Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today's after class activity...

I find myself asking more frequently, "What is wrong with me?" I still haven't found out yet...

I woke up late today and arrived late for lectures. It was BS lectures for two whole hours.

There was Latin dance class today and we nearly finished the routine. There was more spinning when you do the routine with a partner. I am beginning to love the feeling of dancing with heels. When you do it right, you just feel good that you've achieved something.

Then, I went to watch Stardust with Matthew, Shu Yee, Pui Mun, Navin and Alex. It was my second time watching it. I just love it sooo much. It is a very touching and interesting movie. I guess I just joined the Music and Movie Club. It is after all free and we get to listen to music and watch movies. Next month, they will be watching an opera if I'm not mistaken.

I'm nearly done packing for the Mission Possible Conference. =.= I'm feeling lazy to pack my things.

I'm still thinking about what butterfly formation to make. Elvyna hasn't give me any designs yet... That's all I can think of right now. The day has been changed from Tuesday to Wednesday because many people won't be coming on Monday since the lectures will be PPDs. [Can I skip lectures too? Wait, that will just make me guilty. What the heck, I'll just decide on that day.] Hence, I don't have enough time to colour code the people. On Tuesday, I will need as many volunteers as possible to do a trial run for the Butterfly formation. Also, the colours will be finalized on that day itself.

This activity may be time consuming as well. On Tuesday, there will be PBL with our new Fascilitator and also Latin Dance class. I just hope that the butterfly formation will turn out well. I also hope that these people who are taking part in this knows the reason why this activity is done.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Missing the moments...

After today, I am happy for now. Why is that so?

I don't need to worry about PBL for the next whole week. I don't need to worry about lectures because the lecture tomorrow and on Friday will be on Behavioural Sciences. Then, on the following Monday, it will be PPD lectures. Other than that, I am actually free.

Today, there was Latin dance class. There will be one another and tomorrow, we will be finishing the salsa routine. My partner didn't come today. Not only mine but Mei Han's and Shu Yee's partner didn't come either. So, I paired up with Shu Yee and sometimes, Navin. I danced in heels today! I survived and it sure was painful.

Bombshe11 met up today as well. I will be collecting pictures from the others to put it up here! :D
I miss the Bombshe11 moments... where we used to hang out and go for lunch.
That time, Lilian got whacked by the ping pong bat. lol.

I remember that it was Manlo's first time eating with hands too! And we played with our food, shook hands with food all over our fingers. It was an eeky yucky moment but pure fun.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Matthew's Birthday (Part 1)

He likes it. I'm glad he does.

Today is Matthew's birthday. I will upload more pictures when I manage to collect the pictures from the various photographers- Elvyna and Lilian. It was so weird and funny. Elvyna, Lilian and I were late to Ickes' place and when the elevator reached the 16th floor. We had no idea where to go. Suddenly, Matthew appeared from behind this door. It was a very awkward moment. Then, at the 'so-called junction', we wanted to turn left and walk but then, Matthew was like, "Eh, this way lah..." *pointing to the right*

*Sweat!* It was pretty obvious that we were going to surprise. However, he did not foresee the part where Ickes and associates decide to dirty him with whip cream. No photos on that for now. We were supposed to go to MidValley for lunch but ended up in Fusion Haven (Sri Petaling) instead.

The Birthday boy! He has got new basketball shoes today and the shoe laces are dark red! *grins*
Elvyna drove us there. Her driving is err... well, urm.... safe. Yeah, safe.
See, her car got so many soft toys! And they are all so cute... She loves Sponge-y Bob a lot, I don't know why.

First, she poses here.
Then, she poses here! Elvyna is very funny not to mention loud but hey, she's a sanguine. It's fun to have her around and bully her.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm too tired

I slept at 4 something in the morning doing something which was nothing related to academics.

I'm feeling dehydrated for some reason.

I don't want to study.

I don't want to go for lectures tomorrow.

I don't want Sunday to ever end.

Oh wait, I take that back. I am looking forward to this week because I only need to attend lectures for 3 days. Man, I haven't started on PBL yet and here I am, blogging... So many things to do, so little time. I hope I can remember what I need to do.

I'm getting back to studying. I might have to sleep late again tonight. *sigh*

I want to depend on someone.

I wish there is someone who I can depend on.

I'm too tired.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Slide Out Pictures

The dance competition. You read about the stress, you read about the day, you read about what I went through. So, now come the pictures!!

Yeap, there were 8 of us. Before that, I didn't know Elvyna, Sze Yin and Leon. I was scared to talk to Nicole and Benedict. But now, we are all really good friends. We sticked together during tough times which would be choreographing.
The one on the left is Jien, our manager who gives pep talk. Really wonderful pep talks. The one on the right, well, I guess most of you already know him as none other than Benedict the IMU Barney.
Another group picture but with friends who supported us and seniors...

The girls with Matthew. Only Elvyna and I wore all black without designs on our T. *grins* We have the same thoughts ( on certain topics) but totally different personality. >.<
The girls...
Mission Possible Conference will be from 1st to 4th May 2008. I can't wait to go. My schedule for next week is so packed. :S There are too many minor things that needs to be done. I just realized.

Friday, April 25, 2008


The first BS lecture was boring but not the second one. After lectures, I hang out with Reza and Lilian. Today was the first time I wore a dress to class with heels!

Arthur said, "Am I dreaming? I thought I saw Esther in a dress and skirt." =.=
Reza said, "You changed. It's a good thing."
Elvyna said, "You're wearing a skirt!" *few minutes later* "OMG, you're actually wearing a dress."
Leon said, "You look feminine today. Not tomboy-ish at all."
It's a Friday. Weird things happen on Fridays. :D

I guess change is good. I'm planning to buy heels tomorrow when I go to 1 Utama. I can't stand wearing the heels I have now. Too difficult to take care off. Besides, I need something that isn't so high.

Today was also the first cheerleading practice ever! No pictures taken today, so, I will upload them the next time we have a practice.

15 guys signed up for cheerleading. Only 7 guys turned up.

We did motions, jumps and elevation. I wonder if we will be able to move on to liberty, arabesque, extension and basket tosses. I really do wonder...

Until the next meeting, no team name has been suggested nor cheer nor cheerleading uniform. I guess for a first timer, they were good enough. At least, they were much better than how I started off. Amos, Joshua, Jien, Matthew, Alex, Jonathan and Manlo were the only guys there. Jien, YOU ROCK! As for the girls, there were many who could catch up fast, some took a little longer to learn.

Cheerleading seems alien at first but after some time, they will get used to it. I still wonder why we are preparing now when the competition is in August/ September. Oh yeah, we wanted the base and flyers to have enough experience and guts to do them on the real day itself.

Oh well, until next time then...

On yesterday...

I didn't update yesterday. I was too tired by the time I got home.
Well, a bit on yesterday... There was a meeting by Speech Club where you learn to make impromptu speeches and improve your public speaking skills. When I was out there speaking, I was so nervous that I was shaking. It's weird really. When I am with a group of people who I know, then, public speaking is not that scary but when I am with people who I don't know, then, I feel scared.

There was icebreakers. Two groups. One against one- you have to ask questions continuously without answering the other person's question.
Then, there was the extemporaneous speech session where they give you 10 seconds to think about the answer to the question that they give on the spot. What you do next is deliver a speech for 2 minutes.
Justin was the first to go. I, on the other hand, screwed mine. The theme was 'transition' and the question was how I see myself in the future. Well, I don't think I'd see much difference because I am stress now, I still will be stressed in the future. There will be more responsibilites and I would be more independant, but I don't see it as a transition. I define transition as a big change like moving from one stage to a MUCH higher stage. For example, Form 5 to SAM. That was the biggest change I had.

After I left abruptly, I followed my mum to the night market (it was early evening) when I saw these. These creatures are everywhere! Stalls after stalls, I saw them. Not only that, they have weird faces like the stone face, sad face, happy face and scary face.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spasms and volleyball

I do pay attention in class. I don't take pictures all the time without concentrating. Multi-tasking is the key to doing a few things at a time. As we learn about each system, my friends and I come up with our own words all from vasospasm. What do I mean?

Neurospasm, Cranialspasm, Cardiospasm, Nephrospasm (just created today) and so on... How did they come about? I don't know, really. When lectures are difficult to digest, then, we will be having one of the spasms. Usually, I will say Neurospasm while Lydia says Cranialspasm and Joshua says Cardiospasm.
Enough about spasmic activities. So many colour pens you see and they are there because of Elvyna. I learnt to use them because I see Elvyna using them so often. Really, life is much easier. For me, it is easier to separate the elaboration for every point.
lol. The notes on the left are written in a very neat manner, are they not? While on the right, things are like everywhere! [Don't let the drawings distract you.]

Right after lectures, we had our Salsa class. In a way, I felt bad for always hogging my partner and not let him partner someone else. So, I try to change partners all the time. So, I got to dance with Randika, Alex, Navin and Kor Woi. As for girls, I danced with Wei Chin! Someone should really take this chance to volunteer himself as Wei Chin's partner. She's a wonderful dancer but has no partner. *ahem, this is your cue*

After that, we had volleyball at 1pm. It was supposed to be until 2pm but it lasted until 3-ish pm. The game today was more brutal compared to the week before. Maybe because it was raining last week during training sessions.

After it was over, a few of us headed to E-lab and helped Ickes with his data. I mean, his senior's data. It was the perfect chilling spot, only thing was that it was too cold because we sat right under the air conditioner!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've been tagged...

[Warning: It is a long post.]


Now that I think of it, I do have something to share all thanks to Keili who tagged me. Volleyball practice wasn't today. It will be tomorrow; so will the Latin dance class. I haven't handed in my AIR Topic yet. I'm scared, seriously. What if it's not good enough? How good does it have to be? There are over 200 essays and how can I make my work an outstanding work?

Okay, first things first... The tag. *sulks* I'm just kidding Keili!


Name : Esther Teoh Yunn Pei
Nickname : None
Name you wish you had : Never thought of it...
What do people normally mistake your name as : Easter

Birthday : 5th October 1989

Birthplace : Bukit Mertajam
Time of birth : 9.14am

Zodiac sign : Libra--> I keep a balance in everything... Or at least, I try to...

How tall are you : 168cm

Wish you were taller : Err, not really. I am happy with my height...

Eye colour : Very dark brown

Eye colour you want : Maybe something that is not so dark... but then, I'd look weird...

Current hair colour : Dark brown

Short or long hair : Long

Ever dyed your hair a bizzare colour : NO WAY!

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : This year. I permed it. I regret it. I'll keep it straight from now on.

Glasses or contacts : Glasses. Eyes too dry for contacts.

Do you wear make-up : NO. NO make-up. Only during important events like prom but I avoid all that stuff.

Ever had hair extensions : Nope, I AM really happy with my hair now.


What eye colour : I'm fine with anything.

What hair colour : As long as it's not weird like pink or light blue.

Shy or outgoing : I think a little bit of both... =)

Looks or personality : Personality. He should be at least focused.

Sexy or cute : Wokay... This is so weird. I'd go for cute. I can't imagine sexy, that's why.
Serious or fun : Both.

Older or younger than you : Preferably older. Same age doesn't matter even though younger by a few months.

Turn on : Smile, eyes, personality

Turn off : Smokers (I copied Keili's answer), liars (definitely) and those who are self-centred, egoistic.

Flowers or chocolates : Both, however, I don't think it is necessary because neither can last for a long time. There won't be any memory to dwell upon in future...
Pepsi or coke : Fruit juice!

Rap or rock : Neither. Something instrumental or at least a beautiful tune to follow.

Relationship or one night stand : Relationship but at this point, it is not so relevant to my need.

School or work : Work.

Love or money : Love.

Movies or music : Music!

Sunny or rainy days : Rain on sunny days...

Stole something : Not that I can remember of...


Hurt someone close to you : Yes, unintentionally and intentionally.

Broken someone's heart : Yes.

Had your heart broken : Yes, many times.

Wondered what's wrong with you : Not really because I like they way I am. If people can't see me the way I see myself, then, too bad...

Wish you were a princess : NO...

Liked someone who was taken : Yes, although it is a guilty act. So, I try to make the feelings die..

Shaved your head : You do know that I LOVE my hair.

Been in love : Many times but none of them worked out...

Used chopsticks : Haha, YES.

Sang in the mirror to yourself : A few years back when I could still sing


Flower : I like all flowers. There is no discrimination.

Scent : None in particular.

Colour : Lilac! (Actually, I like colours from the red and purple family) XD

Movie : Romantic comedy

Junk food : Don't frequently take it. So, I don't know what its called.

Location : Don't have a specific one. I like the peak of the mountain where the whole city can be seen and where there are greenery everywhere. The new library wing where I can stare and see greens and buildings- two very different elements. The balcony where I can see the city!
Cape Town! [View from Table Mountain]

Ever cried over someone : Many times. I was quite emo then. I'm not so emo now.

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : Not now...

Do you think you are attractive : HAHAHA... right...

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : Fairy tales are for children to believe that true love comes easily... Nothing in life comes easily...

Variety Night 08

Since nothing interesting happened today besides the fact that I spent more than 5 hours in the library with my friends and talking to the Sem. 5 seniors: Chris and Eugene, I shall tell you more about Variety Night! We got second placing for our sketch and so did our POTW--> [Butterfly] I mean Dave. XD

We had to think of a skit with the theme 'Celebrity Scandal'. It was all last minute and it didn't turn out to be that bad. The only time we got QC-ed was towards the end. ;)

Group pic!
The secret agents and OOs.
The secret agents with 'past' Britney, Mae Yue (left) and Britney's dancer, Sharon (right).
I was trying out my 'stone' face but I guess it didn't work that well. Oh well, that's the secret agents with the troublesome singer, Manlo. Who was he supposed to be again? Oh right, Edison Chen.

The secret agents with the 'present' Britney who became a chef. 'E-ve-ry d-ay C-OOO-king'
I was so tempted to put this pic. Thanks Jimmy for lending your black tie to me and also helping me to tie it. :D
This was after the skit where we returned to LT1 and continue taking group pictures! This is the serious one.
This is the not so serious one as you can see. Three words: No eye see...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Help me... =.=

My apologies for updating a little late today. I woke up at 10.15pm after falling asleep around 7-ish. There are no pictures to post up today mainly because my phone ran out of battery today.

This morning's lecture about the heart was quite interesting. The lecturer actually sang in front of the whole lecture theatre. I thought it was cool, though weird, but still cool. How many lecturers actually find pleasure in teaching and yet get the students' attention? Wait a minute, it's not that we don't want to pay attention but we HAVE to because we're paying soooo much.

There was also an annual general meeting for the In Support Of Women's club (ISOW). Jeremy Joseph was elected as the Vice President. He is the 'Yes' man. On the other hand, there is Alex who is the Vice Secretary and Yen Haw as Vice Treasurer. Now, you may be wondering why are the guys the vices... It's simple really. Women rule because it's the ISOW club and guys need to be the pillars [or helpers]. It was not a plot at all. Nope, it wasn't. *Yes, it was partially a plot.*

The Latin class started today as well. I thought it was going to be just a meeting because 38 people signed up for it and there was supposed to be a discussion about when and how to have the claass conducted. But, there was less than 38 people today. I was late but it did not affect much. We learnt the four basic steps in Salsa which I don't know what they are called and spot turn. *grins*

It was fun. I did not regret joining it. Who knows? Perhaps, I might just be learning Latin dance for the next 2 1/2 years while I'm in IMU. The next class will be this coming Wednesday at 10.30am after lectures. If you don't have a partner, don't fret because there are many girls who don't have partners either.

Cheerleading practice will start this Friday from 3pm - 6pm. I'm still not sure about how it will be like. I doubt every step I plan and every move I make. There's volleyball practice tomorrow from 3pm - 6pm as well. I just hope that it does not rain... My gosh, there is PBL this week. =.=

Two words: Help me!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finale Night 08

FINALE NIGHT! I know.. I know.. It should be Variety Night before Finale Night but I really want to write about Finale Night first. >.< One guy, two girls... Many people adore Jeremy... He's funny, that's why.
Jeremy does his face again but with Aditya this time.
And again... See the dude on the left? He's from Hong Kong. It's cool having him around. What are the odds of having a Hong Kee in your group when there is only one Hong Kee in your batch?
Eh, Gan?! I thought this was an all-girls picture. Haha... Oh well...
I think you guys know Aditya already. I did mention him in one of my previous posts. He is from Kenya and I actually spoke a few lines of Swahili with him once. I've forgotten everything now except for 'Jumbo!' (which means "Hi!").

So, we may not be mafia-ish to you, but heck, it was fun trying to be one.

Okay then, next time, I'll post up pictures from the second Dresscode, Variety Night and Slide Out's in random order. That is if nothing interesting happens in Uni. Otherwise, I might just put that all up on weekends.