Monday, January 29, 2007

Ice-skating after 8 years

After class ended, Kar Men and I headed to Sunway Pyramid Ice-Skating Rink. It was awesome for someone who hasn’t been skating for 8 years?! For a moment, I was pretty worried that I won’t be able to get used to the skating but then, using Physics again, bending the knees and leaning forward increases the inertia which actually does work!

On the rink, I went round and round. For the record, I only fell three times. Falling isn’t something that we should be scared about because it is all in our learning experiences. The first fall happened when I tried to avoid two girls who fell in front of me. Her fingers were stretched out in front of where I was going to skate pass. In order for me to avoid any lose limb (be it me or her), I turned, lost my balance and fell on my left knee.

The second fall happened when I bumped into a Japanese guy. I actually thought that he was Korean. He didn’t see me coming from behind, I never expect him to cut in front of me and in just a blink of an eye, I was grabbing him to avoid myself from falling (that’s my reflex system, I don’t simply grab guys you know). Second fall was on the butt followed by a little sprain on the ankle. You probably wonder how I know he’s Japanese. Outside the rink, I saw him and his group of friends. Kar Men and I walked pass to our sits. Then, the whole group were looking at me and they started conversing in Japanese. So, that’ how I knew. If they were Korean, I’d approach them ASAP.

The third fall happened the same way as the second fall. I could not stop, he suddenly came into my lane, I bumped into him and he caught me. But, he lost balance and fell, making me fall as well *ooh.. that rhymes*. He was lucky that he landed on his butt, as for me, I landed on my stomache. If you can’t imagine that, it is the position of kissing the ice. Believe me, that fall on the stomache hurts because there aren’t any bones protecting the stomache … After trying to get up, I fell again. Just my luck. -.- As I said, falling is a learning experience, if you never fall, you’ll never know how to get up.

Other than that, I met new friends and one of them is from my campus- Jian. He’s also taking SAM, Law.

My friends asked me why I love ice-skating. Well, it is because it’s on ice and the sensation of skating is just grr-eat especially if the ice is smoothened. Or else, you’d probably end up having the front of your shirt and the back of your pants wet like me. When I skate really fast, I feel like I have nothing to worry about. I don’t feel stressed and it helps keep my mind clear. I had enough of having people making me feel stupid.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ultimate Frisbee

Tell me what you think when you first heard the word ‘frisbee’.
This morning, I attended the first meeting of ‘The Ultimate Frisbee Club’. I learnt quite a number of things. For example, there are techniques in throwing- backhand and forehand. Then, there are rules in which we have to follow in the game. Did you know that the frisbee sport is actually a combination of a few sports- netball, soccer, american football etc.? It is really amazing how they came up with this sport.

I never thought that frisbee could be a game made up of two teams with seven players in each. The key to this game would probably be communication. You need to communicate well with your team members when if you want your team to score a point. Besides that, this game needs a lot of stamina. I barely survived in the first game due to all the running especially with Kar Men having to mark me all the time, I can’t get loose. But after a while, I got the hang of running but I was always short of breath.

I managed to join a game with seniors whom will be playing in Bangkok soon. Some came back from US and some from Australia. They play really well and it was a great experience when I played with them. I know that I am not a good player yet but I still have room for improvement. I sure hope that I did not let them down by joining their team :S After all, this is my first time. Hopefully, I can improvise and do better next time.

When I played frisbee, I could not understand why the frisbee flies in different direction, sometimes to the right, and sometimes to the left until I applied my knowledge about uniform circular motion- Chapter 2 in my Physics textbook. It did work you know. Then, there was the Bernoulli concept etc. Kar Men and Maple were practically lending their ears to listen to what I was crapping.

I’m looking forward to next week’s meeting…

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Pooh

I have a growing wisdom tooth. Does that mean I’m getting wiser? That’s so lame of me. First off, I’d like to say that I have lost a soft toy. My Pooh died in the washing machine having to be spun and the cloth torn. So, it died. Yes, I’m sad. Some people think that it’s just a soft toy, so why bother…? I’ll tell you why.

When I was a kid, I have a smaller Pooh. My mum mistook the awful detergent smell for it and it was thrown away when I was 9 years old. I cried for days. I was all sulky and I refused to talk to my mum. Then, came a bigger Pooh into the picture. My dad bought it overseas when he went on a business trip.

I disliked it at first for I was too small to even be able to hug it. It was too big for me to even let it sleep on the bed with me. But, as I grew, I eventually loved it. It was my only companion who would let me cry on it, hit it when I’m mad, hug it all I want, kiss it on the head and smile at me although I’ve hit it or cry on it. It went through ups and downs with me since I was 9 years old until this morning. I will miss it for sure.

I always leave Pooh by the bed when I sleep. I always make it watch me sleep so that I would feel safer. I know that some of you may think that this sounds stupid and I don’t deny the fact that I’m attached to it. Growing up with it was wonderful and now, I regret that I didn’t take pictures of it. I think I did but the pictures are nowhere to be found.

Yes, I did cry over this one. I guess I had to go on without it and leave the memories here. My brother used to give it life by talking on behalf of it and creating it’s actions- “*Pooh taps on me* Esther, what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be studying and not watching tv? Look at me! I can do a split… *Brother fixes the Pooh in a splitting position*” It was fun then. I do miss the times now.

My heart is always open to receive a new Pooh in my life, one that is similar to the one I lost. Did I mention that it was huge?


By the way, you should check out this book, ‘Honk, If You’re Malaysian!’ by Lydia Teh. I haven’t finish reading it yet but I know that once I start reading it, I’ll be hooked on it for hours until I my eyes get tired.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am emotional, who isn’t? I complain, who doesn’t? I am sensitive, but who cares? I am weird, I don’t deny. I’m not as smart as you, so don’t condemn me. I may be violent, but that was the past. I keep things to myself, don’t you? I am sarcastic, so don’t criticise me for that.

I think I can make a conclusion after the experiment was conducted in the Chemistry Lab and that is ‘Nobody wants me as a lab partner’. I know, it’s a sad thing although they meant it in a joking kind of way. There is always a sense when someone doesn’t really want to work with you and it is not a happy feeling because it was as if you are forcing that person to work with you.

I was on the phone with my brother’s friend who is a girl. For your information, I am good in confusing one sometimes. Besides, I was only making sure that the girl my brother was with is nice. *evil-innocent grin*

Me: So, who are you actually?

Girl: Me ah, I’m your brother’s friend.

Me: But, my brother got a lot of friends. Who are you? What’s your name?

Girl: I’m one of your brother’s friends lah…

Me: Tell lah your name, I won’t tell him wann….

Girl: Actually, I’m not very close to your brother

Me: Oh, so, you’re not close to him but you are a close to him as a friend?

Girl: *confused* Err…

Me: -.-!!! *hahaha gotcha*

I think that’s enough for today. I’ll have to save the rest for another day. I hope my brother won’t come after me for posting this. lol.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Lunch and More!

Lunch was great! I met Kar Men at Salmon Steak and we had a great time. Eu Jin, Joey, Wai Hou and Min Su was there as well. No further comments about lunch and Kar Men actually thought that I will talk a lot about lunch in this post. I leave it all up to her. I wonder what she has coming for me.

I got to know that there are about 7-8 Koreans in the campus. Well, I hope to know them. I think that their culture is interesting. The traditional clothes and customs. It is more than the good looks and dramas which met my eye. It is so cool to have a Korean friend although language may be a barrier, we are all learning from one another. It’s interesting, educating, amazing etc. So many words, but I don’t know which one to use. I don’t know how nor why I developed a deep interest in the Korean culture. It’s probably because it is very different from the chinese culture. I’m crazy… !!

By the way, food in Salmon Steak comes in a very big portion. I couldn’t finish what I ordered. Neither did Kar Men but this time, I wasted more than her. I never waste food, but when I’m there, I’m bound to waste food. Leaving food beside, I have to go and find the price for a tape recorder. Does anyone know the price range?

Anyway, I think I’ll stop here for today. I’m exhausted and my left shoulder joints are aching due to all the file-carrying.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Head too small for too many things

During LAN class today, teacher gave us 2 sets of answers for 2 sets of Form 1 History question. For the first set, I achieved a 47/60 which was okay to me. But after marking the second set, I was “………………………..”. Why? That’s because I had 21 mistakes then which is like 39/60. Oh geez, a Form 1 kid can do way better than me. I’m so embarassed.

“I wish I could learn Korean but I don’t think I have the time. “

So, here I am, thinking about what I should write for my English assignment. What am I interested in writing? Something related to teenagers? or should I write something associated with the medical field? I guess it is too wide for me to choose. What if I were to write about blogging?

My head is filled with so many things that I barely have time to improve this blog.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm bored. Bite Me.

No no no… Don’t bite me… haha.. I’m crazy not.

During LAN classes today, we were given 2 sets of question paper which consisted of 60 questions each on History. To be more exact, it was Form 1 History. -.-!!! We were laughing as we did the questions. Now is the time where I regretted disposing my History books. Wait, actually, I don’t think I really regretted it.

Anyway, I was reall bored that during dinner, I was picking on out the green peas in my fried rice. It was hard and erggh, who likes green peas anyway? Why is it that in those ‘mixed vegetables’ packs, there are green peas? Why can’t it be carrots and corn only? Green peas- to add colour to the boring yellow and orange?

On something unrelated, news had it that Rain was in Hong Kong yesterday. We all know that he will be having his concert soon in Malaysia on the 27th January 2007. Damn, I wish I had the tickets. I wonder how much they cost. If TVXQ were to come again, I will definitely want to go to their concert and scream until I have no voice. (I know that you might think I am seriously out of my mind but hey, once you hear them sing, you’ll fall in love with them.) It’s not about the looks only you know, it’s also about their voice.

My top 5 favourite Korean artists (solo/group):
Super Junior

My top 5 favourite Korean ost:
Goong/ Princess Hours
My Girl
I’m Sorry. I Love You.
Summer Scent.

My top 5 favourite Korean drama (latest):
Goong/ Princess Hours
Tree In Heaven.
I’m Sorry. I Love You.
A Love to Kill.
Song of the Prince.

My top 5 favourite Korean dramas (older release):
Summer Scent
My Girl
Jewel In The Palace
Green Rose
Full House

My top 5 favourite Korean movie:
My Sassy Girl
My Little Bride
Love, So Divine
Bride from Hanoi

Like I said, I was bored. Won’t you do things to amuse yourself when you are bored? What would you do anyway if you’re bored?

Monday, January 15, 2007

You're not a man, you're just a boy...

You can do so by working together with your friends. In other words, 3 against 1 although it is not fair. But heck, you’ve got to do things which you’ve got to do. ;)

J: Wei.. My file very heavy lah. Who can help me carry?

Me: *cough cough* People giving signal…

EJ: WR…! WR…! That’s your sign…

J: Are you a man? If you are, then, help me carry lah.

EJ: Err.. okaylah.. (being a gentleman)

Me: WR, you’re not a man ah? What are you then?

Teacher: (Who suddenly interrupted and gave all of us a shock) No, he’s not a man. He’s only a teenage boy, not yet a man.

Me: J! Rephrase your question..! So, let me make this straight. EJ’s a man and WR a teenage boy. Doesn’t that make EJ older than WR? Woi.. WR, how can you let an old man carry the files lah? I thought youngsters like you should carry them?

WR: Okay okay.. *shakes head* (mengaku kalah) okay okay…. Haihz… okay okay..

WR did carry the file in the end. These bunch of friends I have- Boon Lim, Eu Jin, Wei Ran and Joey are the best, they’re funny and studious. I could never possibly ask for more. Lunch was never better although I must say, I have a hard time eating my food from all the laughing.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rules when you talk to moi

WARNING: This post may be a little sensitive. I have no intention of commiting any offensive comments.

Somehow, after moving to KL, I feel like there are friends back in Ipoh who I want to avoid or stop keeping in touch with but I can’t for I fear of hurting them, so, I just tolerate them.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say that I hate or dislike only, (also a total turn off) when a guy has speaks terrible or broken English. It saddens me that learning English for 11 years or more is wasted. Once in a while, if he uses ‘lah’, ‘ah’ etc but if it’s constantly used, I feel agitated for crying out loud like a kid who very much wants to hit him using a baseball bat. It’s not that my english is that good but hey, at least I get my grammar right. Eg:

“Do you got my reply just now. I thought you away.”

Next, I abhore guys who likes forcing others. What am I to you? Five? I don’t like it when they try to persuade me into doing something I don’t like no matter how many times I tell them that I hate doing it. It is like, “Ang goo goo… Eat lah, then, I give you sweets.. ” Besides, they think of themselves and only they themselves. I mean, I’m not mocking the male population by saying that all of them are like this, but there are people like this. Not only guys, but girls as well. If I say ‘No’ to something, I mean it and I would probably like blow up if you ask me the same thing three times or more.

Then, there are guys who seemed attached to another person. Take me for example, as much as I would like to chat on msn messenger, there are people who just HAVE to message every single time I go online! It is indeed annoying you know. I need space to breath and be happy at my own little tiny space. When I start to block him,

Him: Hey, you seemed to have blocked me in msn messenger.

Me: *Wtf, how did he know? Oh crap, he has two accounts!* Oh, yeah. I decided that I should only add you in one account or else I get confused with my other contacts. (Very lame excuse)

Him: Huh? Like that also can ah? So, what are you doing now? Busy?

Me: Sorry, I’m busy now. I have to go.

Him: Busy with what? Tell me lah.

Me: *None of your business.* Sorry, must go now. Bye. *Quickly block the second account*

You must think that I sound evil to do this but I bet you would have done the same thing when worse comes to worse. Don’t tell me that you don’t find any friends irritating at all. After a while…

His friend: Hey, he was asking me if you are online in my list. Did you block him in both his accounts?

Me: *Huh? oh crap..* (Didn’t reply. Pretend as if I am really away.)
Handphone beeps.

Message 1: Why did you block me?

Rule #1: Never question a girl of her actions.

Message 2: Can you not block me?

Rule #2: Never order a girl to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Message 3: I’ve got something important to talk to you about.

*Go online again and asked what the important message was.*

Him: Actually, it’s nothing. I was bored. So, just want to chat with you. What are you doing now? Busy?

Me: Yes, busy. Gtg. Bye. *annoyed*

Rule #3: Never lie about saying things are important when they aren’t.

Rule #4: Never repeat the same question asked more than 15 minutes ago. It’s irritating.

What about your encounters? What do you do or what would you do?

What kid(s) think about marriage..

You can marry when your age is two-digit.
This morning, I overheard a conversation between my friend’s sister (K) and a little girl. That little girl is just too adorable that I really wanted to take her away. She reminded me of Changmin (one of the tvxq members) when he was young because of the hair-style. So, this was what happened.

Lil’ girl: Hello!!!

K: Hello…….

Lil’ girl: How old are you ah?

K: I’m fourteen.

Lil’ girl: Are you married?

K: No.

Lil’ girl: Why?

Then, comes mummy to the rescue .

Mummy: Aiya, what are you asking? Che che where can get married now…? She’s still young.

The curiosity & questioning ended there but ain’t that cute? I think she’s three years or less- really really adorable.

Friday, January 12, 2007

(Part 2) Drama


At the library, as I said, students need their ID card. The system there is like touch-and-go. When you touch your card on the censor, the computer will show your image and the librarians will compare your look and your picture.

Wei Ran and Eu Jin made a plan where both of them should enter first, then, Wei Ran will come out with Eu Jin’s ID card and I’ll enter with it. Obviously, the plan failed because only then did we realise that the librarians actually do sit and stare at the computer screen. Another reason would be, I’m a girl and Eu Jin is a guy. How can I enter the library being a boy?

Wei Ran: If the librarian asks you about why you look different, just say, “Do I really look different? But that is me!”
*laugh Laugh laugh*

In the end, I managed to get in, thanks to them both who persuaded the librarian to let me in. I owe you guys in G3 so so much especially to Bernice, Eu Jin and Wei Ran (who should be called Veron) for today.

A question for you: Do you think ‘Veron’ is a guy’s name or a girl’s? I think it is a guy’s name. What do you think?

There is a reason why Wei Ran is called Veron. It is a name created by someone by accident and applied by me, Eu Jin, Boon Lim (OBLE) and Khong Hern. All 5 of us (including Wei Ran himself) were laughing for more or less 2 hours- breaktime (1/2 hour), LAN classes (nearly 2 hours), Chemistry period and Physics period. About that, I will talk about it next time.

Waking on the wrong side of the bed, did I?

Title explains it all. I slept at 3am yesterday because I was trying to finish my English homework which was to find the synonyms or meaning of 62 words in a text. Believe me, it sounds easier than actually doing it.

I did finish it but I woke up late at 7am. Usually, I have to wake up at 6am and leave the house by 7am. So, you can imagine the rush I had to go through. There wasn’t traffic jam along the highway but there was when I was near the college area. So, I was nearly late for class. 5 minutes to run past the guard, run up the staircase to the fourth floor and search for the class. By the time I reached, teacher was already there and thankfully, she did not start the class just yet.

You might ask why I had to run pass the guard. That’s because I forgotten to bring my ID tag this morning and the guard was checking most of the students. So, I had to run before he could actually stop me. (smart eh?) No student ID = no access to ‘The Web’ and the library. My ear condition got worst this morning when the pressure on both sides was unbearable.
During breaktime, I went to McD with Bernice. After breaktime, she had to help me sneak back into campus ground. It was funny when we tried to run away from the guard again and she accidentally dropped her water-bottle. We thought we won’t get away but then, we picked up the pace and ran.

Back in the class, we had Maths again. This is my first time in class where I made a lot of careless mistake which resulted to erasing and doing the whole equation a few times. It was rather fustrating. When I reached the classroom, I dropped my huge file. Then, I dropped my papers. After that, I dropped my stationeries. It was a little embarassing.

After class ended, my friends decided to head to the library…
*to be continued*

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

They really do...

Who am I talking about? Why, it’s kids! Kids do say the darnest things…

I got to know 3 kids today who happened to migrate to Australia a year ago and they speak fluent English; all three of them. They also speak Mandarin like a true Chinese and they are sooo adorable that I want to kidnap keep all three of them. The oldest one is 10, followed by another boy: 8 and the one and only girl who just turned 4.

They told me how they get lost in shopping malls. The oldest one got lost in New Zealand, Japan, Korea and other countries while the second one gets lost in Australia. Seeing these kids talk about their life and their interest makes me feel like a kid again. They don’t judge, so, I can be all the kid I want to be. The second brother said that he gets lost when separated from parents because he stared at a huge lego set for a long time. He just couldn’t draw his eyes away from them.

That made me think. I got lost a lot too when I was young. The one place my parents and brother always find me is in the bakery. I don’t know why but I guess I had the obsession with pastries since young. Quite embarassing really but heck, now is the time when I can laugh at myself thinking about how silly I used to be.

Anyway, the three kids were intrigued and all that they started telling me riddles. Of course, I let them win and let them feel like they are smart for a while. But you know, they really are super adorable when asking questions. When I had to leave, I felt a little heavy in heart. It is like I want to spend at least a few hours more, you know….

That was when the littl-est one of all, the 4-year-old girl came up to me with excitement.

Girl: You know what? You look like my teddy!
Me: O.o Your teddy? *woohhkay*
Girl: Yeah!!! You look like my TEDDY!!! *squeals then, smiles*
Me: =.=”’ Why… thank you… *taking it as a compliment*

Seriously, I would have no idea of how to react to that. I see no resemblance but teddy is a good thing, right? They’re cute and cuddly, always loved but then again, they are usually fluffy and stuffed with cotton or something else.

I don’t see me stuffed with cotton.

To my dear brother, I guess reading this would make you laugh since someone finally thinks that I’m made out of cotton. I remember how you used to tease me by calling me cotton brain but I stick to my principles. When you call someone by a name, that someone will call you back by another name. >.< *swim swim swim*

Anyway, I’ll never forget such line, said by a 4-year-old.

* excited *

Since the durian incident, my brother thinks I have split personality which I DON’T although I do ask myself questions and answer them myself.

It seems that spending days in college are not only fun, but tiring and stressful as well. It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, all the ragging and bullying. I guess what the teachers have been stressing about all along finally is stuck in my head which would be being consistent and time management.

Without those two, it would be hard to cope with all the homework and syllabus. This is the time where I can turn over a new leaf, start all over again.

I finally collected my lab coat and goggles today. I can’t wait for the first experiment to be carried out in the lab. For chemistry, it would be preparing ester! It’s so different from high school where the equipments were limited then. Now, I squeal to even see a Geiger- Muller tube. I know I’m weird but hey, that’s me…

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Buying books from seniors

SAM started last Thursday for me (Orientation day doesn’t count). There were many seniors selling their books, some for a high price and some for a low price. They approached us with their books in hand and making an offer. It was by Friday that most of them want to have their books sold off so that they could go back to their hometown.

You know, there are ways to make them a little desperate, so that they would sell their books for a lower price. Did I tell you that it was like broad daylight market, selling only books? There were seniors like Seng Foo who shouted, “One book for Rm10! Calculator, calculator! Very cheap calculator! etc…” What caught my attention was a senior trying to sell his TI 83plus (originally, it’s about RM400 I think).

Senior: Calculator, very cheap only! RM 250!
*Accidentally drops the calculator on the road.*

His friends: OOHHHhhh…. How are you going to sell it for RM 250 now?

Senior: Calculator, calculator, RM 200! Very cheap already…

To get the cheapest books, you have to go scouting and compare the prices.

Place 1.
Me: Excuse me, how much are you selling your Physics textbook for?

PIC (Person In Charge): Two Physics text book for RM 40.

Place 2.
Me: Excuse me, how much is the Physics textbooks?

PIC: Two textbooks and Sasta Study Guide for RM 50.

Then, I stopped by Seng Foo’s corner and complained that the books are a little too expensive for not an original copy. Just my luck, Seng Foo’s friend came and asked me about what books I wanted.

Me: I want Physics textbook. What is the best price that you can give me?

Senior: This is my offer. Two Physics textbook and Sasta Study Guide for RM15.

Seng Foo: You serious ah? It’s so cheap.

Me: I’ll take it.

From all the book buying and stuff, I ended up spending RM 45 (excluding the Maths textbook, Biology practical book and Discovering Chemistry which I got the original ones which are so damn expensive. Are they trying to burn a hole in our pockets or what?) It is not them telling me that if I buy they’re book that I’ll pass, but it is how important those books are and the reasonable price. While Seng Foo made me buy his MASA Maths book for RM 5, another senior across the road was giving his books away because he was going off but I didn’t get it from him because I had the exact same one already.

However, I did get my Chemistry textbook, Sasta Study Guide and answers from past year papers for RM15. The past year papers can be downloaded from the internet, so there is no need to buy the questions. So, yeah… Thankfully, I wasn’t conned then.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

How to save a life by The Fray

I totally adore this song. I don’t think I can get bored listening to it. Enjoy!

Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it’s just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you’ve told him all along
And pray to God he hears you

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you’ve followed
He will do one of two things
He will admit to everything
Or he’ll say he’s just not the same
And you’ll begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong (where did I go wrong), I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up (I would of stayed up) with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

2nd Day Sale

It was awesome. It started out to be pretty boring at first because I had no friends selling with me. So, I joined the legal class, L3 where I knew Jian. It turned out to be awesome. The experience and all. One thing I realised is that I’m good in persuading people to buy from my but I’m not good in bargaining. I still need to work on that. What can I say? I’m not perfect like how some people are.

I met a couple of new friends who are also going to IMU and got to know a few Juniors (SAM). They too sort of helped me sold my stuff. They are really nice “kids”. Hehe. Now that they are in SAM, they should be given all the help that they need. After all, it wasn’t easy to survive.

The amount of money I collected was pretty much what I expected. It could have been more, but I’m happy with what I have. There will be more opportunities to come in future to sell stuff that I don’t need. Other than that, I’d say that the experience was good. You know, there was a time when Weng Fatt (my classmate) wanted to sell his original Maths textbook for RM40 and I sold it for him for RM80 (it was the market price). He gave me RM10 commision which I ended up giving to Harmeet for selling my Chemistry textbook because I was busy selling the Maths book. Complicated, huh?

It would not be long until they realise that only original Maths textbook is all they need for class. They are so determined to get original everything! Oh well, at least they can sell it to their juniors easily for maybe RM700 (only textbooks)?

On something unrelated, I feel that I am going to suck in my Undang test. The handbook which I am using for practise is “killing” me. There are 2 questions (repeated ones) with different answers. So now, I don’t know which one is right and which one is wrong. I think they really need to update the book. Out of 500 questions, only 50 will be asked. What are the odds?

So, after the second day sale, I slept for approximately 16 hours? I know, I must be mad to sleep for such a long hour. But, sleep is good. Sleep is nice. Sleep is relaxing (unless there is a nightmare).

What's your magic word?

Let’s see. This morning, I dragged myself to the bathroom at 8:50 am. Left house at 9:20 am and went to The Curve. My dad, my mum and I went for a movie- Sinking of Japan. It is a really nice movie, at least I think it is. It is something like a prediction, and it reminds me of the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. It was so hard to get tickets for that movie.

In the afternoon, we headed to MidValley. All I did was went window-shopping and bought two files for college use.

I’m so bored that I don’t have something to talk about. Probably it’s because of the unbalance pressure in both sides of my ears that I’m getting a headache and having an ear-block.

Anyway, the question of the day (today) is how do you avoid someone you find annoying or pretentious when he or she calls? As much as I’d like to say, “Buzz off and don’t bother me anymore because I didn’t agree to be friends with you at first and you are just annoying, irritating whatever and I would so much appreciate it if you stop asking me irrelevant questions as well as miscalling me late at night. Unless you have something important to discuss, don’t call nor message. Araso (’Do you understand?’ in korean)?” but I can’t because:

I don’t want to make them cry.
I don’t want them to hate me.
I don’t want them talking bad about me to others.
They don’t get it no matter how many times I tell them.
My brother will come after me and give me a lecture about how inconsiderate I am.
I have more important things to do than to worry about them.

So, tell me. How do you work your magic words? Abracadabra? Ribbit ribbit? Chirp chirp? Tell me… for this is not only my dilemma but I believe there are others who face this kind of situation and don’t know what to do… or am I the only one?

Durian trauma

I just ate durian a few minutes ago and believe me it might be my last of getting my mum to buy durians without identifying it’s species or type.

By the way, I’m not promoting here but D24 and D2 taste really good.

Right, back to where I started. I picked up a piece of durian.

Me (talking to myself) 1: Mmm.. Look at this piece. So yellow and soft. I bet it’s sweet.
*notice a little brownish and reddish at the back of the flesh… turns the durian*

Me (talking to my other self) 2: Why… it is a hole! and it is brown!

Me 1: Wait a minute, something is moving. *blink a few times to see if there is really something moving*

Me 2: Is that what I think it is? What the ****! It’s coming out! Aah… It’s gone back in!

Me 1: Don’t drop the durian.. the thing might fall out.

Me 2: That’s a worm! A big fat approximately 1 cm worm!

Me 1: What should I do? Scream? Panic? Where is the adrenaline when you need it at a critical moment like this?

Me 2: Just continue holding it and tell mummy.
*tell mum about the big fat juicy worm [GROSS] and the worm popped it’s head out again! Threw the durian away.. Lost all appetite…*

Me 1: Should I help myseld to another durian? but the worm… *chills ran down my spine* Maybe not. I can’t bear eating another durian again.

Me 2: But I have to finish the other two more pieces because no one else wants to eat them.

*Grab another piece and that was the end of my durian trauma.*

Lesson learnt: Never judge a book by it’s cover. Looks can be deceiving. Why is it that I never can learn this lesson? It keeps on repeating and repeating…

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ability and me

There is a school beside Taylors UC. When I was having my 10-minute break, I was observing the little kids playing in the playground.

I was thinking, “They’re always so happy. Even if they’re not, they’ll make themselves feel happy.”

Then, I saw a boy (whom I shall name it M) grabbing another boy (K)’s shoe and ran away. K, who was smaller in size ran after M. M was obviously faster. He ran near the fence and threw K’s shoe into the bushes. K was nearly crying when a girl ran towards M, pushed him aside, took K’s shoe and returned it to K.

As kids, we’ve already learnt about what’s right and what’s wrong. Isn’t it amazing how we developed the ability to differentiate things and learn things at the same time.

I remember telling my friends that I will never like, touch or know a boy. When our teachers asked us about boys, my classmates and I would tell them that we hate boys but there wasn’t a reason why we hated them. Back then, the principle applied is something like ‘boys are bacteria’. Therefore, avoid at all cost. It made me feel disgusted with the thought of marrying a boy then because I could not learn to like one.

But now, all of us gradually developed a liking and realised that boys are not that bad after all. The ability to make new friends and like them as well as socializing with them is probably one of the most important abilities to learn, experience and live. Can you imagine having no company- like an introvert?

ETOTD: Is creativity an ability? Since creativity is a natural talent, one can put it’s creativity in use. But what if one is not creative? Does that mean he can develop creativity because ability can be developed?

I never say I’m right and I always say, “Don’t trust what Esther says. It is up to you to believe her and you’ve been warned. So, don’t point fingers at her if she’s wrong.”

If you ask me what this post is all about, I’ll tell you that I’m just rambling here. My brain is doing the thinking and typing. My heart is giving me the passion and desire to write. I just watch and filter thoughts that aren’t meant to be there.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Sheeps eating roses in the garden..

These few days, I had trouble sleeping. When I’m was just cuddling my balster, all thoughts about school work filled my mind.

Do you want to know the lamest thing that I could come up with to get me sleepy instead of counting from 1 until I stop counting? It would be:

The sheeps are eating 1 rose in the garden. The sheeps are eating 2 roses in the garden. The sheeps are eating 3 roses in the garden. The sheeps are eating 4 roses …. (Around 40+ I’d stop counting.)

Don’t ask me why sheeps and roses. I know roses can’t be eaten and the sheeps would probably die because of the rose’s thorn and no one keeps a sheep for a pet and allow it to move about in the garden. But hey, IT STILL WORK!

Today’s class was okay until it was Physics period. I know what the teacher is talking about but I could not cope with it because I didn’t understand. And why didn’t I understand? That’s because I have forgotten my Form 4 work- about how vector quantity and it’s energy bla bla bla… I was really fustrated over Physics. It’s not that I hate the subject, but it just can’t give me a reason to like it.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Entering college

I’m bored. College has officially started and I met a whole new bunch of friends!

The teachers are quite nice. At least they their sense of humour and they are more interactive with students.

I finally met Seng Foo who made me buy his Maths book for RM5 and he was different than I imagined although I must admit, he’s a nice and funny person seeing him sell his books. Thanks to his warning, I knew tricks of other seniors who tried to con me.

At the moment, I have nothing to talk about but I might post about more interesting things later.

Anyway, tell me about your feelings when you entered school with a brand new environment- when you got into college, university or even when you entered Form 4.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Because I had nothing better to do

…besides wondering

Yesterday during Chemistry, we conducted an experiment (which results would only be seen next week): fermentation. The proposed idea was to either ferment 100ml of orange juice or apple juice. Wei Ran and I came up with a whacky idea which was to ferment 5oml of orange juice and 50ml of apple juice. Little did we know that after the experiment is complete (including distillation I think), we get to taste it.

First thought which came to my mind, EEWWW… The alcohol produced for 100ml of orange juice or apple juice might turn out to be successful but for a mixture of both, we have yet to prove it. Of course, it is not a necessity to taste it but those who wants to it can do so.

So, I sat for Biology test today and English test yesterday. Tomorrow, I have Chemistry test (which I haven’t touch on it yet) and on Monday is Maths test. Isn’t life fun? -_-!! Tell me about it. College is only a little bit more hectic than secondary school. Anyway, 12th of March is when we, Form 5s of year 2006 will collect our SPM results. After the suspense and rumours saying that it will be on 28th Feb/ 11th March/ 13th March/ 14 March, I suppose I would just have to accept what comes my way.

I don’t predict what I might get because in reality, it will be the total opposite of what I predict. 12th of March is also the date where I will be doing my medical attachment in Seri Manjung Hospital (where my brother works) and I have been assigned to ‘Emergency’ until 16th March (Friday). Yay!

On something unrelated, have you ever felt that you want to take a break from all the talking (if you’re a talkative person) and make space for breathing? Well, I do. From being loquacious to being a listener, some find it hard to believe. Here’s question of the day(s), would you try to change your friend or at least give advice to your friend if he or she is giving a not-so-good image at certain times (not occasionally)?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Paranoid, mental... but not crazy...

Today- 2nd January, is the last day where I get to sleep late at 4am, go online 24/7, shop all I want etc. *touchwood touchwood* I sound as if it is the end of the world.

You know the times when parents say, “Right now, study hard and don’t play around. After your exams, you can do whatever you want. After your exams, you can go out with your friends and go watch movies. After your exams, you have a long break and you can watch tv until morning. After your exams,…..”

Well, that’s ending after 12:00 midnight. I’m worried, paranoid etc about what might happen tomorrow. It’s orientation day and ragging is what’s on my mind. The only senior I know from there is Seng Foo. It somehow made me flashback to the story which my brother told me when he attended his orientation.

I am still having the same dream I had every since SPM ended. Always the I missed my paper be it Biology, History, Chemistry or Physics. What has gotten into my subconscious mind? I’m not out of my mind. *blink blink*

Anyway, I just finished watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 which my brother downloaded. I realised that cutting people sounds fun. *grinning* What I’m trying to say is that surgery may be interesting and there has got to be a reason why most of the surgeons are males right? Is it because of the blood or because their patients’ life is in their hands? Anything can go wrong during a surgery.

I remember dissecting my frog during Biology lesson. It was a female frog whose name was Sethe. She was a sick frog but I dissected her without gloves (because we were out of gloves). I remember that there was another group member bragging about dissecting it herself but in the end, she dared not and I ended up doing the job which was fun. My group was one of the groups who did not poke or cut the frog’s lungs and witnessed eggs in the ovary.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Goals, resolutions, whatever you call it..

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Let’s see. This year, I would want to be a better person in character so that Santa will bring me a present this year ; someone with my own style of thinking, responding, doing things etc. I’d like to be more versatile when it comes to socializing with friends and family.

Of course, every one wants to perform well and give outstanding achievements, so do I. I still want to walk, talk, sit and think like an ‘A’ star student. In two days, I will be stepping foot in a new environment where students do not need to wear school uniforms, can bring cellphone or whatever gadget, where students are given more freedom (which is given to us in trust) etc. The place is known as COLLEGE. More specifically, Taylor’s. In order to get into a good medical school, say IMU, I have to achieve 90% TER and above. It’s going to be a tough year if you have to study and want to have fun at the same time.

Next, rumour has it, two members of tvxq will be coming to Malaysia to promote about Korean music if I’m not mistaken. And when two members of tvxq comes, I WANT to go and meet with them. With their die-hard fans growing everyday, I just hope that I have the opportunity to meet with them.

As my goal was achieved after Form 5, which was “NO boyfriend until I finish high school”, I’ve set myself another similar one which is “No boyfriend until I get into a medical university.” Do you think I’m being senseless? But then again, I don’t want relationships get into my studies this year. Besides, Lillian Too gave the same advice.

Then there is a resolution to make my blog interesting and people-friendly so that they’ll continue to visit. My brother always compare me to Kenny Sia (and sometimes Cheesie), questioning me why I can’t blog like him. According to my brother, Kenny Sia’s posts are funny and interesting whereas I am dead serious. *Give him the look* Hey, we differ in age, mentality and style. And I’m still working on my blog. I admit that I have less pictures and not no pictures, that’s because it takes me a long time to have them uploaded into Photobucket.

I guess that’s about it. If there’s more, I’ll add in later.