Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lemon Yellow and titration

Lemon Yellow won the league!

Yesterday, we played in mud and water. It was challenging playing frisbee when you have mud water splashing everywhere and your foot gets stuck in the mud making it hard for you to move around. Well, that was what happened to me when I had to mark the opponent. Yet, it is something you might only get to do it once in a lifetime, so why not enjoy it while you can? The drawback is that when you’re in the field, you will be VERY dirty. My t-shirt and shorts had blots of mud. It looked like art. From my knee onwards, I was covered with mud. Even my shoes were soaked and covered with mud. Well, it was not me alone. Every one else too! There were quite a few who dived for the frisbee and landed in the pool of mud. In short, the game was grr-eeat! I can’t wait to get back to UM field. So what was I doing a while ago? I was scrubbing the mud of my shoes.

My tests were over last Thursday and in three weeks, I will be sitting for my Midterm exam. On Thursday, I also had an experiment- REDOX TITRATION. I did not know how to conduct the experiment because there was no briefing about it and I got the practical instruction sheet a few minutes before we started the experiment. So, I panicked and I prepared the standard solution three times! I was mad, teacher was mad and my partner was probably mad since he did not say a thing. It kills me that my partner did not say a word about me screwing the whole experiment when it was me who always scolded him over tiny things which could have gotten both our marks deducted. I feel guilty about it but sometimes he makes me so mad that I sometimes do not feel guilty at all.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chicken #1 #2 #3

Don’t know why I was rather moodless today. (Does that word even exist?) I’m using the computer in campus for blogging again! :DWhat if a day comes when chicken stops laying eggs? or maybe hamburgers are no longer produced? What if computers were to take their revenge on us and animals could talk? Imagine that….

Chicken #1 would probably say “NO!! I don’t want to be fried… I’d rather be barbequed. I’d taste nicer that way…”

Chicken #2 might on the other hand might say “I’d prefer to be steamed. At least, I still have my nutrients in me and I will bring medicinal benefits!”

Chicken #3 told me last night in my dream that it wants to die peacefully without losing any organs: both external and internal.

But then again, which chicken would want to sacrifice itself, right? By the way, Chicken #3 seriously told me that. (Gotcha!)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Recipe: Burnt Esther

Early this afternoon, there was Physics experiment where we had to find the relations between force and current but let me not get to that part. During the experiment, I was adjusting the reostat to set different amps of electric current. What happened was that I did not see the wires clipped to the terminals of the reostat and I accidentally touch it while adjusting the reostat. Since my reflex were considered slow, my finger was in contact with the wire for maybe 2 seconds? After that, I could feel a blister forming at the tip of my finger.

I was telling my friend about this incident since he was in a different group. Let’s name him T. Not forgetting the fact that we were rather stressed after the horrible terrible vegetable (the usual words I’d hear) Maths test and in two days to come a Biology test and Physics test plus an argumentative essay to hand in with assignment outline to pass up the day after that, a power point for the following week’s presentation on Biotechnology project and also to get back our Chemistry test results tomorrow, possibly Maths Directed Investigation results as well (but you need not know that- lol), T was asking me, “How was the burnt esther?“

Then he started by answering the question he posed and I was mad to join in the madness.

He wanted the burnt esther with triple sauce, chilli, mayonnaise, potatoes but not mustard (after suggesting it), vegetables and tomatoes. I suggested that we’d wrap it with lebanese bread or perhaps stuff them into the pita bread. He wanted the brunt esther dipped and I suggested barbeque sauce, cheese, also onion and sour cream. In the end, he chose sour cream after explaining in detail how he wants the burnt esther done and that was by stepping on it twice (only twice, he emphasised), burning the burnt esther AGAIN to make it crispy and finally, cut it.

Wa-alah! You have a new recipe.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What a day.. what a day...

felt vulgar today. cursed the most compared to other days in my life.

Let’s see, I was wrong when I mentioned that 3 out of 4 of us had our functions and values wrong. In fact, all of us got it wrong. Nevertheless, we managed to correct the table of data in time.

While working on the Day 2 of DI, towards the end, I couldn’t move my right leg. Not because it was cram, but simply because it got stuck to the bottom part of the desk. It was like hanging in mid air if I move my left leg which was supporting my right leg. My spontaneous reaction (mind you) was not a very good one- ‘watdafish’ (You know what I mean?)

So, why couldn’t I move my leg? I looked beneath the table and to my dismay, my FAVOURITE pants was stuck to a freaking chewing gum! Fish… The chewing gum separated. One part stuck to my pants while the other part was dangling from the bottom of the table. Still, fish… The class heard me. Since we were in the midst of a test, I could not do anything but to bear with a white gum on my pants.

Luck ain’t on my side.. and I can’t do anything…

What a day… what a day…

Maths gone WRONG

You want to know what’s unpleasant?

In Form 4 and Form 5, we had kerja kursus for Additional Maths. We would be given a question and we would have to figure out the answer by drawing graphs, using datas etc. The sad part about this is that not all students understand what they are doing mainly because they copy from their friend who copies from another friend (another school).

Just yesterday, I had Directed Investigation for Mathematical studies. DI in short is somewhat similar to out kerja kursus. If you make a mistake at the beginning, then your solutions will be wrong etc. Since Day 1 is a group work, four of us got together and work on datas, functions and values together. At that time, we assumed that what we did was correct.

The truth was it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be because out of four of us, three made mistakes. Since this is shared data and will be used in day 2 (which is today at 8 am), things did not look so good for us. I got mine wrong though. So, I started making phone calls after phone calls to the other group members to work things out with my question.

Silly me to calculate again what my group members did, but hey, if I did not do that, we would all get a shock when we get back our results. So, mainly, I was calculating until I could calculate no more. I was poofed…(and still am)

I can’t wait to go back to home sweet home after classes today…

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lost: Homemade notes

I lost my homemade Chemistry notes. I’m freaking out. I have Chemistry test on Monday.

Have you experienced a disadvantage of making your own notes? Parents, teachers and seniors always say that it is good to make your own notes. It is a good thing, you have a better grasp of the topic. The disadvantage to it is that if you lose your notes, then, it’s gone. The probability of finding it is small. So much for the hard work and time given to it.

I’m not sure whether it is hidden at in my room or someone took it by accident or something. For one thing that I’m sure, I will never leave it. The last I saw it was yesterday. I wanted to use it today, but I couldn’t find it and that was how I knew it left me (for good, I hope not). What makes the situation worse is that Monday is my test and I was studying base on those notes, now, it’s gone. (I hope I find it soon though)

So much for Friday the 13th.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

You only have 5 hours...

Two days ago, I felt the weirdest thing ever. I fell asleep on the table and eventually managed to drag myself to the bed. I totally forgotten to set the alarm (and that act is a risky one). I was sure that that night, I did not dream. All I had was like a black screen in front of me.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I woke up from a sudden fright after hearing a voice. I looked at the time, it was 5.12am. That voice which woke me up told me, “You have 5 hours to live.” I counted the hours as I went to college. The fifth hour turned out to be my break time. My mind was filled with negative thoughts like ‘What if a car were to hit me?’ *touchwood touchwood* I would understand if my dream were to be like a running video clip that ends tragically because I would then say that it was an imagination. But, could it be possible for me to imagine a voice?

So, what would you do if you have 5 hours to live? For 5 hours, I treasured every moment I had. In the car, I spent my time talking to my mum like I will never do that again. I listened to my lecturers teachings like I would never hear them again. Since it was my friend’s birthday yesterday, I had fun celebrating with her as if I will never be able to do that again. Even when I was eating, I was thankful for the food I had and enjoyed every single bit of it. I guess the saying that says something like ‘You’ll never know how to live until you are going to leave the world’.
When my fifth hour was up, I braced myself for the worst. Indeed, it could only be a figment of imagination because I was tensed. As I saw the cars pass me, I was hoping that there is one which will slow down and let me cross the road but there was none. From far, there was an oncoming car. My friend and I quickly crossed the road and right after I reach the other side of the road, the car ‘zoomed’ pass me.

From this voice, I learnt to not take things for granted. There are a lot of things around us which we most of the time take for granted- friends, lecturers, food and the most important one of all: LIFE…

So, what would you do if you had only 5 hours?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Carboxylic acid + alcohol

I was typing an entry yesterday and a few days back but it never got published. Why? That’s because after clicking ‘Publish’, the next page that appeared was ‘Unable to connect’ (or something like that). Therefore, I was lazy to write.

Currently, I am still thinking about the best way to write an essay. How should I begin and end? What is the storyline? I want to write something that is different from the others but what is different if the theme is ‘Horror Imaginings’ besides evil spirits? And for the ending, should I make the whole story seem imaginary (like waking up from a dream) or something that really happened to the character?

Sorry about the earlier post, I was just too emotional.

Anyway, have you heard of ester? The chemical formed when carboxylic acid and alcohol react under an acidic condition. So, I was working on that experiment with my lab partner and turns out that the ester we made does not smell nice at all. It does not have the sweet fruity smell like how most textbooks would describe it. I suppose it depends on the type of alcohol and acid used. In my experiment, we used 1-butanol and ethanoic acid. Perhaps if another alcohol of more Carbon is used, then the smell would be different.

Well, I’m already in my comfort zone. Now, I have to get out of it. I have another 2000 word essay on coffee (Biology Human Awareness Essay) to write, Chemistry test and Mathematical Studies Directed Investigation to study for which all of what I have mentioned will have to be handed in/ sit for on 16th April (a week from now). SAM is not as bad as most of us think it is. I know a few friends who stopped SAM and joined A Levels because they find it difficult. I must admit, it is challenging and it all lies between time management and consistency.

Have you noticed the weather lately? It has been raining cats and dogs. It has also been so warm that when the heat touches the skin, you feel pain. Today’s weather is clear and nice (but it won’t stay like that for long). That’s all for now. I need to sleep.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Issues to work out

‘Don’t make me go the way you want me to go for I may not want to. Let me be and let me find my own path. Leave your trail behind so that I can follow it when I am lost. I may look strong, but I am fragile; more fragile than you think I am. I am indecisive. I am slow. I don’t have confidence, so, don’t let go of me. Stay there and let me come to you. Be there and let me hang on to you.’

I don’t do things which makes me unhappy. But, sometimes, I am left with no choice. For instance, I was working on a few group assignments and to be honest, I was rather unhappy. I was left to finish it without the rest viewing it and giving their opinions. Suddenly, those assignments meant nothing to them that they pay less attention to it. It looks like they’ve forgotten about it. I could stop working on them, but never did they realise, I was doing it for their sake too. Nobody cared now knew. Nobody asked nor say anything about it.

I’ve wasted fairly a lot of time on it that I barely had time to finish my own assignments. I gave up a few things. It meant a lot to me, but merely a particle of dust to them. In case some did not realise, they just keep on adding the burden. Sometimes, it’s just too heavy that I have a breakdown. I want to stop everything for just a split second, but I can’t. All I think about is homework, assignments and more homework, then, tests. As I said, I feel like I am suffocating but who would really care?

Sometimes, I work on four assignments at a time. I’d sacrificed my sleeping time by sleeping at 4.30am. I know it’s bad, but I can’t help it if in the end, it mattered more to me than it mattered to every one else. A shattered heart and puffy eyes would only take time to get better again. For once, I’d love to hear someone say ‘I’ll do it!’ or maybe ‘Take a break and let me do the rest.’ We both know that it’s not going to happen, so why continue to linger around that thought? For comfort? For assurance?

So, when times are really bad, who do we confide in? I have three friends to listen to me ramble but I don’t tell them everything. I don’t want to make them feel that I bother them too much. My last resort, would once again be this blog. I know the consequences if my friends were to read this blog. I know the consequences if my lecturers were to read this entry. Is this the limit of my freedom of speech when it comes to talking about all in a day’s work?

‘Don’t act like you care when you really don’t for if you really do care, you will be able to show your sincerity even without doing anything.’