Thursday, January 26, 2006

Countdown to CNY

Finally, it's the break of the year where single status people gets red packets. I can't wait to that day. I'm going back to Penang tomorrow and spending the rest of my week there. It seems like this celebration made me lazy which is not good. I've piled my homework which is nearly as high as Mount Everest. Ok, perhaps not that much but I'm sure it'll keep me busy for the rest of the week. Study time to play nor rest.. Recently, I finished writing an essay entitled 'Music' which was one of last year SPM english essays. I wrote it five times because I kept changing the story line and it wasn't perfect to me. I am a perfectionist and I can't help not correcting things that doesn't bring satisfaction to me!
Today, I got a long lecture from the Cheerleading Club Advisor teacher for not attending meetings. I ATTENDED them on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. She went on Wednesday and didn't see me there. In the end, I just have to accept the fact that teachers always win. There's a girl in school who I feel that she's picking on me because of the way she talks, her intonation and her attitude. Believe me, she isn't like that when she is with her gang of friends. It's just not fair because even though her english is good, it doesn't mean that she has any right to use it harshly against me. I didn't even talk to her and even if I did, I'd ask reasonable questions which I don't. She interupts and says something bad behind me.
Life is tough in Secondary but I'm glad I'm leaving this school soon. I'll be moving on to my own life, a new school where she'll most probably be in ACS and I'll be somewhere else! So, counting down to CNY, I don't think I have time to update this blog.. So, tata everyone.. Happy Chinese New Year.. May all the good things go to you...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Five Weird Habits..

I'm back now. I finally found time to update my poor blog. Recent things which happened were going to tuition, tuition and yes, tuition... Sports practice started already and I missed the first week. However, I will be going next week. It turned out that I am representing my house(Yellow) in high jump. This year, I don't know if I have the confidence or not. I know that I did pretty well last year, it didn't leave me any regrets but this year, it's different. Spending two months in Africa made me fat. I don't look that fat, I guess I can still work on my fats by exercising but I haven't been jumping for the past 10 months approximately. I'm definitely nervous about this one because teacher made a deal for me. She said that she'll give me a merit (that's what I heard). According to her, it'll be easier for me to apply to university next time if she writes a "NICE" one and that is if I represent my sports house. So, I guess I am taking part. I've been pretty exhausted these days. How am I going to handle?
Now, I've been tagged by Ambigous Wanderer with
" Five Weird Habits of Myself" (MEME)

Note: I am a weird girl as told by my friends and I love being weird even though at this moment, I am not able to name many...

1. Talking to myself. For example, when I ask my friend a question, I will answer it myself. To make any decisions, I talk to myself as if I was asking someone else.

2. Predicting what people would say. For example, when my friend,Lena stared at me and smiled during Mod. Maths tuition class, I said, "I know what you're thnking. You're thinking Esther is a Maths freak and she'd not speaking English when she tried to explain to me. And now it's freaky because everything she says is true.." and I was right not that I blame her for it, it's just that I blab without realising it.

3. Making pointless points meaningful in the sense that I twist something that is not right or silly when I have these sarcastic talks with my friends. These sarcarstic talks are part of our weekly routine but we(my friends and I) don't get mad at each other for anything.

4. Panic only in Maths test. When teacher informs the class the time left for us to write the papers, my hands will tremble and I'll breathe heavily as if I was having a HEART ATTACK. One of my friends had those moments freaking out when I panicked. Only during Maths exams. Other papers don't make me react that way. I would more or less tremble.

5. Too much of imagination does not do you good. No matter how things are drawn on the blackboard, imagination is what keeps me moving/ motivated in class. My schoolmates who read this would understand but it's not wrong. It's life science.

With that, I tag..

>Jasmine Natasha
>Guo Zheng
>Thian Hoe
>Seng Foo

And that ends the post for today... =)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Stress much?

Today didn't started off well. I had tuition classes at 9am-1pm and I would say it as unbearable. I was agitated by the Biology teacher. In Add Maths, I practically answered every question wrong even though I have done them quite a number of time. For English class, my grammar and vocabulary screwed up. I don't know what to do anymore! How could my English screw up? It's like "POOF!" and there goes my grammar. Please correct me in my posts when I do a mistake or more. Next thing, school Morale teacher wants us to memorise every morale value there is to memorise and we might be tested tomorrow. When were we notified? It was last Thursday. For one who has free time, it would not be a problem. But for one who is not free, panick easily, it is a problem. For example, someone like me. It's not even one week of school and it is like SURVIVOR. The fittest wins. But now, it is more like the hardworking or intelligent wins. *Sigh.. School is tough in Form 5. It is as if there isn't enough time left! I'm worried about what I'll do after Form 5 and whether I'll get into a Local Uni. or not. SPM is so important. Some teachers say that SPM is more important than life to some students.
So, stop all blabbing for now. Next post would be next week...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back to School

It's been a long time since I last post. Okay, updating now. Today's the second day of school and my homework haven't piled up yet. I'm still fixing my tuition time. My schedule is hectic to me. Thank goodness I didn't arrange any tuitions on Monday for the time being. I was thinking of joining Persatuan Bahasa Melayu. I met nearly all of my subject teachers. It feels good to get back to school. Comparing now to last year, I think I'm more focus now. I guess it's because I managed to get a second-row seat, right in front of the whiteboard in class and also in lab. Going back to tuition is also interesting except for Physics. I don't know why but my brain would shut down in the middle of the class. I'll be day dreaming right IN FRONT of teacher! I feel guilty but I can't help my brain. My parents allow me to go online on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What am I doing now? I'm trying to keep the blog alive. As long as my brother doesn't tell my mum that I went online, I'm safe. So, TTFN. I'll try to update later when I have the time. =)