Friday, June 30, 2006

April Fool Joke

When I mentioned April Fool in my essay, I thought of the joke that my friend and I planned when we were young- about 9 years old. I still remember that we planned it for weeks but in the end, it didn’t turn out well.

It all started when I suggested that we should trick Mrs. Lai (if I’m not mistaken), my tuition teacher. She is a great teacher, at the same time she is scary. Nevertheless, that did not stop me from fooling her. Plans after plans we thought and we finally got it!

That day, my friend and I got all the things ready and we went to tuition (at her house) early as usual. I brought along a packet of white powder which I brought from home. She brought the strings. Our plan was to tie the packet of powder and leave it hanging in the bathroom. One side of the string was tied to the packet whereas I hold on to the other side.

The main idea was to drop the packet of powder on the teacher’s head and make her covered in powder. I know that we were mischivous back then. Our plan failed when I realised that there is no place for the packet to hang! If not, it won’t fall on the teacher’s head. We were indeed caught red-handed after the teacher saw us sneaking into the bathroom.

My friend screamed, “Cockroach! Cockroach!” That caught the teacher’s attention and she went into the bathroom. my friend and I stood outside when Mrs. Lai was searching for the cockroach. Both of us opened the packet of powder and when Mrs. Lai turned around, about to give us a lecture, we threw the packet of powder on her. From her waist onwards, she was covered with powder. The bathroom floor was also covered with powder.

She did not scold us though. She must have knew something was up since the beginning. Before she changed her clothes, she made my friend and I clean the bathroom. It did not take us long. We just splash water on the powder which made it worst. We scrubbed the floor and in no time, we were back to our work.

Mrs. Lai changed her clothes. She did not call our parents or anything. She just told us to plan things more carefully. How nice of her…

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Midterm Essay

Begin a story with ‘It was a dark and stormy night…’

It was a dark and stormy night when I though I heard my cellphone vibrating. I checked if I had any messages or perhaps a call which I must have missed. There was none. I continued playing a computer game with David, my roommate. We were indulged in the game that neither one of us heard the knock on the door.

I went to open the door when I found no one was there!I thought that maybe someone else is knocking to play a prank on me. I could not care less. As I was about to close the door, I saw a figure by the dormitory corridor. I approached nearer to the figure. It was a girl and she was soaked wet. “Perhaps I should invite her in since she is alone out here in the cold and stormy weather,” I thought and so I did.

Back at the room, I introduced my self and showed her to David. Under the fluorescent lights, I could see her better. She had rose-bud lips with her long silky hair laid back. She wore opulent fabrics and I thought it matched well with her slender body. She told me her name is May.
I made her hot schocolate to drink whereas David continued to play the computer game. I wanted to shower her with questions but before I could do that, she told me her story. She said, “I am actually a goddess. I came down to Earth with my sisters to see how you, humans are doing. I am something like a guardian.”

I gazed at her. Her sweet smell of lavender made me more attentive to what she was saying. She continued, “However, a terrible storm which I did not foresee approached. My sister was able to go back to the other world whereas I have lost my medium to go back.”

Tears went rolling down her cheeks. I felt sad for her and I asked her what I could do for her. Somehow, I thought she looked familiar but I did not bother to find out.

She told me that I could help her by looking for the bracelet- the medium she uses to return home. She also informed me that she lost it near the bushes, outside the university. I set out to look for the bracelet. I searched high and low but there was none. When I went back to the room, I was covered with mud and drenched. David chuckled by the way I looked.

Feeling disappointed, I searched again for the missing bracelet. This time, I went to the other side of the university where there were more plants. In the heavy rain, I looked around with the torchlight in my hand and the other holding the umbrella. I felt idiotic for not bringing the umbrella along the first time.

It took me quite a while. By that time, I was restless and once again I went back to my room with defeat. As I reached, I was surprised with the people who were there. My group of friends were laughing their heads off. I was still in my own world. Then David said, “Let’s do this. One, two, three…” The whole crowd said, “April fool!”

It did not come to me that when it past midnight, it was already the 1st of April. May turned out to be my friend, Lilac. Lilac is in the drama club and she can act very well. The clothes she wore earlier was one of the costumes. I must admit that I got carried away and laughed at my silliness.

My friends have been fooling me every 1st of April ever since I got to know them. They are, to me, idiosyncratic and when they ply a prank with everything well planned, I call them ‘psychotic’. This year is a year which I will never forget because it is my last year in university and it is one of their best pranks.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Friends (Part 2)

Have you ever feel as if you are giving someone hope- a chance to like you?

Body language does not really work with me. I have friends telling me how this guy looks at me in tuition. I would feel grossed out. Over a couple of days, I have been thinking about the best way to reject a guy. You see, over the couple of years, I have rejected some guys. As a result, they did pretty badly in their exams. Not just any examination but government exams- SPM and PMR. I felt disastrous. Therefore, I am trying to decline in a way that will not hurt the other side and at the same time telling him that there is no chance between me and him.

I have encountered people being so depressed that they stopped talking or befriend me. According to others, they saw a change in attitude of their friend. Love- it can be disastrous yet sweet at the same time.

How can you treat someone nice without the other misunderstanding? How do you convey a message that you two can only be friends, nothing more than that without the other person hurting himself/ herself? I am disturbed myself with questions and questions that I can’t find an answer to.

I am someone who doesn’t like people who ask silly questions. For example, ‘Do you think I should befriend her?’, ‘Do you think she’ll talk bad about me to other people?’, ‘Do you think she would understand?’, ‘Do you think I should make the first move?’ and so on. I am sick of people asking me what they should do. It is their life. If they want an opinion, I can give them but need they ask that much?

I know friends that always say ‘I am stupid’, ‘I am useless’, ‘It’s too late for me to start’, ‘I am terrible in studies’ and so on. It is a fact that when you think like that, it will turn out like that. Every one knows that. If they actually thought that I take in consideration about their feelings and expect me to give them words of consolation, I am done with it. I am tired with these type of people. I wish I could tell them but thinking rationally, telling them will just make things worse and hurt their feelings.

Why would one feel angry towards another person? I guess it happens when he or she feels hurt. How often do you get a friend who is angry at another friend and take me as someone who will listen to her rambling? She would even tell me that she is angry for no reason. The truth was that she felt hurt because she thinks every one on the planet thinks that she is invisible. I don’t!
I have friends who even go ‘Only I am…..’, ‘Only I did…..’, ‘Only I feel…..’ and so on. ‘I’, ‘I’ and ‘I’. Note to those who think they are like that, you are not the only person on earth who felt what you felt or did what you did. Out there, some where, there are people who cares and listen to you. Don’t keep everything to yourself and don’t blurt out everything either.

Some may think I am wrong. Some may agree with what I say. I accept your criticism gracefully.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Summary on seminar

Today may be one of my unforgettable days. I attended a two-day seminar. Yes, there were cute guys and that is not my main reason why I am there. First day was okay. Physics was interesting but not English and Malay. Second day which is today, was interesting. Chemistry, Maths and Add. Maths. It was great!

Attending seminars gave me opportunities to make new friends. I met my Standard 1 friend. I don’t really remember her though. The weird thing was that both of us were in the same class for one whole year yet neither one of us could remember each other.

Yes, I did go up to a guy and asked for his number. Let’s name him A. He was having tea at that time. He is cute and pretty sporting. He just gave it to me. I admit it was a little embarassing at first but then again, what have i got to lose? I stalked him and asked in front of his friends.

There were three guys talking about me. How did I know? I was the only girl passing them when I heard one of them saying, “That’s the girl. That one over there. That one walking pass us.” I just turned and glanced at them. Apparently, they wanted to know my friend. I did not bother about them much. I continued to walk when the chinese guy (cute) came and said, “Hi, can I have you number?”

Yes, I was surprised and it turned out as mentioned earlier. It was the malay guy who wanted to know my malay friend. Let’s name the Chinese guy, C. C and I smsed and he told me that his friends set him up to get my number. I admit that he was pretty bold. If the seminar lasted for another day, it would have been me marching up to him to ask for his number.

There was also a Punjabi guy (good-looking)- K. I get along well with K. In no time, we exchanged our numbers and became friends. Pretty amazing how I find myself associating better with guys than girls. After the first day of seminar ended, he asked me, “Have we met before somewhere?” It sounds like a line taken from somewhere but hey, he asked at least something.

These guys are not available for now. Not all though… Having to know them and march up to them is something priceless because they are students with great personalities. Will I be considered a flirt then? Trouble do however turns up after a period. I’ve had guys misunderstanding me. They think I treat them nice because I like them but the truth is that I treat everyone nice regardless of how long I’ve known him. What am I to do? Not treat people nice? How could I? Besides, I don’t treat some people extra nice.

I have limits of course. I am sarcastic and my friends think I’m funny. My imagination runs wild. I debate a lot with guys and most of the time they let me win. No, I don’t brag that is if you think I am. One weird habit I’ve got is that I tend to know what others think. Asha, a friend always thinks it’s freaky that I know what she thinks. So, don’t feel weird if you read a lot of ‘yes,….’ and ‘no,….’ . Even my tablemate asked me numerous times, “Esther, how do you know what I’m thinking?”

I’m not boasting or anything but I’m sharing. I voice out what I want to tell. It’s not good to keep things to yourself right? If anyone actually visits this blog, I’m glad you do read what I write. By the way, I haven’t been posting for a long time because my internet connection broke down and I don’t think I will be posting much either in future because SPM is drawing near. I’m glad to have achieve a satisfactory or should I say improved results for midterm as well as my position in class.