Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Teacher's Day Request

Teacher's Day passed a couple of weeks ago. My school will be celebrating it this Friday. My club organised a Mystery Gift request for students to send gifts to teachers. Everything is last minute but I'm sure my club will be able to pull this off. Besides, everything which my club does is usually last minute without breaking a sweat.

The whole morning, I have been running from class to class promoting and by the time I reached home, I was exhausted. I slept until I read 5.45pm as 3.45pm. I was supposed to go to tuition by 4.30pm but I overslept. Hopefully the teacher's day request will bring profit to the club.

Many students asked me what is the Mystery gift. Well, actually there will be Hershley chocolates, potpourri, artificial flowers or the chinese type of fan with designs drawn with gold marker. It is RM2 and I was wondering if it was reasonable. Is it to expensive?

I suppose I would have to wait and see what the response is tomorrow when I collect the order forms back.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Maths freak..

So I am a Maths freak and I only get panic attacks during MATHS exams. Today, history repeated itself. I had Mod. Maths paper 2 today and I was checking my paper. Teacher did not notify us or anything, she just started to collect the paper. I did not know. I knew I had to check every single question. I am just obssessed when it comes to Maths. Last three questions with its 'cabang-cabang'- Graf Kuadratik with ketaksamaan and stuff, Penjelmaan with putaran, pantulan and pembesaran, Ogif with 1st quartil and 2nd quartil. By the way, the question set for ogif was actually a set of numbers given and it takes time to sort 44 numbers to 6 kelas of 10 units each.
Back to my point, I did not have enough time to check as the teacher came and grab the paper. I panicked for a while because I drew another graph on another piece of paper and the one stapled to my answer sheet was not the right one. Lucky I save that part. I came out from the exam hall when I realised that I have lorek the graf wrongly. I read x> 0 instead of x< 0.
Last time, I would be really sad because there goes 100 marks. After all, Maths is the only subject that I can aim for 100%. Now, nevermind..... I'm sure others must have done mistakes too right? If I can't be the top achiever in Maths this year, I suppose I'm destined for it. However, the top achiever for every subject gets a prize.
If only my other science subjects is as good as my maths. Then, it will not be a problem for me to score straight As' in SPM. 5 more months to SPM, 3 more months to trials. I am going to ACE every subject no matter A1 or A2 but A1 preferrebly.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sudden stress

Life in Form 5 right now is not good. The midterm exam that I sat for is not satisfying. I feel as though sometimes life is just unfair. No matter how hard you work for something, in the end, you don't get it. You're so close yet so far.

5 more months to SPM and it will be a new life for me. I wonder why in Form 3, I was motivated to score straight As' not only in exams but also during PMR. That time, I was able to memorise all the things learnt in three years. In form 5, I can't even manage an A in Biology, Chemistry nor Physics. Getting straight As' seemed impossible once. Now, it still seem impossible for me.

If I don't put extra effort now, what would I be then? But, so much effort put which in the end does not result to anything is no use. Some said that it will be a waste of time to start studying again. Unlike those intelligent kids in my school, I don't have the brains. Like those intelligent kids, I do compete with others. My dad will be collecting my report card and hopefully, he won't blow once he finds out what I got for Morale (at least I improved in the second monthly test but the marks in the seconde monthly test is not recorded in the report book)

I have a feeling that I am going to be a anti-social or at least I think I am. I suppose it will help me in concentrating better. How do you get away from the laptop or computer? Don't use it? I can leave my handphone but how could I leave my laptop? When I used to have a computer, I could leave it for months because at that time it will take me about 15 minutes to get online and a few minutes to get to a website. Since everything is advance, what am I to do?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


SSS- Stressed, Sad, Stupid

Life can't get any better now, can it? As usual, I will be complaining about exams and I am thinking about the 'gift' I have of memorising things. I am fustrated with History and Chemistry. I aimed to improve these two subjects, therefore, I started pretty early to memorise and do excercise. What happens in the end is that I will most probably pass History-near the border line.
  1. I mixed up Perlembagaan Rakyat with Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu
  2. I mixed up ciri-ciri Sistem Ahli with ciri-ciri Pra-Perikatan and Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu
  3. I mixed up tamadun Yunani with tamadun Rom
  4. I mixed up Syarif Masahor with Datu Patinggi
  5. I mixed up bukti kedatangan Islam with bukti kedatangan pengaruh Hindu dan Buddha

The consequences: I lost more than 40 marks I think, out of 100. This is so not good.

Someone told me that people will get what they deserve.. I guess I didn't work hard enough. SPM is getting closer and I still can't manage to get an A for History. Of course, life is not about how many As' you have but without those As' I won't be able to go to Form 6, let alone thinking of being a doctor when after nearly 1 year and 5 months, not a single A in Bio, Chem nor Physics.

AAAhhHHh......................... How to turn into a full time geek? My mum keeps asking me whether I am pressured, yeah I am PRESSURED! but how could I tell her? It will make her depressed and she has worried enough for my dad and my brother. I will just add to her burden.

Anyone who so happens to read this post, if you have any study tactics or strategy, please share.

Friday, May 05, 2006

If Only...

If only I could get started to study earlier, it won't be a big deal for me to face exams now. I would be unstoppable (*right…) and I might get the results I've longing for. I would be smart enough which will top up my confidence.

If only I was good in most of the things that I do or at least master a few subjects, I need not complain about how green the grass on the other side is. I would not be jack of all trades, master of none.

If only one day is more than 24 hours, I suppose every one will have more time to finish certain tasks and won't be so tensed up. I spend more time sleeping since I have about 5 hours of sleep.
If only brains are for sale, then, I can pick one that matches my criteria and be a genius. But then again, it would be worthless to work for something I want because it is like cheating.

If only there is a chip that can help store datas or information, I bet students won't need to memorize History facts, the Science syllabus etc. So many things to learn and memorize, so little time.