Sunday, February 24, 2008

My mummy used to say...

Only a couple more hours before going to IMU tomorrow. There are so many things to do... so many things to get certified...

What the heck. First things first... Mummy always say... "Go to school [college/university], must mix with good people. Don't mix with naughty or bad students. Then, go to school...
must not speak bad things... all the *FISH* words, don't say it or else people don't like it...

If people do wrong thing, pretend you don't see it. Don't go find fault with people, later, they might bully you in return.

and if can, close your ears, don't listen to gossip. Don't listen to things that is not nice to listen to."

Then, only would you be able to find good friends.

I don't really listen to her advice, but this time, I think I'd be following it. I remember how she used to tell me this every day when I transferred from KL to Ipoh in the middle of Form 1.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pameloes *hooga hooga*

When I went back during CNY, my parents and I stopped by Ipoh to by pameloes. Don't mind me saying this but Ipoh has the best pameloes ever. Why? Because they're sweet, huge and cheap! (if you know where to get them) Compared those in KL, Kl ones are sour/ bitter, small and darn expensive.

If you don't know how pamelo grow on trees, here's one to show you. The tree is not very tall. Did I mention that there were loads of them growing in a tree? Seriously...

So, I was there and I saw this pamelo. It is like 3 in 1.
And I'm like, what the? Was I hallucinating? But it's sooo cool (to me).

Ta-da! You can see that they are joined together. I call them triplets! Hahaha...

Oh yeah, I also came across this and it's supposingly known as Buddha's Palm. It ain't looking like a palm to me. It is like a mutated fruit, if I may say so.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

While in Taylors,...

See Juniors asking for prices of each book? I was once like that... UNTIL I realised that I need not use Textbooks at the end of the year. As I depended solely on notes, I thought I'd sell it for a higher price--> RM30 And I didn't know that other people were selling them for like RM100! Man, not knowing the market price just cause a rip-off...No matter, the notes are for their extra reading and practices for common tests.
That's Jian by the way, in brown. I met him during ice-skating...

Its been nearly 3 months now: my holiday. I've never had such a long break before. Anyway, before this, in January, I went back to Taylors for the Student Award Ceremony. From my class, I met Boon Lim and formerly in my class, Khong Hern.

Well, since I was taking the picture with my phone, it resulted to be a mirror image. So you know, during that time, we weren't listening to the speech delivered, but rather, taking pictures! Hey, I wasn't the only one. Oble wasn't listening too.... until the part where they revealed the percentage of students in Taylors compared to worldwide that passed each subject. And for Biology, 100% students in Taylors passed!

For those who haven't seen Khong Hern, here he is. Studying in IMU, Pharmacy (twinning); look out for him!

Oh well, last but not least is of course, my Maths Lecturer. Someone who I didn't like at first but turned out to be what I least expect. Though strict and have her own ways, keeping up with her pace will help a lot in exams.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

During CNY...

It's never too late to tell a story. :D

As most of you who know me, I moved to KL when I was young: that was when I finished Std. 1. Then, I moved to Ipoh in the middle of Form 1 and back to KL again after Form 5 to continue with SAM. When I went back to my hometown this time for Chinese New Year, I managed to eat something called Fried Jawa Mee. I used to eat it as a kid and I loved it. I still love it now. Always ordering this at the hawker centre made my family call it 'No Taste-y'; something like, I refuse to taste other things that I've got no standard in choosing food. Nevertheless, I still eat this whenever I have the chance. After all, this can't be found in Ipoh nor KL.

Anyway, let's turn back time to Chinese New Year. It was a boring new year for me as I couldn't go much things. Since I can't remember my friends from school, I couldn't visit any of them. Besides, my neighbour's kids were always out (now that they can drive). There was no firecrackers to play with this year. I don't know where to get them. But anyhow, life goes on and thank goodness, I have a brother to keep me occupied. I watched 'The Nanny Diaries' and 'Game Plan'. Whee...

This was taken on the first day of CNY. I remember because that was the only red clothe that I have. Well, basically, my brother and I were camwhoring in the car or should I say, I did more camwhoring than him.

The new look with fringes and maintained curls. I'm still learning to maintain them. It is so difficult. I think by the third day, they weren't as curly as before but now that I've got my trusty HAIRSPRAY, I think I can maintain them better when I go out.

This is on the second day. My brother was teasing me because of the pouted lips. He said that I was becoming more like Cheesie (another blogger whose blog I always read). The picture turned out good for me and as for him, I think he's just cute trying to do that. hehe. Trying to look cute and sexy ain't easy!! How do people do that?

Taken on the second day of CNY as well is this scallop dish. It becomes tradition in my family that on the second day, we eat Yee Sang and since there was a package, this dish was included as well. It's really good, you know. Really goooood (but darn expensive as a whole).
On the third day, my family has finished visiting all relatives. Looks like I have got another neice and a nephew this year. *I'm getting old*