Monday, November 28, 2005

Grateful I am today..

25th of November was my brother’s birthday and he has no idea what I got for him. On the same day, I was traveling to Cape Town by bus to meet a VIP who I’m not sure if I’m allowed to disclose here. (We- about 40 over people) From Durban to Cape Town, we traveled for about 25hours 30 minutes in a 60 seats bus. It was long and uncomfortable but no complaints. Well, life is training when 45 seats booked to travel by flight dropped as in they couldn’t get seats for us because there was a problem with the airplane or something like that.
On the day we arrived, we attended the reception to meet the VIP. The next 2 days, we toured Table Mountain, Victoria Wharf, Flee Market and Robben Island (many went but I didn’t. It was too expensive.) The main thing about this post is this experience I had which made me very grateful that I’m alive today.
On our way back to Durban, we stopped for dinner (here they call it supper) at KFC. There are no whites there. Only the blacks live there. I don’t know how we ever got there. But, there we were enjoying some chicken and mashed potato. As there were so many of us, we took quite a long time there because the restaurant wasn’t big enough to accommodate all of us.
One of them approached one of our members (so called uncle) and nearly got into a fight. Apparently, they wanted food and money. We have been warned before to not give food or money because the others would come after you. Cruel we may seem but safety was and still is our top priority.
The uncle came up the bus and told us that the blacks were going to gather their people to surround the bus. They were going to carry bricks and throw it at the bus window. We were terrified. Moreover, it was night time and it was dark. We were going to call security but we were afraid that they might not come in time. More of them came and they were gathering at one corner. The longer we stayed there scarier it was.
All of us were praying hard to God. Thank goodness at that time, policemen were patrolling the area and that saved us because when the policemen came, the group of people went away to another petrol station.
In a nick of time, we were able to leave the place. Thank God for the wonderful divine arrangement. All those who wanted to go to the toilet had to wait for another 1 hour or more because the next stop was 51km away.
Back to where I saw cruel we may be. Here, small kids without proper education are trained to snatch chains, beg for food and money, pickpocket and so on as we were told. At the flee market, a child about 8-10 years old came asking for money and we refused to give. In the end we gave in and gave about 50cents. That was how much of shilling we had. The rest were 10 cents and 1 cent. He became furious and asked for more about R20. He walked behind us for a distance and started shouting. Hurriedly, my parents and I pick up our pace to the bus.
So, after these two experiences, I love my life more than ever. Back home I haven’t seem how precious life was but now it’s different. “Nothing in this world is bad. Bad exists to make humans differentiate it from good.” I read it from somewhere which I don’t remember. They lead a hard life and had to survive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

part of Durban MYG

Sorry for not updating for quite some time. I have been busy with overnight training here and stuff. I got to know from a friend that she has been visiting this blog everyday because she missed me. Aaww... that's sweet.. I'm touched! *giggle.. This is a very small part of the Durban youth. From left is Jashon, Carmen, me, Sagren, and someone whom I forgotten the name. I'm not sure about how the spelling of the name but that's how it is pronounced. They are very nice people and I'm sure I'm going to miss them when I'm back in Malaysia which would be on 23rd Dec. School is going to reopen soon and time is flying faster than ever. I haven't bought my books, my uniform (I've grown fatter) and stationeries (I'm always out of erasers). There's a week or more for me to catch up with time, to catch up with 6 hours. Life is full of challenges.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Y i like Christmas...

I don’t celebrate Christmas but there are certain things I like about it…

Christmas trees
Christmas carols
Santa Claus
The Decorations

The weather has been cold lately due to the strong wind. Only yesterday I saw a couple of small birds trying to fly when the wind blew and they moved backwards even though they were flapping their wings trying to go forward.
Nothing much to write for now. I’ll write more next time. TTFN.

Monday, November 07, 2005

At the Safari...

This is my third time writing this. For the past couple of days, my internet line hasn’t been connecting well. Therefore, after every post I finish typing, I would automatically go offline which gets me fed up.
I went to the safari today. There were vegetarian animals there but also a couple of meat-eaters like eagles. It was nice. I checked out the giraffes, zebras, rhinos, birds and quite a number of animals. What I found interesting were the birds with long tail feathers. From far, they look like FAIRIES. I was amazed myself when I saw them flying everywhere. I actually believed that I was looking at an actual fairy! Too bad I couldn’t snap a picture of it. It’s too small and always fly away when I am about to snap a picture of it.
Then, there were flying ants. From far it looks like plague but actually, they are just ants. I was told that there are people who catch these ants, fry them with butter and then, eat them. Eeww disgusting…I know.
It’s just fascinating seeing all these animals and they are not condemned to a space like in the zoo. They run freely to anywhere they want. Some might say that they are in heaven because there is an unlimited amount of food and there aren’t any predators to hunt them. It is something like a forest reserve.
It’s fascinating..... =)

p/s: 9.20pm in SA

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I haven't been online these few days and I guess nobody misses me right? Oh well.. So, it's been one week I'm here and 7 weeks to go. Suddenly, I'm eager to go to school but I'm not ready for SPM. I'm waiting patiently to go to tuition and study. These few days I went to shopping malls and to the beach. I pass my days watching tv and a little bit of reading. Malay novels and a book "LUCKY FORTUNE" by Seizan Fukami. This book talks about how you can change your luck and guardian spirits.
I bought a few dream-catcher as souveniors for my friends. It comes in different sizes and colours. What do you think if I get for a boy if the colour is light brown? Guys, do you think it's girlish? For those of you whom haven't heard of it before, it is to be hung above you when you sleep. The dream-catcher traps nightmares and allows the good dreams to go to you. Once in a week, you have to shake the dream-catcher There is a movie about it too but I didn't have the chance to watch it.