Friday, November 30, 2007

Dead man

I saw a dead man today.

My mum was driving past Brickfields and there was a crowd. There were many policemen and also many students. I wondered why there was such a commotion. As my mum drove past the police, I saw an old man (he did not look young), lying on the ground with blood on his head or so it seems.

In my mind, I kept asking, who would do such a thing? Would someone have killed him? It couldn’t be that he did this to his ownself. Life is so fragile, and yet, it was just taken away.

May he rest in peace.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things we do in cars...

As dirty as it may sound, you're not even close to guessing what I'm talking about...

What do we do in cars?
  • We read magazines while we wait for someone
  • We listen to the radio and perhaps call when there is a cue to call
  • We perhaps sms our friends
  • We perhaps look out and enjoy the beautiful view
  • or we just sleep

But, today, something unexpected happen. Well, I didn't expect that. A man, while driving, was changing his clothes. I didn't mean to look at it but heck, the scenery of the city at night was something I've never appreciated before. And right before me was a man who took off his shirt and put on another white shirt! It is even more outrageous for me to think about it when he was driving! (He didn't wear his safety belt.)

Note to you guys, don't ever do this. It's dangerous...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This is an amazing view from where I stay. I took this picture during the Mooncake Festival. It's a beauty to me. I'll improvise the next time I upload a picture. You know, pictures are worth a thousand words. That's why I snap a lot of pictures. Although it may be worthless, but it's something that I'd like to keep near to me.
Over the year, I've changed a lot. I've become more emotional and more sensitive. I even had a big fight with my lab partner. It's sad, really and I did regret it. Not only that, I have liked a couple of guys who didn't turn out to be good. Those are lessons that I've learnt and would never like to think back again.
However, everytime I stare blankly into the sky, I'd think of someone or maybe anyone. I just wish how people could understand me. I've become a troubled kid with self-esteem issues if I may say so. It's weird how every thing is happening so fast. There wasn't a time when I could just take a break.
What can I say about SAM? It was the largest obstacle I had to face. I've cried while doing my assignments. I've given up right before a battle. SAM is hardcore, you know? I had to work throughout the year. The homework, exams and assignments come one after another. But, I never regretted. I had great friends but I didn't last in the comfort zone for long. I got caught up because of the extreme competition that I became jealous and hated some people. It's really hard to revert to your old self when ahead of you are trials and competition with your classmate to enter a prestigious university.
After this ended, I was relief but I have lost my sense of belonging. I am alone. I am left out. I am pessimistic. Next year will be a better year. After all, I've already reached the final stage of the battle to obtain a place in the university. What else should I fear? I should just keep moving forward. However, there is also pleasure when you've achieved something beyond your expectations. There is a feeling of joy when you've done something that not many could do. There are random feelings: some good and some bad...

Back after 1 year...

I know this sounds weird and that this is so sudden after so long. I've finally to hv this blog back with a couple of alterations. It's been a year now since I last touched it. I was rather busy with my other blog.
After going through what I wrote two years ago, I realised that I have lost the fun, spontaneous quirky me. What the heck... If you don't succeed, try try again. I wanted another blog but then, I realised that having another blog won't change me. I'm just running away from what I am facing. So, I'm starting over again but at the same time, I'll blog on the other site too.
Also, I realised that I couldn't delete this blog because there are precious memories that I would like to treasure and keep in mind. Wouldn't you like to one day turn back to see what you've done or how you've done something? I am suddenly realising how naive I used to be back then.
Perhaps I should now give an update about myself. I was studying in Taylor's taking the SAM program. Now, I'm waiting to go to IMU that is if I pass my interview. I'm nervous and constanly find myself talking to... myself... *sigh*

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Whee, no more Physics!

Status Report: Still alive.

Today was the Physics paper. I woke up at 5am and it would be the last time I’m ever doing it for Physics. Well, the paper wasn’t that hard but there were some questions which I couldn’t answer. What made me puzzled was the essay. My essay is short although I’ve fulfilled the requirements of the question. I’m just afraid that I might have missed out a couple or more points. Many thought the paper was okay, some thought that the paper was easy. I don’t know. I find it moderately difficult. Heck, all the cramming on PET and I could not answer the question. I would never have thought that they would want to ask a mathematical question. I was expecting a theoretical one though.

By the time I finished the first booklet, I felt as if three-quarters of my brain have been sucked off and I remain with a quarter which was freezing. Yes, it was so cold that my brain could not work and that I could not think. So, two down and 3 more to go. (I am very very sleepy) So, I met a couple more familiar faces. When most of us thought that we won’t be meeting each other during our exams, well, we still do. And I did meet my friends from other classes.

Enough about Physics for now, it’s time to move on. I went to Carefour (or so it’s spelt) after the exam with my mum. We thought that having lunch there would be a good idea. Now I know why not many people hit the food court. Not only was the service provided inefficient but rude too. No wonder restaurants attract more customers. Although it’s just a food court, heck, even the food court in MidValley is doing way better. The price of the food is not the issue. Rather, it is the more of the quality of food and the service. I so would not want to go back there again.

I can’t wait for Christmas to come. I know it is a little early to say so but I just can’t help but love the Christmas celebration. The snowflakes, snowman, reindeers, Santa, Disney Channel movies etc. Last year, I did not get to do anything because I was busy moving from Ipoh to KL and preparing for college. The good thing is, after this exam, I will be having holidays until February. Hopefully, I’d get into the Uni that I want and everything starts all over again. But for now, I just want to finish my exams and finals. I can’t stop bragging and rambling over small issues. I am just so agitated, pressures, annoyed with the exams but yet, relieved once it’s over…

Monday, November 05, 2007

More stuff to tell you!

My finals have officially started and won’t be ending until next next Wednesday. Joy! :S
So, I had English today and I did not have enough time to finish my essay. The points were EVERYWHERE and it was so darn CONFUSING! Not to mention, the second part of listening was rather tedious when it comes to categorizing the points. Sometimes, I just do not understand what they are trying to say when the person speak so fast. Besides, the extended response was rather confusing. The graphs were attached to an article. In that case, how should I cite it? Should I have cited it differently or not? Oh well, it’s better losing marks for the citation than for the whole essay.

This year, the question was: Should online learning be encouraged? And for some reasons, I said yes. Somehow, I felt as if I have deviated because what I wrote was found to be unacceptable at first. However, after further elaboration, those who I talked to said that it should be okay depending on how I express my points. On the other note, I am feeling ecstatic that English is over. 1 paper down, 4 more to go!

I fired at my English paper. However, the missile I sent bounced back and headed straight for me! Darn momentum… I managed to avoid it but there were bruices. I never knew English could hurt. Seriously, I am glad to get some stuff over with such as the topic sentence, thesis statements, citations and concluding sentences. I will never forget two words though that my lecturer constantly stresses on: TEXT-SENSITIVE. Yeah, I did not remember it until the trials but, heck, I remembered it during finals and that’s what matters.

Okay, for something unrelated to English, stuffed animals are becoming vicious! ‘Run for your lives!‘ (Jacelyn, 2007) That was the weirdest dream I had. How could cuddly soft toys suddenly turn so violent? It was as if they had a mind of their own. Who else was in my dream? The whole of G3 and a couple of friends who I haven’t been meeting in ages and a lot of unknown people. Somehow, these animals were as if looking for food and unfortunately, in my dream, we humans were the food…. ze magnific fooode. Oh wow, I didn’t know we were in high demands. I was running away with Jacelyn, searching for a place to hide.

The setting is weird. It was a stadium and the lion (stuffed animal) from Lion King was breaking through the brick walls. On the outer walls was the college- the stairs, classrooms and everything. Then, the lion was coming for me and Jacelyn when we ran just in time to save ourselves. I was more afraid of the shadow eagle (though it was not a soft toy but hey, it guided the gigantic stuffed animals to float right to us! So, it’s practically evil…)

But, I would never forget the one soft toy I loved most, ze coww… It was my soft toy that I am running away from. And she was my Christmas gift from my brother. Why on earth am I avoiding her??!! hahaha… The tension is so getting into my head. Lucky for me, my mum came to the rescue and woke me up from the vicious dream. When I was stuck due to the bridge built by unknown people using sticky tapes to save other humans, I got stuck to the sticky tape. I was like free food trapped in a spider’s web. Only, I’m not food and that was a nerve-wracking dream. I so do not want to go back there.

I must say though, the dreams I have are exciting and are mostly adventures for me. I still wonder how the brain works when people dream. Why some dreams are black and white while most are usually coloured. It’s pretty interesting, really, as long as you don’t get too caught up with it.