Monday, December 31, 2007

Boring lecture...

Happy new year!!

Finally, a year has passed. I’m moving on to University. I made friends, I’ve lost friends. I’ve had my fair share of pain and tears as well as joy and happiness.
It is time to move on to new resolutions. I did achieve what I wanted this year. Well, at least, a couple or more of them.

I was listening to a supposed-to-be 6 hours lecture but turned out to only be 4 hours plus. I think what youngsters need is not a longer duration to curb road ethics into them. That is because no one really bothers to listen to a person talking continuously. I believe that there should be interaction between the speaker and the listener. Not only will it be more productive, but I think that what the person learns will stick in the mind for a longer time.

I fell asleep. I tried listening. I was listening until he started explaining the meaning of the road signs. That was when I was nowhere to be found. I think I regret it a little now but then again, I can always read it from the handbook given to us.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The title says it all!

Oh well, it is Christmas eve and I went out with my parents to search for a driving school. I still am unsure about how things will be like since the place for learning will be in Ulu Langat and the person who was talking to me just now seemed to not be confident. So, yes, I’m worried of how classes will be conducted. Other than that, every thing is moving so fast. I don’t know; I should say ‘YES’! but yeah, something is holding me back. I just don’t know what.

I just came back from jamboree yesterday. It was FUN FUN FUN. Did I mention Fun? I went there with an aim. I achieved what I wanted. I am satisfied but I felt that the duration was a little too short. On the first day, there was the rope game. I learnt about unity at that time. Everyone was blindfolded and there were 5 ropes on the ground. We (130+ of us) had to make it into 1 big circle. At first, we made 5 circles. After that, we nearly made a full circle. As there was limited time, we didn’t make the big circle but we were pretty close to it.

On the second day, one of the activities was drills and march. I dislike that activity the most. Every time, I wish that drills and march would be over and as short as possible. This time, I set a goal which is to give 150% in drills and march- to give it my all no matter how hard it is. And, I did! I’m satisfied about it. After two days, my arms and legs still hurt. But, it is soooo okay. I know I sound mad talking about it.

Well, I got to know a couple of new friends. 4 from Kota Kinabalu: Bryan Sario, Keshia Sario, Ee-wan and Mei Chan. After all, I know pretty much a lot of those from KL already but I managed to build a stronger friendship with them. Oh yeah, I don’t have any pictures with me because my phone was kept for three days! And, I survived! One of the things that made me not taking my sleep for granted is when the seniors woke us up at 5am in the morning. It is to train us in case of emergency. So, yeah… After that, they gave us 1/2 hour of sleep.

Now that I’m back, I’m on a movie-thon. I watched about 5 movies yesterday and 3 so far today. I’m a maniac.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

These things with phonecalls..

It’s just my luck with phonecalls.

Everytime I call someone, and ask them if they are busy, they tell me that they’re not. When I call, there are some:

doing business in the toilet

Seriously… to call someone at the wrong time is pretty embarassing. Really… It’s like when you’re suppose to leave him or her to his or her business but just have no idea about how to splat out the words.

Still packing...

I had another weird dream. Due to the storm, we were supposed to move and leave the area by 3 pm. So, my parents and I were packing our stuff. My brother wasn’t there because he was in another place. The setting was very kuno. Walls of houses were made of sticks while the roof was made of leaves.

The next thing I knew was that I was in another dream, sitting for an exam! Yes, it was a 10-hour exam. There are 10 questions. I would assume that it is medically related and I wrote nothing. However, I did see another person’s answer. hehehe… He wrote, ‘Send patient for MRI’. The worst scenario that I could possibly imagine is that I was in a mental hospital. :S

Anyway, I’m still packing for jamboree. I don’t have raincoat or poncho. Where am I going to find raincoat in such short time? Besides that, the one thing that I’m not at all looking forward to is the march and drills. That would probably take up 3 hours under the scourching hot sun. *sarcastically: oh fun and joy!!* Well, I don’t really mind being under the sun and sweating and all… It’s just not a very good feeling when you will only be given 5 minutes bathing time. Would that be enough?

Gosh…Maybe, I’m just not cut out for this.

Flashback and moving forward...

…Loving ‘Tongue Tied’ by October Fall and ‘How To Save A Life’ by The Fray…

I went to college today to collect my results. It was nothing big actually. I met Kong Hern who used to be in my class but moved to G8. Results were distributed at 10am and I was invited to attend a merit award ceremony for getting all As’. Well, my mum would be there.

I still am in disbelief about my results. I kept on staring at it, checking if I’ve read it correctly. As for my grades, it was far better than what I expected. I expected a 16 B for English but it turned out to be a 19A. Honestly, this result is way better than my forecast as well.

I remember asking one of my lecturers why some people in my class who gets lower than me in Internal gets a higher forecast than me. Nearly all told me the same answer which is ‘I see that he/she has potential in getting an A (whichever A it is). For you, I think this is as high as I think you can go.’ Yeah, I was jealous and upset thinking about how these lecturers thought I’ve got no potential. But what do you know? I did much better than what you forecasted for me and that gives me a really good feeling. =)

Let alone the fact that forecast is important to me psychologically, I was pretty much affected by it and could not study. Thanks to a couple of friends who listened and encouraged me, I was back on track. Right now, I feel happy and relieved. Yes, I’m still happy. I know that my friends were shocked to know my results. Some did not expect it from me, perhaps, some did after all.

All I want to say is thank you to those who have supported me along the way including the very good friend who sticked with me through thick and thin from the beginning of the year until the very end, Thamo. Sure, there were a lot of people too like Joey, Zong Lin, Desmond, Oble, Yi Siang who gave moral support and some words of encouragement. But there is one person who became my source of inspiration in making me want to work harder after what happened in the beginning of the year.

It’s funny how I think back now about the life. SAM wasn’t easy for me. It was tough, hard and it made me cry when I couldn’t cope when there’s assignment to pass up on Monday and Mid-Year paper to pass up on the very same day. Or on other times when there are common tests to sit for and the next day, have to hand in practical reports; followed by another common test with LAN papers in the afternoon. I’m glad it’s all over. But, SAM did make me stronger mentally. So, thank you.

After collecting my results, I went to MidValley with my mum and aunt. Did I mention that I barely had an hour of sleep? Oh yes, it is a bad idea to go jalan-jalan when you are lethargic. When I cam back at around 2pm, I slept until 8pm. I managed to know two other seniors, Marcus and Wilkinson who are studying in IMU. Yesterday, I knew another girl, Keili, who will be in the same batch as me. :D Gee, I just hope I don’t freak anyone out since they are yet to figure out how weird I am. Hehe…

On Friday, I will be going for a 3 days jamboree. It is time to test myself and learn everything from basics about gratitude and humility. More importantly, will I be able to live without gadgets since I’m not allowed to bring my cellphone and there is no tv there. Oh well, I guess, I would just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Results are out!!

I was trying to burn time by watching tv, playing games, blogging, reading blogs and other activities. My heart beat was racing, faster than usual…

Finally, I viewed it online! What else? My results, of course. I checked it around 4.30am. I was DotA-ing before that and after 30minutes, I saw Oble’s message! And he asked me what I got.

Obviously, I logged in again and then, I panicked! Omg, so embarassing… I was freaking out right in front of Oble because when I clicked on Tertiary Entrance, I saw so many numbers. When I clicked Sace results, I saw numbers too. From there, I got confused and started to panic.

With Oble telling me what to do, I finally calmed down. I can’t believe I freaked out seeing my own results. I am happy, and I can’t sleep.

Freaking out...

I’m being paranoid but I can’t help it.

I’m eating chocolates and biscuits to ‘calm’ myself. Sure, it’s not a healthy thing to do but once in a while won’t hurt me, right? Turkish delight and Toblerone… How nice…

To add on to that, I’ve been refreshing the page that should be showing my results ever half an hour. I know, I’m just weird.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Long awaited letter...

I finally got my letter from IMU. The letter which I’ve been waiting for nearly ages. Jacelyn called me yesterday and asked me if I’ve gotten mine because she got hers yesterday. Since then, the only thing on my mind was the confirmation letter. I thought about a lot of things yesterday while surfing my friends’ blog, friendster profile etc.

They seem to have a great life, do fun stuff and have great friends. I guess this year in SAM, I might have been very serious. I’m actually fun to be with but nobody really notice that except for my brother. Perhaps it was the pressure and thoughts that I don’t think I’d do well in SAM, so, I was pretty serious and kiasu and jumpy and panicky… okay, and a lot a lot of things… But really, I’m not that bad of a friend.

I was really playful when I was in Form 4 but all of that changed in Form 5. In Pre-U, I became more serious but it’s time to change. Starting life in Uni is going to be a new beginning, a start where only a handful of people know me. Anyway, back to the letter. I made it! After 10 years, I finally achieved one of my goals. I’m happy now. I can’t wait. It’s like stepping into Form 1 where everyone is older than you and you’re new there.

I’ve been so worried that I’ve been calling Jia Ji more often now. He too, is studying in IMU. He was in SAM for three months before he was called to go there. That makes him my senior for 2 semesters. But, the conditional offer will only be absolute once I get my final results which would be out on 18th Dec. (next Tuesday). I only need to get the minimum of TER 85 but I sure do hope that I get way better than that.

Oh yeah, also stated in the letter was the EXTRA subjects that I will be taking which includes Bahasa Malaysia, Moral and Malaysian Studies. Say wutt??? Moral and Malaysian Studies again??? Man, it was hard to pass both subjects when during SAM and now I have to take it again? Oh boy… As for Bahasa Malaysia, I’m just going to try my luck. I haven’t been speaking that language properly for the past 1 year.

Just the other day, I tried to say ‘I called the wrong number’ on the phone. I blurted ‘Saya nombor panggil salah’ and the person was pretty mad, thinking that I was playing a trick or something. That was embarassing but I’m ready to brush up on my Malay. *gulp*

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you...

Since yesterday, there was no water supply. There was no warning or notice, it just happened. So, obviously we didn’t store any water.

Right now, I appreciate water. It’s silly how we take things for granted sometimes. When there is not water, the laundry couldn’t be done nor was cooking and cleaning. There was no water for bath etc.

I broke the record today of using minimal water. I used less than a pail of water for bath including washing my hair. Can you imagine how much water we use when we shower? That is a lot of water wasted. When it came to brushing my teeth in the morning, lets just say, I secretly poured (drinking) water from the jug into the small cup and used that.

So, on the first day which was yesterday, many decided that pool water would be the best for bathing. Even when there are so many people taking water from the pool, it’s amazing really how the water level does not decrease. Today’s condition is far better than yesterday.
There is water, only not enough pressure for it to reach the twefth floor (where I’m staying) because everyone (ok, not EVERYONE but basically nearly everyone) turned on their water supply. That was earlier this afternoon. So, the water only reached the 4-5 floor.

Now, there is water but the flow isn’t that strong. Heck, I can’t complain. I’m just glad that there is water. It made me think about what if we run out of electricity? LOLZ… No lights, no fan, no power supply for computers/laptops, no DotA, no wireless for me… OMG… I don’t know what I’d do…

Well, all I can say now is (thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you) x INFINITY to everyone who has made my life comfortable. For the chairs, tables, bed, pillow, the house.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I got accepted in IMU. That's a good thing but somehow, I don't feel happy nor sad.

It is like another stone to step on, meeting new people, making new friends, know seniors and studying my a** off to pass every exam.

For my parents, it would be less socializing for me, less time spent on curriculum activities and spending more time being studious.

Oh well... that's life...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Aweful or awesome?

Imagine yourself working in someone’s house. You’re in charge of decoration and your boss lives on the highest floor possible. His wife is irrational but your boss is. His house is huge like you wouldn’t imagine how huge it is. One day, you are asked to draw on the wall or make 3D-like figures on the wall… of which one of it is pegasus. Your boss knows that there isn’t enough space for such demand by his wife and yet, she still insisted on it. Oh yes, the place where your boss lives is like a leaning tower where you will fall if you go too near the balcony at high speed.

Across the road, you see your mum and your aunt. Two familiar faces but with totally different characters. You fight with them about their childish behaviour and they were totally ready to abandon you as a daughter or a son just because of the fight. You go back to your boss’ place and continued working on the painting. But then, you decided to roam in his super huge library where you see other kids just like you. You see your old friends but they do not speak to you. You grab a book to read entitled ‘Emily’ but before you could start on the first page, you hear a blast outside.

You go out and you see Sylar! Maya was there too and she was killing everyone around her unless they have the antidote which she created. Sylar was powerful and killed nearly everyone. Suddenly, you realised that you have the power to leap to any distance at any height. You escaped from Maya but not from Sylar. Further down the road, you see Dr. Suresh and Matt. In order to save you, Matt forcefully holds down Sylar but that was not enough. Sylar kills Matt using Maya’s power. After that, he kills Claire Benett. There was no more hope. And you were wondering where Peter Petrelli and Hiro Nakamura would be. Why haven’t they gone to help?

Suddenly, there is a bright light and a loud familiar noise that says, ‘It’s 3 pm. Are you going to wake up or not?’ You feel thankful you escaped that awful dream but it wasn’t 3 pm. It was only 2pm. Could it be that you’re in another dream? Possibly…

Everything is just so weird for me… But, it’s good to wake up knowing that my mum hasn’t abandon me and that I don’t need to paint for other people. But, it sure is nice to posess super powers no matter what it may be.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tag, you're it!

Okay, I’ve been tagged by Karl.

The rules:

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List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
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Fact no. 1
I like everything Korean. Korean dramas, korean songs, korean artists, korean language, korean culture, korean everything… I think you get my point.

Fact no. 2
I love stuffed animals. Especially cows, reindeers, teddy bears or anything else except for cats. Until today, I still sleep with stuffed toys. It keeps me happy and calm. Nothing wrong about that right?

Fact no. 3
I love dreaming. If you can’t wake me up, I’m probably having a nice dream. Yesterday’s dream was scary; there was another tsunami. Pretty scary actually. Imagine having waves coming right at you! Other than that, dreams are pretty nice and sweet. Moving on…

Fact no. 4
I am the emotional type of person. I cry easily; while watching Korean dramas, before going for exams, after sitting for an exam, losing my stuffed animal, over some guys etc. But no matter what, I am rational. You can mock me however you like but calling me stupid would be pulling the last straw.

Fact no. 5
I like durians! No, I LOVE them! I can eat them for days, weeks but not probably months. No matter, I still adore them! The texture and the taste…. In my family, I’m probably the one who eats the most durians in a year. hehehe…

Fact no. 6
Like Karl, I love shopping too! Only, most of it is done when there is sales and when I have money. I wouldn’t like to burden my parents with the stuff that I buy especially when it may be expensive. So, I shop for clothes that matches my style and is reasonable.

Fact no. 7
I can’t cook. At least, not now. Maybe in a couple of years time. I can barely remember the steps for steaming rice. hehe.. ^.^ I did fry an egg this year but the egg ended up sticking on the frying pan and I did get scoldings for that- a sarcastic one indeed. That is what brings me to fact no. 8.

Fact no. 8
I am the total opposite of my brother. He is naturally smart. I’m not. He can cook but I can’t. He is funny and always relaxed while I’m always serious and tensed. He dislike the dramas I watch while I dislike the movies he watch. He doesn’t blog but I do. He is more responsible than me while I treasure stuffed animals more than him.

I'm tagging no one.

Everything is pretty...

I was in Penang since last Friday and I stayed in Bayview Beach Resort which is in Bt. Ferringhi. I was there with my family. While I was there, I went shopping with my mum! Well, she did more shopping than I did. I bought a red dress which is really REALLY pretty *drools*. It’s from Korea but I didn’t buy it just because it’s from there. I bought it before I was told that they imported it from there.

Anyway, the salesperson was very nice. She’s from Mongolia and she is really pretty; also my age and studying in KDU Penang. Apparently, her sister was also with her, working part-time with her. Did I mention that she speaks really good English like American English? I would have assumed that she was somewhere else but not Mongolia.

Even when I’m in Gurney Plaza, I would never miss the chance to go to Esprit there. My dad picked out a top for me. It has blue and grey stripes and I think it is pretty nice. Seriously! haha… Well, that’s all I got from my stay there. On the third day, I walked on the beach with my brother and it was pretty hot that day. Although the beach was pretty but the sun was burning hot for my skin.

Later that day, we went back to the mainland where my hometown is. At night, I was looking through photo albums of my brother when he was little. He was pretty cute. He looked like a Japanese boy because of his haircut and his fair skin tone. That was until he became a teddy bear. Still, he remains cute. I saw a picture of me when I was a baby and him in his scouts uniform. I also saw a picture of me without hair! I was BOTAK and had a big head. -_____-lll
I guess that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say. I’m so self-absorbed with my new cellphone SAMSUNG U700. Heck, I need a change after using SAMSUNG E630 for the past 3 years. I am happy.