Sunday, October 14, 2007

i STEAMED rice

I finally steamed rice and for the first time, I made something that is safe for consumption.

For the first time in my entire life, I ate vegetarian food for dinner. That was something I’d never thought of doing. I am trying not to consume meat and lead a healthier lifestyle. I came across a video clip showing what happens when coke is poured over fresh pork meat. Maggots appear and it so totally gross me out. It reminded me of the time when I ate durian. ARRGH, it still gives me the creeps. I guess watching the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ did have an effect on me. I have reduced my intake of McDonalds by a lot if I may say so.

I feel sort of bloated these few days and yes, still fat. *It’s beginning to show :S * The last thing on earth that I have to worry about is of whether I can still fit into my clothes. Seriously, the effects from trials have not wore off yet. I do regret eating those chocolates and candy bars during the exam period. Heck, I just hope I can lose some weight before I gain more again.
Still, I am happy with who I am and what I have.

Monday, October 08, 2007

18! Finally...

Three days ago was my birthday and it was my first time celebrating it with my friends. Well, every year, I would celebrate it with my family only but this year was a little different. I had to move my plans to a day earlier because penguiN and the GANG were going to travel to Melaka. So, on Thursday, a group of us watched Resident Evil 3: Extinction of which I must say that it IS SCARY!

Every time the zombies attack unexpectedly, I would freak out and jump or scream or pull someone’s t-shirt. Did I mention that it was too violent for me? The way Alice kills the zombies and other creatures is really cool but I just find it not humane for my liking. Hence, I would never step foot into another cinema that shows a horror movie. Also, on Thursday and Friday, I was snapping a lot of pictures of my classmates, camwhoring with a couple of friends and stuff.
Since my brother came back on Friday, he brought me to Sho-gun for Japanese Buffet which was really good but unfortunately, I did not feel so well that day. So, I did not exactly get to eat to my heart’s content. Jacelyn and the others bought me a book while Ee Ying and Jia Hong got me a really cute and lively soft toy- a puppy. I named it Sarang (which means ‘love’). It is probably one of the only soft toys which my brother would not torture.

Oh yeah, I got tonnes of messages from friends; even in friendster from those who I don’t know. I am finally 18!

Well, I guess I have to work as a full-time nerd now that I can’t enjoy for the next one month. Finals is in 4 weeks and my results hasn’t been good especially for Internal Assessment. I guess it is okay for Maths but my lecturer still has 5% in her hands. This is the part which I don’t like. In order to achieve the 5%, I have to finish all her work, be extraordinarily brilliant to answer every single maths question and finish all her work. Yes, finishing all her work is very important, that is why I mentioned it twice. So, I’m feeling the stress now. I AM DESPERATE!

My brother and his girlfriend also bought something for my birthday. It was something that I would never have imagined. I feel as if they were confident in me and that one day, I would be using it. I think it is cool but at the same time, I feel the pressure too. I am not a smart kiddo. I’m just an average girl working her arse off trying to be accepted in Med. School and yet, still far from my goal. I asked my brother what he was going to do if I would never be able to use what he has given me. He told me that he would use it instead. Well, at least I know that it wouldn’t be wasted.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Cooking (and update)

I’m thinking learning how to cook. I’m still wondering if it’s a good idea. I might burn something up but then again, under supervision, I should do just fine. Today, I’m going to learn how to cook rice. I’d rather not run when I can barely walk.

How was trials? It was okay. I did badly in some, fairly in some and the others are just random. I survived the exam week when I was terribly stressed and now, I’m surviving even more stress from receiving my papers. This is so not a good feeling.

Also, I took up DotA. I learnt about it from a group of friends who are really good in the game namely Zong Lin, Desmond and Chiew Ruey. I was also given tips by Weng Fatt, Jegan and Thamo. Now that’s what friends are. They help you through thick and thin, even if it’s just a game.

The day after my exams finished, I went shopping for a prom dress. Damn, dresses are expensive especially gowns etc. Unless you really know where to buy them at a low price, set a budget to RM1000. Since my brother gave a surprise visit last week, I had him following me in Damansara. He is such an angel. He chose one dress for me from Armani Exchange which was RM499.00 . It was really nice but I don’t think it was worth it but heck, that was a very nice dress (knee-length).

He’s coming back again this week on the 4th October and on that very day itself, I’m going to watch Resident Evil 3. I’m scared, seriously. But hey, I’m not going to back down when my friends are so eager to go. I shall face my fears, conquer them and turn them into strength. Well, saying it is definitely easier than making it happen.

So, that’s about it. I still think I should take up cooking. A few dishes wouldn’t burn the kitchen right? *touchwood touchwood*