Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mum's instincts saved day

You know what I really hate when I’m in KL? It is getting lost on the road because of a wrong turning. It’s been 5 1/2 years since I last left KL and now that I’m back here, many things have changed. More highways, more buildings, less trees etc.

Yesterday, my mum and I got lost after trying to go home from MidValley. We took the wrong exit and landed the Federal Highway. Then, we landed in Pusat Bandaraya. We had no idea where we were going because we don’t know which sign board to follow for heading towards Kuchai Lama. Signboards were showing Bangsar, Kepong, Damansara, Petaling Jaya most of the time.

My mum continued driving and we took a couple of U-turns and landed up in Damansara where we took a wrong turning again and landed on the highway again. Mind you, it was getting dark and it was raining. Therefore, I totally understand what pressure my mum was under. After landing in Damansara, we exited to SS 17 where the area we were in was dark with traffic lights and no signboards anywhere.

Following my mum’s instinct, she just continue driving and took a nine-o-clock at the roundabout. Finally, we saw a signboard saying Jalan Gasing. From there, we knew how to go home until there were two signboards saying KUCHAI LAMA and both were showing different directions! Guess what? We took the wrong one and landed on the highway AGAIN but in the end, we got home.

As the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. At least, I won’t be making that mistake again. It’s worse than getting lost in Ipoh because in Ipoh, no matter where you turn, you have high chances of getting back to where you were before and start all over again.

You’d never know how a mother’s intuition or instinct can save the day. Some might think that I may be exaggerating but if you put yourself in my shoes, you’d probably understand what I’m saying.

ETOTD: Should there be more signboards or perhaps somewhere on the highway, there is a place where people can stop and ask for directions when they are lost? (We weren’t the only ones who were lost. I saw a couple of other cars near the toll asking for directions. I know because I know. Don’t ask how I know.)

Friday, December 29, 2006

5 tips when renting

Admit it, you missed me… hahaha.. I haven’t been online for a long time because my modem broke down and my brother bought a new one and yes, I’m back to what I love to do!
Today, I’ll be giving you tips about renting a house. You might that you don’t need it now but you never know, it might come in handy.

5 Make sure all the wires or cables are in good condition.

After staying in the new house, we realised that there were a lot of complications when it came to wiring. One said, ‘Sorry lah encik, I believe the Astro cabel sudah putus lah (snapped). Another, ‘Sir, we have to knock the ceiling in two rooms if you want me to fix your air-cond. I think the pipe is leaking.’ A few days later, ‘Sir, I think your telephone cable sudah putus.’

4 Check that the doors, fans and lights are working.

On the first day staying in the house, one of the rooms’ fan was not functioning properly. That room door cannot close properly either. The alarm system could not work.

3 Check the feng shui of the house.

This is very important if you are into feng shui. Of course you need to know that your house is facing a GOOD direction and there are no beams be it in rooms or kitchen. Also, take note that there are no poison arrows and your room is in the direction you want. This is also important for you can plan about where to place your feng shui items.

2 Make sure you have ALL the keys to every door.

You never know when you might ACCIDENTALLY lock your toilet door and don’t have the keys to them. When you get them, label them. Say if you were given 15 keys, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate them nor pick the kitchen door key if I asked you to.

1 Take note that a grill is important, so is more than two locks.

Because of break-ins, it is wise to have the landlady install a new lock and a grill for safety purposes. I don’t have to worry a lot about where I am staying because there are CCTVs in every corner and you need a card which acts as your passport into the compound. It reminds me of my school when there were CCTVs in the canteen, outside the toilet, the hall, the library, the main gate etc.

Feel free to add on. I might have left out some things.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Because of a message...

Yesterday, I called Jasmine three times not only because I heart her but also because she was the only one who answered my calls of all the people I called. (yes jasmine, I stole your line alright…) Karl was performing yesterday somewhere in Bukit Bintang and he said it was great! Well, good for him.

Few days ago, I received a very harsh and dirty message from him. I was offended of course because I never expected him to send it to me. I could not leave the matter aside of why he sent it to me, so I called him up.

Me: About the message you sent me the other day… Why did you send it?

Him: Wait. Hold on for a while.
(Call out to his friend, “Explain to her what happen. Explain to her now.”)
He sounded harsh and I was BLURR.

His friend: Hello, who’s this?

Me: Were you the one who sent me the message?

His friend: Ooh.. Sorry. It wasn’t for you. I was sending it to another friend of mine using his phone. I don’t know how to use his stupid phone. (Gives back the mobile phone to him)

——————–He hung up——————-

Don’t know why I called him again but I think it is my conscience who asked me to. Approximately 10 minutes later,…

Me: Hey, about the sms which I replied to that, sorry. It wasn’t meant for you now.

Him: Hey, don’t worry about it lah, kay? My friends always like to play with my phone. Sorry kay…

Me: Kay.. Anyway, I’ve got to go now.

Him: Sure, talk to you another time.

Me: Yeah, talk to you some other time. Bye.

Him: Bye.


For a friend, I don’t know why I am doubting him. Was it because of our history as friends? or was it simply because of a message? When I think about something negative about him, he prooves me wrong. On the contrary, when I think something positive about him, he prooves me wrong too. I don’t know what I should think.

ETOTD (Esther’s thought of the day):

Thinking too much is not healthy for the brain. You might blow up your brain.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Repetitive Dream

I feel like I’m having the same dream over and over again. I don’t know why and I don’t know what the dream meant but it certainly was not a pleasant dream. I remember from the dream I had yesterday, it was a Friday night. I had flashback to Thursday night too. The location is unknown but there were lots of people and mostly are students.

I was assigned to do something which I supposed was cleaning but I did not do it. Instead, my friends and I went out. There were about 5 people including me. My friend, who is my senior drove. I don’t remember what happened but I could only remember that all of us had a good time.

Suddenly, I remembered that I still have papers to sit for and I forgot to go to school. I realised that I’ve missed my paper on Thursday and now, Friday! And both exams are very IMPORTANT exams. For a second then, I thought I missed SPM. *phew*

One of the other girls insisted to go to Dunkin Doughnuts (or Donuts) while I insisted on going back. In the end, all of us had to return and sneak back into the compound. Later, I bumped into my friends and I asked them if they went to school. Some said that they’ve been skipping school and know that they’ve missed exams but it was not a big deal. Some said, actually only Asha said that she’s been going to school and exams were on. There wasn’t a change of schedule.

The last thing I could remember was only that. I don’t know what happened to me. It was as if I had panic attacks and passed out.

This is probably my third time having this dream. Very freaky…


‘Because I am your friend, you visit my blog and leave a print. What if we had never met?'

As most of you know, I am in KL. I am doubting about ‘adopting and adapting’ to the life here. It all started when I was browsing through my old KL friend’s blogs and friendster accounts. I feel like I don’t belong here with them. Friends come and go in life and some friends stay with you all the way.

I feel so left out like I was desserted and now I’m back to where I came from. The way they dress and act make me feel alienated. How can I put this in a simpler form? I don’t know. Having Jamine, Karl, Asha and Vishnu talking to me nearly every day reminds me that I’m not alone…

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What I did...

I slept at 6am. I was awake the whole night and it is a record for me. What did I do the whole night?

Replying testimonials
Replying messages
Typing posts
Reading my emails
Watching a Korean movie
Playing downloaded games
Chatting on msn

Thinking of someone the whole time I was doing the 7 things I mentioned

That is what happens when I can’t go online for 5 days. I can’t believe that it has only been a week since the last day of exam. I wish this can continue. At least, I don’t feel as if time is flying faster than I think it is. At the moment, I don’t have Astro connected to the television. Apparently, there has been some connection problems. I still can’t find the USB cable to connect my camera to my laptop.

These few days have been tiring for me. I miss my friends especially Asha and Kar Men. It has been a long time since I last saw them. Asha- my best friend from Ipoh. Kar Men- my best friend from KL. I don’t know what I’ll do if they both had not been my friends.

Oh well, I have to get back to cleaning my room. I’ll update later.

Between male and female

First off, I’d like to voice out my opinion with no direct criticism towards anyone. The issue about men and women is ticking me off.

I read a phrase in the newspaper a few days ago. It was written, ‘…women is the weaker sex…’ Is it their fault if they are weaker in society? To me, both sex are equal. There should not be any domination since from the beginning itself. Then, there was an article which I read about why there should be the so-called ’against violence for women and children campaign’. I understood from the article that women do not deserve to be treated specially and violence should be allowed as punishment. I think that is a barbaric act.

So, why is it that there is not fight for men’s rights if there are wife’s poisoning their husband or stuff like that? That’s probably it is not a common thing which happens everyday, right? I loathe it when women is referred to as weak.

The next thing, between a boy and a girl. A girl goes through a lot of things in relationships; same goes for the boy. Just because a girl makes known of her feelings, it doesn’t mean that the boy is not going through the same thing. I came to an understanding that when girls make it obvious, boys would say that they are over-reacting. When boys make it obvious, it is alright for them to do so. Once again, you can see the domination.

There are boys I know who are arrogant and egoistic. I received a message in friendster telling me ‘You think only girls go through all that shit???? Guys go through more than that. In surveys, girls are much much worse than boys attitude wise.’ That was also because I forwarded a Friendster bulletin with the article ‘Why girls cry. (Boys should take note)’ I beg your pardon? I am so sick of this shit I hear from friends, read from articles etc. Was I wrong to do so? I still have my freedom to forward what others forwarded.

Reality, both parties are just the same. There should not be any need to lower or degrade the other gender. I was wondering why there are issues where both genders can’t get along. Besides, that article is just to make known in general how a girl feels and what should boys take note if there is anything related to boys at all.

“Ladies should be properly attired.”
“Ladies should always be courteous.”
“Ladies should be understanding when a men faces problems.”
“Ladies this… Ladies that…”

Do you seriously think that ladies are perfect? There is no such thing as perfection unless it meets with what your heart wants. That does not at all give men all the right to not be properly attired. That doesn’t mean men can be rude or whatsoever. That also does not mean men can throw tantrums at their wives or beloved when things go wrong.

Have you ever wondered what is the key to a blissful relationship? Do either man or woman take control of the other? Again, in my opinion, it is the give-and-take to produce a win-win situation.

Ladies should be given the freedom to dress whatever way they like as long as it is not obscene. Rape cases don’t happen because girls wear jeans or fitted T-shirt. If it is the man’s problem to have high sexual drives, DON’T ever blame it on the girl because she is still properly attired.

As much as I want to support only one party, I think it’ll be better if I stand in the middle, supporting and defending both sides. I think that it would also be a good idea if this issue is never brought up again- be it articles or speech.

Spending money

I’m back! I’m happy I have my laptop with me now and there is internet connection. For the past few days, I’ve been dreading to go online. I’m addicted now (like what Karl said). My parents did not allow me to bring it along with me at first but nothing can put me and my laptop apart. After 5 days, I am so madly in love with it.

In KL, I did nothing much. I went window-shopping in The Curve and Midvalley Megamall. It wasn’t entirely window-shopping. Mum got me two sets of quilt cover set from Aussino which is so cute. I don’t know how to explain it now, but I will put up a picture of my new room after I find the USB cable to connect my camera to the laptop. I also got myself a pair of earrings from Teddy Tales which cost me RM10+.

In Midvalley, I treated my parents in Laksa Shack. Mind you, it was really good especially the Laksa Sarawak. All together, I paid RM30.48 for 2 sets which came with drinks and dessert and Ais Kacang.

I’ll be spending Christmas in KL. Just the other day when I was at The Curve, I spotted a Gingerbread Man “soft toy” and a lot of adorable snowman. Pictures will be coming through soon. I want to get them but I don’t have the cash with me now. The Gingerbread Man alone (so-called) costs RM30+ and one snowman is also RM30+. *sigh*

This is the time when I would have to plan things carefully in order to “stretch” my money.

Bahasa kita budaya kita?

Have you experienced the irritation caused by strangers when they approach you? I have.
I was travelling from Ipoh to KL yesterday and we stopped at Tapah resting area for food. Mind you, it was packed and there weren’t enough places for people to sit and enjoy their meal. My dad managed to get a table in the crowd and I was left to “take care” of the place so that no one would come and sit while they order their food.

Then, an Indian lady with her whole family came and asked me if anyone else was sitting there and if they could have the table. I apologised and told her that the seats were already taken. She left and sat somewhere else instead.

Not long after that, a rude Indian man came with his drink and sat in front of me without asking. I told him in a polite way that the seat was taken.

He refused to get up and instead he said, ‘Ah moi, lu tak boleh kasi I kah? Lu tengok I lah, hanya satu saja mah. Ah moi mesti kasi punya. [Can’t you just give it (referring to the seat) to me? Look at me, I only have one (referring to the drink). You should give this place to me.]’ Then, he gave me a perverted look.

I stared at him in disgust and said, ‘If you sit here, then my parents can’t sit.’ and I rolled my eyes.

He smirked and walked off with an angry look. It doesn’t mean that because you see a girl sitting alone guarding a table that you can come thinking that you are all that grand and you have the power to sit wherever you want without asking. How often do you sit with strangers without seeking their permission? I’m sure you would say something like, “Excuse me, is this place taken? If it’s not, can I sit here?” or when you take a chair, “Excuse me, is this chair taken? Can I have it if it’s not?”

Because of this incident, the slogan ‘Bahasa Kita Budaya Kita’ made me think twice. What is the purpose of this slogan which is put up nearly every where?

Finally, a Chinese man sat. My dad was not bothered but I was. I told my dad the whole story about the Indian man and he said, “Don’t bother about them.” Well, I can’t do anything much about it, I only reflect on why people there are people with no courtesy which reminds me about what happened at the post office.

I admit that I am probably the one that is sensitive about the whole thing and that it may not appear to you that it is a problem.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Time-travelling and zapping

I’m going to KL later which kind of means that I won’t be able to blog for a few days. Boy, will my fingers be itching there to type. (Don’t miss me, haha… )There should be hotspots where I can connect wireless. I will be bringing my laptop with me.

Came to think about it, there is exactly one month to January 3rd 2007. Ain’t time travelling fast? One hour is fast when you enjoy doing something you like. Would you like to go time-travelling if you have the chance? Will you step into the future and find out what it’s like? If you dislike it, you can make all the changes you want in the present which hopefully brings out a better effect in the future.

I remember reading from somewhere which I have forgotten where there is a person who time travels and is from the future. Until now, I think it is not proven that it’s a hoax or not. After watching a few movies concerning time travelling, it seemed that in future, the world will be reborn and go through the same development process.

What if we could make a difference in making Earth a better place for everyone where it is free from dangerous diseases and free from pollution? I remember writing an essay about how to deal with land pollution and the issue of not enough land for disposing waste. I mentioned that if I could do anything, I’d gather minds of greatest scientist to invent a laser which can zap rubbish into dust. Therefore, we will have more lands for planting trees or development.

If rubbish can be processed to become a renewable energy, the country wouldn’t need to depend too much on natural gas and petroleum but then again, there is always the sun to provide us with solar energy. Did you know that every minute, the sun is slowing dying? I read it somewhere. Because of the reactions between the atoms, the sun won’t be shining, probably a centuries later.
I’m thinking too much but what can I do? Curiousity is part of my nature…


I was wondering… Penguins, they can keep themselves warm with the thick coat of fur and fat.

What about their feet? Don’t their feet feel cold, after all they have reseptors there. After all, penguins are considered birds and birds and homeothermic, which means that their body temperature will remain the same no matter how cold or how warm the atmosphere may be through homeostasis, right? Their fur only covers their head until the are right above their feet.

What about walking on ice? How is that they are able to walk on ice while a human will slip and fall? What is beneath their feet which gives them a firm grip? Are the chances of them finding food higher than the chances of being food?

This is the side effect of watching HAPPY FEET. lol.

of Lying and Cheating

There is this shimmer lotion in the Body Shop, which is known as Golden Apple (if I’m not mistaken) and it smells really good. I bought the citrus smell from Africa one year ago and I barely used up half of it.

I have a confession to make. I hate guys who lie to me even if it is a small matter. There is one person who first wanted to befriend me and lied that he is one of the weakest students in his school because he feared that I might not want to befriend him. Turns out that he is a top scorer in his school.

There is another guy friend who doesn’t want to answer nor reply me and lied that his phone is with his girlfriend when he already broke up with his girlfriend. I don’t know why but I keep on doubting him. I don’t know what is the truth and what is not when he speaks. He told me that he’ll call me if he’s going out but he didn’t. I ended up bumping into him. Probably he forgot or he purposely did it. One thing I knew, I was disappointed in him and he broke my heart.
There was also this guy who said that he loathe this girl who used to be in my class and commented a lot of bad things about her. Then, he went to the girl’s boyfriend and lied that I said it. The girl’s boyfriend ended up having a fight with me but we patched things up. We- referring to me and the girl’s boyfriend.

Not only boys, same goes with girls. When I got to know a friend who was at least at that time to me, amazingly gorgeous, my friends said that he was a terrible looking person and dresses way to out of her league. When I had a long chat with my guy friend this year, it turns out that she was commenting about how ‘hot’ he looked. In other words, liars are like hypocrites.

Leaving the lying matters aside, have you ever cheated or saw someone cheating during an examination? And so we are told that we are not allowed to bring notes, cellphone and any media which can provide answers. I realised that cheating during an exam seem easy nowadays. Is it because the teachers are not aware about what was happening or did they just close one eye so that they won’t need to write reports what-so-ever? But then again, teachers also want their students to do well and won’t have the heart to turn them in unless both the teachers and students are not on talking terms.

From a student’s point of view, teachers won’t find out. The write notes at the back of their calculator with pencil. The invention of the so-called invisible ink pen but with blue light (I think), you can see the writing has so-called “encourage” students to cheat because they can write notes on their body, uniforms or school testpad which they bring in during exams. Some students even learnt the Morse code and communicate without being noticed. The high achievers let the not-so-smart students copy during exams. What good does it bring?

I saw a girl who peeked at my paper a couple of times during exams and even write down last minute notes which she memorised on the paper she had and covered the paper full of notes with another piece of paper. I stared back at her. This is not fair to other students who have worked hard. I abhor the fact that students can sneak peek into other student’s answers when it comes to drawing graphs, formats for letters or reports and answering on the objective answer sheet.

What if the government were to supply calculators for students so that all the students will be using the same calculator (non-programmed) and they won’t be able to write notes? Students in the rural areas who can’t afford to buy calculators will be able to use one. What if instead of separating students 1m x 1m, have blocks or solid-coloured plastic (like in the library) high enough to prevent others from peeking into other student’s paper and other student’s won’t need to worry about having to cover their papers carefully? After all, this is only a thought. Anything is possible now.

Who would have thought that government examination fees would be abolished and students will take the paper without having to pay? It used to be the competition is seeing who can achieve more 1A but since it has been limited to 12 subjects per Form 5 students, I think that the chances to get scholarship is fairer.

Out for the day..

I went to Jusco today with Asha and Meera. It started out pretty bad considering the fact that I was the last and the latest to reach. I wanted to go for 2 movies today but I only went for one. I saw him in Jusco. All of the sudden, I felt cheated. Someone lied to me and acted as if nothing happened.

I saw this shirt in Esprit and it was RM169.90 . It is red in colour, with a so-called outline of a reindeer’s head stitches which I found cute. I didn’t get it. I’d be considered mad to even get it with my own money. I think it is to match the holiday season- CHRISTMAS!

We continued exploring until we reached Padini. I saw him. I asked him if he would like to go for a movie and he said he had to be home by 5.00pm.

In the end, Meera, Asha and I watched HAPPY FEET which was pretty good. The pictures of those penguins did not make me want to watch it but since that was the only movie which ends before 6.30pm, I just bought the tickets. Turns out that watching it with Asha and Meera was the best! I’ve never laughed so much before. Now, I have a thing for penguins. When they are small, they are adorable but not when they reach adulthood. Seals and whales are scary in the movie. Elephant seals are gross. Next stop, DEATH NOTE and CINTA.

After that, I got myself a bracelet a nail buffer as well as Seventeen magazine. I’m so exhausted now. I can’t wait to go to KL to shop! Speaking about nail buffer, it is my first time getting to know about it. I am a late bloomer. Most of my friends already know what it is and how to use it and I resulted to calling Asha a lot of times asking questions like:

Do you move your nails from left to right or is it down to up and vice versa?
How long do you need to ‘buff’ the nails?
How long will your nails stay ’shiny’?
Why do people ‘buff’ their nails? and so on….

Asha was laughing and was saying that I make buffing nails sound hard. She also mentioned that when I asked her those questions, it was as if I was going to sit for an exam. Friends I can turn to for fashion advice or opinions are Asha and Jasmine. Now, Meera is added to my list! These three girls are the nicest and the sweetest. Meera and Asha actually realised that I was upset over something while we were munching wedges and fries in KFC. I thought it wasn’t obvious, but yeah, I was unhappy over something but everything changed after watching HAPPY FEET.
I’d love to watch it again. There are so many songs which sounds adorable when the penguins sang them…

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Look at Karl

Karl sings..

It doesn’t look nearly the same right? Especially the eyes and the background, it doesnt quite match… nor the angle…

For Jasmine

This one is specially for Jasmine..

Her blog header

My drawing

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Tomorrow is the last day of SPM. I can’t wait for it. Well, I predict by 3.35pm (after the test papers are collected) there will be screaming and laughing. Who knows? Maybe someone will lead and say ‘MERDEKA!’

Tomorrow is the last day we’ll ever wear our uniforms and wear name tags. Say goodbye to the attire as well as school shoes. There is no need to line up for assembly or have our name written for coming late to school.

Tomorrow is the last day we’ll step foot in school this year. The next I’m going there is probably next year when I collect my results. Say goodbye to the Raintree which has been there for decades. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I’m going to miss this school-at least only by it’s building structures.

Tomorrow is the last day my classmates and I meet. We’ll probably bump into one another in Jaya Jusco and not recognise one another. I wonder if anyone will cry tomorrow. Nahh….

Tomorrow is only a few hours away. By 4.00 pm, my room will be as clean as a whistle with no books around me. My desk will be clean and it will look like the first time I moved here to Ipoh.

The day after tomorrow however is one day I want to enjoy to the maximum. I want to go for lunch with my friends and catch maybe 2 movies if I still have the cash after spending on magazines, food, novels and soft toys. I want that to be the best day ever with Asha and Meera.
There will a lot of picture taking since I’ve gotten the permission from my brother to use his.

Actually, it’s mine but I can’t bear the guilt of him paying and me taking. Therefore, when he get his new camera, I will pitch in a little for him.

As much as I would love to talk about a topic which my friend sparked up concerning the circle of life where if a guy asks a girl out, he’s cool but if a girl asks a guy out, she’s cheap. I so do not, DO NOT agree on that and will talk about it next time as well as the topic on Sethe, my group froggie who died of disection, operated by me.

By the way, I called him and spoke to him for 2 min 25 sec. Until then, cheers.

At the library...

There is a star** in the SKY… just for you.

That star** will make sure that your DREAMS come true.

So in case you are stumbling don’t get too blue.

That star** in the sky… it BELIEVES in you.

(I believe in YOU and your star** too.)

BY Ashley Rice

It’s good to know that in whatever situation, someone or something can help take your mind off things…

should sadness come into our lives, what do we do? move on and act like nothing happened?

should happiness come and pay a visit, do we wish it stayed longer and be bias between happiness and sadness?

should feelings be what that is stopping you from doing other things, do we make our hearts as cold as stone and brace ourselves for the worst?

should love come between friends and dreams, do we sacrifice dreams or friendship?

Currently listening to: Love & Longing (My Sassy Girl ost)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The parting

He was at the library today. He sat behind me about a few centimetres away. It was once again, awkward. We didn’t talk. I had not guts to make a move. I waited for him to make it instead. 3 something in the afternoon, he went back. He walked pass me and I thought it is the last time I’ll see him because we’ll never meet in the library after SPM.

Then, he turned. I thought he was looking back at his friends. But, no. He raised his right arm and waved, at the same time, smiling with a movement of lips saying ‘Bye’. I smiled back and he walked off before I could say anything. The one moment of happiness gushed right into me but it only lasted for 2 seconds. I couldn’t bear the feeling of us parting ways, pursuing our careers.
I got up and walked towards the main entrance. If he is still there, I’ll talk to him and if he isn’t, then, that’s fate.

What do you know? He was there. We talked for less than a minute. He had to leave.

I will never forget the way he looked at me. I will remember it for life.

Well, like how my friend said it, the way you treat the person the first time is going to be the way the person will treat you. If you are friendly towards him or her, then the other side will too. In my case, I froze. Frankly, I’ve never froze in front of any guys. I was comfortable knowing and mixing with guys and girls.

“This is an experience once in a lifetime probably…"