Monday, June 30, 2008

2nd Accident

Today is not a good day. It started out fine but then, it got worse. My mum asked me to follow her to go and pay bills. I was the driver.

So, first few stops was at the area near my place which I was pretty familiar with. I stopped at the side since there was no parking space and waited for my mum. Then, this lorry drove pass my car and one of the Indian men put his head out and showed me the middle finger. I was like wt*. Let's not let that ruin the day. My mum came back to the car and she told me that we're heading to town.


But I did drive safely until I waited at the side while she paid the bills. Then, this policeman came and was going to give me a ticket and so, I drove off. But, I don't know the town that well. I turned into a corner where I find more 'One Way Street' signboards and not long after, I realised that I was lost. I had no idea where I was and I had no idea how far is the place where I left my mum.

Finally, when I stopped, this guy gestured, saying that he is moving out and said that I could have his parking space. So many cars over there, and I finally found one. So, I moved forward but the parking space was behind me. I thought, why am I moving forward when I should move backward? Because if I move forward, then, his car would be behind mine and he can't move unless I move. So, I reversed and I didn't realise that he reversed too and BOOM!

Yeap, it is partially my fault. My car got it pretty bad and I hate driving now. It's the second accident this year since I got my license like 4 months ago. This suck. (Don't mind the language) So, he started throwing his temper and I panicked because I was alone and I didn't know what to do and there were so many cars behind me honking. He came to my car and started asking, "Didn't you hear me honk at your car?"

The answer is DUH NOT. If I heard it, I would have stopped. But I seriously did not hear it. Maybe it was too soft. My mind just spaced out for a second there like I couldn't hear anything until the bang. What makes me upset is that he didn't believed me when I said I wasn't using my cellphone. I was holding on to it but I wasn't listening to any music or making any phonecalls. But nooo, his wife insisted that I was using it. F*ck off. After listening to the wife, my mum doesn't believe me. She thinks I was listening to music.

There are reasons why I wouldn't be listening. My battery is low. If I listen, I'm just looking for trouble when I can't contact anyone. Two, do you think I'm an idiot who would listen to music while reversing? So, in the end, my mum paid him RM50 because his bumper cracked while I got tonnes of scolding. Yeap.

It's the second time as I mentioned ealier. Driving is scary and I don't like it. I don't want even want a car.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cheerleading for Guys

Today seem to be a little bit more cloudy as compared to yesterday. No matter...

Cheerleading is a sport which involves a combination of dance, cheering, stunting and lots of enthusiasm. Sure, it involves a lot more other things and I was wondering... what do people think about male cheerleaders. We all know that IMU Cup is coming soon and one of the biggest events that we look forward to is cheerleading.

Approach a girl and if she tells you that she's a cheerleader, the typical reaction would be 'Wow...'

Approach a guy and if he tells you that he's a cheerleader, I guess most people would go 'WOOahhh... err, ohkayy...'

Before this, I have asked a few of my GUY friends if they would like to take part in cheerleading. While some of them said yes and never at all turned up for practice, some said no with the reason that cheerleading is sissy for guys. I do not think that it is at all sissy but everyone has got different views, right?

When you are in cheerleading, you learn a lot about stunting, synchronizing and at the end of the day, it is team work that brings every one together. Guys don't cheer with pom poms. And if you think that carrying girls is easy, think again. There are many people that I know who are cheerleaders especially in IMU. I think it is very brave to try out a new sport. As what a friend of mine told me the other day, girls are deceptive. They look like but when you carry them, they are not at all like what they seem.

Still, it is not wrong to be a cheerleader. :) What do you think?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Relationships- What would you do?

Have you ever wondered about when you will meet that special someone? What if he/she walked pass you and you didn't notice? Would that mean that the person isn't special if you didn't notice him/her?

Relationships are complicated although I have never had one but I am curious about how it feels sometimes. As I look around, I see the changing sky and changing people in the same city with the same traffic. And here I am, at the same spot with the same thoughts or maybe not. From here, I see my friends and they are with their special someone. Everything seems so fast or maybe I'm the one who is slow. It is finally that I should move on but where to?

It seems that I've been only looking at the big picture without looking at the smaller details just like tracing a picture.

, let me ask you a question. What do you think if a girl goes after you instead of the other way round? Be honest here. I know a lot of friends who says that they don't mind but when it comes to reality, most of them are not very comfortable with it. But after all, it is a different generation now as compared to before the 21st century. And guys, if you are going to go after a girl, what advice would you give for guys out there who don't have the confidence to ask a girl out?

Girls, here's your question. What do you think about this? Would you go for a guy or would you just wait? But what if he doesn't come around?

Friday, June 27, 2008

of Breaking and Jargons

I was breaking in my room yesterday just to make sure that I've still got it. You know, after a while, you'll just slowly lose the technique and strength which is why you've got to practice.

So, I was back to doing the normal baby freeze and I managed to switch legs! Well, only once. I don't really have the strength to continuously switch. And most of the time, I tried shoulder freeze or having both legs parallel in the air. It's hard but like what my friend said, "No pain, no gain..." When will there be a gain without pain? I don't know myself, either. So, I have my fair share of bruises for what I've done...

I tried freezing again but a different kind. Yay! Hahaha... I'm so happy because I don't need to depend on my other arm to support my leg but then, I could only do it once. Because after that, I forgot how I did it. =.= Anyway, moving on to jargons...

Remember how we were told not to use medical jargons? As I mentioned, I went to get a hair cut and this guy was using jargons on me! Well, I felt as if they were jargons lah...

Him: So, is this your first time here?
Me: No. It's my second.
Him: I see. Your roots seem to be a little flat.
Me: I'm sorry, what did you say? *Blurr look*

He didn't explain. And the first thing that popped into my mind was tree roots, followed by family roots. Why would my family roots be flat? How can it be flat? There's my grandpa, grandma and there's my aunty and uncles and ohhhh.... roots as in hair root. =.= Something is seriously wrong with me today. hehe.

Summative 2 so fast? It's just a dream!

I finally got a hair cut today... I'm sooo happy. :) I've been wanting it for weeks now but you know, to cut hair before an exam is superstitious for me. Why? Because to me, cutting hair is before exam is like cutting away your knowledge. Also like yawning, I try not to do it too frequent because I believe that every time you yawn, you are letting go or forgetting a piece of knowledge.

You want to know something? Okay, well, if you don't want to know, I'm going to tell anyway. I had a dream.

I was sitting for Summative 2 paper and it was OBA [WTC [--> what the cow, I don't use bad words you see unless I'm really mad lah], haven't start Sem 2 and I'm already dreaming about the paper. Too bad I couldn't remember the questions.] Anyway, what happened was I answered everything you know... Then, times up! I was so happy as they collected the paper. Then, suddenly, I realised that I did not shade the answer sheet. You know got 2 sets right, one is the question booklet, the other is the answer sheet which we are supposed to shade. I answered everything but I didn't shade. I'm such a doink even in my sleep. =.=ll

That was when I suddenly woke up and I said, 'No, I haven't shade yet...' while stretching my hands out (you know, like those drama series where the girl leaves the boy and the boy stretches out his hand and go like "Mo Zhao lah... [meaning 'Don't leave']" ) And the next thing I knew, I hit my hand on the side of my table. It didn't take me long to realise that I was dreaming because when I opened my eyes, the first thing that popped into my mind was "Summative ONE just only over, where got Summative 2 so fast wan leh?" *Goes back to sleep*

Hehehe... What a silly dream. But if it was real, I'd be panicking. Argh, what has IMU done to us? We have become nerds of all nerds and library furnitures. Oh wait, it's not we... It's me. I feel like a retarded nerd now. hahaha.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inspiration to draw...

I really was that bored this afternoon.

I'm procrastinating once again in completing or even starting on the first paragraph of the COP report. So, I ended up drawing random things where inspiration only strikes onces in a blue moon.
What should I call this? The pieces are arranged in a heart shape and vines are growing from the broken pieces.

The last thing I need is writer's block. I guess I miss uni a little bit after all. I snacked on Hello Panda this afternoon. :) Me likey... Who else likes Hello Panda? *raises hands* I like the chocolate flavour. The double choc is quite nice too. (",)

As I look out the window, I wonder what is going on on the other side of the city. Everything seems superficial now. Were you ever curious about someone else's life? Not your friends, but rather society... and thinking about that makes me feel so grateful for the shelter I have now, the basic needs and friends that I have around me.

I don't know why...I have this thought. It's just a random thought about a child who wishes to pursue his/her dreams but unable to do so. And then, I'd be thinking about how lucky I am to have studied in college and now, be in university and yet, I complained about how tough things are but I did not give up. I nearly gave up but I had friends around me to cheer and fight with me. I need to complain less...
I actually drew this last year but I drew it again because I lost the hard copy of it and only kept the soft copy...

You know, part of the COP report requires us to write a 2 page reflection. (If I'm not mistaken, it is 2 pages.) O.o *gulp* I wonder..., will the lecturer even take a look at it? After all, there will be 234 reports to look at (excluding the Dental students). That is A LOT of reports. What are the odds of them picking yours and check it? But then again, there could be more than 1 lecturer working on it.

I want to watch Kung Fu Panda. Should I just download it instead but downloading is illegal! Oh well, I think I will. [ You did not read that. Esther is not doing something illegal. >.< ]

Bored lah..

Yesterday was Jeremy's birthday! Happy Birthday... !

Bombshe11 couldn't celebrate with you because well, we're having our holz and you're preparing for you exam... Anyway, all the best for your paper on Monday! :D

What have I been up to so far? Nothing much really, just rotting at home, watching Private Practice and Stomp the Yard. For those of you who keeps up with Grey's Anatomy, you should know who Addison is, right? Well, remember that she left Seatle Grace Hospital and went somewhere... hmm, where was it again? I know it was by the beach...

Over there, she meets up with her best friend, Naomi and the group of people who she works with. Anyway, Private Practice is also about medicine and is more focused about the new place where Addison moves in and work there. Well, I've only watched the first episode. :) I think I've found a new addiction besides House and Grey's Anatomy.

As for Stomp the Yard, it's a movie about how this guy pursues his brother's dream who got killed and found himself learning more about Stomping. He soon pledges and joins Brotherhood of one of the teams. It's a nice movie. :)

Sem 3s will be finishing their exams today and Sem 4s will be starting theirs tomorrow. As for Sem 5, their paper will be on Monday. Good luck people! :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I can tell you that by this time tomorrow, I would have ran out of topics to write about. If anyone has any suggestions at all about what I should talk about, let me know. :)

Anyway, other than COP, I was also doodling... on someone's notes. hehehe. So you could imagine, really... that on the front page is Sue Chen's notes, and on the back of the paper, it's my work! :D lalalalalala~~
Indeed, that is how I'd draw a giraffe, an antelope, a sheep, a dragonfly and a bee. :D I'm glad you like it. (You know who you are. =] )

I've been so chocolate deprived for the past few days and I refused to open up the only pack of chocolate left in the freezer. I've told myself that I would only eat it when I have to because it is very very precious to me lah. I have my reasons. :)

Turkish delight! I love it so much that I don't want to eat it. Hehehe...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

COP (Part 2)

I know that the pictures may seem blurr... Now's the time I wish I have the camera but it's with my brother...

Anyway, we started as Faye handed out the Survey forms...And Ickes continued with his presentation. In the middle, we had a session (not exactly a game) to show that HIV do not discriminate. The virus can be passes to anyone of any age and any occupation.
It was the shake-hand game where you will first be given a piece of paper but not allowed to open it. Then, you shake your friends' hands. After 5 minutes, you open the paper. The person whose paper is marked with 'X' are HIV carriers. There were three people in the beginning.
Then, by shaking hands which represents have sexual intercourse, breastfeeding a child or sharing needles (for drug users) causes the transmit of virus. Those who shook hands with the carriers were then asked to step out. That is how the teacher got into the picture. XD
I continued with my part of the talk. I wasn't sure if they actually listened to me... Oh well... Koon Hau and Hung Yew took charge of the "bomb" game after me. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures. They randomly divided the students into groups of 5.

Group 1: White Blood Cell
Group 2: HIV
Group 3: Ig- Immunoglobulin (Antibody)
Group 4: Bacteria
Group 5: Red Blood Cell

Lastly, I showed a video which I got from youtube. I will put it up soon. I think that it is very educational and that there should be more animations to tell a story and raise awareness.

Yeap, took this right before the second group started. hehe. See Natasha? (second from the right) She came to help out. Kala distributed their group's survey form on Lung Cancer.
They had attentive students from the Science class. :) Very quiet. When they entered... I assume it was the class monitor.

Monitor: Stand. Good morning teacher (or the name of the teacher). *followed by the whole class *
Teacher: Good morning. These are medical students from IMU. They are future doctors. Say good morning to them.
Monitor: Good morning, doctors. *followed by the whole class*

=.=ll swt swt...

So, then, Yen Haw started with his presentation. Actually, Mervyn started first and then Yen Haw takes over. They present alternately.
Yeap, they sure did. And did you know that arsenic is used for rat poison and is in cigarette? Did you know that smoking could cause arteriosclerosis which could kill you in the end? But, it is a slow death...
The person behind the scene is Matthew who were handling the slides. ;)
After the whole thing ended, we went to the office and awaited our COP form that was meant to be signed by the external supervisor. Another teacher passed by and wanted the Lung Cancer group to present again but to other classes as she felt that it was beneficial.

So, Mervyn and Yen Haw presented all over again. :D And who else?

Lolz, only we (Koon Hau, Hung Yew, Mervyn, Yen Haw and I) knows how Matthew ended up out there, speaking. :D

COP (Part 1)

I just finished my COP and I'm dead tired. I am supposed to write the report but heck, why not wait for a couple more days? The library is very quiet and scary especially when the air-cond is not on. I feel like sleeping but here I am, blogging instead...

I actually woke up late this morning and realizing it was COP, I did what I normally do which is run around the house looking for stuff that I didn't know I need. One moment, I will be in the kitchen and the other, I'd be running to my bedroom. Then, I'll be running back to the kitchen again to grab food or something.

COP wasn't that bad actually. I finished my slides just this morning and I was pretty unprepared (honestly!). I didn't even get to sleep well last night because I fell asleep on my right arm in the living room and I woke up because of the excruciating pain. Nevertheless, the pain went off and I went to sleep in my room. Then, when I woke up this morning, my whole left leg was numb. I was practically dragging it as I was "running" around the house.

So, we reached the school in time. We delivered the talk and I'd say that every one did a good job. :D Pictures will be put up later (when internet connection is much faster)... Then, the response weren't too bad either. There wasn't a lot of Q & A but there was this student who actually paid attention to me! *yay* He was pretty attentive as compared to his friends. I'm glad about that. No matter what, at least, one person is truly aware about it.

We also played 2 games. One relating to how HIV can transmit fast and does not judge you by age, gender, occupation or social class. The other was relating to what happens if HIV wins or if Ig (Antibody) wins the fight. But as we all know, HIV will outsmart the white blood cells and dominate.

Anyway, you want to know what I find annoying? It is having 6 huge zits on your face and you can't get it off simply because it really won't go off! I feel like if I stood in front of a 4 year old, he or she would enjoy drawing my face like joining the dots. =.= I hope the pimples go away soon...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wo bu zhi dao...

I read no Chinese. I know that a few people know that. Ah Lean and Ley Yeow knows that I'm trying to learn but it just ain't working.

So, I was chatting with Chong Bing and this was what he typed after finding out that I can't read nor write Chinese.


I still have no idea what it means. Why do my friends do this to me? *in the most dramatic tone that you could possibly imagine* hehehe...

I remember Desmond, Zong Lin, Yi Siang and Chiew Ying doing the exact same thing. =.=

I remember Kai, Gene Harn and Anime from Mission Possible conference laughing at me because of the way I speak. hehe. I know it's cute and funny... hehe...

After Summative...

I know that some people think I'm mad to even return to the library after Summative but the library is a very peaceful and comfortable place. It has a nice view. There is a nice table with a nice environment. Why not?

Okay, here's what I have been up to last week. Remember the interview assessment that we had to go through? It was okay but it could have been better. Considering it to be out first time, I guess it's normal if things don't go all smooth. After all, it is then when we learn... If things go smoothly all the time, then, we wouldn't learn to cope.
So, Friday was the end of my stay in the library till late nights. I actually managed to study in the library continuously for four weeks! The familiar faces I see in the library are now my friends. The initial friends I made were Teck Jian and then, I got to know Ru Fah and Ghi Waie. Later, I got to know Elizabeth, Suisse, Shao Wen, Geng Yi and Amanda. Just lately, I got to know Jian Min. Previously, I knew Chong Bing and Wen Chung face to face but now, we have conversations. It's weird, really how friendship can develop from just by seeing each other and all you need is an initiative to speak to that person. :)
Sem 3s are going to have their EOS paper starting from tomorrow. To Wilkinson, Eugene, Ek Guan, Hong Mun, Pei Wen, Ian, Victor.... All the best people! (and also to other Sem 3s) XD

So, right after exams... I went around taking pictures! I miss those times.
This is Ghi Waie. He helped me with my interview. The pointers he gave along with Amanda's did help me get through the interview mentally and emotionally. (In case you did not realise, I am someone who easily panics if I don't know what I'm doing.)
Then, there's Leon! It was so random that Leon and I met at the atrium and talked about the Dance Competition. He was like... "Esther, do you remember what we were doing here a few months ago? We were breaking..." Well, we were and now, he is nearly able to perfect his headstand while I'm stuck at a baby freeze.

The one in the middle is Sabrina. Sabrina will be going to UNIMAS to study Medicine. It was a last minute thing because she got the letter two days before Summative paper. I did not get a chance to know her well... But we were dance partners when there wasn't enough guys in the Latin Dance class.
This is Teck Jian. Always relaxed, very seldom will you see him under stress. A social butterfly perhaps? Because I always see him in the library and mixing around with people in the cafeteria, that's how I got to know him. He helped me with my studies as a whole by quizzing me.
I did not get to take a picture with Nicole though but she's leaving for NUS soon. Nicole, I'm going to miss you!!
You brought us together to do this and if it wasn't because of you, I wouldn't know Sze Yin, Elvyna, Leon and Benedict. I wouldn't have learn a lot of other things as well like values.
Another person going to NUS is Mae Yue! Congrats to you both. I'm happy for you two. Study hard while you're there and take care okay? Bombshe11 will be missing you a lot a lot a lot. Of all the times we spent during orientation, it was great having you around. :)
Finally, there's Manlo! Manlo will be going back to Hong Kong soon. No no, he's coming back here after he finishes his COP. He's not leaving for anywhere. :)

Oh well, Happy Holidays people! Will try to post more pics that Kor Woi and Murresh took... :)

Friday, June 20, 2008


Okay, so Summative 1 is officially over. It was not as bad as how I thought it would be.

4 weeks ago

Gosh, I'm sooo stressed. I'm not going to make it. Some people are already in their second or third round and I'm only starting. Will I make it?

3 weeks ago

Oh well, I'm not that stressed yet. I'll make it. I have time. They've (seniors) done it before. If they can finish, I can too!

2 weeks ago

Man, I'm going out of my mind. Am I trying to kill myself by overloading my brain with information or what?

1 week ago

Who cares?! I'll just aim for pass. Oh wait, I should aim a little higher.


Oh my GAWD! I forgot to study Statistics, DNA Manipulation and I'm not done with Biochemistry yet. On top of that, I have not started Behavioural Science.

This morning

I think I've randomly covered Behavioural Science. I believe I already know what I need to know. Screw statistics.

9.30 am

The first question was on homeostasis. (Right, I did not read that but oh well..) It was about positive feedback, so the answer was pretty obvious. Oxytocin increases contraction of the uterine wall. Okay, next question... I still survive. Okay, maybe there are some questions that is not easy.

Oh wait a minute... Statistic question... What is the advantage of using mean? =.= All the data is used. (correct) Next question was about chi square. I don't have any idea about what it is. I don't even know how to interpret the data. I shall hentam! (I got it wrong...) Oh well, I'll continue with the other questions then.

Physiology was not that bad although I did get a couple of the questions wrong. Well, I got a few anatomy questions wrong as well. The most mistakes made was from Behavioural Science. Out of the 8 questions, I only got 3 correct. =.= That was pretty depressing actually. But it's over now. Might as well move one and be happy.

11.15 am

Feed back session. Answers were given. That was how I got to know about the mistakes I made. After all that, I realised that it could have been better. Had I more time to study, I could have done better. I wonder how my batchmates did. After all that, they went to Sunway Pyramid to watch Kung Fu Panda while some of them went ice skating (if I'm not mistaken).

2.00 pm

I finally decided to go back to the library to chill when I saw Koon Hau and Hung Yew with Warren. They were doing their AIR topic. So were a few more Sem 1s... not only in the library but in Elabs. Had lunch at cafeteria with Suisse and Teck Jian. Suisse was just reading her notes and we did talk lah... Teck Jian had lunch earlier but then, had coffee I think.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A few more days...

A few more days to Summative. A few more days to holiday. A few more days to days outside the library but I think I'd need to go back to do some work for COP.

I wondered if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today... I woke up late, my notes were everywhere and I didn't have time to pack it. So, I just chucked everything into my file. I went to class, and I was nearly late. I drove fast today. That's why I wasn't late. I spilled coffee (well, just a bit) on someone's shoe. I'm soooo sorry. *does the angelic face*

I don't really get stats. Do you? I wondered then as how I wonder now, did learning statistics in SAM help me? Maybe, but to a certain extent. During the workshop, I just 'fired' my way through... making wild guesses of what the Null and Alternate hypothesis may be. Sure, there is so much to study now... Will there be enough time? Everyone is fighting against the clock. Even I am...

As usual, I joined Ghi Waie, Ru Fah, Teck Jian and a few others for dinner. I guess the most random thing I did after dinner was to study in the middle of the hallway just outside LT1. A change of environment is an experience. Since no one was there to walk around, it was okay... :)

Tomorrow is my interview assessment. I can't say that I am not prepared but I am feeling calm for now. I know I may miss out a few points after practicing on Navin. Navin said that I sounded different from how I normally speak but heck, I guess that is just me reacting to different types of people. GW told me that when you face the SP, it will be a totally different feeling and you would have to start from scratch meaning, memorized lines may not really work. In the end, you've just got to adopt and adapt. I just hope I won't end up stoning. So, I stayed until the library closed today. This is my first time and I guess it will be for another couple more days.

On Friday, KW, JL and a lot of people (supposingly) will be watching KungFu Panda in Sunway Pyramid and might be going for ice-skating as well. I'm wondering if I should go because if I go, then, I might not have enough time to prepare for COP which means, I might need to go to uni on Saturday to discuss it with Faye, Ickes, Koon Hau and Hung Yew. Let alone the props that we need, we are yet to prepare anything.

Did you see the moon tonight? I think it is beacutiful... a full moon. Too bad, it is pretty cloudy tonight as well. Oh well, looks like tomorrow is going to be a LOONNG day. I just hope that I'd be able to finish most of my work then.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Dear Dad...

Not that you will read my blog... but it would be extremely awkward for you to know and find out that I've been blogging for the past few years. But...

You're one cool dad although I wish you could cut me some slack.
You're a knowledgable man who have taught me many things.... many many many things... I remember the time when you would brainstorm with me to come up with a business proposal for my project. I sometimes wish you would be around during crucial times like exam periods but work is work...
I realised that we don't have a lot of pictures together. So, I hope that we could take more pictures next time when you're back.
You get to go to many cool places and you are so passionate about telling me about your experience. I know I don't listen sometimes, but I'm happy that you're happy.
Thank you for your sacrifices and support. If you did not push me through high school, I would not be who I am today.I may not be perfect but do know that I try to make you proud.
Thank you for sending me to camps where I had to stay overnight. I know it was a hard decision for you to make because you were so concerned about my safety.

I remember how you would drive me all the way to Perlis to make sure that everything is taken care properly- accomodation, food and safety there.
Even when I wanted to go for the Mission Possible conference, you trusted me a lot to take care of myself.
Thank you for sending me to college.
Thank you for the things you've bought for me especially the keychain from South Africa.
Thank you for the love, care and security you've given me.
Thank you for giving me a brother although he may be annoying sometimes but still ultimately lovable.
Thank you for everything over this 19 years from the day I was born until now...

I remember how you would always give me the talk about not having boyfriends until university or working period. I also remember how you would try to give Koko and I the best things like education and a comfortable life.

Despite the fact that we sometimes have our disagreements, I hope that you would know, no matter what, I'm glad that you never gave up on me.

I love you. :D


One of those random updates

For the past few days, I've been too tired or too lazy to update. I know my last post was sort of 'aggressive', maybe? But, things are cool now. :) To Kor Woi, Thomas, Navin and Jene... thanks for listening. To Lilian, Arthur and TJ... thanks for the messages. I'm moving on now. No point dwelling over the past, right?

So, there I was in the library last Friday (or Thursday)...

This is the first time that I see so many people at the computer for the same aim. Usually, there would be 4-6 people but whoa, there were 8 people...
Counter-striking... But it's good to chill once in a while, right? I see some of my friends playing ping pong at times like this (near Summative) as well.
I don't see anyone DotA in the library... Why ah? If you guys are planning to do so in the library, call me okay... (Haven't DotA-ed for quite a while now..)

So, on Saturday morning, I saw something on my bed. It was still at first but it flew as I move my stuff from my bed. I think it is a moth.
So, I tried to get a close shot. I nearly screamed when it started to fly. I know it's small and that I should not be afraid of me. But what if, just WHAT IF, it lands on my hand and bites me? hehe...
Cool, eh? I think it is. Haha... *I'm SS-ing*

I downloaded 2 albums of Aly and Aj's- Insomniatic and Into the Rush. It took less than 1 hour! I love their singing sooo much. I love everything about their songs. I think my top 3 favourite would be 'Rush', 'Do You Believe In Magic' and 'Blush'.

Okay, I'm getting back to doing AIR now. :D

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rant time

This is not an emo post; and by emo, I mean sad. This is an emo post; and by emo, I mean frustrated. So, is this an emo post? You decide.

This is my first blogging from uni. :D Okay, so here goes nothing...

I make my own notes for some topics ever since the beginning of the year. All the hard work, effort and time I spent on it, I am glad that I made them because these notes are helping me now. But what happens when a friend decides to borrow it for photostating?

I lend it to them. Simple reason: I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I don't like to be one of those people who wants to know everything but wouldn't contribute to anything.

So, I lent my notes to a friend of mine today and I expected him to take really good care of it. After all, it is MY notes and if you are borrowing it from me, I suppose you ought to have the responsibility to take really good care of it. Sure, it may not be his fault that the photostate machine got all faulty all of the sudden and one of the pages of my notes was crumpled and torn. (Which means I would have to re-write it) But imagine this, if your friend does borrow it and does not return it in its original condition, how would you feel?

I am upset over this. How can I say I am not? And the photostate machine... Geez, why now? Why my notes? What was the probability of it all happening? I am mad but who can I be mad at? Another thing that I am upset about is permission. Yes, I just have got to stress that it is MY notes and when I lend it to someone, you just don't simply go to other people and ask if they want it to unless they are close friends... The same thing happened before. It pose a very uncomfortable feeling.

Just imagine, if you finally found something which you found valuable and you decided to share because 'sharing is caring' (which I think, right now, applies to some people only), and when it came to hmm, placing orders [for example], your friend places the order for everyone else but you. How would you feel? I don't think I am being sensitive here but rather, I have been rational with how I act.

I guess sharing is one thing, trust is another. I've trusted my friend once, I felt betrayed many times. I thought giving chances will make a change, but now, I am filled with negativity. I wouldn't call it hatred because hate is just too much of a wasted effort. So what if there is an apology, you don't simply get away with an apology. I need to let this feeling die down.

So much for Friday the 13th...

I can't wait for holidays to be over and more importantly, I can't wait for COP to be over. I'm outta here.

This week

I know I haven't been updating but here it is at 2 something in the morning... :) Well, last Monday, we, Bombshe11 celebrated our OO's birthday. Yeap, it was William's early birthday and we celebrated it early because we didn't want it to clash with Jien's surprise birthday. They both share the same birthday. William is the one in the middle. We got him a photo album with our orientation pictures in it and personal notes from every one of us. Mae Yue and the others put in a lot of effort in getting things done. :DIt was Bombshe11 meeting up once again. Not all the members came though but heck, I finally met Kei Shen. I haven't seen him in classes for a long time now. It's good to see him there. So, after all the guys took picture with William, it was the girls' time. :D

On Tuesday, we had our last PBL. Group 5, I'm going to miss you guys A LOT. We came together with different personalities and knowledge background. We came and we survived our first semester PBL. Remember the awkward times when we could not understand the jargons used in our first few PBL sessions? Only we know what we are talking about.
It was also on Tuesday that Jien celebrated his birthday. I couldn't go because I had another interview session which I once again screwed up because I was stoning. Oh well, better not touch on that. :D I need to practice. Does anyone want to be my SP for interview?

So, I've been spending most of my time in the library and going back late at around 9pm. Though I am really tired sometimes, coffee makes it all better. The last thing I want for tomorrow (or a few hours later) is to doze off in class during statistics. =.= Many more things to cover and I felt stressed. Hence, I went to find Kor Woi during my own chilling time. He went up to the roof with Jin Lin and one more girl (who I've forgotten her name again... aikz..). *sorry sorry*

The view was indeed beautiful. I had to climb this ladder to get up to the empty space there. It was so scary. I guess I just got to know that while I may not be afraid of heights but moving from a higher ground to a lower ground is scary for me.
Well, we had to take a picture because its not everytime that we are going to be there, right?
Kor Woi took the pic! :D Not bad ah.. his skills. If it was for me, the picture probably turn out blurr. XD

Then, we went back to the library and continued doing our thing which includes studying, chilling, stoning and talking. Can't believe its a Friday and only one more week to go before the Summative and before I complete Sem 1. We're all going to be seniors soon. Time flew so fast. The new intakes are coming on July 14, last I heard... for Pharmacy, Medical Biotech and Nutrition & Dietitics.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Chocolates... That is something that I have been taking without fail for the past 1 week I think.

I am addicted to chocolates now. I don't want to be chocolate intoxicated though... hehe... While typing this post, I am proceeding to the 5th piece of chocolate (not the big bar lah... the small mini ones, you know... like Hershey's). Talk about chocolate, it is sooo fattening but yet, I love it. I guess everyone loves it.

Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate chip cookie
Chocolate cake
Chocolate Hello Panda
Chocolate candy bars (Mars)
Hot chocolate

Oh well, I guess that is all I can think about now. I am going to sleep, wake up, and then only do PBL.

Wrong timing...

Time: 3.34am

I'm still awake. I still can't sleep. I'll probably fall asleep in class or in the library... or maybe not.

Let me give you a scenario. You are studying but then, you decided to take a break. So, you go to your computer and click open on MSN Messenger and see who is online. Maybe you want to bug a friend or two and so, you start messaging. Maybe about 1/2 hour later, you multi-task, studying and chatting at the same time. But then, your mum (or dad) barge into your room and sees you chatting. UH-OH...

That kind of suck because then, they would have assume that you have not been studying the whole night but rather, chat.

Another scenario would be taking a break to watch television or play computer games. As you attend to your leisure time for a while and if your parents come home after 2 hours, then they would probably assume that while they were out the whole time, you were playing computer games or watching the television.

The timing is soo not right... all the time. I wonder why it happens though.

The sky seem to be clear tonight but no stars can be seen. Where have all the stars gone? If I could, I would want to lie on a grassy hill and stare at the sky the whole night until I fall asleep. Bombshe11 will be celebrating William's birthday tomorrow and I haven't written a note for him yet. Well, we're all supposed to but I haven't. Maybe now is a good time to do it. :D But, what should I write??? =]

Time: 3.44am

I'm signing off for now... lolz, I took only 10 minutes to blog? Cool, that's a new record... :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Feeling stressed? Here are some pictures to help you take your mind off some things. :) A few pictures that I took a few years back...I don't know what this animal is called. I think it's an antelope. Pretty eh... That was taken at the safari. I did not stand in front of the animal. I was in a truck and zoomed all the way. It stopped to pose for me.. :P
This is a gerbil. It's so freaking cute. I took this in Le Sotho, on the mountain. It's not a very clear picture because of the mist. It looks like a hamster though, but the people told me that it is a gerbil.
Here's another picture of it. Now this picture reminds me of Ratatouille. :D

The sunset... I think it's beautiful... although it may not have been taken at a nicer angle...

Okay, maybe not a lot of pictures... but I hope you have destressed... :D