Sunday, September 16, 2007

Life after Dengue

I’ve been reluctant to blog, I know. I’ve also been lazy to check my mail. It is probably flooded with junk mail now since it has been nearly 2 weeks since I last opened it.

Common question: How’s life?

It does not exactly suck and I am not miserable but I am not that ecstatic either. As usual, college can be torturing with the exams and mind you, I have not completed revising the syllabus yet. I am pretty slow. If only I could speed things up a little, then that would be great. So we have this mock trial this morning and I woke up at 5 am. Reaching college by 6.30 am and finishing the test by 10.10 am, I went home to sleep until 2.30pm. I still have the headaches due to the lack of sleep which is why I am so going to sleep in for tomorrow *cheering* and also a reason why I didn’t study today. It’s a Sunday!!! *sighs*

It’s so hard to stay in the comfort zone, you know. Once you’re in it, you will somehow be troubled and get out of it and once again, you have to work your way to it AGAIN. My comfort zone will come to me after trials finish. And I suppose I won’t be updating until then. What can I say? It is a normal cycle- blog as much as you can when you have time to kill and don’t blog until exams are over. On the bright side, I am delighted to know that I achieved a band score for my IELTS test which is higher than the minimum requirement for the application to IMU. Dengue did not stop me! LOL.

Other than that, I am coping just nicely in studies. Chemistry isn’t going that great for me. Biology requires a lot of memorizing and English is so killing me. It’s not about the language but rather, the format. At least, that is what I think. The way to answer a question or write an essay or deliver a message. Like the IELTS test, ESL requires listening and writing skills: both working simultaneously which is challenging for me. Physics is okay IF and only IF I studied but knowing that when I mention ‘IF’, it means I am yet to touch my notes.

Leaving studies aside, life is sweet knowing that there are friends around to lend a hand or hang around with. Pretty much, I’ve been hanging around Zong Lin, Desmond, Thamo, Jegan, Ee Ying and with those who I didn’t mention. Desmond, Thamo and Ee Ying were in the same group as me for Maths Directed Investigation. Lucky I had them, otherwise, I’d probably panic more than I usually do. Esther has become something like the panic freak now. She has become more paranoid and more easily agitated. Yet, sometimes, she can’t help but be sarcastic and have no choice but to be extremely patient with some.

Oh yeah, I’ve gone fat too which is so not a good thing. Thamo is making things worse by giving me a bar of chocolate and still calling me fat. :S Well, it is obvious when girls are bloated but not so obvious when the guys are. I still tell myself though, ‘I’m not fat!’ Argh… hehehehe… Also, I’ve been admiring someone secretly. I so totally digg his hair, I don’t know why and it is so so so wrong. Why is that so? His hair, to me, is nice. It has the natural look which is hard to find in others. Why is it wrong? It just is. Just thinking about him makes me smile. Now, something is wrong with me. hehe.

How’s life you ask again? I’ve been forcing myself to read. I feel that reading has become a hard thing to do now. It feels hard to read the newspapers, the magazine, blogs, books and notes! It is also difficult to listen to the news and know what is going on lately. And because I feel intimidated since I lack the savoir-faire, I forced myself. I am indulged with this book entitled ‘Passion for Success’. It is a book that talks about general things, of how people work their ways out to succeed. Also, I am totally into this book which Sindhu bought for me when I was sick- ‘Perfect Match’. Reading these two books made me realise how much I miss reading. Ever since then, I started reading the newspapers, Reader’s Digest, National Geographic etc. Whenever I see articles, I’ll start to read. It is a good thing and I love it.

Sometimes, you just need a boost in doing something you didn’t feel like doing before liking it. It is like starting the torque of the engine of a car before it can run smoothly. Get what I mean? I think that boost is called motivation. So, back to the question, how’s life? I guess you’ve got my answer. It can’t be specifically described as it has both good and bad qualities but overall, I am surviving and I need a lot of sleep. I think I’ve written quite a lot now. Until next time, tell me how’s life going for you with your profession…

Monday, September 10, 2007

Turtle wax, care to try some?

UPDATE: The fever was no ordinary. It was dengue. On the bright side, I’m still alive. How dramatic can I get? Trust me, you don’t want to know…

I missed college for one whole week and when I got back today, it’s like WHAM WHOOSH PIak~ on my face when this whole pile of Maths homework was given to me. One more day to the next Maths test and here I am, sitting, blogging, thinking and doing unecessary things. I feel slow. My mind, movements everything… like a turtle.

Speaking of turtles, my brother bought turtle wax in MidValley the other day. This shows how much he loves his car; the car I want to scratch so badly. He spent nearly an hour trying to choose turtle wax products. From car polish to car wax etc, he explained to me what they were for and why he needs it. Sometimes, I feel that he loves his car more than his sister which sounds so wrong. It should be the other way round. Since fever got to me that day, I was rather loquacious and started teasing him about his car and turtle wax.

Have you thought about what sort of turtles are used in making turtle wax? How about the amount of products that can be produced by one turtle? Which part of the turtle do they use to make turtle wax anyway? Not to worry, it is 100 % not made out of turtles and is in fact, preferred by many for a car product. Yet, it’s cute name, I just can’t stop teasing my brother about it. Imagine this:

Brother: I think my car looks pretty good, don’t you think?
Me: But koko… I don’t see the effects of using turtle wax! It’s not even turning the car into a turtle…

After 5 seconds, *ta-da, it looks like a turtle*

Me: Now, you’re talking!! Your car looks great. I doubt others would digg it man…
Brother: swt~! Oh man, turtle wax! What did you do to my baby?
Me: Puh-lease, don’t be so dramatic. It’s just a turtle and it’s just a car. Try using car wax next time.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Don't do what I did

I’m down with viral fever. I had headache on Thursday and when I got home, I had high fever. My brother forced 2 panadols in me. I hate pills. Did I mention that? Anyway, I thought I was feeling all better but what do you know? My fever came back to me the whole of Friday. The next day, which is today, is the day where I have to sit for my IELTS exam and the feeling is horrible. I thought postponing the examination to another date would be a good thing because one’s results can be affected when he or she is not feeling well.

My lecturer told me to get a letter from the doctor and so then, I went to the clinic. Just my luck, I met the doctor who I do not like at all. At least this time, he did not treat me like a kid. My temperature was 39 degrees celcius. When I went home, my brother forced down another 2 panadols and 2 antibiotics. I hate those pills. I’m so sick of swallowing these pills. Not only are the panadols big, it is bitter. Unlike the antibiotics which are probably a quarter of the size of a panadol, it isn’t so bitter when I swallowed it.

I went to IDP today asking if I could differ to another date. And the person told me that I would have to pay her RM125 there and then and she would transfer me to next Saturday. That is just absurd. Paying extra money to get a postpone? I feel as if these people are sucking my blood dry. The listening section was okay; the people speaking spoke rather fast that I find my concentration drifting away. Overall, it was okay. However, the reading component was rather difficult. I do not favour reading now. Well, the first two questions were okay but the third question was the toughest one of all. I had to make wild guesses for nearly every question. It was more of the implication than a straight forward answer and believe me, you have to have a conscious mind at all times.

Last but not least, the writing component. Two graphs were given of which both are two line graphs. It was my first time doing such a question and I am rather worried about how my results would turn out to be. Alternatively, Task 2 was something I could be confident of scoring, I guess. Just like how my English lecturer had trained me to write, I don’t think that there should be a problem. I’m still nervous, nevertheless. Well, I hope I get the minimum requirements to get into IMU at least. I would not like to resit for this exam. It is nearly a nightmare…

So, don’t sit for an exam if you’re sick provided you can change the date free of charge. Perhaps in a few years, they might change their policy; or maybe not.