't scream. But it was soooo UNEXPECTED! He did that again in front of the mamak shop. And the whole Mamak shop could hear me. I got this weird stare from this lady who happened to buy food there. OH my GOSH, the EMBARASSMENT! Grr....

Then, we met up again because of the First Aid thingy. All of us helped out in sorting out the stocks. : ) After that, I went running with Jeremy, Sandip and Cheah Sin at the lake. I am terrified of crossing roads. I hate it! Usually, I would hold on to my brother or mum. If I'm alone, I would make the hand signal 'STOP' probably very early, before I cross the road but I feel that the cars that pass IMU don't exactly slow down although I tried the STOP signal. Heck, they don't even stop at the traffic lights. :S Yeah, tease me all you want but I am weird in my way of doing things.

I was tired. After all the sprinting for 30 seconds, and resting for 60 seconds... To Jeremy and Sandip, I did sprint okay! >.< Just because you didn't see me sprint doesn't mean I didn't do it. :P Haha, not a personal attack... Well, I did not like the feeling of breathing in cold air. Back in IMU, I had to walk all the way up to the 3rd floor, dragging the other three with me. Hehe... I felt like I just want to sleep in the library or somewhere else which is more comfortable.

Things did not fall into place as how I anticipated.. Just my luck, huh...

My Phone Died. T.T

My phone, Samsung U700 died... like seriously dead. It can't be turned on. *gosh, this sounds wrong* but I can't switch it on and even if it did switch on, then, the screens are inverted like mirror image. Instead of reading left to right, I'm reading right to left with the letters all inverted, including numbers! This is horrible. My phone doesn't ring even though it is in normal mode and doesn't vibrate although it is in silent mode. I did drop it but I did not expect the consequence to be this big and now, I can't find the warranty card! I don't have my friends' numbers because they're all stored in phone, instead of SIM. I am depressed... Lucky thing, my pictures and music are all in my memory card.

Of all things, my phone... I feel helpless because when I need help, there is only a handful of people who I can call.

1. Mum
2. Brother
3. Lydia
4. Arthur
5. Jeremy
6. Dhina
7. Sandip
8. Benedict
9. Lilian
10. Wei Chin
11. Jien

I thought Samsung is a durable phone. The older models were much better though. I had a Samsung E630 before and it's a very gooooood phone. No matter how many times or how hard you drop it, it died only once in 4 years.

The phone I have stayed with me for barely a year, say 10 months? I just don't get why. Why? Why? Why? Now, I'm using my dad's old phone which is a Nokia which I don't know how to use. I'm not even used to the ringtone. Imagine this... My phone rings, but I don't know it's mine. And, I just continue doing my things. Suddenly, a friend calls out... "Esther, is your phone ringing?" and I reply him or her, "Uh.. I'm not sure. I think so. Let me check." How weird would that be?

I'm not used to smsing and searching for contacts because usually, I use speed dials! And now, I have to manually find the contacts because, I don't know how to set the speed dial. What's more is that when I use this Nokia phone, I'm taking nearly 15 minutes to send out a message because there's no coverage no matter where I am in the house, be it the kitchen, living room or own room.

I emo...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I felt stalked... not by a guy but by a lady! :S That sound so disturbing, I know and believe me when I say I had goosebumps.

I went to Pearl Point with my mum yesterday night. She had some stuff to buy, so did I. I needed erasers and disposable cups. And so, I went to the stationery section. There was a staff member there as well who was arranging the stocks and as usual, I looked high and low for the erasers and I managed to find them. As I turned around, there was a Malay lady behind me and asked me, "Ah moi, ada nampak berus kah?" (Have you seen the brush?) I told her that I have no idea where it is and she asked me if I could help her find the brush. Because the area was a little packed with carton boxes, I could feel her hand brushing pass the left side of my butt. :S

I apologized and said that I couldn't because I had to find for foam cups (aka polysterene cups). We walked in different directions. I felt weird out because she could have asked the staff who was standing behind me but she didn't. By the way, I do not look like someone who works there because I wasn't wearing 'MaxValue' shirt that the staff wear, and I was wearing a brown shirt with light blue Assuntarian shorts. I believe that would have distinctly show that I'm not a staff. Oh well, I continued walking.

I found the cups that I needed but there was no price tag on it. So, once again I turned around to find the price checker machine thingy and there she was again, the lady. She walked pass me on my left and she put her hand on the back of my waist! Woahh, like over friendly much? I barely know her and there her hand was. She came and told me that she still couldn't find the brush that she needed and giggled. Once again, she wanted me to help her find it. So maybe in society, there are people who would act really friendly, and you can't blame them when they look like they're in their early 55s? I don't know.

I did not have the pleasant feeling after the second encounter. And why of all people, she asked me for the brush =.= There were staffs at every lane. It's just plain weird for me. Maybe I'm just sensitive. I don't know.

As my mum and I walked towards the exit, there was a stall which says Fish Spa. Apparently, the customers put their feet in this big tub which has like hundreds of small little fishes. I don't know what species they are but having that type of business is disturbing enough. I thought that it would be a fish catching game but it turns out to be something where the fishes "gives spa".


More on First Aid

First aid training started two weeks ago on a Friday. On that Friday, we briefed about PAM (Patient-Assessment Model). On the week after that, we learnt about bandaging of wounds, fractures etc.
This is Dhina. If you see him, run!!! Nah, I'm just kidding.
Together with Sandip and Thomas (picture unavailable), they conducted the crash course for us. I know a bit more about First Aid now. So, why are we trained in First Aid? This is to teach the next intake (who are coming tomorrow) as they will have a first aid test. Unlike ours that was a fake test, the students will be assessed. We wanted to plan a fake one too just like how it was planned for us but then, Dhina was told that the students will be assessed. So, no fooling around.
The last thing I would want is to teach them the wrong stuff. I've had bad experiences in teaching. :S See the second knot? That's a ribbon. Well, I was supposed to tie a reef knot. Talking about reef knots, I have to learn to tie it over and over again because I just can't get it right. :(

The picture that you see above is Jeremy's leg. Because Elvyna wore skirt that day, I couldn't find anyone else to practise on, so Jeremy had to become my casualty. muahahaha. I think that was for immobilizing casualty with suspected fracture of the lower part of the lower limb.

I'm not so good in dealing with unsplinted fractures. I get confused easily which is why I now have extra stuff to study for and that is First Aid.

This is Dhina going mad when he counted the stock. I helped! :D See, told you he's not scary.
See the crepe bandages? I didn't arrange that though. Dhina did. It's the bandages which made me and Elvyna kept on laughing because it was so freaking ticklish.
The remaining donuts in the boxes. Speaking of donuts, the donut that I make is not bad leh. *bangga* haha. but it's a tedious job.
More stuff....
Introducing... Jae Ric (on the left) and Jeremy (on the right). You can never see them apart even for one day. Haha. They are also in first aid. Funny people... and guess what? They will be orientation officers too! We (the three of us) will be floating in Jien's group.Both are Singaporean, 21 and were in the army. What more can I say? Don't play play... haha. The juniors will know them through first aid. : ) just like how we know Jing Guo.

Fundraising for Cheerleading

Cheerleading is an expensive sport. You need to pay for your uniform (uniform + shoes + socks + ribbons + anything extra), poms poms and chip in for the extra materials such as placards or flags. Because of all that, fundraising is a must. My batch team put in a lot of effort in baking cookies, cupcakes and muffins. They rock! To those who bought, thank you for chipping in. Here are some pictures from the first week where they sold on Tuesday and Wednesday. (I was in PBL on Thursday and Friday, so, no pics for those days... sorry...) This looks yummy! I should have gotten one to try but haha, I'm broke this month because have to pay for many things such as Batch T-shirt, jersey and Birthdays! Why are there so many people who are born in August? hehe...
So, who were at the "stall"? Amanda (right) and Ying Xin (left)...
See, there were cookies too! Corn flakes with something and raisins. hehe. XD I think they sold it at 6 for RM2.50.
Chocolate chip cookie! If you view this picture in facebook, you'll see that I've tagged my friends as cookies!
Well, Wei Chin (captain) was there as well. She was one of those who baked too! As I mention before, she is Super Woman... On the right is Sandip. Could he be the first customer of the day?



You'll find out soon enough...
So, I did not miss the chance to take a couple of pictures with Amanda...
or Wei Chin...
or Sandip...

Memories like this are worth keeping in the Pictures folder. XD

Okay, well, Sandip wasn't the first customer.
Jien and Murresh were! I caught you looking at the camera Murresh... Stop being gay! And when they were asked to pose for the camera....
I got this... These two guys are sooo funny. They actually stayed at that pose for me to take the picture. Haha... They are Bandits cheerleaders and I'm proud of them especially Jien! [The first guy who is a flyer in basket toss...]

Saturday, August 23, 2008

CPR Resit Test- Money making scheme or not? (Part 1)

I passed my CPR theory test.

Dhina and Sandip had to make me feel guilty by telling me that they failed so that I could pass. Either one of them would have passed. *grrr* *makes the stone look* hehehe...

There is a debate going on and that is why 79 students from my batch failed? We had notes and past year papers but how did 79 people fail? Believe me when I say that the past year paper and the test that we sat for was 80% (or more) the same. Same questions, same answers.

I honestly thought that I would fail after I came out from the hall. The passing mark is 84% and as our seniors have told us, random students will be chosen to fail. The resit is RM40 by the way and when 79 students fail, the university has already earned RM 2960. Everyone wants to pass, who doesn't? In Dentistry, I heard half of the students failed. That would make about 20+ students.

What is weird is when the smartest people in the batch fails. A friend of mine who is a trained paramedic failed his CPR theory. I don't think that makes any sense. The two out of three people who are training a group of us to teach the next batch of juniors first aid failed. =.= I've got a friend who skipped lectures just to study for this test and taught his two other friends. His friends passed but he failed. Isn't that just peculiar? Talk about luck... I would hate to be in that situation too.

The test was a closed paper. So, that means students can't review the questions and answers are not given. We don't even get to know the marks we get. We only know if we passed or fail. At least by knowing how many mistakes were made, then, the students would accept to resit. Even if the students do resit, the questions will be the same. Seniors who have resited the paper before told us that. There are rumours that this is a money making scheme and if this is so, were students purposely failed to reach the quota? Is it fair to believe that it is not a money making scheme and that smart people can fail too? Would the Student Representative Council be able to find out what the hidden agenda behind this is?

*stay tuned*

[I hope there is a Part 2 to it.]

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I love my brother's laptop... Why?

1. Cos it's fast.
2. Cos it's fast.
3. Cos it's fast.
100. Cos it's fast.

So, I guess you know now of why I love it. Well, on to something else... These few days have been a little more hectic than usual. I have pictures! But, I haven't got the time to upload them yet. With First Aid training, CPR test, track and field training, cheerleading, labs, lectures and Clinique workshop, I am pretty much "dead" when I get home. There is an event everyday.

I feel like I'm at the downfall right now. Everything I do isn't going well and I'm more negative now. How can I be positive again? It's just so hard but I'm really trying to not complain. There was an inspirational talk by a lady who conquered the South and North pole. She talked about the challenges she had to go through and I truly admire her. After listening to her, I came to a realisation that what I'm going through now is actually nothing although it is everything to me. Contradicting, I know... but I believe some of you understand what I mean.

Somehow, this post seem to take a very long time to write. Reason being is because I'm multitasking at the same time. Every Thursday, I sleep late. I'm sure there are students who sleep late too and that's because of PBL. The time now is 2.25am. So, you can imagine how long this window was open for me to type something. In less than 5 hours, I'm supposed to prepare to go to uni because First Aid training is at 8am- 12noon. It's going to be 4 looong hours, followed by 2 hours of revising, 1 hour lecture and approximately 2 hours of PBL.

Speaking of lectures, many people didn't come for the PPD (Professional and Personal Development) class because in the first semester, most of us found it a waste of time but today's PPD was different because it will be the ONLY PPD that WILL be EXAMINED. That's not the point. It's actually the PMS-ing lecturer that we got. Just because most of the students do not attend the class doesn't mean he can show his temper. I just find him mean. So does Barney. I just think that he should be nicer to his students.

Lectures..... I'm beginning to loathe them.

Other reasons are because the lecturers just like uploading pdf files with black or dark backgrounds which makes it difficult when we print it out. I don't get why lecturers have slides that have dark green background with black coloured fonts. Seriously! I can't freaking see sometimes. And they have to eat their words or make them stick together until I can't hear what they are saying. I feel like I want to give them some sort of enzyme to lyse their words. Not only that, the auditorium sucks because I usually am unable to secure the middle seats. So, I end up sitting at the sides. Even though I go there 1/2 hour earlier, I only manage to get back seats. At least in Sem 1, there were 2 screens and only 2 columns of rows.

Lectures... Why I have to love/already them...

Every lecture is about RM200. So, you've got to love it and make full use of it. Some of the lecturers are awesome like Prof. Ong because he explains everything in laymen's term. Lecturers like Prof. Yasmin and Dr. Annie Tay spends most of the time telling stories. If you don't love it, how are you otherwise going to learn? It's another stepping stone towards a goal in life.

Okay, so I may hate lectures more than I love them. It's not the lectures that I hate but rather the mode of transmission of information. Some lecturers read EVERYTHING from the slides. Some lecturers read NOTHING from the slides. Here are the pros and cons. If everything is read from the slide without elaboration on the important points, we might as well just read it by our own. If nothing is read from the lecture slides, meaning, deviating, then, at least, talk about something that can relate us to the topic. I think the main problem with education is that teachers are often unable to relate to students meaning, they're not on the same wavelength as the students. That's what I think.

Oh well, enough about lectures now.

Esther, quickly finish your PBL!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Aid 2nd Session

It was really funny.

It was really ticklish.

It was really embarassing.

It started at 8am and ended before 10am. Thomas demonstrated on how to do the bandage while Sandip was the casualty and Dhina did the explaining. Ian and Jing Guo were there too. Today, there were more people. 24/34 people turned up! : )

Anyway, what's so funny?

It's all because of the bandage. It is really ticklish when you use it for eye and head injury as well as knee injury. It's so frickin' ticklish! Ask Elvyna if you don't believe. I practiced on her and she is a very cooperative casualty while I was a troublesome casualty. Sorry lah Elvyna, I try not to laugh too much tomorrow okay? I'll try to be a better casualty if we partner again. *grins* But we had fun, right?

I was so energy drained after first aid. There was CPR test today as well, and I think I need to resit it next week. I didn't do so well although I hope that I passed. :( Things happen, so sometimes, you've got to prepare mentally. First Aid and CPR are the two things occupying my mind most of the time now.

Updates and Announcements

I didn't spare time to update this place during the weekends. Now, I feel guilty. I've been too busy and I suppose many people are too which is why I'm taking this opportunity to blog in the morning!

Later today, there will be a First Aid training session, CPR Theory paper and tonight will be the basketball match.

So, what have I been up to?

1. On Wednesday, I was emo-ing about the fact that my primary schoolmate (best friend) is now in US to further her studies and that I didn't have the chance to meet with her. Anyway, HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY Kar Men!

2. On Thursday, I was caught up with PBL. Well, I wasn't the only one.

Thusday felt different. I sat on the floor in auditorium and it was more fun than sitting on the chairs. Why did I do that? Because I couldn't find sits that are good enough which is close to the screen because if you sit at the seats at the far ends, you can't see what's on the screen. Lectures were okay but there is one particular lecturer who is going to get into trouble for being nationalist (as I would say it) or racist (as others would put it). But, I don't care because there are too many people who care about it already. I think one person could speak up for many.

3. Friday- PBL day where I nearly did not survive because I didn't complete reading what I've prepared.

4. Saturday- SLEEP!

5. Sunday- Print notes for the week, study CPR theory and sleep!

Well, there are more to those days than mere complaints. Ashvini tells me about how tired she feels everytime she gets back home and I think the last thing we need to do is to blog about how tired we are everyday. Everyday, I see the same people in the library, nerding which is why I've found my new place--> PBL room! but it's freezing cold. :S

Anyway, just a few more things... Good luck to my batchmates for the CPR Theory exam later and don't forget that we have First Aid training session tomorrow at 8-10 am. On Wednesday, we have the Clinique Workshop. I'm going! Who's going too? On Thursday, I guess there will be a Darts training session since the girls haven't had time to practice together a lot. On Friday, there will only be one lecture! but there's PBL in the evening. I believe there will be track and field training on either Wednesday or Thursday, so listen up for announcements! Don't forget about the matches that our batch are facing this week, so go support them, okay?!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The day just keeps getting better and better.

My legs are feeling a tolerable amount of pain after all the running especially at the waist (hip bone area). So, I had to walk straight at all times without hunching to minimize the pain. I decided to wear pumps (or heels) today instead of sneakers because I didn't have any pants to go with sneakers and I'm only left with one formal pants for the lab session which is tomorrow. I don't know if that was a right decision but I just went with it. It was painful towards the end of the day, you'll know why later.

My parents and aunt went back to Bukit Mertajam today to settle some things and because they have to leave early, I had to leave early too. I reached uni at 7.20 this morning when I bumped into Jene. As much as I was trying to nerd in the library, I couldn't and ended up watching my batchmates train for basketball instead. There, I bumped into Lydia and we were talking for quite a while. I miss those times when we used to be so free that we can sit, observe and just talk. It was a good talk.

Some guys are crazy. I don't know how they can stand doing so many activities and yet pushing themselves to the limit. I try to but I normally forget the reason why I'm doing it and end up not doing anything. So, after watching the bball, Alex, Jeremy and I bugged Sandip at 9 something in the morning. Sandeep's friend has got a hamster named Neptune! She is SUPER adorable :) but lonely since she's got no playmate. ;) I tried studying Immuno and only a small proportion of facts entered my head.

At 10.30am, I headed to the cafeteria and had brunch before heading to PBL for more serious studying with a cup of Kopi O'. I've been drinking too much coffee and I don't want to drink anymore because I don't want it to stain my teeth. :S So, studying was much better although I wish that I was more focused. Then, I went to student lounge to practice darts and played a game of pool (doubles). Mervyn kept on hitting the wrong ball into the pockets while I kept on missing my shots. Anyway, time flew really quickly and before I knew it, I was already in lecture theatres. Thanks to Joanne, I've got a place to sit! :D Lectures obviously sucked because the lecturer spoke too soft and I had no idea what he was talking about because it seemed to me, that he kept on making broken sentences.

Vishna's lecture wasn't that bad. I could at least, concentrate a little. Jeremy always doze off and I just like waking him up, not giving him a chance to sleep in peace. muahahaha. I couldn't be much happier after the lectures ended. I signed up for first aid training, who else did? I know Dhina and Sandip will be training us this Friday morning and CPR theory exam will be on Monday evening. That leaves me with the whole weekend to study for it if I actually do study. I think I'm going to be distracted with other stuff and head to the mall instead to get earphones.

I was supposed to go for Speech Club meeting but I ended up training for darts today. I sucked a lot. I didn't quite like the darts set. After a while, I felt like I have no control over it anymore like it keeps on slipping and if I use other darts set, it still can control. I played doubles with Lydia against Arthur and Matthew. The final point which we needed was 8 and it was my turn to throw the dart. I was not at all confident. You could feel the pressure, really...until Benedict came. He held on and aimed and I had to make a decision fast of whether to throw or not when he counts to three.

Ben: 1
Me: *Throw*
Ben: 2
Me: *Don't Throw*
Ben: 3
Me: *What the heck, I'll just throw it*

and it actually hit an 8! Ben, you rock! Haha... Then, I played doubles with Mahesh against Arthur and Lydia; Raj and Xin Yee. And I kept on playing mixed doubles but this time with Vivek and all the shots I made were SUPER lousy. I don't know why. :S I know I've let him down and I was a little dissapointed myself too but when I used another darts set, I did so much better. I just don't get it.

The last unfinished game I played was with Vivek and Mahesh. During that time, I was waiting for my brother to fetch me. He was supposed to get me at 5.45pm but there wasn't any phonecall. I was going to finish the game, only 19 points left when I had a phonecall from SAD (Student's Affair Department).

SAD: Hello, Esther? I'm Jacintha, calling from SAD. Can you please come to SAD now? It's quite urgent.
Me: What? Where's SAD? *Am I in trouble? Did something happen? Was it my loan or my brother?*
SAD: It's on the first floor beside CSU. Just knock on the brown door. Please come now, it's very urgent.
Me: Oh, okay. I'll come now...

I didn't finish the game and hurriedly left the student lounge, dragging Mahesh with me because I was afraid I couldn't find the SAD since they moved a couple of days ago. I walked fast, but did not run. Well, maybe a couple of steps but I was on a move. Going down the stairs, to my locker to grab my stuff and down the escalator. My feet hurt like hell after all the walking. The last time I did that, I had cuts and I fell on the stairs. Anyway, I reached SAD and Mahesh kept on telling me to 'Chill' but I obviously didn't listen. I knocked on the door and saw Jacintha. Behind Jacintha was Charmaine. I thought she was wearing a white scarf or something until I saw something moving behind her.

Then, I knew it. It was my brother =.= who was the mastermind of all these. I was so embarassed later because I was halfway "screaming" at my brother for making me run all the way from the fourth floor. Sorry Mahesh, haha...for hitting you to lepaskan geram. But thanks. :D My brother for one was shocked to see me in skirt in uni. There was actually a time when I was walking down the stairs with Kor Woi in front of me, Jeremy beside me, Manlo, very far behind me and a couple more people. I was talking to Kor Woi and when I talk, I tend to lose concentration on walking down and I fell. That was embarassing because Manlo shouted and the people behind thought Kor Woi fell. It was embarassing in front of Kor Woi, Jeremy and Jae Ric. But that was a couple of weeks ago. Now, I pro a bit already. :D

On the way out, I bumped into Arthur, Lydia, Sandip, Jeremy, Manlo and a lot more of my batchmates. I so totally no longer potray the image of a young lady because I was basically still shooting my frustrations at my brother :P but probably an image of what Benedict calls me, PUNK. Anyway, because of all that, I made my brother treat me a nice meal. We tried the new pizza, Starbitez but it wasn't really that good. Domino's still is the best! I'm still content though. I came home feeling all tired and aching especially my legs. I slept until 11 something and showered then. Man, I felt so dirty. Tomorrow, I'm going to head to uni early again since my brother needs to get to work by 8 and I've got no transport. I realized that my lab session is at 12.15pm instead of 8.30am. =.=

There's cheerleading tomorrow and PBL still not complete yet. So, I'm going to spend the next few hours on PBL. I hope I don't crash or anything before completing my work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow-ed, I am...

Cheerleading this morning was okay. After cheerleading was Samba! Yeap, I'm back in Latin Dance class and today's the day where I flex my knees the most! It was still cool, really. : )

PBL ended much earlier today as compared to other days but there are more learning issues as compared to other sessions. *gulp*

Today's main event was track and field training though. I was conned by Jeremy! Sandip, Joel, Arthur, Yen Haw, Paige, Ka Mun, Ickes and Kajan were there to train with us. Oh yeah, there was one more girl who I've forgotten her name and Jae Ric who gives moral support. :) I was supposed to practice long jump but I ended up running. And, I suck at running! I'm serious... Oh well, I can't believe I ran today. Training ended at 7.30pm.

We started with warm ups and 800m jog. After that, we got to know that we could use the tracks at the side and so we trained there. We did a series of things including a 30m dash for 2 times and moved on to 100m. After the 100m was the 400m run. Of course, there were breaks in between. I feel weird because my dominant leg is my left. I should try practising with my right. I run funny. hehe...

When we were walking to Jeremy's car, we had to walk over a small but deep drain and Jeremy dropped his phone! It was more than 2 m deep. Still strong after all the running and sprinting.

When Jeremy drove us back to IMU, he and Arthur stayed with me until my dad came. Arthur and Jeremy were making jokes about what they should do when they see my dad. =.= Today was a good day. : ) I am wow-ed. I can't give too much details. There are many people reading this blog. *winks*

Monday, August 11, 2008

No Monday Blues

Monday, today... was a good day. CSU (Clinical Skills Unit) [edited] Session was at 10.30am. The Sisters gave us a lecture on punctuality. As they called out our name to take our attendance, Jeremy and Benedict were late.

Sister: Why are you late?
Jeremy: Oh, I had a drink.

Sister: How about you, why are you late?
Benedict: Oh, there was traffic today. I had to wait at the traffic light a little longer.

Other awkward moments were when the Sister called Elvyna as Evelyn or when I was the second person to say 'Present!' loudly when the Sister called my name and when she called Bee Theng and Bee Thong accidentally. After the briefing, we headed to CSU and I practiced intramuscular injection on a model. It was pretty cool actually and when it came to washing hands, I washed my hands until the soap went dry and everyone thought that I have rinsed my hands with water when my hands were still soapy. I think I make the most noise in my CSU saying unecessary stuff at times.

I think I'm prone to accidents if it comes to falling down or pricking my finger, I think I'd be the first because I'm always so careless or lose balance easily. It's only 1 inch of heels, why do I lose balance when standing still? That is just embarassing. Maybe I'm just not tensing my muscles enough.

As for lectures, I'm sure many of us did not have Annie Tay's lecture notes and iDrive is down again. Annie Tay rocks. I listened to her lecture but I could not grasp wat she tried to say because I did not have the notes. : ( But, I'll get it tomorrow. Meanwhile, I NEED to get the hang of accepting the fact that MHC proteins exist and that they play a very important role in our immune system.

After class was cheerleading where the tailor came to take our measurements! I have a feeling that my skirt will be a little too short. *gulp* So, she took everyone's measurements one by one. Everything went pretty well actually, for the girls and guys. I was one of the last ones to have mine taken and when she took my measurement, she lifted my t-shirt! Boy oh boy, was I sooo embarassed. It's not what you think it is okay, guys? It's a normal process lah but why other cheerleaders, she didn't angkat the shirt a bit, then, I pulak kena? Haha, Elvyna and Faye [edited] kena too... That makes three of us.

It's awkward in a way because got lah... some people watching and I super bloated these few days. *embarassed!* Moving on to the dance routines, Wei Chin and I will be choreographing tomorrow. We've got part of the 2nd dance choreographed and I hope that it will turn out nicely. I practiced with Matthew and hopefully, everyone can learn despite the short time we have. Next Monday, there will be CPR theory exam... I am yet to nerd in that. : (

Tomorrow, there will be Latin Dance class. I do hope Sandip gets better though. He's supposed to be my dance partner tomorrow. He damn cun okay...For POTW, he did ballroom dancing and a lot more stuff! I will be floating in his group for the next orientation, together with Kher Lik, Joon Ho, Jien, Joshua, Jeremy, Jae Ric and Shih May. It's gonna be sooo cool! Oh back to tomorrow's schedule, I hope PBL ends early! Yes, I sooo wish for that. No offense, Prof. Khoo but PBLs are just too draggy.

The jersey that I ordered for finally arrived! But, it is a size M. I wonder why. I asked for an S and I did make corrections on the "Order" sheet of paper. I need to ask tomorrow...

I want to sleep now. : ( I miss sleep. I'm sure it misses me too.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

# 497

It's a Saturday and I had CPR lectures where I did slept towards the end. There are so many things that I should do and need to do but am not doing it. I don't want to do it. I'm tired of doing it. I want to leave everything and do something else instead.

..Happily depressed..

Go figure

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Super long update :D

I'm not abandoning this blog. :) I'm just a lil too busy to update sometimes. There are so many things going on especially with lecture notes and thanks Jien for helping out! :D

Okay, so lately, I've been listening to a lot of Avril Lavigne from the album 'Let Go' and a little from 'The Best Damn Thing'. I still like 'Let Go' better. Today was rather an interesting day. As usual, I went to uni. Since there was cheerleading choreography today, I decided to wear t-shirt and pants which I don't plan to change into something else. Today's theme was a little punk-ish. I was more of the rebel of dresscodes. I hate the dresscode but in this field, one must dress professionally.

After brunch, I was supposed to go to the library to nerd there but somehow, I've lost my feel for the library. There are so many familiar faces there and there are more people now. I think I'll go to the PBL room next time. Anyway, I followed Reza to the student lounge to chill. Playing on the tv was Private Practice! I've watched the entire Season 1 already. As usual, there were people playing pool, foosball and darts.

I saw my batchmates playing darts and so, I butted in and wanted to try to! And now, I'm addicted to it. I'm not that good and it's luck if the darts actually do hit the board. :D There are pros like Vinod who aim really well. It's amazing sometimes, how you have to have full concentration, coordinate vision, movements and strength with your arms. It is not easy but it's a sport that I'm willing to give it a try.

I'm not sure about the track and field events though. I want to join but I'm afraid that I'd be too tired to continue with my studies at night. Furthermore, there are Latin dance classes! My partner was going to be Sandip but now, I think I'm going to let him down. I need to plan more wisely. I don't know how Wei Chin manages it. She is SuperWoman! That's how... Her Ulti is probably automatic rejuvenation. Oh, cheerleading is progressing by the way, to those who are wondering... Wei Chin is an awesome Captain!

Lectures? Well, lectures are boring as usual. There is a lecturer who puts me to sleep. I seriously can't absorb what he says. He mumbles or should I say, his words STICK together and the amplitude decreases by the end of his sentences. Dr. Ammu's great though. I get so hyped and attentive during her lecture. As for PBL, I'm yet to get started again. With hardcore learning issues which everyone has and approximately 3 days... man, it feels like a never-ending life cycle of an IMU student.

The Nursing week grouping is out already and I am going to go to the Pediatric Ward in Port Dickson Hospital! :D Well, there's Maternity, Male & Female Multidiscipline Ward and Peds. I'm looking forward to playing with the kids and of course, do some serious stuff too!

On something personal, I think I'm more chirpy these couple of days. I feel happy... too happy... I feel weird. I don't feel emo. I feel stressed sometimes. I feel slow. Yes, slow is the word. My words seem to be sticky and draggy too. I think it's because I'm too tired, so I drag my words a LOT. The happiness probably come from the friends who I've been hanging out with.

People who makes me think about the happy things in life:
Elvyna, Lilian, Amanda, Robyn, Xiao Wen, Nirmal, Lydia, Jeremy.

People who makes me think about how much more I need to do in improving myself overall:
Azra, Hwei Jene, Sabrina, Arthur, Jien.

And I must add this one! The gay-est person I've met: Benedict!

Anyway, enough of blogging for now. I need to get back to PBL. There's cheerleading practice tomorrow evening and darts on Friday morning. Then, CPR lectures on Saturday morning. As for Sunday, it's a day to pray... I'm looking forward to Monday. Yes, I am.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

'Whose Dream?' at DUMC

The title of the play is 'Who's Dream?' It is a story about a boy who wants to be a chef but his father wants him to be an accountant. So, what would you do in this type of situation?
Well, the boy in the end, pursued his dreams in London and came back successfully. Despite all the conflicts, his dad was very proud with him.

The play was held in DUMC. I went there early because my dad had things to attend to.
There were many people and it felt a little weird to be there.
So, I ended up in the Visitor's Lounge... waiting...
and taking random pictures... Then, I met Elvyna and Lilian there and while waiting for Chin Nam, Keili, Paige and Sabrina to arrive, we were talking. : ) Elvyna was working her Elvynisms...
Elvyna again...
And again... haha, I don't think you could get tired of all the random facial expressions...
Me and Lilian. XD (my ori groupmate and now, my PBLmate!)
Lilian and Elvyna
Me and Elvyna (I used to think that she's scary... but she isn't at all so...)
Lilian ciplaking Elvyna's pose...haha!
Lilian, Me and Elvyna.. [Photographer: TJ]

Then, Sabrina and the others arrived and we headed to the hall. : ) The play was good. It was creative and the storyline was good. The ending left me hanging a little though. I think that they could have continued but nevertheless, suspense is sometimes a good thing. Anyone been to Actor's Studio before?

I tried to take a couple of pictures with no flash but unfortunately, they did not turn out well and apparently, we're not allowed to take pictures. :S

Anyway, after the play ended, we were back to talking and taking pictures. It was like a mini outing. :D
Chin Nam and Keili! Funniest people (what I meant to say was couple but nvm) I've met.
Group pic!

I wanted to wear jeans but my aunt insisted on me to wear dress. =.=

Once again, Lilian and Elvyna. :D ooh, and Sabrina at the back, I just realized that!
Me and Sabrina. I think Sabrina is like the nicest person in MEDT 108. She's TOOOOO nice! Right, right?
Me and Keili.
Me and Chin Nam aka Lotus. Lolz, Keili, don't marah ah...haha, kidding!

Friday, August 01, 2008

I love the weekend, don't you?

There was no FasC for PBL 2 today. I should be :) but not exactly because my group have to summarize the whole of PBL (which may take 1 hour) before starting PBL 1 next Tuesday. : (

FINALLY, it IS the WEEKEND! As usual, there will be cheerleading practice tomorrow and I will be watching a play tomorrow! I'm excited. :D

I love the weekend... Don't you? I feel like eating 'chu-yuk-fan'.