Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here's something for you to think about

Here’s a thought.

If your friend did something which makes you really uncomfortable because what your friend did invovles you, would you:
1. tell your friend so that it makes you feel good/better but make your friend feel bad
2. tell your friend nothing so that your friend won’t feel bad but you still feel uncomfortable
3. tell another friend about it but keep your friend’s identity anonymous to seek for advice
4. don’t tell unless you feel really uncomfortable about it

Here’s another thought.

If you come across something which you know will definitely help your friend in his/her assignments, do you:
1. tell your friend about the source so that your friend won’t need to go through the trouble of probably searching for the same thing
2. don’t tell your friend anything and just let your friend find it on their own

How about-
If your friend asked you whether you have an idea of what to do for your assignment, would you:
1. tell your friend because honesty is the best policy and you know it’s not right to lie
2. don’t tell your friend because there are risks that your friend might want to follow the same topic as you

What would you do?
Would you be generous and offer help in every way possible?
or would you be selfish and keep things to yourself?
Because the first one seem to be the right thing to do but might bring you more disadvantages than advantages while the second one seem like it’s not the right thing to do but it brings more advantages than disadvantages.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Frisbee Tourney

For beginners, I think we did quite okay in the frisbee tournament. Even scoring one point made us jump in joy.

There were 8 teams all together who participated and each game was about 20 minutes. We played 3 games. Then, we watched the semi-finales and finales. The game sure looked easy but it’s not easy to play. It’s challenging and you need enthusiasm, stamina etc (like Joanne, Sing Kwan, Phang Kit, Alvin, Szetho and Sathya).

I mean, I bet most of you have not seen a frisbee game before since when you hear the word ‘frisbee’, the first question that probably pops in your mind would be ‘Aren’t frisbees for dogs?’ Anyway, if you want to know more, you can check out Ultimate Malaysia (ultimatemalaysia.com) .

I am so exhausted now that I want to sleep on my bed until tomorrow morning but I can’t because I have to study and finish my assignments. Until next time when I continue bragging about how wonderful ultimate is, ttfn (ta ta for now- said Tigger to Pooh)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Taking it slowly...

14/2/07: Showered my undying love for my friends and teachers by giving them a ‘Cloud 9′ each. Wrote a few notes for a few friends. Spent the entire afternoon and night studying Physics. The end.

That sounds boring, doesn’t it? So, what exactly is happening around me? The ICPU students are having fun with dress up week since they’re exams is no where no near the corner yet.
Did I mention that I feel as if I don’t want to talk anymore? It’s not that I’m giving up talking, that’s ridiculous. A friend made me come to a realisation that I speak too fast. Often I keep myself wondering why my close friends make me repeat what I say several times. For instance,

Me: Please keep an eye on my bag and files while I go out for a while.
WR: Huh? *Staring at me blurr-ly*
Me: Pl-ease ke-ep an e-ye o-n m-y b-ag a-nd f-iles whi-le I goo-ut fo-r a whi-le.
WR: Oh, okay.

I do find it funny sometimes when others tell me that I speak too fast without realising it. And since I didn’t know about this earlier, I was rather impatient when I spoke to my friends. What can I do? (Slow down like a turtle..?) That would feel weird.

On something unrelated, I saw two people on a motorcyle the other day. What caught my eye was that the friend who sat behind was talking on his cellphone without wearing a helmet while the friend in front who was “handling” the motor was speeding! On my mind: You know, if you want to kill yourself, there is a cleaner way where you don’t need to crash into anything, get hit by any vehicle or have your body parts separated from your body. That way is to…. (I’m not giving any ideas not or else I’m classified as a bad influence. Well, if you insist, I would have said the same idea Thomas Wilson from ‘The Lotus Eater’ had.)

Anyway, I’ll be away for the next few days. So, early Happy Chinese New Year!
List of things to do on the one week of holiday break:
  • Specific outline for English assignment
  • Maths questions which I’ve been piling for the past one week
  • Topic for Biology assignment
  • Essay on unity and national integration for Malaysian Studies
  • notes for Biology
  • notes for Chemistry
So many things, so little time.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Just another ordinary day... What say you?

Note to readers: It is only my opinion. No need to be mad about any issues here. Feel free to voice your comments as well but go easy on me, okay?

Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most blogged topics nowadays. People talk about why they hate that day and some talk about why they love it. Some probably talk about what they expect for Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure how telling you about what I think this year’s “celebration” (Is it even considered a celebration?) is like, and what difference it will make, but here goes nothing. (Who’d bother about the ramblings of a teenage girl anyway?)

Valentine’s Day as described by me is just another ordinary day with more reds, more teddy bears, more cards and definitely more flowers. This year, Valentine’s Day is special because there aren’t any exams scheduled on that day. In fact, I will be spending that day with my Physics book (because on the very next day, I have exams.)

Flashback: Last year, my foster bought roses (artificial ones) and gave it to a few girls in my class. He did gave one to me and that was probably the sweetest thing he had ever done. Most of the time, we would be arguing over something small in tuition and our sarcasm could not be compared to any other people.

Do I hate Valentine’s Day? No. Why should I? It is fun being single and having crushes. On the other hand, yes. I loathe it for no apparent reason. Well, for everything that you like, there is bound to be something about it that you don’t like either, right? This does remind me about Newton’s third law. Enough said about Physics (had a terrible day with Physics quiz, don’t ask), let’s move on to another aspect.

Besides the poetry and roses as well as the teddy bears, I don’t really believe in true love now (On second thought, maybe I do but not 100%). It is a waste of money (especially for youngsters) and it is just an illusion to make yourself feel as if you are specially wanted and that you have full attention of another person. After all, in a few months/ years, you’ll end up not being with your special person and you just hurt yourself.

Now, some of you might already hold a grudge against me for talking nonsense about love. I don’t know what love is. Love is undefined, it is like a y= tan x graph which has no limit and is undefined. If you ask me if I have ever fallen for a guy, I’d say yes. I am not that heartless for your information.

Enough said, now I want to hear what you have to say.

Friday, February 09, 2007

One matter after another

I’m pretty lazy these few days to update. Why? I feel as if I’m updating for ’syok sendiri’ and no readers.

Anyway, a strange thing happened yesterday. My alarm clock was supposed to ring at 6:00am but it didn’t. What’s weird is that the battery died (or in other words, the clock did not work) at exactly 6:00am before it even got to ring. @*%# Therefore, I was LATE for class. Waking up at 8:00am and hitting the highways by 8:15am, I reached class at 8.25am (around that time).
I braced myself and the moment I stepped down from the car, I found myself running. Thank goodness, the first class wasn’t on the 4th floor or else… I don’t think I’d even make it. Teacher did accept my reason, well, to say that I made that up is a total lie and it is hard to believe but sometimes, you’ve just got to believe it.

The worst comment was probably from someone who said that I don’t deserve to be in the class just because I was late. I would have said, “It is entirely up to the teacher to decide of whether I can join or not. If she disapproved, she wouldn’t have let me in and I would’ve accepted it. Besides, it is not in your authority to judge nor to decide of whether I deserve to be there or not because you are just a student, just like me. At least, I showed my enthusiasm and keen in learning for not missing her class by entering late than to miss the whole session. So, deal with it.”

But, I didn’t say so. It is not as if that person won’t read it here but hey, this is MY blog and I can say what I WANT to say as long as it doesn’t have anything connected to the issues that can’t be mentioned as stated in ‘Perlembagaan Malaysia’.

Anyway, I got so caught up with college that I am running short of ideas about what to write especially for the new project. R.A.N.D.T.S - They call it and it’s pretty awesome. Let me quote Jared again,

“Now, here we stand: one blog, many bloggers, and even more ideas.” from Initiation.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Romanized lyrics: BK Love

Alright, here’s something for you guys who like this song too. Before you proceed, I need to let you know that the translation is not 100% guaranteed to be correct. If you think that there are some flaws somewhere, then, let me know.

Nawei maum algo issoni?
Changmallo namaneul sengkakhamyeo chinedeon naldeul
Hajiman neoye dehan maeumi kkeojimyeon kkachilsurun
Naneun neoul deo himdeuleo heyaman heseo
Bulanye ddeoleoyaman heseo
Icheoneun ne chasini shich’yeoseo nareul bol chasini eopseo
Keure bugeop hage neoyeke deungeul boigo
Domangkaryeo haneun ne chasini neomudo silheo
Hajiman naneun neomu neuyhkye alabeoringeoya
Nega nareul chohahandaneun keolalareul de
Hajiman keudden neomudo neucheo beoryeoseo
Modeunke byeonhebeoryeoseo naneun neomudo chorahedeon nega
Neoyege malhal yonggido chasindo modu ilheobeoryeoseo
Hajiman keunyang keuge chohaseochi rago sengkakhedeon
Nega eoriseokeoseo keuge keureohge himdeul chuleun
Nan cheongmalro molradeonkeol, icheya neuchkenama nan kkedaladeonkeoyeo

ImodeunkeNeoegen byeonmyeong eurodeulrigechi? Hajiman ne sarangeun ochik hana neobbuni eodaneun keol Keude ikeohanamaneun alachwi seumyeonnhe Namankkeum neoreul saranghechul sarang eopdaneun geol … x2


Dolaseoneun nemoseub baraboneun nege deo isangwei seulp’eumen eobseo
Keuchi dwin sarangeul nohchi mote seulp’eume ulchi mote baby chebal~


Ne kaseume cheocheun ne ch’inguwei ch’eochin moksori
Ch’eo eumbudeo eogeunabeorin keuchi dwin sarang egi
Ne chinguwei ap’eumeul ihemohal seulp’eumeul
Dalegin hamkyeowiseo buleobunda nore
Chincheong nika saranghedeon kkoch’ip gadeun keunyeol wihe
Manheun sikan holo chinemyeo chunbihedeon sarang
Keu hansongi keucheul p’iugi wihe heuleonerin nunmuleun
Bicheul barachi modago han chum heulgi dweieo nalyeo
Sumalheun nareul bameul hanseumeuro bonemyeo chinemyeo
Sengkawei machimage eolyeobga neryeochin kyeolun
Keugeon kyeolkko swibchi alhge neryeochin gunyeolwihan
Nareul wihan nasarangwei kyeolbyeolwei chongmalon
Eonchenganeun iruchi mohtan neowei dulwei
Andakkaun sarangi cheo haneulwei du bicheuro mana
Haneule chuleul keuneun byolddongbyeoli dwaeo
Daeum sengen keu sarangi bunmyeonghi irwichigil bare

Nechinguneun achigeunyeol sarangheyo Hajiman neyol wihe ne chinguneun ddeonandeyo Ireonge sarang ira sengkakhamyeon somakhyeoyo Keureseoinchi ne chinguneun achig unabwayo BK… x2

Dolaseoneun nemoseub baraboneun nege deo isangwei seulp’eumeun eubseo
Kkeuchi dwin sarangeul nohchi mohte seulp’eume ulchi mohte baby chebal

Monday, February 05, 2007

Lyrics: BK Love

October 26, 2006, I made a promise then which I so have forgotten about until I saw the terms people were using to get to my blog and why. It was a lyrics by MC Sniper known as BK Love. Well, for those out there who does read this blog and wants to get to a page with lyrics by Korean artists, here’s the site.

. BK love - 엠씨 스나이퍼(MC Sniper)

·Written, Composed & Arranged by -MC Sniper·Feat : BK,Mr-버블

B.K )
나의 마음 알고 있었니?
정말로 너만을 생각하며 지냈던 날들
하지만 너에 대한 마음이 커지면 커질수록
나는 더욱 더 힘들어 해야만 했어
불안에 떨어야만 했어
이제는 내 자신이 지쳤어 너를 볼 자신이 없어
그래 비겁하게 너에게 등을 보이고
도망가려 하는 내 자신이 너무도 싫어
하지만 나는 너무 늦게 알아버린거야
내가 너를 좋아한다는 걸 알았을 때
하지만 그땐 너무도 늦어 버렸어
모든게 변해버렸어 나는 너무도 초라했던 내가
너에게 말할 용기도 자신도 모두 잃어버렸어
하지만 그냥 그게 좋았었지 라고 생각했던
내가 어리석었어 그게 그렇게 힘들 줄은
난 정말로 몰랐던걸, 이제야 늦게나마 난 깨달았던거야
*이 모든게 너에겐 변명으로 들리겠지?
하지만 내 사랑은 오직 하나 너뿐이었다는 걸
그대 이거 하나만은 알아줬으면 해
나만큼 너를 사랑해줄 사람 없다는 걸…….. × 2

돌아서는 네 모습 바라보는 내게 더 이상의 슬픔은 없어
끝이 된 사랑을 놓지 못해 슬픔에 울지 못해 baby 제발~

내 가슴에 젖은 내 친구의 처진 목소리
처음부터 어긋나버린 끝이 된 사랑 얘기
내 친구의 아픔을 이해 못할 슬픔을
달래긴 힘겨워서 불러본다 노래
진정 니가 사랑했던 꽃잎같은 그녈 위해
많은 시간 홀로 지내며 준비했던 사랑
그 한송이 꽃을 피우기 위해 흘러내린 눈물은
빛을 바라지 못하고 한 줌 흙이 되어 날려
수많은 날을 밤을 한숨으로 보내며 지내며
생각의 마지막에 어렵게 내려진 결론
그건 결코 쉽지 않게 내려진 그녈 위한
너를 위한 니사랑의 결별의 종말론
언젠가는 이루지 못한 너의 둘의
안타까운 사랑이 저 하늘의 두 빛으로 만나
하늘에 줄을 긋는 별똥별이 되어
다음 생엔 그 사랑이 분명히 이뤄지길 바래

*내 친구는 아직 그녈 사랑해요
하지만 그녈 위해 내 친구는 떠난데요
이런게 사랑이라 생각하면 숨막혀요
그래서인지 내 친구는 아직 우나봐요(BK)×2

돌아서는 네 모습 바라보는 내게 더 이상의 슬픔은 없어
끝이 된 사랑을 놓지 못해 슬픔에 울지 못해 baby 제발~

And the English version (not the romanized version)….

translation by: jungie (also credit: aheeyah.com)

Did you know of my heart? Of the days
that I spent really thinking of only you?
However as my heart for you grew as much as possible
I had to have a even harder time.
I had to fall into the fire.
Now because I am worn out, I don’t have the confidence to look at you.
Yea, I hate myself too for wanting to act selfish by turning my back on you and running away.
However I found out too late, when I knew that I found out that I liked you.
But then it was too late, everything had changed.
I, who was so poor, had lost all the confidence and strength to talk to you.
But I felt awkward about myself for thinking that, that was fine like that.
I really didn’t know that this would be this hard until now.
I realized it too late.

All of this will probably sound like an explanation to you, but my love was only you.
Yea, you must know just this one thing, that there is no one who can love you as much as I.
All of this will probably sound like an explaintoin to you, but my love was only you.
Yea, you must know just this one thing, that there is no one who can love you as much as I.

To me who is turned around looking at you,
there is now more sadness. Oh baby.
I can’t let go of the finished love.
I can’t cry over the sadness. Oh baby, please.

The saddened voice of my friend washes over my heart.
The ended love story that was already wrong to begin with.
I can’t even ask of the pain of my friend and thesadness I can’t understand, so I sing a song.
You really loved that girl who was like a flower petal, and for
her you spent alot of time alone, preparing love.
The tears that you shed so that that one flower could bloom,
could not protect the light and so
the flower became dirt and blew away.
As you passed the many days and nights with a sigh
The last thought of decision comes to conclusion roughly.
That by no means does the end of love for her, for you come easily.
Always you all’s love that was never granted,
meets up there in the sky as two lights.
You will become a shooting star drawn in the sky and in the
next life that love will surely be granted, I pray.

My friend still loves that girl.
However for her, my friend says he’s going to leave.
When I think that this is love, I can’t breathe.
So my friend must still be crying. “bk”

To me who is turned around looking at you,
there is now more sadness. Oh baby.
I can’t let go of the finished love.
I can’t cry over the sadness. Oh baby, please.

If you ever need the romanized version, drop me your request at the comment box, and I’ll see what I can do.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Frisbee craze again

So, it’s SATURDAY again! And what I love most about Saturdays is that it’s Frisbee Day. (No, I’m not crazy) Frisbee was quite fun today mainly because it was not sunny at all. Then, there is the game which I love but haven’t got the stamina to run for at least half-an-hour. I also bought a pink frisbee for myself for RM10. When I get my camera back, I’ll post the picture of it here.

Interesting things happen during the meeting. Of course meeting new people (like Szetho, Johnson, Sing Kuan, Joe, “Brother” Kuan, Sharmala, Stephanie, Maple, Joanne) is one thing, another was the game. I was a target to a few people in a way that whenever they flick their frisbee to me, the frisbee would hit my right knee (flicker: Sharmala, Kar Men, Nicholas), left knee (flicker: Johnson) and my right ankle (flicker: forgotten).

Then, there was me marking Sing Kuan where he at first bumped into me accidentally and me knocking into him by accident (may I point out that I bumped into him because he stopped suddenly and I didn’t see him stopping. Physics theory: Inertia). He’s pretty good in the game and every one runs really well especially Joanne (for a girl).

How “brother” Kuan(or is it Kwan?) got his name…
Me: Can I call you uncle Kuan?
Kuan: No. *every one who heard me laughed*
Me: What should I call you then? Uncle Kuan sounds nice.
Somebody: Call him “Abang Kuan”.
Kuan: Yeah, that sounds better. Am I that old?
Me: Nah, Uncle Kuan is better than “abang”.
Kuan: I think I’m going to change to the other team lah.
Me: No no no… okay okay… I don’t call you Uncle Kuan. I call you “Brother” Kwan, okay? Please don’t change. Please… *very angelic* (After all, he is one of the experienced players in the team I belong to…)
Kuan: Okay lah… Okay…
Me: *phew*
(In the end, after I stopped playing in the team, he changed team because the other team didn’t have enough players but hey, he did stay in the same team as me before that right?)

Right now, I’m pretty much worried about whether I can get out of bed tomorrow or not because of all the running and shopping in MidValley for 7 hours (2pm-9pm).
  • a pair of shoes
  • 2 shirts
  • 2 pants
  • a black jacket
  • a skirt
  • TIME spent with mum: priceless.
There are somethings money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s mastercard. (That’s me being lame. I think it works better when there are pictures. Oh well, I don’t have the camera with me now, do I?)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Absolute crap

Just because you don’t blog, it doesn’t mean you should diss blogging. Just because you don’t own a blog, it doesn’t mean you should diss someone who owns one.
Blogging is probably one of the things that I do best considering the fact that I gave up ballet, piano lessons, violin lessons etc. So, don’t hate me for it. Don’t underestimate me just because you don’t know the satisfaction of blogging.


Now is probably another time where I sit down and type nonsense, wondering what I should write for today since I felt like writing something. Nothing struck me. College life is fun, at the same time challenging and stressful. I have tests coming up this Friday, next Wednesday bla bla bla. Of course, you wouldn’t want to hear or read about my boring life right?

So, this is what I’ve come up with- nothing. I blog about nothing but absolute crap for today. I want to take a break too in blogging but I feel as if I have a responsiblity to carry out in this one and only blog. Because today marks the end of January 2007, I want to blog. That’s a lame excuse.


  1. sleepy
  2. typing with my eyes half-open
  3. stressed
  4. listening to some Korean songs
  5. thinking about two people, wait make that four.
  6. complaining about complaining
  7. making myself confused
  8. feeling weird